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Full text of "A catalogue of the books belonging to the Bristol Library Society; to which are prefixed the rules and regulations"

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1. — The Society consists of an indefinite number of Annual 
Subscribers, who are Proprietors ; of Members for Life by virtue 
of their donations ; and of Members by virtue of their office, 

2. — The Mayor, Sheriffs, and Chamberlain for the time being j 
and the Master, Wardens, and Treasurer of the Society of 
Merchants for the time being, are Members by virtue of their 

3. — Persons may become Members for life by presenting 
Fifteen Guineas or upwards, or books to the value of Twenty 

4. — Each person admitted into the Society by a new share 
shall pay Ten Guineas for the purchase, and an annual sub- 
scription of One Guinea and a Half. 

5. — Members may transfer or bequeath their shares, but ia 
all cases subject to Rule 7. 

6. — Each Member admitted by transfer shall pay One Guinea 
to the Society on admission. 

7. — No person shall be admitted a Member of the Society 
pntil he shall have been proposed at one meeting of the Com- 
mittee and approved of by a majority of persons present at the 
next meeting ; nor until he shall have consented to be governed 
by the rules of the Society by signing his name in the sub- 
scription book. 

8. — If any Member shall let out for hire any book belonging 
to the Society, he shall, on proof thereof, be no longer consi- 
dered as a Member. 



9. — A Member lending a book belonging to the Society to a 
non-subscriber, shall forfeit One Guinea. 

10. — A Member putting a book belonging to the Society into 
the hands of his pupil, shall forfeit double the value of the book. 

11. — No person keeping a lodging-house, inn, tavern, coflFee- 
house, or any place of public entertainment j and no person 
keeping a circulating library, or letting out books for hire, shall 
be eligible as a Member of this Society. 

J 2. — If any Member shall, after his admission, assume the 
trade or business of letting out books for hire, or of keeping a 
lodging-house, &c. he shall be considered as no longer a Mem- 
ber, but shall be at liberty to transfer his share. 

13. — Every Member shall have the privilege of introducing 
at any time, by a written notification, one stranger, not residing 
within ten miles of Bristol, to read in the Library until the next 
meeting of the Committee ; who are empowered either to dis- 
allow such introduction, or extend it for any period not exceed- 
ing three months ; the Member introducing to be responsible 
for any loss or damage to the books, which may be occasioned 
by the person so introduced. 


14. — The Annual Subscription is due on the 25th of March, 
for the year which follows that day. 

15. — If a Member neglect to make his annual payment for ten 
months after the time appointed, he shall not be permitted to 
have the use of the Library, or exercise any of the privileges of a 
Member, until all arrears of his subscription be paid. 

1 G. — The Committee are empowered to sell the share of any 
Member whose subscription is five years in arrear. 

]/. — If a rule for increasing the subscription money be here- 
after made, any Member who shall within a month state in writing 
directed to the Committee that he wishes in consequence to 

withdraw from the Society, shall receive from the Treasurer 
such a Slim of money as the Librarian shall declare to have been 
the current price of a transfer three months before the adoption 
of such rule. 


18. — A General Meeting of the Society is holden on the Mon- 
day next preceding Lady-day in each year, in order to elect a 
President, a Vice-President, and a Treasurer j to fill up vacancies 
in the Committee ; and to adopt or reject any proposal for new 
rules, or for any alteration in the old rules. 

19. — No existing rule shall be altered, nor shall any new rule 
be established, unless notice of the same be given in the summons 
to the General Meeting j nor without the concurrence of two- 
thirds of the Members present at such meeting. 

20. — Every Member who has entered the Society three months, 
and has paid his subscription, is entitled to vote at all meetings 
of the Society. 

21. — Notice of every General Meeting, whether annual or 
extraordinary, shall be given ten days previously to such meet- 
ing in two of the Bristol newspapers, and by sending notice to 
every Member having a right to vote, whose place of residence 
shall be known to the Librarian. No objection shall be made 
to the validity of any General Meeting on account of any error 
in giving the notices. 

22. — Any twelve Members have power to call an extraordi- 
nary General r.Ieeting, giving ten days' notice, and expressing 
the business to be proposed. 


2.3. — The President is Chairman of the Committee, and at all 
meetings of the Society, when present; in his absence the Vice- 
President is Chairman. 

24. — The Treasurer shall keep a regular account of all monies 
received and paid for the use of the Society, subject to the 
inspection of the Committee. 

25. — The Committee consists of the President, the Vice- 
President, the Treasurer, and eighteen other Members. Beside 
whom, the Mayor and the Master of the Merchants* Hall for the 
time being (if Subscribers) are Members of the Committee by 
virtue of their oflice. 

2(5. — The Committee is chosen by the General Meeting; the 
President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, by open vote ; the 
other Members by ballot. 

27. — Six of the eighteen Members of the Committee retire 
annually on the principle of rotation, according to seniority. In 
all instances three of the retiring Members may be re-elected 
immediately. Such vacancies as occur by death or resignation 
to be considered part of the number required by this rule. 

28. — The Committee, five of whom are a quorum, meet every 
second Tuesday, and sometimes hold extraordinary meetings. 
Their business is to consider of the books proposed and to order 
such as the majority shall approve ; and in general to transact 
the ordinary business of the Society, and report the state thereof 
to the next Annual Meeting. If on any question there be an 
equal division, the President, or in his absence the Vice-Presi- 
dent, shall have a casting vote ; if both are absent, the question 
on an equal division shall be determined in the negative. 

29. — The Committee may order duplicates of such books as 
they think proper, and dispose of such as appear to be useless. 

30. — If at any election of a Committee improper means shall 
appear to have been employed, such election shall be void, and 
the Society shall be summoned to make a new election. 


31. — Tlie librarian and Sub-Librarian shall be annually 
elected by "a majority of Subscribers, who have votes, present at 

a General Meeting, and sliall have such salaries and allowances 
as that General Meeting sliall direct. 

32. — The Librarian sliall compile, continue, and take care of 
the catalogues and other books of office, under the direction of 
the Committee. 

33. — '■J'he Librarian shall preserve the books and other pro- 
perty of the Society in good condition, and arrange them from 
time to time in such order as the Committee shall direct; and 
shall report to the Committee any loss, or damage, or disorder 
which may happen. During the hours of his attendance, he 
shall deliver and receive the books, and register their delivery 
and return. 

34. — The Librarian shall attend as above, and otherwise 
transact the business of the Library in his own person, and not 
depute either the Sub-Librarian or any other person without 
leave of the Committee, or of the President, Vice-President, or 
Treasurer, until the next meeting of the Committee. 

35. — Tlie Librarian and Sub-Librarian shall be in the Library 
precisely at the appointed hour, each on his particular day, and 
shall not leave it till the time be expired. . ^ 

3(g__The Librarian and Sub-Librarian shall by no means 
allow pupils or children, unless introduced by a Subscriber, to 
come into the Library, or to make use of any book, &c. belong- 
ing to it, without permission from the Committee. 

37. — The Sub-Librarian shall be assistant to the Librarian, 
and attend to his directions. He shall make a transcript of the 
local catalogue. He shall attend in his own person, and not 
depute another in his place without the consent of tiie Com- 
mittee, or of the President, or Vice-President, or Treasurer, 
until tlie next meeting of the Committee. During the hours of 
his attendance he shall deliver and receive the books, and register 
their delivery and return ; and he shall report to the LiJjiariaii 
or to the Committee any loss, or damage, or disorder which may 



38. — Any Member may have three books out of the Library 
at the same time, provided one of them has been in possession 
of the Society more than a year. 

39. — Each person taking a book out of the Library shall enter 
his name in the register ; and whoever sends for a book, shall 
send a written order signed with his name and dated ; and the 
Librarian shall not permit any book to be taken out of the Li- 
brary contrary to this rule. 

40. — On the inside of the cover of each book a ticket shall be 
fixed, expressing how long it may he kept, and the fine for ex- 
ceeding that time. 

41, — Everv book shall be returned into the Library when its 
time is expired ) and shall by no means be transferred to another 
Subscriber without such return. 

42. — If more than one Member apply for the same book at 
the same time, the preference shall be determined by lot. The 
names of such as apply for a book which is engaged, shall be 
set down in a book kept for that purpose, that they may have it 
in succession when returned. 

43. — The Committee, as often as appears necessary, hold an 
examination of the Library, for the purpose of ascertaining what 
books, &c. are lost, damaged, or the like. 

44. — A discretionary power is vested in the Committee of 
retaining in the Library such scarce or valuable books, as they 
shall think not proper to be circulated, 

45. — No book which cannot be replaced by purchase, shall be 
permitted to be removed from the Library ; but every Member 
who may wish to take out any other book, although restrained 
from general circulation, may do so, on depositing with the 
Librarian such sum as the Committee shall affix as a sufficient 
guarantee against damage or loss. 

46. — All books when first brought into the Library shall 
remain there a month before they circulate ; within which time 
they shall be ranged in proper places and entered in the cata- 
logues : and no book shall be permitted to circulate till it is so 
ranged and entered. 

47. — If any Member lose or damage a book, he shall make 
such compensation as the Committee shall direct : if the book 
lost or damaged be part of a set, he shall take the remainder 
and purchase a new set for the Library. 

48. — Every book when sent out of the Library or returned 
into it, shall be wrapped up in paper. 

March 23, 1829. " Resolved that The Librarian or Sub-Li- 
brarian shall attend from Eleven in the morning until Four in 
the afternoon of every day, except Sundays, Christmas Day, and 
Good Friday ; and from Seven in the evening until Nine on every 
day of such attendance, except Saturdays." 

\_March 18, 1833. "Agreed that the Library be kept open 
during the ensuing year, from Eleven o'clock until Five every 
day, except Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday ; instead 
of from Eleven till Four, and Seven till Nine."] 

The Books marked thus f are withheld from general circu- 
lation ; those marked thus * are donations that have been made 
to the Society. 

Besides the Books contained in the following Catalogue, there 
is in the same Library a collection of about 2,000 volumes 
belonging to the City. 



ABAUZIT Firmiii. Miscellanies, translated by 

Edw. HarwooH, .. Lond. \774 8vo. 

Abbadie James. On the Divinity of Clirist, 1777 12mo, 

Abdollatiph. Historian ^gypti Compendium, Arab, 

et Lat. a J. White, . . O.ron. 1800 4to. 

Abercrombie Jolm. Inquiries concerning the Intel- 
lectual Powers and the Investigation of Truth, 

Lojid. 1830 8vo. 

Researches on Diseases of the Brain 

and the Spinal Cord, .. Ediii. 182S 8vo. 

*Abernethy John. Tracts and Sermons, 1751 8vo. 

— J. Surgical Observations on the Origin 

and Treatment of Local Diseases, and on Aneu- 
risms, .. .. Lond. 1828 Bvo. 

Abstract of the Evidence on the Slave Trade, . . 1791 8vo. 

Abulfeda Ishmael. Descriptio ^gypti, Arabice ct 

Latine, ;\ J. 1). Michaelis, .. Goett. 177G 8vo. 

tAccount of the Collegiate Chapel of St, Stephen, 
Westminster; of the Abbey Churches of Bath 
and St. Albans ; of the Cathedral Churches of 
Durham, Exeter, and Gloucester ; published by 
the Society of Antiquaries, Lond. 1798-1813 fol. 

* of Cathedral and Collegiate Schools ; ad- 
dressed to the Dignitaries of tlic Established 
Church, .. 1824 'Ito. 



"Account of Work-houses for the Poor, Lond. 1/32 8vo. 

of the Ancient and present State of Shrews- 
bury, .. 1810 12mo. 

of the Trigonometrical Survey carried on in 

1791, 1792, 1793, and 1794, 1799 4to. 

of the Poor-Colonies, and Agricultural Work- 
houses of the Benevolent Society of Holland, 

Edhi. 182S 12mo. 

■ of Jamaica and its Inhabitants, Lond. 180S 8vo. 

and Extracts of the Manuscripts in the Li- 

brary of the King of France, 2 vol. 1 789 8vo. 

Accum Fred. Practical Treatise on Chemical Re- 
Agents or Tests, .. 18ir> 12mo. 

Practical Treatise on Gas-Light, I81G 8vo. 

Acerbi Joseph. Travels through Sweden, Finland, 

and Lapland, to the North Cape, in 1798-99, 

2 vol. . . 1802 4to. 

Achilles Tatins. Gr. et Lat. a B.G. L. Boden, Lips'ice, 1776 8vo. 

Acosta Jos. History of the East and West Indies, 

Lond. 1C04 4to. 

■*tActs of the Parliaments of Scotland, vol. If, III, a. d. 

1424—1592, .. 1814 fol. 

Adam Alex, iloman Antiquities, Edhi. 1797 8vo. 

Classical Biography, . . — 1800 8vo. 

Adams Geo. Essay on Electricity, Lond. 1787 8vo. 

— Astronomical and Geographical Essays, 

1789 8vo. 

Geometrical and Graphical Essays, 1791 8vo. 

Essays on the Microscope, with a General 

History of Insects; by Kanmacher, 1798 4to. 

Plates to Essays on the Microscope, Lond. 1787 fol. 

John. History of the Principal Republics in 

the World, 3 vol. .. 1794 8vo. 

.Tohn Quincy. Letfers on Silesia, 1804 8vo. 

Adanson Mic. Voyage to Senegal, Goree, and the 

Gambia, .. 1759 8vo. 

Addison Joseph. Works^ 4 vol. Bum. 1/01 ito. 

Addresses and Recommendations to the States, by the 

Congress, . . Lond. 1/83 8vo. 

fAdelung J. C. Grammatish-kritischcs ^Vorterbuch 

der Hochdeutschcn Mundart, 4 vol. JFien. 181 1 4to. 

Administration of the Aftairs of Great Britain at the 

fommencement of 1823, .. Lond, 1823 8vo. 

Adolplius John. Biographical Memoirs of the French 

Revolution, 2 vol. .. 1/99 8vo. 

History of France, from 1/90 to 1802, 

2 vol. .. J 803 8vo. 

History of England, from 1/60 to 1783, 

3 vol. . . 1802 8vo, 

Adrichomius C. Thcatrnm-Terrnc Sancton, et Bibli- 

carum Historiarum, . . Col. Agr. 1593 fol. 

Adventurer, 4 vol. .. Lond. 1778 12mo. 

Adventures of Hajji Baba, of Ispahan, 3 vol. 1824 ]2mo, 

in England, 2 vol. 1828 12mo. 

iElfred Kg. Anglo-Saxon Version of Orosius ; edited 

by D, Barrington, .. 1773 8vo. 

^lianus Claud. Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat ex Versione 

Gesneri, .. Tigur'i, 1.55() fol. 

/Eschylus. Tragffidise, Gr. et Lat. cum Scholiis, cu- 

rante C. de Pauvv, 2 torn. Hagcs Com. 1745 4to, 

* ;i C. G. Schiitz, 2 tom. in 1, Lond. 1823 8vo. 

* ex edit. C. G. Schiitz, 1809 12mo. 

Septem contra Thcbas, et Prometheus 

Vinctus, a Bloomfield, 2 tom. Cantab. 1812 8vo. 

ChocphoraR, a C. J. Blomfield, 1824 8vo. 

■ Porsce, et Agamemnon, a C. J. Blomfield, 

IS 14- 18 8vo. 

■ Tragedies, translated by R. Potter, Z/o«fo'. 1809 8vo. 

Agamemnon, translated by John Sym- 

mons, . . 1824 8vo. 

* Agamemnon, translated by J. S. Harford, 

with a Dissertation on Grecian Tr;igcdv,&r. 1831 8vo. 

Agricultural State of the Kingdom in February, March, 

and April, 181 G, .. Land. \S\C} 8vo. 

Aikin J. andA.L. Misccll.nieons Pieces in Prose, 1/73 r2ino. 

A. L. Poems, .. 1773 I'imo. 

J. Thoughts on Hospitals, -1/71 8vo. 

Poems, .. 1791 8vo. 

On the Application of Natural History to 

Poetry, .. JFurnng. 1777 8vo. 

Description of the Country round Manchester, 

Lond. 1795 4 to. 

Essays, Literary and Miscellaneous, ■ 1811 8vo. 

Letters from a Father to a Son, 2 vol. 1793-1800 8vo. 

Essavs on Song Writing, .. l^mo. 

A. and C. R. Dictionary of Chemistry and 

Mineralogy, with an Appendix, 2 vol. 1807-14 4to. 

Arthur. Tour through North Wales, 1797 8vo. 

Annual Review for 1802-1808, 7 vol. 1803, &c. 8fo. 

Lucy. Memoirs of the Court of Queen Eliza- 

beth,'2vol. .. 1819 8vo. 

Memoirs of the Court of King James L 2 vol. 

1822 8vo. 

Aiuslie Whitelaw. Materia Lidica ; an Account of 
Articles employed by the Hindoos &c. in their 

Medicine, Arts, and Agriculture, 2 vol. 1826 8vo. 

fAinsworth Rob. Latin Dictionary, 2 vol. 1752 fol. 

Alton W. Hortus Kewensis, 5 vol. 17S9-1S13 8vo. 

Akenside Mark. Poems, .. 1772 8vo. 

Albin Eleazer. Natural History of English Insects, 1735 4to. 

Alciphron. Epistles, translated by W. Beloe, 1791 8vo. 

Aldrich Hen. Elementa Architectura; Civilis, Lat. et 

An"-. .. •• Oxon. 1789 8vo. 

Alexander Wm. History of Women, 2 vol. Lond. 1782 Hvo. 

Costumeof China, No. 1,2, 1797-8 4to. 

J. E. Travels to the Seat of War in the 

East, through Russia and the Crimea, in 1829, 

2 vol. .. .. 1830 8vo. 

Alfieri Vittorio. Opere Scelte ; col \'ita sciitta c!a 

Esso, -4 vol. .. Milanu, 1818 Svo. 

Alison Aicliibald. Essays on the Nature and Piiii- 

ciples of Taste, 2 vol. .. Edin. 1811 Svo. 

Alien W. Colonies at Home, Lind/ield, 182S Svo. 

John. Modern Judaism : an Account of the 

02)inions, &c. of the Jews in Modern Times, Lond. 1830 Svo. 

All the Talents. A Satirical Poem in three Dialogues, 

1807 Svo. 

Allwood Phil. Literary Antiquities of Greece, //0«(/. 1799 4to. 
Alphabetical Index to all the Abridgments of Law and 

Ecjuity, &c. . . In the Savoy, I 7 JS fol. 

*Alphabeta Varia, (Typis Sacr. Congregationis de Pro- 
paganda Fide) 2 vol. .. Romce, 1629 12mo. 

Amadis of Gaul, translated by Southey, 4 vol. Lond. 1803 12aio. 

America and the Americans, by a Citizen of the World, 

1833 Svo. 

Ames Jos. Typograpiiical Antiquities, by Herbert, 

3 vol. .. 1785-90 4to. 

Ammiauus Marceliinus. Edit. Jac. Gronovio, 

Lugd. Bat. 1623 4to. 

Roman History, translated by 

Philemon Holland, .. Lotid. 1609 fol. 

Anacreon. Odaria^ Gr. cura E. Forster, 1802 Svo. 

Analecta Veterum Poetarura Grascorum, ed. R. F. P. 

Brunck, 3 torn. .. Argent. 1776 Svo. 

Analytical Review, from 1788 to 1799,28 vol. Lond. 1788,&c. Svo. 

Anburey Tlio. Travels through the Interior Parts of 

America, 2 vol. .. 1789 Svo. 

Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain, translated by 

J. Bowring, .. 1824 Svo. 

■ Spanish Ballads, translated by J. G. Lock- 
hart, .. Ed'in. 1823 4to. 

Christmas Carols, &c. formerly sung in the 

West of England : collected by Davies Gilbert, 

r.ond. 1823 Svo. 

Ancient Fragments of SauchoniathOj Berosus, Aby- 

dcnus, &c. edited by I. P. Corey, Loncl. 1828 8vo. 

Anderson James. Recreations in Agriculture, Na- 
tural History, Arts, and Miscellaneous Literature, 
C vol. .. 1799-1802 8vo. 

• Observations on the Means of Exciting a 

Spirit of National Industry, . . Edin. 1 777 *lto. 

Account of the Present State of the He- 

brides, . . 1 785 8vo. 

Essays on Agriculture and Rural Affairs, 

3 vol. .. 17S4-9C 8vo. 

Adam, Historical and Chronological De- 
duction of the Origin of Commerce, 4 vol. Lond. 1801 4to. 

iEneas. Narrative of the British Embassy 

to China, . . 1 795 4to. 

Journal of the Secret Expedition to the 

Mediterranean and Egypt, &c. . . 1802 4to. 

Walter. Philosophy of Ancient Greece, 

Edin. 1791 4to. 

Christoph. Historical Sketches of the 

Native Irish and their Descendants, Lond. 1828 8vo. 

Andreues Jos. Journey from Buenos Ayres through 

theProvincesofCordova,Tucumau,&c.2 vol. 1827 8vo. 

Andrews John. Letters to a Young Gentleman on 

his setting out for France, ., 1/84 8vo. 

Remarks on the French and English La- 
dies, . . 1783 8vo. 

■ History of the War with America, France, 

Spain, and Holland, 4 vol. . . 1 785-tJ 8vo. 

J. P. Anecdotes, &c. Ancient and Modern, 

with Observations, . . 1 789 8vo. 

Continuation of Henry's History of Great 

Britain, .. 179G 4to. 

History of Great Britain, vol. I, 1794 4to. 

Anecdota Graeca, Editorc J. B. de Villoison, 2 torn. 

in 1, .. . . renct. 1/81 4to. 


Anecdotes of the Life of W. Pitt, Earl Chatham, 
and of the Principal Events of his Time, 4 vol. 

Lone/. 1792 8\o. 

of British Topography, l/fiS Ito. 

of the Founders of the French Republic, 

1797 i2nio. 

of some Distinguished Persons, 4 vol. 17D5 Svo. 

Animadversions on the Unitarian Translation, or 

Improved Version of the New Testament, 1811 8vo. 

Aniiales Eliie de Trickingham, cum Compendio Com- 

pertoruni per T. Legh et R. Layton, S. Pegge, 

1789 4to. 

Annals of Oriental Literature, vol. I, 1820 8vo. 

Annals of Philosophy, by T. Garnett and others, 3 vol. 1801-4 8vo. 
by T. Thomson, vol. VII— XVI, 

and Second Series, 7 vol. .. 1816-24 8vo. 

Annual Medical Review and Register for 1808, 1809, 

2 vol. .. .. 1809-10 8vo. 

Annual Register, from 1758 to 1832, with an Index 

from 1/58 to 1780, .. 1/58, &c. 8vo. 

"t General Index to the Annual Register, from 

1758 to 1819, .. 1826 8vo. 

Anonymiana ; or. Ten Centuries of Observations on 

Various Authors and Subjects, 

Another Investigation, . . 

Anquetil L, P. Memoirs of the Court of France, 

during the Reign of Lewis XIV, 2 vol. Eiiin. 
Anson Lord. Voyage round the World, Loud. 

Anstey Chr. Poetical Works, . . 

*Ansticc J. Selections from the Choric Poetry of the 

Greek Dramatic Writers, . . 

Anstis John. History of the Order of the Garter, 

2 vol. . . 

Answer to War in Disguise, . . 

Antar, a Bedoueen Romance, translated from the 

Arabic, bv Terr, Hamilton, 4 vol. 1819 8vo. 


















Antes Joliu. Observations on the Manners and Cus- 
toms of the Egyptians, .. Lond. 1800 4to. 

Anthologia Gra^ca, sive Poctanim Graecoriim Lusus ; 
ex recensione Brunckii, cum Notis et Indicibus, 
Frid. Jacobs. Analecta Critica in Anthologiam 
Gra?cam, J. G. Huske, 12 vol. X//^^. 1 704- 1 803 8vo. 

■ cum versione Lnt. H. Grotii ; 

edita ab H. de Bosch, 3 torn. Ultroj. 1795-8 4to. 

■ ;\ Cons. Cephala condita, O.ron. 176G 8vo. 

Anthologia veterum Latinorum Epigrammatuui et Po- 
ematum, curit P. Burmanni Secundi, 2 torn. 

Amst. 1759-73 4to. 

Anthologia Hibernica for 1793, Dublin, 1793 8vo. 

ILe Antichita di Ercolauo esposte, 9 torn. Napoli, 1754-92 fol. 

Anticipation, . . Lond. 1778 8vo. 

A nti- Jacobin 5 or, Weekly Examiner, 2 vol. 1799 8vo. 

Review, from 1798 to 1814,47 vol. 

1799, &c. 8vo. 

Antiquse Musicse Auctores VIII, Gr. et Lat. a M. 

Meiboraio, 2 vol. in 1, .. AmsteL 1652 4to. 

Antitpiarian Repertory, 4 vol. in 2, Lond. 177 J, &c. 4to. 

Antiquities of Herculaneum, by Martyn and Lettice, 

1773 4to. 

t of Athens, &c. (Supplementary to Stuart) 

delineated and illustrated by C. R. Cockerell and 

others, . . 1830 fol. 

tAntiquities of Ionia, by the Society of Dilettanti, 

2 parts, .. 17G9-97 fol. 

Antoninus M. Impcrator. De rebus suis Libri XII, 

Gr. et Lat. opera Gatakeri, Cantab. 1G52 4to. 

Augustus. Itinerarium J Itinerarium Hier- 

osolymitanum ; et Hieroclis Grammatici Synec- 

demus j curante P. ^Vesselingio, Amst. 1735 4to. 

Iter Britanniarum, Comment. T. Gale, 

Lond. 1709 4to. 
— - translated by T. Reynolds, Camb. 1799 4to. 


Apolloiiius Rliodius. Argonauticornni Libri IV, Gr. 

et Lat. a Shaw, 2 torn. . . O.von. \171 4to. 
. Argonautics, \\'\\\\ Notes and Dis- 
sertations, by W. Preston, 3 vol. Dublin, 1803 12<jio. 
tApollonius Sophista. Lexicon Honiericum, Gr, et 
Lat. a J, B. Casparo d'Ansse de Villoison, 

Lutel. Par. 1773 4to. 
Apollodorus Atheniensis. Bibliothecoe Libri IIL et 
Fragmenta, cum Obss. a C. J. Heyiie, 2 vol. 

Gottln. 1803 8vo. 
Apology for the Believers in the Shakespeare Papers, 

Loud. 1797 8vo. 
Apostolic Preaching considered, in an Examination of 

St. Paul's Epistles, .. 1815 8vo. 

Apostolical Fathers. Genuine Epistles, translated by 

Abp. Wake, .. 1G93 8vo. 

Appeal to the Inhabitants of Bristol on the Establisii- 

ment of a Fever House, .. Bristol, 1S19 8vo. 

Appianus. Historia, Gr. et Lat. cum notis var. et 

Schueighhauseri, 3 torn. Lipsice, 1785 8vo. 

Apthorp E. Letters on the Prevalence of Christi- 
anity, .. Lond. 177S 8vo. 
Apuleius. Opera, a Florido, in usum Delphini, 2 torn. 

Paris, 1688 4to. 
Arabian Nights' Entertainments : with a Selection of 

New Tales, by Jonathan Scott, G vol. Lo7id. 1811 8vo. 

. New. Collected from the original MS. 

by Joseph Von Hamer, 3 vol. 1826 12mo. 

Arabian Talcs, 4 vol. .. Ediji. 1792 12mo. 

Arburthnot John. Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, 

and Measures, &c. .. Lond. 1727 4to. 

Arcanum of National Defence, by Ilastatus, 1803 8vo. 

Archaeologia, by the Society of Antitiuaries, 24 vol. 

1770-1832 4to. 

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Arcliaiological Epistle to Dean Milles, J 782 4to. 

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virorum interpretationc et notis emendatissima, 
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— De Rhetorica, Lib. Ill, Gr. et Lat. — — 1805 8vo. 

Treatise on Poetry, with Notes and Dis- 

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chols, vol. 1, . . 1825 8vo. 


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*Aiiny List, 1/93, .. 1/93 8vo. 

Aniald Ricliarfl. Commeiitaiy on the Apocryplia, 1809 -Ito. 

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Tlio. Observations on the Nature, Kinds, 

Causes, and Prevention of Insanity, '2 vol. /y<?i(?e.«^. 1782-G 8vo. 

Arnolde Rich. Chronicle 5 otherwise called the Cus- 
toms of London, .. Lond. 1811 4to. 

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in Scotland, .. Edin. 1785 Aio. 

History of Edinburgh, .. 1779 4to. 

Arnott N. Elements of Physics ; or. Natural Philo- 
sophy explained independently of Technical 
Mathematics, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1827-29 8vo. 

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Expeditionis Alexandri Libri VH, et Historia 

Indica, Gr. et Lat, a Gronovio, Lugd, Bat. 1704 fol. 

Voyage round the Euxinc Sea, 0.?y' 1805 Ito. 

tArroivsmith A. Outlines of the World, Jjond. 1825 4to. 

L'Art do verifier les Dates dcs Faits Histori(pies, des 
Chartes, des Chroniques, et autres Anciens Mo- 
numeus, depuis la Naissance de Notre-Scigneur, 
3 tom. .. Paris, 1783-7 fol. 

des Faits Historiqucs, etc, 

avant I'Ere Chretienne, .. 1820 fol. 

depuis I'Annee 1770 justj'a 

Nos Jours, 3 tom. .. 1821-30 fol. 

Artcmi, Memoirs of his Life, from the original Ar- 
menian, . . Lond. 1822 8vo. 

Arundell F. \'. J. Visit to the VII Churches of Asia, 

1828 8vo. 

Ascensio Isaiae Vatis, Opusculum Psuedcpigraphum, 
cum Versionc Lat. Anglicanaque, ;\ Uic. Law- 
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On Education, by J. Upton, 1711 8vo, 


Ashe T, Commercial View and Geographical Sketch 

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1693 fol. 

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Journal, vol. I— VII, .. 1816 8vo. 

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Magni, a F. VA'ise, .. O.row. 1722 8vo. 

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Astrononii Veteres : Jul. Fiiuiicusj Maniliusj Aratiis; 

Theou J Proclus j .. Vcnet. 1499 fol. 

Astruc J. Treatise, .. 1754 4to. 

Atcheson Nat. American Encroachments on British 

Rights, .. 1808 8vo. 

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ites, .. Lond. 1810 8vo. 

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Gloucestershire, .. 1768 fol. 

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t Atlas General. Constructed and engraved by Sid- 
ney Hall, . . 1830 fol. 

*Attendoli Dario. II Duello, Plneg-ia, 1564 12mo. 

Atterbury Bp. Sermons and Discourses on several 

Subjects and Occasions, 4 vol. Lond. 1735-7 8vo. 

Epistolary Correspondence, 3 vol. 1783 8vo. 

Atvvood Geo. On the Rectilinear Motion and Rota- 
tion of Bodies, ,. Camb. 1784 8vo. 

Analysis of Natural Philosophy, Lond. 1784 Svo. 

Review of the Statutes and Ordinances of 

Assize, .. 1801 4to. 

Aublet F. llistoire des Plantes de la Guiane Fran- 

f;oise, 4 torn. .. 1775 4to. 


Audubon J. J. Ornithological Biograpliy 5 or, an 
Account of tlie Habits of the Birds of the United 
States of America, .. EcUn. 1831 8vo. 

fAvenariiis J. E. Lexicon Ebraicum, TFli'tteberg. 5580 fol. 

Augustinus Leonardus. Gemmtc et Sculptural Anti- 

quae, per Jac. Gronoviuni, Franequerce, IG!) 1 4to. 

Auldjo J. Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of 

Mont Blanc, in August, 1827, Lond. 1828 -Ito. 

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Conradi, 2 vol. .. Lipskc, \7C2 Svo. 

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Loud. ]7[}5 8vo. 

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rum, curante J. Arntzenio, Amstel. 1733 4to. 

Ausonius. Opera, in usum Delphini, Paris. 1730 4to. 

Authentic Narrative of Four Years' Residence at Ton- 
gatooboo, . . Lond. 

Ayeen Akbery : the Institutes of tlie Emperor Akber, 
by Gladwin, 2 vol. . . 

Ayscough S. Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the 
British Museum^ 2 vol. . . 

t Index to the Remarkable Passages and 

Words made use of by Shakspeare, 

Azara Felix de. Voyages dans I'Amcriqae Mcridionale, 
1781-1801, 4 torn, avec Atlas (4to.), Paris, 


BABBAGE C. Reflections on the Decline of Science 

in England, and on some of its Causes, Lond. 1830 Svo. 

On the Economy of Machinery and Manu- 
factures, .. 1832 12mo. 

Babington Wm. New System of Mineralogy, • 179!) 4to. 

Bacon Lord. Works, .5 vol. .. 1778 4to. 

* l)e Aiigmentis Scientiaruui, Lib. IX, Am.stcl. lGfi2 12mo. 




4 to. 








B.icon Lord. Novum Oigaiitim Sciential iim^ trans- 
lated by P. Shaw, 2 vol. Land. 1802 8vo. 

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• Nath. On the Laws and Government of 

England, ., 17G0 4to, 

John. Liber Regis, .. 1786 4to. 

Bitda Vcnerab. Kistoria Ecclesiastica Gentis Aii- 

glorum, cura, T. Smith, .. Cantab. 1722 fol. 

Baglivi G. Opera Omnia Medico-Practica et Ana- 

tomica, — Lugd. 1733 4to. 

*Bagnall A. Tracts on Popery, &c. Bristol, 1329 Svo. 

Bagot Bp. XII Discourses on the Prophecies, O^vf. 1780 Svo. 

Bahar-Danushj or, Garden of Knowledge, translated 

by J. Scott, 3 vol. .. Shrews. 1799 Svo. 

fBailey N. Lfniversal Etymological English Diction- 
ary 3 by J. N. Scott, . . Lond. 1755 fol. 

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chines and Models in the Repository of the 

Society for Encouragement of Arts, 2 vol. 1782 fol. 

Baillie iSIatthew. Morbid Anatomy, 1797 Svo. 

t Engravings upon Morbid Anatomy, 10 Fas- 
ciculi, .. 1793 4to. 

Works ; with an Account of his Life, by J. 

Wardrop, 2 vol. .. 1825 Svo. 

Joanna. Miscellaneous Plays, ISOS Svo. 

Series of Plays, 3 vol. .. 1S02-12 Svo. 

Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters, 

1821 Svo. 

Bride, a Drama, .. 1828 Svo. 

Bailly J. S. Histoire de FAstroiiomie Ancienne, 

Paris, 1775 4to. 

Histoire de TAstronomie Moderne, 3 torn. 1779-82 4to. 

Trait6 de I'Astronomie Indieune et Orientale, 

\7S7 4to. 

Baker T. Reflections upon Learning, Lond. 1756 Svo. 

Henry. On the Microscope, 2 vol. 1785 Svo. 


Eaker G. A. Unitarian Refuted, Bath, ]8\7 Svo. 

Bakowcll R. Travels in the Tarcntaisc, and various 

parts of the (trocian and Pennine Alps, 2 vol. Lond. 1S23 8vo. 

Introduction to Geology, ISlo ^vo. 

*Baldiuucci Filippo. Notizic de' Professori del Dis- 

egno, 21 toni. in 11 vol. . . Fircnzc, 17()7 -410, 

Baldwin George. Political Recollections relative to 

Egypt, . . Lond. ISO I Svo. 

Bale Joan. Scriptormn Illustrium Majoris Brytannioa 

Catalogns, . . Bnsil. 1559 fol. 

Balguy's T, Discourses and Charges, Lond. 181/ Svo. 

Divine Benevolence asserted, 17SI Svo. 

Bancroft Edw. Researches concerning the Philosophy 

of Permanent Colonrs, 2 vol. .. 1813 Svo. 

Banister John. Synopsis of Husbandry, 1799 Svo. 

Bannatj-ne Ric. Journal of Transactions in Scotland, 

1570-73, by J. G. Dalyell, .. Edm. \m^ Svo. 

Barbauld Anna L. Works : with a Memoir by Lucy 

Aikin, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1825 Svo. 

Barber W. Designs for Cottages, and Directions for 

Building in Pise, . . 4to. 

Barbour John. The Bruce ; or, History of Robert I. 

King of Scotland j by J. Pinkerton, 3 vol. ■ 1790 Svo. 

Barbut J. Genres des Insectes do Linnc, 1781 4to. 

* Genera Vermium, 2 parts, . . 1783-8 4to. 

Barclay Robert. Apology ; an Explanation of the 
Principles and Doctrines of the People called 
Quakers, .. B'lrm. 1765 4to. 

fBarctti Jos. Italian Library, .. Lond. 1757 Svo. 
Journey to Genoa, 4 vol. 1770 Svo. 

t Dictionary, Spanish and English, 1794 4to. 

t Dictionary, Italian and English, 2 vol. 1790 4to. 

IJarlow P. Essay on Magnetic Attractions, &c. 1823 Svo. 

l>aron John. Life of Edward Jcnner : with Illus- 
trations of his Doctrines, and Selections from his 
Correspondence, vol. I, .. 1S27 Svo. 


Baronetage of England, 2 vol. ,, Lond. 1804 Timo. 

2 vol. .. 1824 12mo. 

Barrett Wm. History and Antiquities of the City 

of Bristol, . . Bristol, 1 789 4to. 

t Second Copy, .. 1789 4to. 

John. Essay on the Earlier Part of the Life 

of Swift, . . Lond. 1808 8vo. 

Barrington Hon. Daines. Observations on the more 

Ancient Statutes, .. 17C0 4to. 

On the Probability of Reaching the North 

Pole, . . 1775 4to. 

Miscellanies, .. 1781 4to. 

Naturalist's Journal, . . fol. 

Bp. Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese 

of Durham, .. Bath, 1792 4to. 

Barrister A. Hints on the Nature and Effect of Evan- 
gelical Preaching, 5 parts, Lond. 1 808- 1 2 8vo. 

Barron Wm. Lectures on Belles Lettres and Logic, 

2 vol. .. 180G 8vo. 

Barrow John. Travels into the Interior of Southern 

Africa, 2 vol. .. 1801-4 4to. 

Travels in China, . . 1804 4to. 

Voyage to Cochin China, in 1792 and 1793, 

180G 4to. 

Public Life of the Earl of Macartney, 2 vol. 

1807 4to. 

Chronological History of Voyages into the 

Arctic Regions, .. 1818 8vo, 

William. VIII Sermons. Objections against 

the Necessity, &c. of Revelation Answered, 

(Barapton Lecture) .. 1799 8vo. 

Essay on Education, 2 vol, 1802-4 12mo. 

* Isaac. \Vorks, 3 vol. in 2, i71(> fol. 

Barrnel. Memoirs of Jacobinism, by Clifford, 4 vol. 

1798 8vo. 

History of the Clergy during ihe French 

Revolution, .. 1794 8vo. 


Barry James. Works, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1809 4to. 

George. History of the Orkney Islands, Edhi. 1S05 4to. 

Sir Edward. Observations on the Wines of the 

Ancients, . . Lond. 177r» -4 to. 

Barthelemi J. J. Voyr^^e du Jeune Anacharsis en 

Grtce, 7 torn. ., Paris, 1/89 f^vo. 

Recucil de Cartes Gcographioues, Plans, 

\'ucs et Mcdailles de I'Ancienne Grcce, reiatifs 
au Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis, 

Travels of Anacharsis the Y 

Greece, 7 vol. 
Plates, &c. 

nger in 

Lond. 1790-1 





Travels in Italy, 

Bartholinus Tho. Antiquitatuin Danicarura de Causis 

Contemptae a Danis adhnc Gentilibus Mortis, 

Libri III, .. Hafnice, 1689 4to. 

Barton J. Lecture on the Geography of Plants, /vo?2rf. 1827 12nio. 

Bartram Wm. Travels in North America, 1792 8vo. 

Basnage Jac. Le Grand Tableau de I'Univcrs, ou 

I'Histoire des Evenemens de I'Eglise depuis la 

Creation du Monde, .. Amstel. 1714 fol. 
History of the Jews, from Jesus Christ to the 

Present Time : translated by Tho. Taylor, Lond. 1708 fol. 
Batavian Anthology ; or. Specimens of the Dutch 

Poets, by Bowring and Van Dyk, 1824 12nio. 

Bates Ely. Rural Piiilosophy, .. 1804 8vo. 

Christian Politics, .. 1806 8vo. 

* Wm. AVorks, .. 1723 fol. 

Bateman T. Delineations of Cutaneous Diseases, 

(commenced by Willan,) .. 1810-17 4to. 

Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases, 1817 8vo. 

Bath Society's Letters and Papers on Agriculture, 

Planting, &c. 1 .3 vol. .. Bath, 1783-1814 8vo. 

Battle Wm. Treatise on Madness, Lond, 17.j8 4to. 

Battle of Waterloo, containing the Official Accounts, 

with Circumstantial Details, .. 18I.5 8vo. 


*Baxter Rich. Narrative of his Life aud Times, Z/OKf/, 1G9C fol. 

Saints' Everlasting Rest and Dying Thoughts, 

ISli 8vo. 

• And. On the Immortality of the Soul, 1/79 8vo. 

G. Glossarium Autiquitatum Britannicarnm, 

1733 8vo. 

Bayle Pet. General Dictionary, Historical and Criti- 
cal : translated, with Additions, by Bernard, Birch, 
Lockman, 8cc. 10 vol. .. 1734-41 fol. 

G. L. Researches on Pulmonary Phthisis, by 

W.Barrow, .. L'werp. 1818 8vo. 

Bayley John. History and Antiquities of the Tower 
of London, with Memoirs of Distinguished Per- 
sons, 2 parts, .. Land. 1825 4to. 

*Baynton Tho. New Method of Treating Ulcers, 

Brist. 1799 8vo. 

* Account of a successful Method of Treat- 
ing Diseases of the Spine, .. 1813 Svo. 

Bearcroft Philip. Account of T. Sutton, and the 

Charter House, .. Lond. 1737 Svo. 

Beatson R. Naval and Military Memoirs of Great 

Britain, from 1727 to 1789, 3 vol. 1790 Svo. 

— Alex. View of the Origin and Conduct of the 

War with Tippoo Sultan, .. 1800 4to. 

Tracts relative to the Island of St. Helena, 

1816 4to. 

• New System of Cultivation, 1821 Svo. 

Beattie James. Essay on the Nature and Immuta- 
bility of Truth, .. Edhi. 1773 Svo. 

Elements of Moral Science, 2 vol. 1790-3 Svo. 

• Dissertations, Moral and Critical, Lond. 1 783 4to. 

Essays on Truth, Poetry, and Music, &c. Edbi. 1 777 4to. 

• "■ Poems on several Subjects, Lond. 1766 12mo. 

Minstrel, a Poem, .. 1744 4to. 

■ Evidencesof the Christian Religion, 2 vol. • 1786 Svo. 

Beaujour Felix. View of the Commerce of Greece, 1 800 Svo. 


Beaum6 Ant. Cliymie expcrimentale et raisonnee, 

3 torn. .. Paris, \77^ 8vo. 

* Mamial of Cheraisti y, fVarnng. 1778 I'imo. 

Beaumout and Fietcher. Diainatick Works, 10 vol. 

Lond. 1778 8vo. 

Beaumont Albanis. Travels through the Rhaetian 

Alps in 1786, .. 1792 fol. 

Beauties of England and Wales ; or Delineations, 
Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of 
each County, 25 vol. .. 1801-12 8vo. 

Beauties of Scotland, 5 vol. .. Edin. 1805 8vo. 

Beaver Philip. African Memoranda, Lond. 1805 4to. 

Beawes Wyndham. Lex Mercatoria Rediviva, 1771 fol. 

Beccaria Marquis. On Public Economy and Com- 
merce, .. 1769 8vo. 

On Crimes and Punishments, 1770 Svo. 

Becher J. T. Constitution of Friendly Societies ; 

with Rules and Tables, . . 1829 8vo. 

Beckford Peter. Familiar Letters from Italy, 2 vol. 

Sal'ish. 1805 8vo. 

• W. Vathek, .. Lond. 1816 8vo. 

Beckmann John. History of Inventions and Dis- 
coveries, 4 vol. .. 1797-1814 8vo. 

*Beddoes Tho. Chemical Experiments and Opinions, 

Oxford, 1790 8vo. 

* Observations on Mathematical Evidence, 

Lond. 1793 8vo. 

Observations on Calculus, Sea Scurvy, 

Consumption, &c. ., 1793 8vo. 

Letter to Darwin on Pulmonary Consump- 

tion, . . Brist. 1 793 8vo. 
Contributions to Physical and Medical 

Knowledge, .. 1799 8vo. 

Essay on Consumption, . . 1799 Svo. 

Communications respecting the Uses of 

Nitrous Acid, .. Lond. 1800 Svo. 


Beddoes T. L. Bride's Tragedy, .. Lond. 1822 8vo. 

Beechey F. AV. and H. W. Expedition to Explore 

the North Coast of Africa, in 1821-22, 1828 4to. 

F. W. Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific, 

and Beering's Strait, in 1825-28, 2 vol. 1 83 1 8vo. 

Beeke Hen. Observations on the Income Tax, 

1800 8vo. 

*Behtnen Jacob. Way to Christ discovered, Bath, 1/75 12ino. 

Belgian Traveller, 4 vol. .. Lond. \mQ 12mo. 

Bell H. N. Account of the Restoration of the Earl- 
dom of Huntingdon, . . 1820 4to, 

Charles. On the Anatomy of Expression in 

Painting, .. 1806 4to. 

Nervous System of the Human Body, 1830 4to. 

Exposition of the Natural System of the Nerves 

of the Human Body, .. 1821 8vo. 

Andrew. Madras School ; or. Elements of 

Tuition, 3 parts, .. 1808-15 8vo. 

* Benjamin. Surgery, 6 vol. Ed'in. 1/85-8 8vo. 

, , D • • 1 f o o 1 c Edin. 1801 4to. 

John. Principles of Surgery, 3 vol. i 

I Lond. 1806 4to. 
* John, New Pantheon, 2 vol. ■ 1/90 4to. 

John. Travels from St. Petersburgh to various 

parts of Asia, .. Ed'm. 1806 8vo. 

John. Observations on Italy, 1825 4to. 

B. Essays on Agriculture, .. 1802 8vo. 

* John. Fugitive Poetry, 15 vol. in 5, Lond. 1/89-92 12mo. 

Bellendenus Gul. De Statu Libri Tres, 1787 8vo. 

Free Translation of the Preface to Bel- 
lendenus, .. 1788 8vo. 

Bellori J. P. Veterum Illustrium Philosophorum Poe- 

tarum Rhetorum et Oratorum Imagines, Romce, 1685 fol. 

Beloe A'i^illiam. Anecdotes of Literature and scarce 

Books, 6 vol. .. Lowrf. 1807, &c. 8vo. 

Belsham W. Memoirs of the Kings of Great Britain of 

the House of Brunswick-Lunenburg, 2 vol. 1793 Svo. 


Belsham \V. Memoirs of the Reigu of George III, 

S vol. .. Loud. 1795, &c. 8vo. 

Essays, Philosophical, Historical, and Literary, 

2 vol. .. 1789-91 8vo. 

Thos. Review of Mr. Wilberforce's Treatise, 

&c. .. 1798 Svo. 

Belzoiii G. Narrative of Discoveries in Egypt and 

Nubia, .. 1820 4to. 

t Plates, .. 1820 fol. 

*BeDgelius J. A. Gnomon Nov! Testamenti, 

TiMng, 1742 4to, 

Benger Eliz. O. Memoirs of Elizabeth Hamilton, 

2 vol. .. Lotid. 1818 8vo. 

Bennet Hon. H. G. Letter on the Abuses existing in 

Newgate, .. 1818 8vo. 

Benson C. XX Discourses on Evidences of Christi- 
anity, (Hulsean JiCcture, 1820) 1826 8vo. 

■ — XX Discourses on Scripture Difficulties, 

(Hulsean Lecture, 1822) .. 1826 Svo. 

George. Collection of Tracts, 1748 8vo. 

tBentham James. History and Antiquities of the 

Cathedral Church of Ely, .. Catnb. \77\ 4to. 

Jere. Trait^s de Legislation Civile et 

Pciiale : publics par Et. Dumont, 3 torn. Paris, 1802 Svo. 
Esquisse d'un Ouvrage en faveur des 

Pauvres : publite par Ad. Duquesnoy, 1802 Svo. 

Thcorie des Peines et des Recompenses, 

2 torn. . . Lond. 1811 Svo. 
Tactique des Assembli^^es L(^'gislatives, 

suivie d'un Trait6 des Sophismes Politiques : 
par Et. Dumont, 2 tom. .. Genev. 1816 Svo. 
Chrestomathia : Papers explanatory of a 

Design for extending the New System of Instruc- 
tion, .. Lond. 1816 Svo. 
Papers relative to Codification and Public 

Instruction, .. 1817 Svo. 


Bentham Jere. Plan of Parliamentary Reform ; in the 

form of a Catechism, .. Lond. 1817 8vo. 

Table of the Springs of Action, 1817 8vo. 

On the Ceremony of an Oath, 1817 8vo. 

On Usury and on Law Taxes, 1818 12mo. 

Bentivoglio Cardinal. History of the Wars of Flan- 
ders : translated by Henry Earl of Monmouth, 

1678 fol. 

Bentleius Ric. Epistolae, .. Lipsice, 1825 8\o. 

Bentley Rich. Remarks upon a Discourse of Free 

Thinking, .. Camd. 1728 8vo. 

Dissertation on the Epistles of Phalaris, &c. 

Lond. 1817 8vo. 

John. Historical View of the Hindu Astro- 
nomy, . . 1825 8vo. 

Benyowsky M. A. Count de. Memoirs and Travels : 

translated by W. Nicholson, 2 vol. 1790 4to. 

Bergman Tor. Physical and Chemical Essays, by 

Cullen, 2 vol. . . 1 784 8vo. 

Berington Joseph. State and Behaviour of English 
Catholics, from the Reformation to the Year 
1781, . . 1781 8vo. 

Literary History of the Middle Ages, 1814 4to. 

■ History of the Lives of Abeillard and 

Heloisa, . . Birm. 1 788 4to. 

History of the Reign of Henry II and of 

Richard and John, his Sons, .. 1790 4to. 

Berkeley Bp. Works, with his Life, 2 vol. Lond. 1784 4to. 
Berkenhout J. Letters to his Son at the University, 

Camb. 1790 8vo. 

Bernard Sir T. Comforts of Old Age, Lond. 1813 12mo. 

Berni Francesco. Orlando Innamorato, 4 tom. 

Parigi, 1768 12mo, 

Translated by W. S. Rose, . . Lond. 1828 8vo. 

Berriman Wm. Sermons at Boyle's Lecture, 2 vol. 

1733 8vo. 


Berthier. Meuioir of Bonaparte's Exj)editiou to 

Egypt, . . Lond. 1805 8vo, 

Bertliollett C. L. Essay on Chemical Statics, by 

Lambert, 2 vol. . . 1804 8vo. 

' Elements of the Art of Dyeing, by Hamil- 
ton, 2 vol, .. 1791 8vo. 

Berwick Duke of. Memoirs, by Himself, 2 vol. 1/79 8vo. 

Berzclins J. J. On the Use of the Blowpipe in Che- 
mical Analysis, &c. translated by J. G. Children, 

1822 8vo. 

Betham Wni. Genealogical Tables of the Sovereigns 

of the World, .. • 1/95 fol. 

Sir W. Irish Antiquarian Researches, 2 parts, 

Dublin, 1826-1827 8vo. 
Bethel Bp. Charge at his Primary Visitation of the 

Diocese of Gloucester, .. Glouces. 1825 4to. 

Bevan Edw. The Honey-Bee ; its Natural Historj-, 

Physiology, and Management, ., Lond. 1827 l2mo. 

Bever Thos. History of the Legal Polity of the 

Roman State, .. 1781 4to. 

Beveridge Bp. Works, 2 vol. .. 1720 fol. 

Private Thoughts on Religion, 1803 12mo. 

Bewick T. History of British Birds, 2 vol. Newcas. 1804 8vo. 

General History of Quadrupeds, 1791 8vo. 

IViblc Holy — V. Sacred Scriptures. 

Biber E. Account of the Life and \Vritings of Henry 

Pestalozzi, 8vo. . . Lond. 1 83 1 8vo, 

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' for the Church of Scot- 

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Bouille Marquis de. Memoirs relating to the French 

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• Hen. Antiquitates Vulgares, enlarged by 

Brand, . . Newcas. 

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4 vol. . , Lond. 





















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. Life of Bishop Ken, 2 vol. 1830-31 Svo. 

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Academics, vol. I, . . — 

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W. T. Outlines of Geology, - 







Brandt G. History of the Reformation in the Low 

Countries, 4 vol. .. 1720-3 fol. 

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English Prosodial Lexicon, . . 1828 Svo. 

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Introduction to " The Beauties of England 

and Wales," .. 1818 Svo. 

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paedia) .. 1831 12mo. 

■ Life of Sir Isaac Newton, (Family Library) 

1831 12mo. 

Letters on Natural Magic, (Family Library) 

Bridge B. Treatise on Conic Sections, — 

Elements of Plane Trigonometry, — 

• Elements of Algebra, . . — 

Treatise on Equations, . . — 

Treatise on Mechanics, Broxbournc, 1811 Svo. 


12 mo. 










Bridges John. History and Antiquities of Northamp- 
tonshire, by Peter VVhalley, 2 vol. Oxford, 1791 fol. 

♦Bridges Charles. Christian Ministry, Lond. 1829 12mo. 

* Matthew. Testimony of Profane Aiitiiiuity 

to the Account by Moses of Paradise and the Fall 

of Man, .. BrUt. 1825 Svo. 


*Bridges Matthew. Protestant and Catholic, with 

other Poems, .. Brist. 1827 r2mo. 

Roman Empire under Constantine the Great, 

1828 8vo. 

Bridgraan R. AV. Analytical Index of Reported Cases 
in the Courts of Equity, and the High Court of 
Parliament, 3 vol. . . Lond. 1813 8vo. 

Reflections on the Study of the Law, 1804 8vo. 

Bright Richard. Travels from Vienna through Lower 

Hungary, .. JEd'm. 1818 4to. 
Reports of Medical Cases, Illustrating the 

Symptoms and Cure of Diseases by a reference 

to Morbid Anatomy, 2 vol. in 3, Lond. 1827-31 4to. 

Brissot J. P. Address to his Constituents, Lond. 1794 Svo. 
t*BristolJournal (FeUx Farley's) for 1800, 1802— 

1830 .. Brist. 1800, &c. fol. 

* Charities ; with Introductions and Notes, 

by a Barrister, 3 parts, . . 1822 12mo. 

Memorialist, .. 1816-23 8vo. 

— Riots ; their Causes, Progress, and Conse- 

quences, by a Citizen, .. 1832 8vo. 

Bristow James. Narrative of his Captivity, Lond. 1794 Svo. 
Britannicarum Gentium Historiae Antiquae Scriptores 

III, Notis, etc. auxit Carolus Bertramus, //«e^?2i<^, 1757 Svo. 
British Critic, from 1793 to 1832, Zowrf. 1793, &c. 8vo. 

t General Index to the British Critic, 

vol. I— XLII, .. 1804-15 Svo. 

^British Poets, 20 vol. in G, . . Edinb. 1773 12mo, 

Britton John. Catalogue Raisonne of the Pictures 

belonging to the Marquis of Stafford, Lond. 1808 Svo. 

f Dictionary of the Architecture, &c. of the 

Middle Ages, parts I and 11, . . 1830 Svo. 

f Picturesque Antiquities of the English 

Cities, .. 1830 4to. 

■\ Historical and Architectural Essay relating 

to Redcliff Church, Bristol, .. 1813 4to. 


tr>ritfoii Joliii. History and Antiquities of Bath 

Abbey Church, .. Lond. 1825 4to. 

t~ Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, 

5 vol. .. 18(37-26 4to. 

t Cathedral Antiquities (Salisbury, Norwich, 

Wiuchester, York, Lichfield, Oxford, Cauterbury, 
AA'ells, Exeter, Peterborough, Bristol, Hereford, 
Gloucester, and AVorcester) 14 vol. 1814, &c. 4to. 

Broad Stone of Honour ; or Rules for the Gentlemen 

of England, 2 vol. .. 1823-28 12m( 

Brockett J. T. Glossary of North Country Words, 

Ncwcas. 1825 8vo. 

Brocquiere Bertrand de la. Travels to Palestine in 

1432, translated by T. Johnes, I/a vod, 1807 Svo. 

*Broderip AV. J. and Bingham P. Reports of Cases 
in the Court of Common Pleas and other Courts, 
3 vol. .. Lond. 18: 

Bromley H. Catalogueof Engraved British Portraits, 

Sir G. Collection of Original Royal Letters, 

Brooke Sir Arthur de Capell. Sketches of Spain and 

Morocco, 2 vol. . . 

* Henrv. Trial of the Roman Catholics in 













Ireland, . . — 

*Brookes R. General Gazetteer, — 

Brougham Lord. On the Colonial Policy of the Eu- 
ropean Powers, 2 vol. . . JEdin. 1803 8vo. 

Speech on the Present State of the Law, 

Lofid. 1828 Svo. 

*Broughton Arth. Enchiridion Botanicum, 1782 Svo. 

* Hortus Eastensis, Kingston, 1792 4to. 

* Hortus Eastensis, St. Jago de la Vega, 1794 4to. 

* De Vermibus Intestinorum, Edin. 1779 Svo. 

* On the Influenza, .. Lond. 1782 Svo. 

*• T. Dictionary of all Religions, 2 vol. 1 737, &c. fol. 

36 ^^ 

Bioiightoii Tho. Defence of the commouly-received 

Doctrine of the Human Soul, Brist. l/GG 8vo. 

*. Prospect of Futurity, .. Lond. 1768 8vo. 

XV Sermons on Select Subjects, 1778 8vo. 

■ W. R. A'oviige of Discovery to the North 

Pacific Ocean, .. 1804 4to. 

T. D. Selections from the Popular Poetry 

of the Hindoos, .. 1814 8vo. 

Letters written in a Mahratta Camp 

during the Year 1809, .. 1813 4to. 

S. D. Letters from Portugal, Spain, and 

France, in 181213-14, .. 1815 8vo. 

Brown Sir T. Works, .. 1686 fol. 

Christian Morals ; with his Life by Samuel 

Johnson, .. l7oG 12mo. 

John. Estimate of the Manners and Prin- 

ciples of the Times, .. 1758 8vo. 

— On the Rise, Union, and Power of Poetry and 

Music, .. 1763 4to. 

— Essays on the Characteristics, 1764 8vo. 

— Peter. Procedure, Extent, and Limits of Hu- 
man Understanding, .. 1728 8vo. 

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Mind, 4 vol. .. Lond. 1820 8vo. 

Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and Effect, 

1818 8vo. 

Josiah. Reports of Cases in the Hiffh Court 

of Parliament, by T. E. Toralins, 8 vol. 1803 8vo. 

■ • J. B. Memoirs of the Life of John Howard, 

1818 4to. 

Browne Pat. Civil and Natural History of Jamaica, 

with MS. Notes interleaved, and Linnaean Index, 

2 vol. .. 1756 foh 

■ Arthur. View of the Civil Law, and of the 

Law of the Admiralty, 2 vol. . . 1 802 8vo. 

Browne W. G. Travels in Africa, Egypt, and Syria, 

from 17!)-' to 1798, .. Lond. 1799 Ito. 

Win. Works; containing Britannia's Pas- 
torals : the Shepherd's Pipe ; the Inner-Temple 

Masque, and other Poems, 3 vol. .. 1772 8vo. 

Bruce Jas. Travels to Discover the Source of the 

Nile, 5 vol. .. Edln. 1790 Ito. 

Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, 

'.vith a Life of the Author, by Alex. Murray, 

7 vol. .. 1813 8vo. 

• Plates, .. 1813 Ito. 

John. Report on the Ncgociation respecting 

the Renewal of the East India Company's Char- 
ter for Twenty Years from March, 1794 1811 4to. 

First Principles of Philosophy, 1780 12mo. 

Bruce Peter Henry. Memoirs, ., Lond. 1782 4to. 

Wm. State of Society in the Age of Homer, 

Belfast, 1827 8vo. 
Brucker J.J. Historia Critica Piiilosophia3, a Mnndi 

incunabulis ad nostram usque aitatem deducta, 

6 torn, .. Lipstce, 1767 4to. 

*Brumoy. Greek Theatre, by Mrs. C. Lennox, 3 vol. 

Lond. 1759 4to. 
fBrunet J. C. Manuel du Libraire et de I'Amateur 

de Livrcs, 4 torn. . . Paris, 1820 8vo. 

Bruyere J. de la. Works, 2 vol. .. 1752 12ino. 

Bryan Michael. Biographical and Critical Dictionary 

of Painters and Engravers, 2 vol. Lond. 181 G 4to. 
Bryant C. History of Esculent Plants, 1783 8vo. 

Jacob. Observations on Various Parts of 

Ancient History, .. Camb. 17(')7 4to. 

Analysis of Ancient Mythology, 3 vol. Lond. 1774 4to. 

— ■ Observations on the Poems of Roivley, 2 vol. 

1781 8vo. 

Observations upon Chevalier's Description 

of the Plain of Troy, ,. /'Jfon, 1795 4 to. 


Bryant Jacob. Dissertation conceriiing the War of 

Troy, . . Lond. 4 to. 

Treatise upon tlie Authenticity of the Scrip- 
tures, .. Camb. 1793 8vo. 

Observations on the Plagues inflicted upon 

the Egyptians, .. Lond. 1794 8vo. 

On Philo Judeus, .. Camb. 1797 8vo. 

Observations upon some Passages in Scrip- 
ture, . . Lond. 1803 4to. 

Observations upon Mr. Morritt's Vindication 

of Homer, .. Eton, 1799 4to. 

Expostulation, addressed to tlie British Critic, 

1799 4to. 

Brydges Sir S. E, British Bibliographer, 4 vol. 

Lond. 1S09-14 8vo. 

Censura Literaria, 10 vol. .. 1S05-9 8vo. 

Restituta; or Titles, Extracts, and Characters 

of Old Books revived, 4 vol. . . 1814-16 8vo. 

Brydone Pat. Tour through Sicily and Malta, 2 vol, 

1773 8vo. 

Buchan Earl of. Essays on tlie Lives and Writings 

of Andrew Fletcher and James Thomson, 1792 8vo. 

Buchanan Geo. Opera Omnia, curante Thoma Rud- 

dimanno, . . Edln. 1715 fol. 

Claudius. Christian Researches in Asia, 

Camb. 1811 8vo. 

Memoir of the Expediency of an Ecclesias- 
tical Establishment for British India, Lond. 1805 4to. 

J. L. Travels in the Western Hebrides, 

from 1782 to 1790, .. 1793 8vo. 

Francis. Journey from Madras through 

Mysore, Cauara, and Malabar, 3 vol. 1807 4to. 

Buckingham Geo. Duke of. Rehearsal, 1/77 12mo. 

Sheffield Duke of. Works, 2 vol. 1740 8vo, 

J. S. Travels in Palestine, 1821 4to. 

Travels in Mesopotamia, 2 vol. 1827 8vo. 


Buckingham .1. S. Travels among the Arab Tribes 
inhabiting the Countries East of Syria and the 
Jordan, . . Lond. 182a ^to. 

Buckland W, Reliquiae DiluvianEe ; or Observations 
on Organic Remains, &c. attesting the Action of 
an Universal Deluge, .. • 1823 4to. 

* Vindiciie Geological; or the Connexion of 

Geology with Religion explained, . . O.rf. 1820 4to. 

Budcei Gul. Cominentarii Linguae Gra>ca3, Bazil. 1556 fol. 

*Buduorth Jos. Ramble to the Lakes in Westmore- 
land, Lancasliire, and Cumberland, Lond. 1810 Svo. 

Buffon Comte de. Histoirc Naturelle des Oiseaux, 

3 torn. .. Paris, 1/70-75 4to. 

— Histoire Naturelle, generale et particulicrc, 

50 torn. .. 1770-83 12mo. 

■ Natural History, by Smcllie, 8 vol. Lond. 1/81 Svo. 

Bull G. Episc. Opera Omnia, .. 1703 fol. 

fBullet J. B. Memoires et Dictionnaire de la Langue 

Celtique, 3 torn. .. Besanron, 1754-60 fol. 

Buncle John. Life, 4 vol. .. Lond. 1770 12mo. 

Bunyan John. Pilgrim's Progress, 1792 Svo. 

• Pilgrim's Progress 3 with a Life of the Au- 
thor, by Robert Southey, , . 1830 Svo. 

* Translated into Modern Greek, Malta, 1824 Svo. 

Burchell VV. J. Travels in the Interior of Southern 

Africa, 2 vol. . . 1822-23 4to. 

Burchett Josiah. Naval History, 1720 fol. 

Burckhardt J. L. Travels in Nubia, 1819 4to. 

"" Tavels in Syria and the Holy Land, 1822 4to. 

■ Travels in Arabia, 2 vol. . . 1829 Svo. 

Notes on the iiedouins and Waliabys, col- 
lected (luring Ills Travels in the East, 2 vol. • 1831 Svo. 

Burdcr Sam. Oriental Customs ; an Illustration of 

the Sacred Scriptures, 2 vol. .. 1822 Svo. 

Oriental Literature applied to the Illustration 

of the Sacred Scriptures, 2 vol. .. 1 H22 Svo. 


*Burger Gott. Aug. Gediclite, 2 vol. Gottin. 1817 I'iiuo. 

Burges Sir J. Birth and Triumph of Love, a Poem, 

Lond. 1790 4to. 
Burgess Bp. Hebrew Elements^ Hebrew Etymology 3 

and Arabic Alphabet, .. 1813, &c. 12mo. 

Answer to Marsh's Hora3 Pelasgica;, Cfl/-«2ttr. 1815 8vo. 

Musei Oxoniensis Literarii Specimina, Fas- 
ciculus II, .. Lond. 1797 8vo. 

— Ric. Topography and Antiquities of Rome, 

including Recent Discoveries, 2 vol. 1 831 Svo. 

Burgh J. Political Disquisitions, 3 vol. 1 774-5 Svo. 

Wni. Scriptural Confutation of Lindsey's Apo- 
logy, .. York, 1779 Svo. 

Burghley Lord. Collection of State Papers ; pub- 
lished by Haynes and Murdin, 2 vol. Lond. 1740-59 fol. 

Burgoyne Gen. State of the Expedition from Ca- 
nada, .. 1780 Svo. 

Dramatic and Poetical Works, 2 vol. 180S 12mo. 

Burigny. Life of Grotius, .. 1754 Svo. 

^^Burke Edm. Vindication of Natural Society, • 1757 Svo. 

Treatise 011 the Sublime and Beautiful, 1773 Svo. 

Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790 Svo. 

Works, 16 vol. .. 1801 Svo. 

Burlamaqui J. J. Principles of Natural and Politic 

Law, by Nugent, 2 vol. . . ] 784 Svo. 

*Burman J. Thesaurus Zeylanicus, yimstel. 1737 4to. 

* Rariorum Africanarum Plantarum decades, 

1738 4to. 

Burn Ric. Ecclesiastical Law, 4 vol. Lond. 1809 Svo. 

Justice of the Peace; by Sir George Chetwynd, 

5 vol. .. 1826 Svo. 

Burnaby And. Travels through the Middle Settle- 
ments in North America, . . 1775 4to. 

Burnet Bp. History of the Reformation of the Church 

of England, 3 vol. .. 1681-1753 fol. 

* History of his own Time, 2 vol. 1724 fol. 


Burnet Bp. History of liis own Time, G vol. Oxf. 1823 8vo. 

" Lives of John and Wni. Dukes of Hamilton, 

Lund. 1G77 fol. 

Exposition of the XXX IX Articles of the 

Church of England, ,. O.r/l/'JO 8vo. 

Some Passages of the Life and Death of John, 

Earl of Rochester, . . Land. 1 G80 8vo. 

Tho. De Statu jNIortuorum et llcsurgen- 

tium, . . 1723 8vo. 

Hippocrates Contractus, 17-13 8vo. 

J. Practical Hints on Painting, in three 

parts, .. 1822-27 -Ito, 

Burnett G. Vieuof the Present State of Poland, 1807 12mo. 

Specimens of English Prose Writers, from the 

Earliest Times to the Close of the XVIIIth Cen- 
tury, 3 vol. .. 1822 8vo. 

Burney Charles. Present State of Music in Germany, 

2 vol. .. 1773 8vo. 

Present State of Music in France and Italy, 

1773 8vo. 

— General History of Music, 4 vol. 1/7(3, &c. 4to. 

— Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Metas- 

tasio, 3 vol. .. 17t)G 8vo. 

— James. History of the Discoveries in the 

South Sea, .5 vol. in 4, . . 1803-17 4to, 

— North Eastern Voyages of Discovery, 1819 8vo. 

— Tho. Naval Poems, .. 1813 4to. 

Burns John. Principles of Christian Philosophy, 1828 12mo. 

Jtobcrt. AVorks, 4 vol. .. Llverp. 1800 8vo, 

Relifjues, by Croniek, .. Lond. 1808 8vo. 

Burrows E. L Elements of Concliology, according 

to the Linncan System, .. 1825 8vo. 

Burton Rob. Anatomy of Melancholy, 2 vol. 1806 8vo. 

Ric. Wars of England, Scotland, and Ire- 
land, from the beginning of the Reign of Charles 
L to the Restoration, ,. 1810 4to. 


Burton J. Pentalogiaj sive Tragoediarum Graecarura 
Delectus, curft T. Burgess, 2 vol. Oocon. 

Opusc. JNIiscellaiieaTheologica, 2 torn. 

Echv. Description of the Antiquities and 

other Curiosities of Rome, . . 

— Testimonies of the Ante Nicene Fathers to 

the Divinity of Christ, . . 

— Inquiry into the Heresies of the Apostolic 









Age, (Bampton Lecture, 1829) 1829 Svo. 

Busching A. F. System of Geograjjhy, 6 vol. Loud. 1762 4to. 
Butler Sam. Hudibras, by Z. Grej-, 2 vol. 1772 Svo. 

Hudibras, with a French Translation by J. 

Towneley, 3 tom. ,. Paris, 1819 12mo. 

Remains, in Verse and Prose, with Notes by 

R. Thyer, 2 vol. .. Lond. \7o9 Svo. 

Bp. Analogy of Natural and Revealed Re- 
ligion, .. 1771 Svo. 

XV^ Sermons, preaclied at the Rolls Chapel, 

1792 Svo. 

Charles. Additional Notes on Lord Coke's 

F'irst Institute, .. 1795 fol. 

— Horae BibJica?, 2 vol. .. 0.*/. 1/99-1807 Svo. 

— HorfE Juridicae Subsecivae, .. Lond. 1807 Svo. 

— Notes on the chief Revolutions of the principal 

States of the Empire of Charlemagne, 1807 Svo. 

— HistoricalMemoirsof English, Irish, and Scot- 
tish Catholics, since the Reformation, 4 vol. — 

— Reminiscences, . . — 
Life of Erasmus, .. — 

Book of the Roman Catholic Church, — 









— Vindication of the Book of the Roman Catholic 

Church, .. 1826 Svo. 

— Life of Hugo Grotius : with Brief Minutes of 

the History of the Netherlands, .. 1826 Svo. 

*Buttmann P. Greek Grammar, . . 1824 Svo. 

*Buxtorf .T. Synagoga Judaica, .. Hnnov. 1G)4 12mo. 


Bygge Tho. Travels in the French Republic, Lond. 1801 12mo. 
Bvron Hon. John. Narrative of his Distresses on the 

Coast of Patagonia, .. 1768 8vo. 

Bvron Lord. Letter on Bowles's Strictures on Pope, 

1821 8vo. 

Works, 7 vol. .. 1812, &c. 8vo. 

Works, G vol. .. 1827 12mo. 

Bj-zantiucG Historice Scriptorcs, in Unum Corpus re- 
dact!, 2G vol. .. Fenet. 1729, &c. fol. 

*CADOGANMV. Medical Tracts, Lond.\77\ 8vo. 

CcEsar Julius. Commeutarii, a Goduino, in usum Del- 

phini, .. Liitct. Par. 1678 4to. 

*- ct Hirtius. Comincntarii, ,. Lond. 1749 12uio. 

■ Jul. Commentaries, with Observations, by 

Edmonds, .. 1G77 fol. 

t Commentaries, by Duncan, .. 1753 fol. 

Cailliaud Fr. Voyage ;\ Mcroe, an Fleuve Blanc, 

au-dela de Fazoql dans le Midi du Royaume de 

Scnnar, 4 torn. .. Paris, 1826-27 8vo. 

Cartes et Planches, . . 1823 fol. 

Calamities of Authors, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1812 8^0. 

*Calasius Fr. Concordantiae Sacrorum Biblioruin 

Hebraicorum, 4 torn. .. 1747-9 fol. 

Caldcleugh Alex. Travels in Soutli America, during 

the years 1819-20-21, 2 vol. .. 1825 8vo. 

Caldecott Tiio. Reports, .. 1786-9 4to. 

Caldcron Fed. Comedias, 9 tom. Madrid, 1726 4to. 

Callimachus. Ilymni, Epigrammata, et Fragmcnta, 

Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Varior. ab Ernesto, 2 tom. 

Lugd. Bat. 1761 8vo. 
Callimachus and Orpheus. Hymns, with cxj)]anatory 

Notes, by W. Dodd, .. Lond. 1755 4to. 


t*Calend:iriuin llotuloriiui Patentium in Turri Loiidi- 

iicnsi, . . Lond. 1802 fol. 

■f* Rotulorum Cliartaiuin et Inquisitio- 

num ad quod Damnum, . . 1803 fol. 

I* Inquisitionura post Mortem sive Es- 

ccatarum, vol. I, II, III, .. 1800-21 fol. 

t*Calcndais of the Proceedings in Cliancery in the 
Reign of Queen Elizabeth j with Examples of 
Earlier Proceedings, . . • 1827 fol. 

Callis Rob. Reading upon the Statute of Sewers, 







*^ Reading upon Sewers, bj' J. W. Broderip, — 

Calmet Aug. Dictionary of the Bible, 3 vol. — 
Calonne C. A. de. De I'Etat de la France, present et 

a venir, .. Paris, 1790 8vo. 

Calvin John. Institutes of the Christian Religion, 

translated by John Allen, 3 vol. Lond. 1813 8vo. 

Cambrian Register, 3 vol. .. 1790-1818 8vo. 

Cambrian Quarterly Magazine, and Celtic Repository, 

3 vol. .. 1829-31 8vo. 
Cambridge R. O. Works, with his Life. 1803 4to. 

Account of the War in India, • 1701 4to. 

Cambridge University Calendar, for 1 81 0-21 -23, Cawji. 1810 12mo. 

Prize Poems, ., Lond. 1818 12mo. 

Carabry. Monuraens Celtiqiies, ou Recherches snr le 

Culte des Pierres, .. Paris, 1805 8vo. 

Camden W. Anglica, Normannica, Hibernica, Cam- 

brica, a veteribus Scrij)ta, . . Franco/. ] 003 fol. 

■ Annales rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarum, 

regnante Elizabetha, . . Lugd. Bat. 1025 8vo, 

. Remaines concerning Britain, Lond. 1057 4to. 

Britannia; by Goiigh, 3 vol. .. 1789 fol. 

*Camoens Luis de. Lusiad, translated by AV. J. 

Mickle, .. 0.vf. 177 Q 4to. 

Camoens. Poems, translated by Lord Vise. Strangford, 

Lond. 1804 12mo. 


Campan Madame. Memoirs of the Private Life of 

iNIarie Antoinette, Queen of France, 2 vol. Lond. 1823 Svo. 

Campaigns and Cruizes in Venezuela and New Grenada, 
from IS 17 to ISSOj with Tales of Venezuela, 
3 vol. .. 1831 12mo. 

Campbell George. Dissertation on Miracles, Ed'in. 1762 Svo. 

• Philosophy of Rhetoric, 2 vol. Lond. l77(j Svo. 

Lectures on Systematic Tiieology and Pulpit 

Eloquence, . . 1807 Svo. 

• Arch. Vovage round the World, from 18U J 

to 1812, .. 1817 Svo. 

Alex. Journey from Edinburgh through 

Parts of North Britain, 2 vol. . . 1802 4to. 

Donald. Journey over Land to India, 1705 4to. 

Tho. Pleasures of Hope, with other Poems, 

Edin. 1802 Svo. 

Pleasures of Hope, .. Lond. 1803 4to. 

Gertrudeof Wyoming, and otherPoems, 1809 4to. 

Specimens of the British Poets, with Bio- 

graphical and Critical Notices, and an Essay on 

English Poetry, 7 vol. .. 1819 Svo. 

J. Political Survey of Britain, 2 vol. 1774 4to. 

Lives of the British Admirals, 4 vol. 1779 4to. 

A. Authenticityof theGospelHistory,.£'r//«. 1759 Svo. 

Camper P. On the Connexion between Anatomy and 

Drawing, Painting, Statuary, &c. Loyid. 1794 4to. 

Canadian Freeholder, vol. I, .. 177G Svo. 

Capper James. Observations on the Passage to India 

through /Egypt, .. 1783 4to. 

Observations on the Winds and Monsoons, 

iSOl Ito. 

* • V). P. Topographical Dictionary of the 

United Kingdom, .. 1808 Svo. 

Caraccioli Marcjuis. Life of Poj)e Clement XIV. 

(GanganeUi) *• .. Lond, \770 Svo. 
('ard Henry. Reign of Charlemagne, 1807 Svo. 


Carew R. Survey of Cornwall, with Notes by J. 
Tonkin ; published by Lord de Dunstanville, 

Lond. 1811 4to. 

Carey W. Grammarof the Sungskrit Language.iSerrtra. 1806 4to. 

* Gramnmr of the Mahratta Language, with Fa- 
miliar Dialogues, .. 1808 8vo. 

* Dictionary of the Mahratta Language, 1810 8vo. 

* Grammar of the Punjabee Language, 1812 Svo. 

* Grammar of the Telinga Language, 1814 Svo. 

* Felix. Grammar of the Burman Language ; 

with a List of its Single Roots, . . 1814 4to. 

John. Latin Prosody made easy, Lond. 1808 8vo. 

Carleton Geo. Memoirs, . . Edhi. 1S08 8vo. 

fCarlisle Nicli. Topographical Dictionary of Eng- 
land, Leland, and Wales, 4 vol. Lond. 180S-1 1 4to. 

Description of Endowed Grammar Schools 

in England and Wales, 2 vol. . . 1818 8vo. 

Carmina Quadragesimalia, 2 vol, O.von. 1/23-48 Svo. 

Carne J. Letters from the East, written during a 
Tour through Turkey, Egypt, the Holy Land, &c. 
2 vol. . . Lond. 182G Svo. 

Recollections of Travels in the East, 1830 Svo. 

*Carpenter Lant. Examination of the Charges made 
against Unitarians, &c. by Bp. Magee, Br'ist. 

* V'iew of the Scriptural Grounds of Unita- 

rianism, . . 

* Introduction to the Geography of the New 

Testament, . . Lond. 

Carr .John. Stranger in France, . . 

Northern Summer, Travels round the Baltic in 


Stranger in L'eland, . . 

Descriptive Travels in the Southern and Eastern 

Parts of Spain and the Balearic Isles in 1809, 

Carrington N. T. Dartmoor, a Descriptive Poem, 






12 mo 












Carstares Win. State Papers and Letters, during the 
Reigns of K. William and Q. Anne, by M'Connick, 

Ellin. 1774 4 to. 

Carte Tlio. History of the Life of James Duke of 
Orinond, 3 vol. . . Lone 

General History of England, 4 vol. 174; 

Carter Edmund. History of the University of Cam- 
bridge, . , 

John. Mews of Ancient Buildings in Eng- 

land, n vol. . . 

— George. Narrative of the Loss of the Gros- 
venor East-Indiaman, . . 

— Eliz. Letters, by M.Pennington, 4 vol. 

'3.) -6 












Cartwright Geo. Journal of Transactions and Events 

on the Coast of Labrador, 3 vol, Nctcarh, 1792 4to. 

Carver Jonathan. Travels through the Interior Parts 

of North America, .. Lond. 1778 Svo. 

Caruitlien J. B. S. History of the Church of Eng- 
land, part I, 2 vol. . . 1829 Svo. 

Sermons; a View of the Brahminical Re- 
ligion in Confirmation of the Truth of the Sacred 
History; (rjanij)ton Lecture,) .. ■ ISIO Svo. 

t^Castellus Edm. Lexicon Heptaglotton, pro scptera 

Lingnis Orientalibus, 2 vol. .. • • ICC9 fol. 

* Bart. Lexicon Medicum, Lips. 1713 4to. 

Castillo Dias del. True History of the Conquest of 

Mexico, .. Lond. 1800 4to. 

Castle of Otranto, a Gothic Story, .. ■ 17(jG Svo. 

tCatalogi Librorum INLinuscriptorum Angliae et Hi- 

berniyfi in unum coUccti, 2 vol. in 1, O.ron. HJ97 fol. 

tCatalogus Impressorum Librorum Bibliothecos Bod- 

leianse, Acad. Oxon. a R. Fysher, 2 vol. 1738 fol. 

t Librorum Impressorum qui in Museo Bri- 

tannico, adserv, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1787 fol. 

— Lib. MSS. quos C. C. C. C. legavit Matt. 

Parker, Archiepisc. Cant, cdidit Jac. Nasmitii, 

Cantah. \777 4to. 


Catalogus Bicliotliecre publicae Mancuniensis, ah 
Hnmfrcdo Chethaiu fuiidatcC : cdidit Joannes 
Radclifte, 2 vol. .. Mancicnii, 1791 8vo. 

Bibliothccie Haileianre, 4 vol. Lond. 1744 8vo. 

t*Catalogue of the Harleian MSS. in the British Mu- 
seum, 4 vol. .. 1808-12 fol. 

t* of the Cottonian J\'ISS. in the British Mu- 
seum, .. 1802 fol. 

t* of the Lansdou'u MSS. in the British 

Museum, .. Lond. 1819 fol. 

of MSS. in the British Museum hitherto 

undescribed, by Sam. Ayscough, 2 vol. • 1782 4to. 

of the Printed Books, and MSS. in the 

Library of the Society of Antiquaries, 181G 4to. 

of the Library of Richard Gough, 1810 8vo. 

of Gougli's Books oa Topography in tlie 

Bodleian Library, .. Oxf. 1814 4to. 

t of the Library of the London Institution, 

Lond. 1813 8vo. 

t of the Library of the Royal Listitution, by 

W.Harris, .. 1821 8vo. 

t*- of the Library of the Athenaeum, Liverpool, 

by Geo. Burrcll, . . L'lverp. 1820 Svo. 

* of the Liverpool Library at the Lyceum, 

1820 8vo. 

f * of Books belonging to the Public Library, 

of Norwich, .. None. 1825 Svo. 

* of the Library of the Norfolk and Norwich 

Literary Institution, . . 1825 Svo. 

*■ of the Library of the Devon and Exeter 

Institution, .. Exeter, 1826 Svo. 

* of the Public Library, Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, . . Newcas. 1829 Svo. 

t (General) of Law Books, Lond. 1818 12mo. 

des Livres de M. Le Due de la Valiere, 

3 torn. .. Paris, 1783 Svo. 

Catalogue des Livrcs, (Imp. ct MSS,) dc la Biblio- 

theqiie de M. Lou. Mat. Laiigles, Paris, 1825 8vo. 

des Ouvrages mis a I'lndex, contenant le 

uom de tous les Livres condemii(5s par la Com- de 

Rome, .. 1826 8vo. 

Catalogue of tlie Heralds' V'isiiations, &c. Lond. 1825 8vo. 
'■ of Plants in the Botanic Garden, at Liver- 
pool, . . L'lverp. 1808 8vo. 
Catcott Alex. Treatise on the Deluge, Land. 17G8 8vo. 
tCatesby Mark. Natural History of Carolina, Florida, 

and the Bahama Islands, 2 vol. .. 1754 fol. 

Catherine II. Instructions for Framing a New Code 
of Laus for the Russian Empire 3 by M. Tatis- 

cheff, .. 17GS 4to. 

Catrou Fr. and Rouille Jul. Roman History, trans- 
lated by R. Bundy, G vol. . . 1/28-37 fol. 
Catullus, Tibullus, ct Propertius. Opera, ad optimo- 

rum exemplarium iidem rccensita, Canlah. 1702 4to. 

*' Opera, Lond. 181 G I2mo. 

a P. Silvio, in usum 

Delphini, 2 ton). .. Fans. 1G85 4to. 

*Catullus. In English Verse 3 with the Latin Text, and 

Classical Notes, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1795 8vo. 

Translated by the Hon. G. Lamb, 2 vol. 1821 1 2mo. 

Causes Cclebres et Interessantes, 2G torn. Ainst. 17G4, &c. 8vo. 
Cavallo Tiberius. Treatise of Electricity, 3 vol. 1777-95 8vo. 

Treatise on Air, .. 1781 4to. 

■ History and Practice of Aerostation, ■ 1 785 8vo. 

Essay on the Medicinal Properties of Facti- 
tious Airs, . . 1798 8vo. 

Elements of Natural or Experimental Philo- 

sophy, 4 vol. .. 1803 8vo. 

Cave Wm. Lives of the Primitive Fathers, 2 vol. 1G82-3 fol. 

Lives of the Apostles, — v. Taylor. 

Cave of Morar, a Poem, . . ] 774 4 to. 

Cayley Arth. Life of Sir Walter Ralegh, 2 vol. 1805 4to. 


Cellini Benveniito. Memoirs of Himself, 2 vol. Z/o»rf. 1822 8vo. 
*Celsus A, C. De Medicina, Lib. VIII, 2 torn. 

Lvgd. Bat. 1730 8vo. 

* Tianslated by Greive, . . Lond. 175G Svo. 

Cervantes. Don Quixote, translated by Jarvis, 2 vol. 17-lD Svo. 

translated by Smollett, 4 vol. 17G5 12ino. 

translated by Motteux, 5 vol. in 3, Ed'in. 1822 Svo. 

Chalmers Geo. Political Annals of the present United 

Colonies, .. Lond. 1780 4to. 

Estimate of the Comparative Strength of 

Britain, during the present and four preceding 

Reigns, , . 17S2 4to. 

■ Life of Mary, Queen of Scots, 2 vol. 1818 4to. 

Caledonia, 3 vol. .. 1807-24 4to. 

■ Life of Rnddiman, .. 1794 Svo. 

Alex. History of the Colleges, Halls, &c. 

attached to the University of Oxford, 2 vol. O.rf. 1810 Svo. 

Chalmers A. Biographical Dictionary, 32 vol. Lond. 1812 Svo. 

Tho. Evidence and Authority of the Chris- 
tian Revelation, .. Ed'in. 1817 12mo. 

■ Discourses on the Cinistian Revelation, 

viewed in Connection with Modern Astronomy, 

Glasg. 1817 Svo. 
Christian and Civic Economy of Large 

Towns, 3 vol. . 1821-26 Svo, 
Political Economy, in Connection with the 

Moral State and Moral Prospects of Society, 1832 Svo. 

tChambaud Lewis. French and English Dictionary, 

2 vol. . . Lond. 1 778 4to. 

iChamberlaine John. Portraits, from the Original 

Drawings of Hans Holbein, 1792, &c. fol. 

* E. Anglise Notitia ; or the Present 

State of England, .. hi the Savoy, 1574 12mo. 

tChambers Ephraim. Cyclopaedia, by Rees, 4 vol. Zvo?2rf. 1786 fol. 

t Index and Plates to Chambers's Cyclo- 
paedia, by Rees, .. 1786 fol. 


Chambers Sir Wni. Treatise on Civil Architecture, 

with Notes, &c. by J. Guilt, 2 vol. Lond. 1825 Svo. 

Champollion J. F. L'Egypte sous !es Pharaons, 2 torn. 

Paris, 1814 8vo. 

Lettre a jNI. Dacier relative a TAlplia- 

bet cics Hicroii:lyphes Phoiu'tiques, 1822 Svo. 

Lettres relatives au Musce Royal Egyp- 

ticti de Turin, . . 1824 Svo. 

Precis du Systemo Hieroglyphique dcs 

Anciens Egyptiens, 2 torn. .. 1824 Svo. 

t Pantheon Egyptien, Collection des Per- 

sonnages Mythologicjues de I'Ancienue Egypte, 

d'apres Ics Monuments, .. 1823-25 4to. 

Chandler Ric. Travels in Asia Minor, Oxon. 1775 4to. 

Travels in Greece, .. 177G 4to. 

Inscriptioncs Antiqnoe, .. 1774 fol. 

History of Ilium or Troy, Lond. 1802 4to. 

Life of AVilliam \yaynflete. Bishop of Win- 
chester, .. 1811 Svo. 

— G. Scheme of Divine Revelation consi- 

dered, (Bampton Lecture 1825) O.rf. 1825 Svo. 
Sam. Critical History of the Life of David, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 170'(5 Svo. 
Channing W. E, Analysis of the Character of Na- 
poleon Bonaparte, . . 1828 Svo. 

Remarks on the Character and Writings of 

John xMilton, . . 1828 Svo. 

Chapman Tho. Essay on the Roman Senate, Camb. 1750 Svo. 
Chaponc Hester. Letters on the Improvement of the 

Mind, 2 vol. , Lond. 1774 12mo. 

Miscellanies, .. 1775 12mo. 

Chaptal J. A. Elements of Chemistry, 3 vol. 1791 Svo. 

■ Chemistry applied to Arts and Manufactures, 

4 vol. . . 1S07 Svo, 

*Characters of C. J. Fox, selected, and in part written, 

by Philopatris Varvicensis, 2 vol. 1809 Svo. 


Chardin Sir J. V^oyages en Perse, et autres lieux de 

L'Orient, par L. Langles, 10 torn. Paris, 1811 8vo. 

Atlas, ., 1811 fol. 

Charge, addressed to the Clergy of any Diocese in the 

Kingdom, .. Lond. 1/92 8vo. 

Chariton Aphrcdis. De Chserea et Callirhoe Ama- 
toribus, Gr. et Lat. a D'Orville, edit. Reiske, 

Anulcl. 1/50 4to. 
Charles I. King. Works, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1C49 12rao. 

Charlevoix P. de. Histoire et Description de la Nou- 
velle France, avec le Journal Historique d'un 
Voyage dans I'Amerique Scptentrionnale, 6 torn. 

Paris, 1744 12 mo. 

Voyage to North America, 2 vol. Lond. 17G1 8vo. 

■ History of Paraguay, 2 vol. 17G9 8vo. 

Charnock John. Biographia Navalis, 5 vol. 1794-7 8vo. 

— History of Marine Architecture, 3 vol. 1801-2 4to. 

■ Biographical Memoirs of Lord Viscount 

Nelson, .. 1806 8vo. 

*Charters of Bristol ; with a Translation by S. Seyer, 

Prist. 1812 4to. 
Chastellux Marquis de. Travels in North America, 
2 vol. . . Lond. 
Chateaubriand Vise. de. Essay on Revolutions, An- 
cient and Modern, . . 

Travels in Greece, Palestine, &c. in 

1806-7, translated by F. Shoberl, 2 vol. 
Monarchy according to theCharter,- 

Chatham Earl of. Letters to his Nephew Thonjas 

Pitt, Esq. . . 

Chattcrton Tho. Works, 3 vol. . . 

Chaucer Geoffrey. Works, by Urry, 

■ Canterbury Tales, with a Glossary by Tyrwhitt, 

5 vol. .. i; 

■fChauchard. General Maj) of the Empire of Ger- 
many, Holland, &c. 25 Maps, . . 




















Chaiincy Sir H. Historical Antiquities of Hertford- 
shire, 2 vol. .. Bis/wps Stor/f. IS20 8vo. 

Clienicr. Present State of the Empire of Morocco, 

2 vol. .. Loud. 1788 Svo. 

Chess, .. 1787 Svo. 

Chesterfield Earl of. Letters to his Son, 2 vol. 177-4 4to. 

Miscellaneous AA'orks^ by M. Maty, 3 vol. 

1777-S 4to. 

*Cheselden William. Anatomy of the Human Body, 

1730 8vo. 

Chevalier J. B. Description of the Plain of Troy, by 

Dalzcl, .. Edm. 1791 4to. 

*Cheyne Geo. Method of Cure in Diseases of the 

Body and Mind, .. Lond. 1742 Svo. 

Chillingworth Wm. Works, .. 1742 fol. 

Chinese Fragment, on the State of Religion in Eng- 
land, .. 1786 Svo. 

Chinese Spy, 6 vol. .. 1765 12mo. 

*Chisholm C. Essay on the Fever introduced into 
the West Indian Islands from the Coast of Guinea 
in 1793-4-5-6, 2 vol. .. 1801 8vo. 

* Letter to Dr. Haygarth, ., 1809 Svo. 

Chishull Edm. Antiquitates Asiaticao Christianam 

iEram Antecedentcs, .. 1728 fol. 

Choix des Mcmoires de I'Academie Royale des In- 
scriptions et Belles-Lettres, 3 tom. 1777 4to. 

1 Chovis Louis. Voyage Pittorcs(iue autour du Monde, 

Farls, 1822 fol. 

*Choul Gul. du, Veterum Romanorum Religio, &c. 

y^mst. 1685 4to. 

Cliristian Fletcher. Letters, .. Lotid. 1796 Svo. 

Christian Year : Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays 

and Holidays throughout the Year, 1S27 Svo. 

Christian Rcincnibranccr, vol. I, . . 1819 Svo. 

Christie Tho. Letters on the Revolution of France, 

2 parta, .. 1791 Svo, 


Chronicle of the Cid Rodrigo Diaz de Bivaiv, the Caui- 

peador, translated by R. Sonthey, Lond. 1808 4to. 

of London, from 1089 to 1483: printed 

from MSS. in the British Museum, 1827 4to. 

of Geoffrey de Villehardouin, concerning the 

Conquest of Constantinople, Ann. 1204, 1829 8vo, 

Churchill Charles. Works, 4 vol. .. ■ 1774 8vo. 

O. and J. Collection of Voyages and Tra- 
vels, 6 vol. .. 1732 fol. 

* T. F. Jesus Christ the Trne God and Eter- 

nal Jiife, . . Brist. 8vo. 

Church of England Man's Letter to the Bishop of 

Llandaft', .. Lond. 1783 4to. 

*Church Reform, by a Churchman, .. 0.?'/:i828 8vo. 

Churchman Armed against the Errors of the Times, 

3 vol. in 2, .. Lond. 1814 8vo. 

Churchman's Remembrancer: a Collection of Tracts 

in Defence of the Church of England, 2 vol. 1807-10 8vo. 
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• Epistolfe ad Familiares, cum (yommentario 

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Sex Orationum Fragraenta Inedita ; ;\ An- 

gelo Maio, .. Lond. 181G 8vo. 
De Republica quae supersunt, edente Angelo 

Maio, .. 1823 8vo. 

Cicero. On Old Age and Friendship, with Remarks, 
by Melmoth^ 2 vol. .. Loud. \[ 

■ Orations, by Guthrie, 3 vol. 

Epistles to Atticus, by Guthrie, 2 vol. 

Epistles to Brutus, by Conyers jNliddleton, 



17.-) 8 


17 .5 2 






Letters, by Melmoth, 3 vol. — 

Circulating Credit. ^Vith Hints for Improving the 

Banking System of Britain, by a Scottish Banker, 

Ediii. 1832 8vo. 
*City Remembrancer, 2 vol. .. Loud. 1701) Svo. 

Clapperton Hugh. Journal of a Second Expedition 

into the Interior of Africa, from the Bight of 

Benin to Soccatoo, .. 1829 4to. 

Clarendon Earl. History of the Rebellion and Civil 

^A'ars in England, 7 vol. .. Oaf. \7\7 Svo. 

History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in 

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Life, and Continuation of his History, 1759 fol. 

Life, and Continuation of his History, 3 vol. i76'l Svo. 

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Survey of Hobbes's Leviathan, 1 ^7(S -Ito. 

Religion and Policy United, and the Coun- 

tenance and Assistance each should give the 

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English Coins, .. 17G7 4to. 

J, S. Survey of the Strength and Opulence 

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Progress of Maritime Discovery, vol. I, with 

Charts, .. 1803 4to. 

Naufragia, 2 vol. .. 1805-6 12mo. 


Clarke J. S. and Mc Arthur John. Life of Admiral 
Lord Viscount Nelson, 2 vol. Lond. 

■ H. Tabulae Linguarum, part I, 

Virgil Revindicated, . . 

i5racy. Series of Original Experiments on 













the Foot of the Living Horse, . . — 

— Adam. Memoirs of the Wesley Family, — 

— E. D. Tomb of Alexander, Ca 

— Greek Marbles deposited in the University 

of Cambridge, .. 1809 Svo. 

— Travels in Various Countries of Europe, Asia, 

and Africa, G vol. .. Lond. 1810-23 4to. 

Clarkson Tho. Essay on the Impolicy of the African 

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History of the Abolition of the Slave Trade, 

2 vol. .. 1808 Svo. 

Memoirs of the Private and Public Life of 

Wm. Peun, 2 vol. .. 1813 Svo. 

Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 179G Svo. 

Classical Journal, 40 vol. .. 1810-29 Svo. 

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Clemens Alexandrinus. Opera, recognita et illustrata 

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Clergyman's Assistant, .. 0.rf. 1S20 Svo. 

Clergyman's Letter to the Bishop of Llandaff, 4to. 

Lo7id. 1783 4 to. 

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* H. F. Fasti Hellinici : the Civil and Li- 
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the 124th Olympiad, . . 0.vf. 1824 4to, 


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Germania Antiqua, cum Vindelicia et No- 

rico, .. 1C31 fol. 

Coates C. History and Antiquities of Reading, Z/(j«rf. 1802 -^to. 

Cobbett AV. Cottage Economy, .. 1828 12rao. 

English Gardener, .. 1829 12mo. 

• Treatise on Cobbett's Corn, 1828 12mo. 

Cochrane J. D. Pedestrian Journey through Russia 

and Siberian Tartary, &c. 2 vol. 1824 8vo. 

Cffilebs in Search of a Wife, 2 vol. 1809 8vo. 

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EthicalTreatiseon the Passions,2 parts, Z?rt//i, 1807-10 8vo, 

Philosophical Treatise on the Passions, • 1800 8vo. 

Theological Disquisitions on the Excellencies of 

Christianity, 2 parts, .. Lond. 1812-13 8vo. 

Coins of the Seleucidae, Kings of Syria, 1803 4to. 

Coke upon Littleton, .. 1789 fol. 

"Coleridge S. T. Poems on various Subjects, 1796 8vo, 

Christabel, .. 1816 8vo. 

Sibylline Leaves : a Collection of Poems, 

1817 8vo. 

Poetical Works, including the Dramas of 

Wallenstein, Remorse, and Zapolya, 3 vol. 1829 8vo. 

Aids to Reflection in the Formation of a 

Maidy Character, . 1825 8vo. 

■ On the Constitution of Church and State : 

with Aids toward a Right Judgment on the late 

Catholic Bill, .. 1830 8vo. 

Collection of several Curious Pieces, 3 vol. 1771 12mo. 

of Papers on Naval Architecture, 2 vol. 1 800 8vo. 

of Cases of Appeal to the House of Lords, 

13 vol. .. 1718-71 fol. 

College of Fort William in Bengal, 180.") 4to. 


*Collcnutio Pandolfo. Compendio delle Histoire del 

Regno di Napoli, 2 vol. . . Venet, 1548 12 mo. 

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tain, 2 vol. .. /.o««/. 1708-14 fol. 

Short View of the English Stage, and Defence, 

1738 8vo. 

* J. D. Essay on the Law of Patents for New 

Inventions, .. 1803 Svo. 

■ J. P. Poetical Decameron ; or Ten Conversa- 
tions on Euglisli Poets and Poetry, 2 vol. 1820 8vo. 

History of English Dramatic Poetry to the time 

of ShakspearC; 3 vol. .. 1831 Svo. 

Collingvvood Lord. Correspondence : with Memoirs 
of his Life, by G. L. N. Collingvvood, 2 vol. 

1828 Svo. 

Collins Arthur. Peerage of England, augmented and 

continued to the present time, by Sir E. Brydges, 

9 vol. .. 1813 Svo. 

* • Sam. System of Anatomy, 2 vol. 1G85 fol. 

David. Account of the English Colony in New 

South Wales, 2 voL .. 1798-1802 4to. 
~ Wm. Poetical ^V^orks, by Langhorne, 17G5 12mo. 

CoUinson John. History and Antiquities of Somer- 
setshire, 3 vol. .. Bath, 1791 4to. 

* — J. Life of ThuanuSj with some Account of 

his Writings, . . Lond, 1 807 Svo, 

Analysis of Hooker's Laws of Ecclesiastical 

Polity, .. 1810 Svo. 

• Sermons, preached at Bampton's Lecture, 

Oxf. 1813 Svo. 

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Pieces in Verse, 3 vol. .. 1787 Svo. 

*Colonial Journal, vol. I, .. 1816 Svo. 

Colton C. C. Hypocrisy, a Satire, T'lvert. 1812 Svo. 
Laconi or Many Things iu Few Words, /yo«(^. 1823 Svo. 

Columella, a Colloquial Tale, 2 vol. Lond. 1779 ISiu 

• V. Rei Rustictc Script. 

ColquUoiiii P. Treatise on the Wealth, Power, and 

Resources of the British Empire, IS15 Aio. 

• System of Education for the Labouring 

People, .. 180G 8vo. 

Treatise on Indigence, .. 1800 8vo. 

tCombe T. Description of the Ancient Terracottas 

and JNIarbles in the British Museum, 2 vol. 1810-12 4to. 

Veterum Populorum et Regum Numi qui in 

Museo Britannico adservantur, .. 1814 4to. 

C. Nummorum veterum Po])nlorum et Ur- 

bium in Museo Gul. Hunter Descriptio, ■ 1782 4to. 

Geo. System of Phrenology, Edin. 1825 8vo. 

Comber W. T. Inquiry into the state of National 
Subsistence, as connected with the Progress of 
AVcalth and Po[)ulation, ., Lond. 1808 Svo. 

Coniincs Philip de. Memoirs, translated by Uvedale, 

2 vol. .. 1712 Svo. 

Communications to the Board of Agriculture, 7 vol. 

1797, &c. 4to. 

Compendious Dictionary of the Holy Bible, 179G l2nio. 

Concise History of the County and (;ity of Chester, 

Chest. 1791 12rao. 

Concordance to Shakspcare, .. Lond. 1787 Svo. 

Condamine (/. M. de la. Relation d'un Voyage fait 
dans ITntericur de rAmerifiue Meridionale, 

Macstrlcht, 1778 Svo. 

Journal du Voyage a rE<pmteur, et mesure 

des trois premiers Dcgres du Meridien, 2 tom. 

Paris, 1751 4 to. 

Conder Josiah. Italy, .3 vol. .. Lond. 1831 12mo. 

Condorcct Marquis. Life of Voltaire, with Voltaire's 

Memoirs, 2 vol. ., 1790 Svo. 

Confessional, by Blackburne, .. 1770 Svo. 

Congrevc Wm. Works, 2 vol. ., 1774 12mo. 


Connell John. Treatise on the Law of Scotland re- 
specting Tithes, &c. 3 vol. .. Lond. 1815 8vo. 

Connoisseur, 4 vol. .. O.rf. 1774 12mo. 

Consett Matt. Tour through Sweden, Swedish-Lap- 
land, Finland, and Denmark, Lond. 1789 4to. 

Considerations on the Late and Present State of Ire- 
land, .. 1805 8vo. 

Constantinus Porphyrogennetus (Imp. Const.) Libri II, 

de Ceremoniis Anise Byzantinoe, 2 vol. Lips. 1751-54 fol. 

Conversations on Chemistry, 2 vol. Lond. 1806 12mo. 

• on Political Economy, 2 vol. — 

*Conybeare Bp, Defence of Revealed Religion,— 

* Sermons, 2 vol. . . — 


12 mo 





J. J. Sermons : on the Secondary and 

Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture, (Bauipton 
Lecture, 1824,) .. 0.«/. 1824 Svo. 
Illustrations of Anelo-SaxonPoetrv: edited 

by W, D. Conybeare, .. Lo«f/. 1826 Svo. 

W. D. Inaugural Address at Bristol 

College, .. 1831 12mo. 

W. D. and Phillips. Outlines of the 

Geology of England and Wales, • 1822 Svo. 

Cook James. Voyage towards the South Pole, and 

Round the World, in 1772-75, 2 vol. 1777 4to. 

Cook and King. Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, for 

Making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere, 

in 1776-80, 3 vol. .. 1784 4to. 

t Plates to Cook and King's Voyage, 1784 fol. 

Cooke Wm. Medallic History of Imperial Rome, 

2 vol. .. 1781 4to. 

Cooper E. Muses' Library ; a Series of English 

Poetry, .. 1741 Svo. 

Cooper J. G. Letters on Taste, with Essays, 1771 Svo. 

Tho. Tracts, Ethical, Theological, and Po- 
litical, .. fVarring. 1781 Svo. 

Reply to Burke, .. Manches. 1792 Svo. 

Cooper Astley. Anatomy and Surgical Treatment of 

Hernia, 2 parts, .. Lond. 180-1-7 fol. 

R. B. Letter on the Peculiar Tenets of the 

Present Day, .. 1824 8vo. 

Edw. Crisis ; or an Attempt to show from 

Prophecy the Prospects and Duties of the Church 

of Christ, .. IS25 12mo. 

Copies of Original Letters to Dr. Priestley, 1798 8vo, 

Copleston Bp. Prwlectiones Academicse Oxonii ha- 

Ijitoc, .. Oxon. 1813 Svo. 

On the Doctrines of Necessity and Predes- 
tination, .. 182] Svo. 

Cordiner C. Antiquities and Scenery of the Xorth 

of Scotland, .. Lond. 1780 4to. 

J. Description of Ceylon, 2 vol. 1807 4to. 

Correspondence (Secret) of Mad. de Maintenon, with 

the Princess des Ursins, 3 vol. 1827 8vo. 

between Gentlemen in Berlin and Lon- 
don, from August, 1803, to June, 1804, Dresden, Svo. 

• of the Countesses of Hartford and 

Pomfret, 3 vol. .. Lo«f/. 180G 12mo. 

between the Court of Rome, and the 

Government of Baden and Baron Von \A'essen- 

bergh, .. . 1819 Svo. 

of diaries Talbot, Duke of Shrews- 

bury, with King AA'illiam, &c. illustrated with 

Narratives by Archdeacon Coxe, 1821 4 to. 

ofLinnseusj from the original MSS. 

by Sir J. E. Smith, 2 vol. .. 1822 


• of the Countess of Jersey, &c. 179G Svo. 

*Corncwall Bj). Sermon before the Society for the 

Propagation of the Gospel, .. 1801 4to. 

Cornelius Nepos Vitae Excellentiuai Imperatorum, 

curante Aug. Van Stavcren, Lu^d. Bat. 1734 Svo. 

Cornwallis Earl. Answer to Sir H. Clinton's Narra- 
tive, .. Lond, 1783 Svo. 


Corpus Juris Civilis, 2 torn. .. AmUel. 1700 8vo- 

Coryat Tho. Crudities, 3 vol. .. Land. 1776 8vo. 

*Cosmo. Letters on Inipediinents to the Trade of 

Bristol, .. Bust. 1823 8vo. 

*Cossbam J. N. 305 Tables, shewing the Number 
of Days from any one Day to any other within 

Twelve iMonths, .. 1812 12mo. 

Costard Geo. History of Astronomy, Lond. 1767 4to. 

Costigan A. \V. Sketches of Society and Manners 

in Portugal, 2 vol. .. 1787 8vo. 

fCotgrave R. French-English Dictionary, with R. 
Sherwood's English and French Dictionary ; 

edited by T. Howell, .. • 1650 fol. 

ICotman J. S. Architectural Antiquities of Nor- 
mandy, 2 vol. .. 1820-22 fol. 

*Cottle Joseph. Malveru Hills, a Poem, 1798 4to. 

Malvern Hills, with Minor Poems and Es- 
says, 2 vol. .. Brist. 1829 r2mo. 

* Alfred, an Epic Poem, .. 1800 4to. 

* Alfred, 2 vol. .. 1816 12mo. 

* Fall of Cambria, 2 vol. .. 1811 8vo. 

* Messiah, 2 vol. .. 1815 8vo. 

*__^ Version of the Psalms, .. 1805 r2m.o. 

* Strictures on the Plymouth Antinomians, • 1824 8vo. 

* Account of the Oreston Caves, near Ply- 
mouth, . . fol. 

*^ A. S. Icelandic Poetry, the Edda of Sae- 

mund translated into English Verse, 1797 8vo. 

Cotton Hen. Typogra])hical Gazetteer Attempted, 

O.rf. 1825 8vo. 

■ List of Editions of the Bible in English, from 

1505 to 1820, .. 1821 8vo. 

Country Gentleman's Companion, 2 vol. Lond. 1753 12mo. 

Country Curate's Letter to the Bishop of Llandaft', 1783 4to. 

Country Clergyman's Address to his Grace the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, .. 1791 4to. 


Courtcnay T. P. Letter to Lord Grenville on the 

Sinking Fund, .. Lond. 1828 8vo. 

Courtney J. P. Treatise on the Poor Laws, 1818 8vo. 

Cousin \"ictor. Cours de Philosophic, Paris, 182S 8vo- 

Cove Morgan. Essay on the Revenues of the Church 

of England, .. Lond. 1797 8vo. 
Inquiry into the Necessity, Justice, and Policy 

of a Commutation of Tithes, .. Ileref. 1800 8vo. 

Cowley Abraham. Works, by I lurd, 2 vol. Lond. 1772 ]2uio. 

t J. L. Solid Geometry, .. 1787 -Ito. 

Cowper \y. Poems, with a Sketc'i of his Life, by J. 

Johnson, 3 vol. ., 1811-15 8vo. 

• Life and Posthumous ^^'ritings, by Hayiey, 

3 vol. in 2, . . Ch'ichest. 1803-4 4to. 

Private Correspondence, 2 vol. Lond. 1824 8vo. 

Memoir of his Early Life, with an Appendix, 

181 G 12mo. 

*Cox Rob. Lives of the more Eminent Fathers of 

the III First Centuries, .. 1817 8vo. 

J. ]M. Practical Observations on Insanity, 

180G 8vo. 

F. A. Life of Melancthon, .. 1815 8vo. 

Coxe Tench. Mew of the United States of America, 

1795 8vo. 

Wm. Account of the Russian Discoveries be- 
tween Asia and America ; with the Conquest of 

Siberia, &c. .. • 17S0 4to. 

Account of the Prisons and Hospitals in Russia, 

6.C. . . 1 7S 1 8vo. 

Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Den- 
mark, 3 vol. .. 1784-!)0 Ito. 

Sketches of the State of -^visscrland, • 1779 8vo. 

Travels in Switzerland, 3 vol. . . ■ I 789 8vo. 

History of the House of A\istria, 2 vol. in 3, 18U7 4to. 

Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the House of 

Bourbon, 3 vol. .. 1813 4to. 


Coxe W. Memoirs of Sir Robert Walpole, 3 vol. iLoHC?. 1798 4to. 

Memoirs of Horatio, Lord AValpole, 

Memoirs of .Tolin, Duke of Marlborough, with 

his Original Correspondence, 3 vol. • 

Memoirs of the Administration of the Rt. Hon. 

Henry Pelham, 2 vol. . . 

Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, 2 vol. 

tCozens Alex. Principles of Beauty, 

Crabb G. English Synonymes Explained, • 

Crabbe G. Poems, . . 

Borough, a Poem, . . 

Tales, 2 vol. . . 

Tales of the Hall, 2 vol. . . 





















Cramer J. A. Geographical and Historical Descrip- 
tion of Ancient Italy, 2 vol. .. 182G Bvo. 

Cranmer Abp. Defence of the Doctrine of the Sacra- 
ment ; with an Introduction by H. J. Todd, 

Crantz Dav. History of Greenland, 2 vol. 

Craven Lady. Journey through the Crimea to Con- 
stantinople, . . 

*Cra\vford .John, Complete Theory of Physic, 

A. Experiments and Observations on 

Animal Heat, 

Cravvfurd J. History of the Indian Archipelago, 

3 vol. . . 

.Tournai of an Embassy from the Governor- 






4 to. 





1 820 


General of India to the Courts of Siam and Cochin 

China, .. 1828 4to. 

Creation of the World, with Noah's Flood : a Cornish 
Poem, written in 1 C 11 j translated by J. Keigwin : 
edited by Davies Gilbert, ., 1827 8vo. 

Crebillon P. T. CEuvres, 2 torn. Pam, 1818 8vo. 

Crespel. Travels in North America, Lond. 1797 12ino. 

Creuzer F. Religions de I'Antiquite, considerees dans 
leur Formes Symboliques et Mythologiques j tr. 
par J. D. Guigniaut, 3 torn. Paris, 1825 8vo. 


Crevier J. B. L. History of the Roman Emperors, 

10 vol. .. Lond. 1755, &c. 8vo. 

Cricliton Alex. Inquiry into the Nature and Origin 

of Mental Derangement, 2 vol. 1798 8vo. 

Crisis, .. 1SU8 Svo. 

Critical Review, from 1773 to ISIG, 1773, &c. 8vo. 

■ Inquiry into the Opinions of the Ancient 

Philosophers, .. 1748 8vo. 

. Oh^crvations on Books, Antient and Modern, 

4 vol. in 3, .. 1776-95 Svo. 
Dissertation on the Nature, Measures, and 

Causes of Value, ., 1825 Svo. 

Criticisms on the Rolliad, . . 1 785 Svo. 

Crocker A. Elements of Land Surveying, 1S06 12mo. 

Croft 0. On the Moral Writings of Paley and Gis- 

borne, .. B'lrm. ]797 Svo. 

*Croft John. Sermon, Piety and Courage, Lond. 1S03 4to. 
Croly G. Paris in 1815, .. 1817-21 Svo. 

New Interpretation of the Apocalypse of St. 

.John, .. 1827 Svo. 

Life and Times of George the Fourth, 1830 Svo. 

Crombie A. Natural Theology j or Essays on the Ex- 
istence of Deity and of Providence, on the Imma- 
teriality of the Soul, and a Future State, 2 vol. 

■ Etymology and Syntax of the English Lan- 

guage, . . • • 

Cromwell O. Memoirs of the Protector, and of his 

Sons Richard and Henry, .. 

T. Oliver Cromwell and his Times, 

*Cronstedt A. F. Mineralogy, 2 vol. 

Crowe Win. Lewesdon Mill, with other Poems, 

Treatise on English Versification, 















Cruikshanlc AVm. Anatomy of the Absorbing Vessels 

of the Human Body, .. 1786 4to. 

Cruise V\^ Digest of the Laws of England respecting 

Real Property, 7 vol. .. 1804-7 Svo. 


Crunipe S. Essay on the best Means of Providing 

Employment for the People, Loud. 1/93 8vo. 

Cuduorth Ralph. Treatise concerning Eternal and 

Immutable Morality, .. ■ 1/31 Svo. 

• Intellectual System of tlie Universe, by 

Birch, .. 1743 4to. 

Cullen \V. Synopsis NosologiaeMethodicae, 2 torn. ^(^/i«. 1780 8vo. 

Treatise of the Materia Medica, 2 vol. 1789 4to. 

* First Lines of the Practice of Physic, inter- 
leaved with MSS. Notes, 4 vol. 1778-9 8vo. 

Culloden Papers ; comprising a Correspondence from 
1G25 to 1748, and occasional State Papers 5 with 
Memoirs of Lord President Forbes, Lond. 1815 4to. 

Cumberland Bp. Treatise of the Laws of Nature j 

translated by J. Maxwell, .. 1727 4to. 

■■ Rich. Anecdotes of Eminent Painters in 

Spain, 2 vol. in 1, .. 1782 12mo. 

Letter to the Bishop of Llandaff, 1783 Svo. 

Few Plain Reasons, &c. 1801 8vo. 

Calvary; or the Death of Christ, 2 vol. 1811 12mo. 

Memoirs, . . 180G 4to. 

Geo. Original Tales, 2 vol. ISIO 12mo. 

* Reliquiae Conservatae, from the Primitive 

Materials of the Globe ; with Descriptions of 

some Remarkable Eiicrinites, Br'ist. 1826 8vo. 

Critical Cataloijue of rare and valuable 

Italian Prints, .. Lond. 1827 4to. 

Cunningham John. Poems, chiefly Pastoral, iVcM'cas. 1771 12mo. 

— — — T. Law of Simony, . . L^ond. 

P. Two Years in New South Wales, 

2 vol. . . 

A. Sir Marmaduke Maxwell and other 






12 mo 

Poems, . . — 
Lives of the most Eminent Britisli Paint- 
ers, Sculptors, and Architects, 6 vol. (Family 
Library,) . . 1829-33 12mo. 


*Cunningliame W. Principles of tlie Constitvition of 

Governments, .. Lond. 1811 4to. 

Cuna?us P. De Republica Hebraiorum a J. Nicholai, 

Lvgil. Bat. 1703 4to. 
Curran W. H. Life of J. P. Curran, 2 vol. Edin. 1822 8vo. 
Currie Jas. Medical Reports, 2 vol. L'lverp. 1804 8vo. 
AV. W. Memoir of the Life, Writings, and 

Correspondence of James Currie, 2 vol. Lond. 1831 Svo. 
Cursory Disquisition on the Conventual Clmrch of 

Tewkesbury, .. 1818 Svo. 

*Cursory Observations on Laurence's Lectures, 1819 Svo. 

tCurtis W. Flora Londincnsis, (3 vol. 1778, &c. fol. 

* Botanical jNIagazine, vol. Ill— VIII, in 3, 1790-4 Svo. 

Practical Observations on the British Grasses, 

1803 Svo. 

Curwen J. C. Hints on Agricultural Subjects, and 

on the Condition of the Labouring Poor, 1809 Svo. 

Hints on the Economy of Feeding Stock, 1808 Svo. 

Cuvier G. Recherches sur les Ossemens Fossiles de 

Quadrup^des, 4 torn. .. Paris, 1812 4to. 

Le Rc'gne Animal Distribue d'aprfes son Or- 
ganisation, 4 torn. .. 1817 Svo. 

Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, 2 vol. Z/Owc?. 1802 Svo. 

Essay on the Theory of the Earth ; translated 

by R. Kerr, .. Edin. 1813 Svo. 
— Revolutions of the Surface of the Globe, 1829 Svo. 

Cyprianus Sane. C. Opera, recog. et ilUist. Joan. 

Fell, .. Lotid. 1682 fol. 


*DA COSTA. Elements of Conchology, Lond. 177C Svo. 

fDactyliotheca Smithiana, Gemraarum ectypa et Gorii 

Enarrationes coniplcctcns, 2 toni. in 1, Venet. I7(t7 fol. 
D'Aguesseau AL Ic Chancelier. Oeuvres, 13 torn. 

Paris, 1701-89 4to. 



D'Aleinbert J. Histoire tics Membres de rAcademie 
Fran^oisc, morts depiiis 1700 jusqu' en 1771, 
6 torn. .. Paris, 1787 12mo. 

Dallas Sir G. Letter to Sir Win. Pulteney, on the 

Trade between India and Europe, Lond. 1802 4to. 

R. C. History of tlie Maroons, 2 vol. 1803 8vo. 

Dallaway James. Inquiries into the Origin and Pro- 
gress of the Science of Heraldry in England, 

Glocest. 1793 4 to. 

Constantinople, Ancient and Modern, Lo?k/. 1797 4to. 

Anecdotes of the Arts in England, 1800 4to. 

Observations on English Architecture, 1806 8vo. 

t* Statuary and Sculpture among the An- 

tients, .. 181 G 8vo. 

Harriet. Manual of Heraldry for Ama- 
teurs, .. 1828 12mo. 

Dalrymple Alex. Historical Collection of Voyages and 

Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean, 2 vol. 17G9-71 4to. 

■ Sir John. Memoirs of Great Britain and 

Ireland, 2 vol .. 1771-3 4to. 

Wm. Travels through Spain and Portugal 

in 1774, .. 1777 4to. 

Sir D. Annals of Scotland, 2 vol. £'f//«. 1776-9 4to. 

*Dalton John. Discourses on several Subjects and 

Occasions^ ,. Lond. 1757 Svo. 

Dalzel Archibald. History of Dahoray, 1793 4to. 

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2 vol. in 1, .. Lond. 1801 Svo. 

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Lond. 1697 Svo. 
*Dancer Tho. Catalogue of Plants in the Botanic 

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Dangers of tlie Comitry, .. Loud. 1807 8vo. 

Dante Alighieri. La Divina Connnedia, gia ridotta 
a niiglior Iczionc dagli Accademici Delia Crusca, 
4 torn. .. L'lvorno, 180G 8vo. 

Vision ; or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise ; 

translated by H. F. Gary, 3 vol. Lond. 1819 8vo. 

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*D'Argeuville A.J. Conchyliologie, 3 torn. Purls, 1780 4to. 

D'Arnay. Private Life of the Romans, Ed'm. 17G1 12mo. 

+ Dart John. History and Antiquities of the Abbey 

Church of Westminster, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1/42 fol. 

fDart, History and Antiquities of the Cathedral 
Church of Canterbury, and the adjoining Monas- 
tery, .. 1726 fol. 

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Paris, 1822 8vo. 

Histoire de Bretagne, 3 torn. 1826 8vo. 

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• Zoonomia, or the Laws of Organic Life, 2 vol. 

1794-6 4to. 

Plan for the Conduct of Female Education, 

Derby, 1797 4to. 

Phytologia, or Philosophy of Agriculture and 

Gardening, .. Lond. 1800 4to, 

Tenfiple of Nature, a Poem, 1803 4to. 

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Appendix, 3 vol. .. 1798-99 8vo. 

\'indici;c Ecclcsiffi Anglicaniu, Bath, 1803 8vo. 

Charges to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry 

ofSarum, in 1805 and 1806, .. Lond. 1805-6 8vo. 

C. Description of Active and Extinct 

Volcanos, .. 1826 Hvo. 

Introduction to the Atomic Theory, 0.vf. 1831 S\o. 


Davenant Clias. Discourses on the Publick Revemies, 

and on the Trade of England, Lond. 1G98 8vo. 

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^ Dramatic Miscellanies, 3 vol. .. 1783-4 8vo. 

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Mythology and Rites of the British Druids, 

1809 8vo. 

" D. Essay on Mercury, .. Brlst. 1820 8vo. 

*Davila H. C. Historia delle Guerre di Francia, 

2 torn. . . Fenet. 1733 fol. 
History of the Civil Wars of France, by 

Farneworth, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1758 4to. 

Da Vinci Leonardo. Treatise on the Art of Painting, 

by F. Rigaud, .. 1802 8vo. 

^Davis D. Telyn Devvi ; sef Gwaith Prydyddawl, 1824 12mo. 
Davis Hen. E. Examination of the XV. and XVL 

Chapters of Gibbon's History, 1778 8vo. 

John. Travels in the United States of America, 

1798-1802, .. 1803 8vo. 

Life of Tho. Chatterton, .. 12mo. 

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Inquiry into the Origin and Intent of Primi- 
tive Sacrifice, . . Lond. 1825 8vo. 

Discourses on Prophecy, (Bp. Warburton's 

Lecture,) .. 1824 8vo. 

Davy Sir Humphry. Researches, Chemical and Phi- 
losophical, .. 1800 8vo. 

Elements of Chemical Philosophy, 1812 8vo. 

Elements of Agricultural Chemistry, 1813 4to. 

Consolations in Travel; or the Last Days of a 

Philosopher, 1830 12mo. 

C. Letters upon Subjects of Literature, 2 vol. 

Buri/ St. Edm. 1787 8vo. 


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Travels in that Island, .. Loud 1821 4to. 

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Burgess, .. O.von. 1781 Svo. 

Debates in both Houses of the Imperial Parliament 

upon the Catholic Question, Land. 1805 Svo. 

Debates in the House of Commons on the Roman Ca- 
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De Candolle A. P. Regni Vegetabilis Systeraa Na- 
turale, 2 vol. .. 18: 

and Sprengel K. Elements of the Phi- 
losophy of Plants, , . Edin. 

*Decker. (iull's Hornbook, with Notes of Illustration, 
by J. X. . . Brist. 

^Declamation Theatrale, Poeme, Paris, 

Defence of the Right to Tithes, . . Lond. 

De Foe Daniel. History of the Union between England 
and Scotland ; with Strictures on the Union with 
Scotland, and on the State of Ireland, by J. L. 
De Lolme, . . 1786-7 4to. 

Novels, 12 vol. .. 1810 ]2mo. 

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5 vol. . . Paris, 17oG-8 4to. 

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to the West Frontier of Egypt ; translated by 
A. Aufrerc, .. 1822 Svo. 

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De la Motte Countess de Valois. Memoirs, Lond. 1789 Svo. 

De Eigne Marcchal Prince. Lettres et Pensces, 

2 torn. . . 1809 l2mo. 

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De Lolme .1. L. On the Constitution of England, 1775 Svo. 

History of the Flagellants, 1 783 Svo. 












*Del Pino, Spanish Grammar, . . Lond. 1787 8vo. 

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Montagnes et sur I'Histoire de la Terre et de 
THomme, .. La Haye, 1778 8vo. 

Lettres Physiques et Morales sur I'Histoire 

de la Terre et de I'Homme, 5 torn. 1779 8vo. 

Histoire du Passage des Alpes par Hannibal, 

Genev. 1818 8vo. 

Elementary Treatise on Geology, by De La 

Fite, .. Lond. 1809 8vo. 

Geological Travels, translated from the French, 

3 vol. .. 1810-11 8vo. 

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Demosthenes, v. Oratores Graici. 

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Travels in Egypt, by Aikin, 2 vol. 1803 4to. 

Plates to Denon's Travels, . . 1803 fol. 

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3 vol, .. 1791-2 8vo. 

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1807 8vo. 

*De Rayoj or the Haunted Priory, a Dramatic Ro- 
mance, .. 1833 8vo. 

De Retz Cardinal. Memoirs, 4 vol. .. 1723 12mo. 

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a Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of 
God, 2 vol. .. 1767-8 8vo. 

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of the Royal Navy, .. 1806 4to. 

Description of the Works printed by authority of the 

Record Commission, .. 1831 8vo. 

t of the Wooden Bridge at Schaffhausen, 

with the Print, .. 1799 8vo. 

— — of the Maritime Parts of France, with 

Charts and Plans, 2 vol. .. 1774 fol. 


Description of Latiiira, or La Campagiia di Koiua, 

Lond. 18Uo -I to. 

t dcs Pierres Gravt-es du Cabinet do M. le 

Due d'Orlcans, torn. I, .. Paris, 1780 fol. 

of Fonthill Abbey, .. Lond. 1812 8vo. 

* of Kamtschatka (caret Titulo) 4to. 

Descrizione di Roma Antica et Moderna, 2 torn. Romce, 1 727 8vo. 
"IDesgodetz Ant. Ancient Buildings of Rome, by 

Marsiiall, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1 79;') fol. 
'''Devcrell Robert. Supplement to Notes upon the 

Fever in Andalusia, . . 1806 4to. 

* New V^iewof the Classics and Ancient Arts, 

I80G 4 to. 

* Two Letters on the Ancient Aries, or Batter- 
ing Ram, .. 1806 4to. 

* Andalusia, &c. .. 180.5 4to. 

* Mrs. Miscellanies, in Prose and Verse, 

2 vol. .. 1781 i2mo. 

De V>re J or the Man of Independence, 4 vol. 1827 8vo. 

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Parliaments, .. 1G93 fol. 

Diaboliad, a Poem, .. 1777 4to. 

^Dialogues intended to facilitate the Acquiring of the 

Bengalee Language, .. Scramp. 180G 8vo. 
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T. F. Editions of the Greek and Roman 

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Introduction to the Greek and Latin Classics, 

2 vol. .. Land. 1808 8vo. 

• Introduction to the Greek and Latin Classics, 

2 vol. .. 1827 8vo. 

Bibliomania, .. 180.') 8vo, 

t Bibliomania, ., 1811 8vo. 

I Bibliographical Decameron, .3 vol. 1817 8vo. 

Bibliographical, Antiijuarian, and Picturcscpie 

Tour in France and Germany, 3 vol. 1821 8vo. 


Dibdin T> F. Library Companion, .. Ijond. 1824 8vo. 

Dicey Tho. Historical Account of Guernsey, 1751 I'iiuo. 

Dick John. Essay on the Inspiration of the Holy 

Scriptures, .. Glasg. 1813 8vo. 

Dickson Stephen. Essay on Chemical Nomenclature, 

Lo7id. 1796 8vo. 

R. W. Practical Agriculture, 2 vol. 1805 4to. 

* — D. J. H. Observations on Fever ; with 

Tracts on Yellow Fever, .. 1819-21 8vo. 

*Diccionario Critico-Burlesco, .. Cadiz, 1811 r2mo. 

Dictionnaire Historique-Portatif de tons les Hommes 

Illustres, 4 torn. .. Amst. 1771 8vo. 

fDictionarium Scoto Celticum : a Dictionary of the 

Gaelic Language ; compiled under the direction 

of the Highland Society of Scotland, 2 vol. Edm. 1828 4to. 
Diderot. Essay on Blindness, — Lond. 1/73 12mo. 
*Diemerbroeck, Anatome Corporis Humani, Liigd. 1683 4to. 
^'Dillenius J.J. Historia Muscorum, Lond. 1768 4to. 
Dillon J. T. Travels through Spain, 1780 4to. 

Historical and Critical Memoirs of the General 

Revolution in France, in 1789, .. 1790 4to. 

Chevalier P. Narrative of a Voyage in the 

South Seas, to ascertain the Fate of La Perouse, 

2 vol. .. 1829 8vo. 

* Sir J. T. Case of the Children of H. R. H. 

the Duke of Sussex elucidated, . . 1832 8vo. 

Diodorus Siculus. Bibliothecae Historicae Libri qui su- 

persunt, Gr. et Lat. cum notis varior. a Wessel- 

ingio, 2 torn. .. Amst. 1746 fol. 
Historical Library, and Fragments J translated 

by G. Booth, 2 vol. .. Lond. \Q\A 8vo. 

Diogenes Laertius. Gr. et Lat. a Meibomio, cum ob- 

servatt. Menagii, 2 torn. .. Amst. 1692 4to. 

Dion Cassius. Historic Romanae quae supersunt, Gr. 

et Lat. cum variis Lectt. et Annott. a Reimaro, 

2 vol. .. Hamb. 1750-2 fol. 


Dionysius Halicainassensis. Opera omnia, Gr. et Lat. 
cum variis Lectt. et Annott. a J. Hudsono, 2 torn. 

O.von. ]704 fol. 

Works, translated by E. Spelman, 4 vol. in 2, 

Lond. 1758 4to. 

■ Alex. Orhis Descriptio, Gr. et Lat. 0.^■o?^. 1(59/ (Svo. 

Direetor, a Literary and Scientific Journal, 2 vol. 

Lond. 1 80/ Svo. 
Dirom Alex. Narrative of the Campaign in India, in 

1792, .. 1794 4to. 

Discourse on tlie Emigration of British Birds, 1795 8vo. 

Discourses, translated from Nicole's Essays by John 

Locke, .. 1828 12mo. 

Disney J. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Jortin, 

1792 Svo. 

D'Israeli. Inquiry into the Political Character of K. 

James I. .. ISIG Svo. 

Curiosities of Literature, 6 vol. 1792-1824 Svo. 

Commentaries on the Life and Reign of 

Charles I, 5 vol. . . 1828-31 Svo. 

Dissertation against Pronouncing the Greek Language 

according to Accents, .. 1754 Svo. 

Dissertation on the Passage of Hannibal over the Alps, 

O^f. 1820 Svo. 

*Dissertationes Medicae Inaugurales, 6 vol. Edin. Svo. 

D'lvernois Sir F. View of the Constitution and Re- 
volutions of Geneva, by Farell, . . Lotid. 1 784 Svo. 

The Five Promises, . . 1 803 8vo. 

Dixon Geo. Voyage to the North-West Coast of 

America, .. . 1789 4to. 

Doblado. Letters from Spain, .. 1822 Svo. 

Dobrizhofler M. Account of the Abipones, an Eques- 
trian People of Paraguay, 3 vol. . . 1822 Svo. 

Dobson Susan. Life of Petrarch, 2 vol. 1775 Svo. 

■ Literary History of the Tnmbadours, ■ 1807 Svo. 

Doctrine of the Bible, .. Brlst. 1 7S3 12mo. 


Doddridge P. Rise and Progress of Religion in the 

Soul, . . Lond. 1/96 8vo. 

Family Expositor, 6 vol. ., 1/99 8vo. 

Dodington Ld. Melcoinbe. Diary, from 1749 to 1761, 

by H. P. Wyndlmm, .. Salisb. \7Bi 8vo. 

Dodsley Rob. Collection of Poems, 6 vol. Lond. 1770 12mo. 

• Collection of Old Plays, 12 vol. 1780 8vo. 

Dodson M. Life of Sir Michael Foster, Kt. 1811 8vo. 

Dodwell Wm. Reply to Toll's Defence of Middleton, 

1751 8vo. 

Edward. Classical Tour through Greece, 

2 vol. .. 1819 'Ito. 

D'Ohsson. General History of the Othoman Empire, 

vol. 1, .. 1789 4to. 

t Tableau General de I'Empire Othoman, 

torn. 1, .. Paris, 1787 fol. 

fDomesday Book, with Additions and Indexes, 4 vol. 

Lo)id. 1783-1816 fol. 
■ translated (in part) by S. Henshall, 

J. Wilkinson, and W. Bawden, 2 vol. \ ^'"^- ^^^^ ^'^• 

t Doncast. 1809 4to. 

t* Additamenta & Index, 2 vol. 

Lond. 1816 fol. 

Domestic Anecdotes of the French Nation, during the 

last Thirty Years, .. 1794 8vo. 

Donne John. Poems, .. 1719 Svo. 

Donovan Mich. Domestic Economy, (Cabinet Cycle- 

pc-edia,) .. 1830 12mo. 

Dossie Rob. Memoirs of Agriculture, &c. 3 vol. 1768-82 8vo. 
Douce Francis. Illustrations of Shakespeare, and of 

Ancient Manners, 2 vol. .. 1807 Svo. 

Douglas Sylvester. Reports in King's Bench, 2 vol. 1 700 Svo. 

Bp. Criterion : or. Miracles Examined, &c. 

1757 Svo. 

James. Nenia Britannica, or a Sepulchral 

History of Great Britain, .. 1793 fol. 

Literary Hours, 3 vol. . . J 


Douglas James. Advanceraeut of Society in Know- 
ledge and Religion, , . Edin. \ 828 8vo. 

Fred. Sylv. North. Essay on the Ancient and 

Modern Creeks, . . Lond. 1813 8vo. 
Dover Lord. Life of Frederic II, King of Prussia, 

2 vol. . . 1 832 Svo. 

Dow Alex. History of Hindostan, 3 vol. ■ 1770 4to. 

Downman Hugh. Infancy, a Poeu), Ea'eter, 1802 8vo. 

D'Oyley G. Life of Abp. Sancroft, 2 vol. Lond. 1821 8vo. 

Drake N. Winter Nights, 2 vol. .. 1820 8vo. 

Sudb. 1800 8vo. 
Lond. 1804 8vo. 

Essays, Biographical, Critical, and Historical, 

3 voL .. Lond. 1805 Svo. 

Gleaner ; a Series of Periodical Essays, selected 

from scarce or neglected volumes, 4 vol. 1811 Svo. 

Drayton Michael, Works, 4 vol. . . 1753 Svo. 

Dresses of the Representatives of the French People, 

171)6 Svo. 

Drew S. Original Essay on the Human Soul, Brisl. 1803 Svo. 
Drewry C. S. Memoir on Suspension Bridges, ivowfi?. 1832 Svo. 

Driiikwater J. History of the Siege of Gibraltar, 1786 4to. 

Drummoud Alex. Travels in Germany, Italy, Greece, 

and part of Asia, . . 

Sir W. Academical Questions, vol I, 

Origines j or Remarks on the Origin of 

several Empires, States, and Cities, 2 vol. 

J. L. Letters to a Young Naturalist on 

the Study of Nature and Natural Theology, 

Drury R. Fifteen Years' Captivity on the Island of 

Madagascar, . . 

Drydcn John. Miscellaneous Works, 4 vol. 

Dramatic Works, 6 vol. . . 

Fables, . . 

■ Critical and Miscellaneous Prose Works, by 

Malone, 3 vol. in 4, . . 1800 Svo. 








1 2mo 




12 mo 


1 2mo. 


1 2 mo 

Dubois J. A. Description of tlie Cliaracter, Manners, 

and Customs of the People of India, Lond. 1817 4to. 

Du Bos J. On Poetry and Painting, by Nugent, 

3 vol. .. 1748 8vo. 

Du Buat N. L. Principes d'Hydraulique, 2 torn, Prtm, 1786 8vo. 
Ducarel And. C. Anglo-Norman Antiquities, Lond. 1767 fol. 
Repertory of Endowments of Vicarages in the 

Dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester, 1782 8vo. 

t*Ducatus Lancastriae : pars I, Calendarium hujuisi- 

tionum post Mortem, partes II, III, Calendars to 

the Pleadings, &c. temp. Hen. VII— Eliz. 1823-27 fol. 
Du Chesne And. Historise Normannorum Scriptores 

Antiqui, .. Paris, 1619 fol. 

Duck A. Life of Abp. Chichele, Lond. 1699 8vo. 

tDu Fresne C. Du Cange. Glossarium ad Scriptores 

mediae et infimfE Latinitatis, 6 torn. Paris. 1733-6 fol. 

f- Glossarium ad Scriptores mediae et infimfe 

Graecitatis, 2 tom. .. Lugd. 1688 fol. 

tDugdale Sir W. Monasticon Anglicanum, 3 vol. in 4, 

Lond. 1655-73 fol. 
t Monast. Anglic, continued by Stevens, 2 vol. 1722 fol. 

Origines Juridiciales, .. 1666 fol. 

t Baronage of England, 2 tom. 1675-6 fol. 

t Sir W. History of St. Paul's Cathedral, by 

Ediv. Maynard, .. 1716 fol. 

t Antiquities of Warwickshire, by Thomas, 

2 vol. .. 1730 fol. 

Short View of the late Troubles in England, 

Oxf. 1681 fol. 

Antient Usage in bearing of Arms, to which 

is added a Discourse touching the Office of Lord 

High Chancellor of England, byT.C.Bankes,Z/o?«(/. 1812 fol. 

History of Imbanking and Draining of divers 

Fens and Marshes, by C. N. Cole, 1772 fol. 

Life, Diary, and Correspondence ; edited by 

Wm. Hamper, .. 1827 4to. 


Dii Halde J. B. History of China, Cliiiiese-Tartary, 

Korea, and Tibet, 2 vol. Lond. 1738-41 fol. 

Duigeiiau P. On the Nature and Extent of the De- 
mands of the Irish Roman Catholics, 1810 8vo. 

Dumtril A. M. C. Traitc elcinentaire d'Histoire 

Naturelle, 2 torn. .. Paris, \SQ7 8vo. 

Dumesnil G. Latin Synonymes, by Grosett, Lond. 1800 8vo. 

Duraont Etienne. Recollections of Mirabeau, and of 

the two first Legislative Assemblies of France, 1832 8vo. 

Dumourier General. Memoirs, by Himself, 1794 8vo. 

Dunbar J. Essays on the History of Mankind, 1781 8vo. 

Duncan Wra. Elements of Logick, 1776 8vo. 

John. Libertine and Infidel led to Reflection, 

by calm Expostulation, .. 1799 8vo. 

J. S. Analogies of Organized Beings, 1831 8vo. 

Duncumb J. History and Antiquities of the County 

of Hereford, vol. I, .. Hereford, 1804 4to. 

*Dundonald Earl of. Treatise on Agriculture and 

Chemistry, .. Lond. 1795 4to. 

Dunlop John. History of Fiction, 3 vol. 1814 8vo. 

History of Roman Literature, from the Ear- 
liest Period to the Augustan Age, 3 vol. 1823-28 8vo. 

Dunsford M. Memoirs of Tiverton, Exeter, 1790 4to. 

Duiiton John, Life and Errors : with Selections from 

his other Works, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1818 8vo. 

Du Pan J. M. Considerations on the Nature of the 

French Revolution, .. 1793 8vo. 

■ British Mercury, 4 vol. .. 1798-9 8vo. 

Du Piles R. Principles of Painting, translated from 

the French, .. 1743 8vo. 

Dupin Ch. Mc'moires sur la Marine ct les Ponts ct 

Chaussces de France ct d'Anglcterrc, Paris, 1818 8vo. 

Durnford and East. Term Reports in the Court of 

King's Bench, 8 vol. Lond. 1791-1802 Svo. 

Dutcns L. Inquiry into the Origin of the Discoveries 

attributed to the Moderns, .. 17C9 8vo. 


Dutens L. Memoirs of a Traveller, 5 vol, Lond. 180(1 8vo. 
Diippa Ric. Brief Account of the Subversion of tlic 

PajDal Government, .. 1/90 Svo. 

Life and Literary Works of Michel Angelo 

Buonarroti, ., 1806 4to. 

Life of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, 1816 Svo. 

t* Illustrations of the Lotus of the Ancients, and 

Taniara of India, .. 1816 4to. 

* Travels on the Continent, Sicily, and the 

Lipari Islands, .. 1829 8vo. 

*D wight Timothy. Conquest of Canaan, a Poem, 

Hartford, 1785 12mo. 
Dyer Geo. Memoirs of R. Robiuson, Lond. 1796 8vo. 

History of the University of Cambridge, 2 vol. 

1814 Svo. 

Dymond Jon. Essays on the Principles of Morality, 
and on the Rights and Obligations of Mankind, 
2 vol. .. 1830 Svo. 


EACHARD J. Works, 3 vol. .. Lond. 1774 12mo. 
Grounds and Occasions of the Contempt of 

the Clergy, .. 1696 Svo. 

tEagles John. VI Etchings from Pictures of Gasper 

Poussin, .. 1823 fol. 

Earle Bp. Microcosmography, by Philip Bliss, 1811 Svo. 

East Sir E. H. Terra Reports, 16 vol. 1805-14 Svo. 

Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown, 2 vol. 1803 Svo. 

tEbert F. A. Allgemeines Bibliographisches Lexicon, 

2 torn. .. Leipzig, 1821-32 4to. 

Ebn Haukal. Oriental Geography, by Ouseley, Z/0?2c/. 1800 4to. 

Echard Laurence. Ecclesiastical History, 2 vol. 1712 Svo. 

Ecclesiastical and University Annual Register for 

1808-10, 3 vol. .. 1809, &c. Svo. 


Ecton ^. Tliesannis Reium Eeclcsiasticanun, Lond. 1754 4to. 

Edda Sa>miiiidar liinns Froda, .. Hufmce, 1787 4to. 

Eden AVm. V Letters to the Earl of Carlisle, 

Lond. 1779-80 8vo. 

Sir Fr. M. State of the Poor, 3 vol. 1797 4to. 

* VIII Letters on the Peace, 1802 8vo. 

Edgeuorth Maria and R. L. Practical Education, 

2 vol. .. 1798 4to. 

Essay on Irish Bulls, .. 1802 Svo. 

Maria. Letters for Literary Ladies, 1799 Svo. 

R. L. Essay on the Construction of Roads 

and Carriages, .. 1813 Svo. 

Essays on Professional Education, 1809 4to. 

Life, 2 vol. .. 1820 Svo. 

Edinburgh Review, vol. I— LVII, Ed'm. 1803-32 Svo. 

fludex to the Edinburgh Review, (1813-1830) 2 vol. 

1813-32 Svo. 
Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, vol. I — 

XVIII, and vol. XXVIII— XXXVIII, 1805-32 Svo. 

Philosophical .Journal, by Rob. Jameson, 

27 vol. .. 1819-32 Svo. 
Annual Register, for 1808-20, IGvol. 1809-21 Svo. 

t Gazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary, 

G vol. .. 1827 Svo. 

Edujondson J. M. Complete Body of Heraldry, 2 vol. 

Lond. 1780 fol. 
Edmonston Arthur. View of the Ancient and Present 

State of the Zetland Isles, 2 vol. Ed'in. 1809 Svo. 

Edwards Thos. Canons of Criticism, and Sonnets, 

Lond. 1765 Svo. 

■ Byran. History of the West Indies, 2 vol. 

1793 4to. 

Continuation of, 2 vol. ., 1819 Svo. 

History of St. Domingo, .. 1797 4to. 

Edw. Anecdotes of Painters : a Continuation 

to Walpole's Anecdotes, .. 1808 4to. 


Egede Hans. Description of Greenland, Land. 1818 8vo. 

Eicliliorn J. G. Moniimenta Antiquissima? Historiap, 

Arabum, .. Gothae, l77o 8vo. 

Elements of Natural History, 2 vol. Land. 1801-2 8vo. 

Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamanship, 

2 rol. .. 1794 4to. 

Elgin Earl of. Memorandum on the Subject of his 

Pursuits in Greece, .. 1811 8vo. 

Ellesly. Annotations on the FourGospels, 2 vol. 1/99 8vo. 

Elliot John. On MineraMVaters, .. 1/81 8vo. 

Ellis John. Essay on Corallines, . 1755 4to. 

* — Zoophytes, .. 17S6 4to. 

George. Specimens of the Early English Poets, 

3 vol. .. 1801 8vo. 

Specimens of Early English Metrical Romances, 

3 vol. .. 1805 8vo. 

Hen. Journal of the Proceedings of the late 

Embassy to China, — 1817 4to. 

Hon. G. A. History of the State Prisoner called 

"The Iron Mask j" from Documents in the French 

Archives, .. 1826 8vo. 

Historical Inquiries respecting the Character of 

Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, 1827 8v'o. 

Wm. Narrative of a Tour through Hawaii, or 

Owhyhee, .. 1827 8vo. 

Polynesian Researches, during a Residence of Six 

Years in the South Sea Islands, 2 vol. 1829 8vo. 

Ellys Bp. Tracts on the Liberty, Spiritual and Tem- 
poral, of Protestants in England, 1767 4to. 

Elraes J. Memoir of the Life and Writings of Sir 

Christopher Wren, .. 1823 4to. 

Elphinstone M. Account of the Kingdom of Caubul 

and its Dependencies, .. 1815 4to. 

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Specimens of the Classic Poets, 3 vol. 1814 8vo. 

Brothers, a Monody, .. 1820 12mo. 


Elton C. A. Second Tliotiglits ; on the Person of Christ, 

on Human Sin, and on the Atonement, Br'ist. 1S27 12mo. 

Ehvood AniK' K. Journey over land from England 
by the Continent of Europe, Egypt, and the Red 
Sea, to India, 2 vol. . . Lo 

Emerson Wra. Doctrine of Fluxions, — 

■ Principles of Mechanics, . . — 

Algebra, . . — 

Emigration ; or England and Paris, a Poeui, — 

■^Emporium of Literature, . . — 














Emperor Jos. II. New Code of Criminal Laws, — 

fEiK yclopcdie, on Dictionnaire Raisonn6 des Sciences, 
des Arts et des Metiers, par MM. Diderot, D'Alem- 
bert, &.C. avec le Sup])k'ment, (Discours 21 torn. 
Planches 12 torn) 33 tom. Paris, 1754, &c. fol. 

-j- Table Analytique et Raisonnce des 

Matieres contenues dans les 33 tom. in fol. du 
Dictionnaire des Sciences, &c. 2 tom. 1780 fol. 

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I Supplement lo the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 6 vol. 1815-24 4to. 

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vol. I— VI, . . 1830-33 4to. 

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cient and Modern Brittish and Welsh History, 

Lond. 1810 fol. 

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History of Philosophy, from the earliest times 

to the beginning of the present Century, 2 vol. 

1791 4to. 

Speaker, .. 1774 Svo. 

English Baronetage 3 containing a Genealogical and 

Historical Account of all the English Baronets, 

4 vol. in 5, .. 1741 Svo. 

English Anthology, 3 vol. .. 1793-4 Svo. 

English Lyricks, .. Lwerp. \7'd7 Svo. 

English Minstrelsy, 2 vol. .. Eil'tJi. ISIO 12ino. 



English in Italy, 3 vol. . . Lond. 1825 8vo. 

^Englishman's Vade Mccnm at Paris ; containing a 
List of Statues and Pictures in the Lonvre, &c. 

Paris, 1816 12mo. 

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Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul, with the 

Appendix, 3 vol. .. Lond. 1737-oO 8vo. 

Ensor George. Defects of the English Laws and Tri- 
bunals, .. 1812 Svo. 

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collectcp, Gr. et Lat. ex recensione et cum notis J. 
Uptoni, 2 torn. .. 1741 4to. 

translated by Eliz. Carter, 2 vol. 1708 12mo. 

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Obsopoei, Lib. VII, .. Franco/. IGOO fol. 

Epigrams, translated into English Verse from the Ori- 
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Epistolary Correspondence of the Right Hon. Edmund 

Burke and French Laurence, LL.D. 1827 8vo. 

^Erasmus Desid. Paraphrase upon the Four Gospels, 

and the Actes, by Nic. Udall, .. 1547 fol. 

Erskine Lord. Speeches, when at the Bar, 3 vol. 1810 8vo. 

Th. Essay on Faith, . . Edin. 1822 12mo, 

Remarks on the Internal Evidence for the 

Truth of Revealed Religion, .. 1823 12mo. 

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L'Esprit de I'Encyclopedie, 5 tom. .. Geneve, 1768 12rao. 

L'Esprit de la Ligue, 3 torn. . . Paris, 1770 12mo. 

Essai sur la Mendicite, .. 1789 4to. 

Essay on the Art of Tormenting, .. Lond. \7o7 Svo. 
Essay on the Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff, 

1777 Svo. 

Essay upon Tune, . . Edin. 1781 Svo. 
Essay on the Nature and Existence of a Material World, 

Lond. 178 1 Svo. 

Essay on the Principle of Population, 1798 Svo. 


Essays and Observations, Physical and Literary, by the 

Philosophical Society in Edinburgh, 3 vol. Edin. 177 i 8vo. 
Essays from the Batchelor, 2 vol. . . Loud. 1/73 l'2mo. 

Essays on Gothic Architecture by Warton, Bentham, 

Grose, and Milner, .. 1808 8vo. 

Essays on the Formation and Publication of Opinions, 1826 8vo. 
Essays on the Pursuit of Truth, on the Progress of 

Knowledge, &c. .. 1829 8vo. 

Establishment of the Turks in Europe. An Historical 

Discourse, . . 1827 8vo. 

Este Charles. Journey in 1793, through Flanders, 

Erabant, and Germany, to Switzerland, 1795 8vo. 

*Estliu J. P. Sermon, Evidences of Revealed Religion, 

Brist. I79(i 8vo. 
* Discourse on the Nature and the (yauses of 

Atheism, &c. — 1797 8vo. 

* Sermons on Infidelity and Religious Indifter- 

ence, ., 1802 8vo. 

* Discourses on Universal Restitution, IS 13 8vo. 

* General Prayer Book, . . 1813 8vo. 

* J.B. On Diseased Spine, .. 1818 8vo. 

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Notes, and Additions by M. dc la Grange; trans- 
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* Traga;diie, ex Recog. Aug. Matthiae, cum 

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Euripides. Hecuba, Oiestes, Phoenissae, et Medea, ed. 

Ric. Person, .. Lond. 1820 8vo. 

— Heraclidit, Medea et Baccliae, a Pet. Elms- 
ley, . . Oxon. 1813-21 8vo. 

Alcestis et Hippolytus, u Jac. Hen. Monk, 

Cantab. 1813-18 8vo. 

Tragedies, by R. Potter, 2 vol. Lo7id. 1781-3 4to. 

Nineteen Tragedies and Fragments, l)y 

Wodhull, 4 vol. .. 1782 8vo. 

• Select Plays, .. 1780 8vo. 

European Settlements in America, 2 vol. 1770 8vo. 

Eusebius Pamphilus. Historia Ecclesiastica, et de Vita 
Constantini Imp. necnon et alii Eccles. Hist. 
Script, scilicet, Socrates, Sozomenus, Theodoritus, 
et Evagrius, Gr. et Lat. ex versioue et cum notis 
H. V^alesii, cura G. Reading, 3 torn. Cantab. 1720 fol. 

Thesaurus Temporum, Gr. et Lat. cum notis 

Jos. Scaligeri, .. Amst. 1658 fol. 

Eustace J. C. Classical Tour through Italy, an. 1802, 

4 vol. .. Lond. 1815 8vo. 

Letter froui Paris, .. 1814 8vo. 

Eustachius Bart. Tabulse Anatomicae, a B. S. Albino, 

LeidcB Bat. 1744 fol. 
Evans John. Bees, a Poem, .. Shreicsb. 180G-8 4to. 

* J. Beauties of Clifton and Bristol, Brist. r2mo. 

* Picture of Bristol, .. 1818 12mo. 

* Essays; first and second edition, 1812-19 12mo. 

J. Chronological History of Bristol, 1824 8vo. 

* J. Tour through Part of North Wales, Lond. 1800 8vo. 

* Tour through South Wales, . . 1804 8vo. 

Lieut. John. Explanation of Geographical and 

Hydrographical Terms, .. 1824 12mo. 

T. Collection of Old Ballads, 4 vol. 1777-1784 8vo. 

Evan, Specimens of the Poetry of the Ancient 

Welsh Bards, .. 1764 4to. 

— De Lacv. Designs of Russia, ,. • 1828 8vo. 


Evelyn John. Silva, with Notes by A. Hunter, For^, 1776 -ito. 
Excerpta Historica : or Illustrations of English History, 

Lond. 1830-32 8vo. 
^Exercises performed at a Visitation of the Grammar- 

School of Bristol in 1737, .. Brist. 4to. 

Exposition of the Judicial and Revenue Systems of 

India; by Rajah Rammohun Roy, Lond. 1832 8vo. 

Extinct Peerage of England, .. 1769 ]2inc 

Extracts from the Diary of a Lover of Literature, 

Ipswich, 1810 4 to. 

FABER G. S. Horto Mosaictr, (Bampton Lecture) 

2 vol. .. Oj'f. 1801 Svo. 

Dissertation on the Mysteries of the Cabiri, 

2 vol. .. 1803 8vo. 

Dissertation on the Prophecies relating to the 

Period of 1260 Years, 3 vol. Lond. 1806-18 8vo. 
View of the Prophecies relative to the Resto- 
ration of Judah and Israel, — 1808 8vo. 

Dissertation on the Prophecy of the Seventy 

Weeks, . . 1811 8vo. 

Practical Treatise on the ordinary operations 

of the Holy Spirit, .. 1813 8vo. 

Origin of Pagan Idolatry ascertained from 

Historical Testimony and Internal Evidence, 3 vol. 1816 Ito. 

Difficulties of Infidelity, .. 1821 8vo. 

■ Sacred Calendar of Prophecy ; or a Disserta- 
tion on the Prophecies of the Grand Period of the 

VII Times, 3 vol. . . 1828 8vo. 

M. Sketches of the Internal State of France, 

1811 8vo. 

Fabliaux or Tales of the Xllth and XII Ith Centuries, 

translated into English Verse, 2 vol. 1796-1800 8vo. 



Fabricius Jo. Alb. Bibliotheca Latina, cura .To. Aug. 

Ernesti, 3 vol. . . Lips. 1773-4 8vo. 

Bibliotheca Gracca, curante G. C. Harles, 

10 vol. ■.. //flw/^. 1790-1807 4to. 

*■= Hieron. Opera Chirurgica, in tluas Partes 

divisa, . . Lngd. Bat. 1723 fol. 

Fabyan Rob. New Chronicles of England and France, 
reprinted from Pynson's Edition of 1516, by 
Henry Ellis, .. Lond. 1811 4to. 

fFacciolatus et Forcellinus. Totius Latinitatis Lexi- 
con, edidit Jacobus Bailey, 2 vol. 

Faith, a Poem, . . 

Falconer W. Essay on the Bath Waters, 2 vol. 

' — Remarks on the Influence of Climate, &c. on 











Mankind, . . — 

Account of the Influenza, Be 

— Dissertation on the Influence of the Passions 

upon Disorders of the Body, Lond. 1788 8vo. 

— Miscellaneous Tracts and Collections relating 

to Natural History, .. Camb. 1793 4to. 

— Shipwreck, a Poem, ., Lond. 1811 l2mo. 

T. Chronological Tables, from the Reign of 

Solomon to the Death of Alexander the Great, O^y. 1796 4to. 

— Examination of " Evanson's Dissonance of the 
Evangelists," (Bampton Lecture, 1810) 1811 8vo. 

Remarks on the Trojan War, Lond. 1799 8vo. 

— Voyage of Hanno, ., 1797 8vo. 

Falkner H. Description of Patagonia, and the adjoin- 
ing Parts of South America, Hereford, 1774 4to. 

Falle Phil. Account of Jersey, .. Lond. 1734 8vo. 

Fanshawe Lady. Memoirs j written by Herself, 1829 8vo. 

Faraday Mich. Chemical Manipulation ; Instructions 
to Students in Chemistry on the Method of Per- 
forming Experiments, . . 1827 8vo. 

Farey John. General View of the Agriculture of 

Derbyshire, 2 vol. .. 1811-13 8vo. 


Faringdou Hill, a Poem, .. O.rf. 177-1 4to. 

Farmer R. EssayontheLearuing of Shakespeare, Lo«f/. 1821 8vo. 

Hugh. On Christ's Temptation, 8vo. 

Dissertation on Miracles, 1771 8vo. 

Essay on the Demoniacs of the New Testa- 
ment, . . 1775 8vo. 

Farquhar Geo. Works, 2 vol. .. 1772 12mo. 

*Farr Sam. Philosophical Inquiry into the Nature, 

Origin, and Extent of Animal Motion, 1771 8vo. 

* Aphorismi de Marasmo, .. Brist. 1772 1 2mo. 

* Essav on the Medical Virtues of Acids, Lonil. 17C9 12mo. 

Farre J. R. Pathological Researches, Essay I, 1814 8vo. 

Morbid Anatomy of the Liver, Order I, part 

I, II, . . 1814-15 4to. 

Fashionable Biography, 1808 I2mo. 

Fanjus Saint-Fond, Description dcs Experiences de la 

Machine Acrostatique de MM. De Moutgolfier, 

Parts, 1783 8vo. 

Travels in England, Scotland, and the He- 
brides, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1 799 8vo. 

Faulkner T. Historical and Topographical Account 

of Fulham, . . 

Faux W. Journal of a Tour to the United States, 

Fayette Marquis de la. Statement of his Conduct and 

Principles, . . 

Fcarne C. On Contingent Remainders and Executory 

Devises, 2 vol. . . 

Fcaron H. B. Narrative of a Journey of 5,000 Miles 

through the East and West States of America, 

Feldborg. Denmark Delineated ; or Sketches of the 

Present State of that Country, Edin, 1824 8vo. 

Fell R. Tour through the Batavian Republic, Lond. ISOl 8vo. 
Fcltham John. Tour through the Isle of Man, 5«^/i, 1798 8vo. 
Fenn Sir John. Collection of Original Letters written 

during the Reigns of Hen. VI, Edw. IV, V, 

Rich. Ill, and Hen. VI!, 5 vol. Land. 1/87-1823 4to. 


4 to. 





1 795 





Fennell James. Review of the Proceedings at Paris, 

&c. .. Lond. 1792 8vo. 

Fenton Elijah. Poems, .. 1717 8vo. 

Ric. Tour through Pembrokesliire, 1811 4to. 

Ferber J. J. Travels through Italy, by R. E. Raspe, 

1776 8vo. 

*Ferguson James. Lectures on Select Subjects, 1772 8vo. 

* Astronomy, .. 1772 8vo. 

* Young Gentleman and Lady's Astronomy, 1/72 8vo. 

* Litroduction to Electricity, 1770 8vo. 

* Select Mechanical Exercises, 1773 8vo, 

Art of Drawing in Perspective, 1775 8vo. 

' Adam. Essay on the History of Civil 

Society, .. 1773 8vo. 

History of the Progress and Termination 

of the Roman Republic, 3 vol. . . 1783 4to. 

Principles of Moral and Political Science, 

2 vol. . . Ellin. 1792 4to. 

Ferishta. History of Dekkan, by Scott, 2 vol. <S/^;r;<75. 1794 4to, 

Ferriar J. Illustrations of Sterne; with other Essays 

and Verses, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1812 8vo. 

Bibliomania ; an Epistle to R. Heber, Esq. 1 809 4to. 

Fiddes Ric. Life of Cardinal Wolsey, 1724 fol. 

Field Wm. Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Opi- 
nions of Samuel Parr, LL. D. 2 vol. 1828 8vo. 

Fielding Henry. Works, 8 vol. .. 1771 8vo. 

Fifteen Years in India ; or Sketches of a Soldier's 

Life, . . 1S23 8vo. 

Filangieri G. On the Science of Legislation, by Clay- 
ton, 2 vol. . . 

Filmer Sir Rob. Works, . . 

Finlayson G. Mission to Siam, and Hue the Capital 
of Cochin China, in 1821-22 . . 

Fischer Fr. Travels in Spain in 1797 and 1798, 

Fitzosborne Sir T. Letters, by Melmoth, 

Fleetwood Bp. Chronicon Preciosum, 













Fleming J. Philosophy of Zoology j or a View of the 
Structure, Fuuctious, and Classification of Ani- 
mals, 2 vol. . . Edin. 1822 8vo. 

History of British Animals, 1828 8vo. 

Fleta, seu Commentarins Juris Anglicani, Lond. 1/35 fol. 

Fletcher Andrew. Political Works, 1732 8vo. 

Flinders Matt. Voyage to Terra Australis, in 1801-3, 

2 vol. .. 1814 4to. 

Charts to Flinders's Voyage, . . 1814 fol. 

Flim Flams, 3 vol, .. 1805 12mo. 

Floras L. Ann. Epitome Reruni Romanorum, a Du- 

kero, 2 vol. .. Lugd. Bat. 1/44 8vo. 

"l^Foedera, Conventiones, Littera?, etc. inter Reges 
Angliae et alios quosvis Principes vel Commuui- 
tates ab Ann. 1066 ad Nostra usque Tempora 
habita aut tractata : accurantibus Ad. Clarke et 
Fr. Holbrooke, vol. I, II, in 4, Lond. 1816-21 fol. 

-tFolkes Martin. Tables of English Silver and Gold 

Coins, by the Society of Antiquaries, 1763 4to. 

Fonblanque John. Treatise of Equity, 2 vol. 1799 8vo. 

Fontaine J. de la. Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, 2 tom. 

Amst. 1721 8vo. 
Fables Choisies, en Vers, 2 tom. Parh, 1757 8vo. 

t Fables Choisies, en V^ers, 4 tom. 1755-9 fol. 

Fontenelle B. de. Conversations on the Plurality of 

^^'orlds, .. Lond. 1767 8vo. 

*Foot Jesse. Treatise on the Lues Ven. 1792 4to. 

Footc Sam. Dramatic Works, 1 vol. 1788 8vo. 

Forbes Patrick. Full View of the Public Transactions 

ill the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, 2 vol. 1740-1 fol. 

Sir Wm. Life of Dr. Beattie, 2 vol. JM'm. 1806 4to. 

Ford John. Dramatic Works, by AVebcr, 2 vol. Z/o«rf. 1811 8vo. 

• Dramatic Works J with Notes by W.Giftbrd, 2 vol. 1827 8vo. 

Fordun Joannes de. Scotichronicon, cum supplcmentis 

ct continuatione ^\^ Bowcri, curA W. Coodall, 

- vol. . . Kdhi. 1759 fol. 


Foidyce G. Treatise on the Digestion of Food, //o?i(/. 1791 8vo. 

Foreign Quarterly Review, 11 vol. 1827-33 8vo. 

Formularies of Faith put forth by Autliority during 

the Reign of Henry VIII, . . O.rf. 1825 8vo. 

Forrest Tho. Voyage to New Guinea, and the Mo- 
luccas, .. Loncl. 1779 4to. 

Voyage from Calcutta to the Mergui Archi- 
pelago, . . - 

*Forstcr J. R. Charaeteres Generum Plantarum, — 

Observations during a Voyage Round the 


History of the V^oyages and Discoveries in 

the North, 

Geo. Voyage Round the World with Capt. 

Cook, 1772, &c. 2 vol. . . 

Journey from Bengal to England, 2 vol. 

Tho. Researches about Atmospheric Pha:>- 

nomena, . . 

■ Ch. Mahometanism Unveiled, 2 vol. 

Forsyth Jos. Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Let- 
ters, during an Excursion in Italy in 1802-3, 

W. On Fruit and Forest Trees, 

*Fortis Alb. Travels into Dalmatia, 

Fosbrooke T. D. British Monachisra, 2 vol. 

History of Gloucestershire, 2 vol. Gloces. 

• History of the City of Gloucester, 

Encyclopaedia of Antiquities, and Elements 

of Archaeology, Classical and Mediasval, 2 vol. 

Lond. 1825 4to. 

Berkeley MSS. . 1821 4to. 






4 to. 























Foscolo Ugo. Ricciarda, Tragedia, 1820 8vo. 

Foster Judge. Report of the Crown Cases, with 
Discourses upon a few Branches of the Crown 

Law, .. 0,vf. 1762 fol. 

John. Essay on Accent and Quantity, Eton, 1763 8vo. 

J. Essays, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1806 ]2mo. 


^Foster J. Address on Behalf of the Bristol Education 

Society, . . Brlst. 1822 Svo. 

Fotliergill John. Works, by J. Elliot, Lond. 1781 8vo. 

Fourcroy A. F. General System of Chemical Know- 
ledge, by Nicholson^ 11 vol. in 10, 1804 Svo. 

Synoptic Tables of Chemistry, by Nicholson, 1801 fol. 

* Elements of Natural History and Chemistry, 

5 vol. .. 1788-9 8vo. 

Fox Jos. Natural History of the Human Teeth and 

Treatment of their Diseases, &c. 2 vol. 1803-() 4t(). 

C.J. History of Jame^the Second, 1808 4to. 

John. Acts and Monuments of Matters most 

Special and Memorable, happening in the Church, 

3 vol. — 1 C84 fol. 

Fragmens de Lettres Originales de Madame Char- 
lotte-Elizabeth de Bavi(ire, 2 tom. Hnmb. 1788 12mo. 

Francklin Wm. Observations in a Tour from Bengal 

to Persia, . . Lond. 1 790 Svo. 

Military Memoirs of Ceo. Thomas, Calcut, 1803 4to. 

Franklin B. Experiments and Observations on Elec- 
tricity, with Letters and Papers on Philosophical 
Subjects, .. Lond. 1774 4to. 

Philosophical and Miscellaneous Papers, 1787 Svo. 

Life, with Essays, 2 vol. . . Svo. 

John. Narrative of a Journey to the Shores 

of the Polar Sea, in 1819-22, 1823 4to. 

• Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores 

of the Polar Sea, in 1825-27, 1828 4to. 

James. Present State of Hayti, 1828 8vo. 

Frazcr J. B. Tour to the Himrda Mountains, and to 

the Sources of the Rivers Jumna and Ganges, 1820 4to. 

Narrative of a Journey into Khorassan, in 

1821-22, .. 182.". 4 to. 

Travels and Adventures in the Persian Pro- 
vinces on the Southern Banks of the Caspian 
Sea, .. i82G 4to. 


Frederic II, lloi de Priisse. Oeuvres Postlimues, 

15 toin. .. Berlin, 17S8 Hvo. 

Memoirs of the House of Braudenbiirg, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1/58-68 l2mo. 

Frederieian Code, 2 vol. .. Edin. 1/61 8vo. 

Frederick Col. Description of Corsica, Loyid. 1795 8vo. 

Free Thoughts on Despotic and Free Governments, 1/81 8vo. 

Free Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Evil, 1773 8vo. 

Frezier A. F. Voyage to the South Sea, and along 

the Coast of Chili and Peru, in 1712-14, 1717 4to. 

*Friend J. History of Physick, 2 pEWts, 1725-6 Svo. 

fFroissart J. Croniques de France, d'Angleterre, 
Escoce, Espaigne, Bretaigne, Flandres, et lieux 
voisins, commen^ant 1326 et finissant 1400, 
4 vol. in 2, .. P«m, 1514-20 fol. 

■ Chronicles of England, France, and the ad- 
joining Countries, by Johnes, 5 vol. with the 
Supplement, .. Hafod, \QQ2,-\0 4to. 

Fry Edm. Pantographia, .. Lond. 1799 Svo. 

* — J. S. Concise History of Tithes, Br'ist. 

* — Essay on Wheel Carriages, &c. 

* Fryer Mich. Introduction to the Geometrical Ana- 
lysis of the Ancients, . . 

Fugitive Pieces, 2 vol. . . Lond. 

Fullarton Wm. Letter to Lord Carrington, 

View of the English Interests in India, 

Fuller Tho. History of the Worthies of England , 

Church History of Britain, . . 

















— John. History of Berwick-upon-Tweed, j^c/m. 1799 Svo. 

— Andrew. Calvinistic and Sociuian Systems 
compared, .. Lond. 1796 12mo. 

— A. Apology for the late Christian Missions 

to India, . . 1808 Svo. 

* Fr. Medicina Gymnastica, Svo. 1705 Svo. 

* Nic. Miscellanea Theologica, Oson. 1616 4to. 

Fuseli H. Lectures on Painting, 3 parts, Lond. 1801-30 4to. 



*G.5^RTNER JOS. De Fructibus et Seminibus Plaii- 

Sttit^: 1788 'Ito 

tariuii, 2 toin, 

7ul)in. 1791 Ito. 

*Gale Tlicopli. Court of the Gentiles, concerning the 
Original of Human Literature from the Scriptures 
and Jewish Church, 2 vol. Oxon. 1672, &c. 4t(), 

Gallatin Albert. Considerations on the Currency and 

Banking System of the United States, Phllad. 1831 8vo. 

Gait John. Voyages and Travels in 1809-10-1 1, con- 
taining Observations on Gibraltar, Sardinia,Sicily, 
Malta, Serigo, and Turkey, .. Lond. 1812 4to. 

Life, Studies, and Works of B. West, 1820 8vo. 

Life and Administration of Card. Wolsey, £*(//«. 1824 8vo. 

Gamble John. \^ie\v of Society and Manners in the 

North of Ireland, .. Lond. \Q\?, 8vo. 

Sketches of Politics, Manners, &c. in Dublin 

and the North of Ireland, in ISIO, 

Essay on Signals, 




4 to. 



Ganganelli. (Clement XIV.) Letters, 2 vol. — 

Ganilh Ch. Inquiry into the various Systems of Po- 
litical Economy, by D. Boileau, .. 1812 8vo. 

Garcilasso de la Vega. Works, translated by J. H. 

Wiffen, .. 1823 8vo. 

Gardenstone Lord. Travelling Memorandums, 2 vol. 

Edin. 1792 8vo. 

Gass P. Journal of the Voyages and Travels of ;i 

Corps of Discovery, .. Lond. 1808 8vo. 

Gast John. History of Greece, from the Accession of 

Alexander, .. 1782 4to. 

Gaubins J. D. Institutions of Medicinal Pathology, 

by Erskine, . . Edin. 1 778 Svo. 

Gaulticr Al)b6. Metliod of making Abridgments, Z/o?j(/. 1800 4to. 

Gay John. Poems, 2 vol. .. 1775 l2mo. 


Gebeliii A. Cointe dc. Monde Priinitif analyse' ct com- 
pare avcc le Monde Moderne, 9 torn. Paris, 1/73, &c. 4to. 

Geddes Alex. Prospectus of a New Translation of the 

Holy Bible, .. Glasg. l/SO 4to. 

Letter to the Bishop of London, being an Ap- 
pendix to his Prospectus, .. Land. 1787 4to. 

• General Answer, &c. .. 1790 4to. 

Epistola Macaronica ad Fratrem, 1790 4to. 

Mich. Miscellaneous Tracts, 4 vol. 1702-15 8vo. 

fGell Sir W. Topography of Troy and its Vicinity, 1804 fol. 

Geography and Antiquities of Ithaca, 4to.- 1807 4to. 

■ Itinerary of Greece, with a Commentary on 

Pausauias and Strabo, .. 1810 4to. 

Itinerary of the Morea, .. 1817 8vo. 

t Pompeiana; or Observations on the Topography, 

&c. of Pompeii, 3 vol. .. 1817-32 8vo. 

Narrative of a Journey in the Morea, 1823 8vo. 

* Rob. Essay toward the Amendment of the last 

English Translation of the Bible; first Part, on the 

Pentateuch, .. 1G59 fol. 

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■ 1G7G fol. 

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20 vol. in 5, . . Lond. Ed'in. Brent. 1793-5 4to. 

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t Indexes to the Gentleman's Magazine, 5 vol. 1789-1821 8vo. 
Gentz Fred, State of Europe before and after the 

French Revolution, &c. .. 1802 8vo. 

Genuine Copy of a Letter found near Strawberry Hill, 1783 8vo. 

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Geographiae Veteris Scriptores Minores, cum Interpre- 

tatione Latina, Dissertt. ac Annott. a Jo. Hudson, 

2 vol. .. Oxon. 1C98-I703 8vo. 

Geograpln Grreci Minores : ex Reccnsionc ct cum Aii- 

notatione Godof. Bernhardy, torn. I, Lips, 1828 8vo. 

Geographical, Historical, and Political Description of 
the Empire of Germany, Holland, &c. with Sta- 
tistical Tables of Europe, .. Land. 1808 4to. 

Geoponicorum, sive de Re Rustica Lib. XX. Gr. et [iat. 

ab. Jo. N. Niclas, 4 vol. . . Li])S. 1781 8vo. 

Gerard Alex. Essay on Taste, with tlirec Dissertations 

on the same Subject, ,. Lond. 1/61 12mo. 

Essay ou Genius, .. 1/74 8vo. 

Gerrard J. Siglarium Romanum, .. 1792 4to. 

fGesenius D. Wilhelm. Hebrew Lexicon to the Books 
of the Old Testament, translated by Christopher 
Leo, 2 parts, .. Camb, 1825-28 4to. 

tGesner J. ^L Lingua? Latina; Thesaurus, 4 torn. 

Lips. 1749 fol. 

Gcssner Solomon. Works, 3 vol. Liverp. 1802 8vo. 

Gesta Roraanorum, translated by C. Swan, 2 vol. Lond. 1824 12mo, 

Giannone P. Civil History of the Kingdom of Naples, 

by Ogllvie, 2 vol. .. 1729-31 fol. 

tGibbs Jas. Book of Architecture, containing De- 
signs of Buildings and Ornaments, 1728 fol. 

Gibbon E. History of the Decline and Fall of the 

Roman Empire, G vol. .. 1776-88 4to. 

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 

12 vol. .. 1813 8vo. 

Miscellaneous Works, by Lord Sheffield, 

2 voL .. 1796 4to. 

Miscellaneous Works, by Lord Sheflield, 

5 vol. .. 1814 8vo. 

Gibson Edm. Episc. Codex Juris Ecclesiastici An- 
glican!, 2 vol. ..«.*1701 fol. 

Chronicon Saxonicum cum intcrpr. Lat. ct 

Notis, .. Ui92 4to. 

Gifford W. Baviad and Maniad, Lond. 1797 8vo. 

Epistle to Peter Pindar, . . 1800 4to, 


Gifford John. History of tlie Political Life of the 

Right Honourable VVni. Pitt, 3 vol. Lond. 1809 4to. 

• Letter to Erskine, .. 1797 8vo. 

Gilbert Lord C. B. Law of Evidence, by C. Lofft, 

4 vol. .. 1791-96 8vo. 

t Ric. Clerical Guide 3 or Ecclesiastical Direc- 
tory : a Register of the Dignities and Benefices 
of the Church of England, .. 1829 8vo. 

t Patroni Ecclesiaruui; a List of the Patrons of 

Livings, &c. in the Church of England and Ireland, 1831 8vo. 

Gilchrist J. Philosophic Etymology, 1816 8vo. 

J. B. Hindostanee Philology, vol. I, Edin. 1810 4to, 

Gillespie Alex. Historical Review of the Royal Marine 

Corps, .. B'lrm. 1803 4to. 

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and Conquests, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1786 4to. 

History of the World, from the Reign of Alex- 
ander to that of Augustus, 2 vol. 1807 4to. 

Gilly W. S, Excursion to the Mountains of Piemont 

in 1823 ; and Researches among the V'audois, 182.5 8vo. 

Waldensian Researches, during a Second Visit 

to the Valleys of Piemont, .. 1831 8vo. 

Memoir of Stephen Neft; Pastor of the High Alps, 1832 8vo. 

Gilpin Wm. Essay on Prints, .. 1768 8vo. 

Observations on the River Wye, &c. 1782 8vo. 

Observations on several Parts of the Counties 

of Cambridge, Norfolk, &c. .. 1809 8vo. 

Observations on the Mountains and Lakes of 

Cumberland and Westmorland, 2 vol. 

— Remarks on Forest Scenery, and other Wood- 
land Views, 2 vol. . . 

— Observations on the Highlands of Scotland, 
relative to Picturesque Beauty, 2 vol. 

Life of Abp. Cranmer, . . ■ 

W. S. Hints on Landscape Gardening, with 

Remarks on Domestic Architecture, 1822 8vo, 










Giraldus Ciimbreiisis. itiiierariiiin Cainbriai et Caiu- 
briiv Descriptio, cum Annotationibus D. Poweb', 

Lond. ISOG 4to. 

translated by Sir R. Hoare, 2 vol. 1806 4to. 

Girard Gab. Synonymes Fraiicolse, 2 toin. Paris, 1780 12mo. 

Gisborne T. Principles of Moral Pliilosopliy, uitli 
Remarks on the Principle assnmed by Mr. Paley 

as the Basis of all Moral Conclusions, &c. Lond. 1789 8vo. 

Enquiry into the Duties of Men, 1794 -Ito. 

Enquiry into the Duties of the Female Sex, 1797 Svo. 

Familiar Survey of the Christian Religion, 1799 8vo. 

Sermons, 3 vol. . . 1802, &c. Svo. 

Walks in a Forest, a Poem, 1808 12mo. 

*Glandorpius Matt. Opera Omnia, 1729 4to. 

Glas Geo. History of the Discovery and Conquest of 

the Canary Islands, . . 1 7G4 4to. 

*Glass. Meditations npon the Attributes of God and 

the Nature of Man, . . ] 770 Svo. 

*Glassius Sal. Philologiaii Sacrie Libri V, Franco/. 1G.33 4to. 

Gleig G. R. Life of Sir T. Munro, 3 vol. ^o«(/. 1830 Svo. 

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tarius, a Richardson, .. Cantab. 1743 fol. 

W. Enquiry concerning Political Justice, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1793 4to. 

Life of Chaucer, 2 vol. 1803 4to. 

Lives of Edw. and John Phillips, Nephews 

of Milton, .. 1815 4to. 

On Population; an Answer to Malthns, 1820 Svo. 

History of tlic Commonwealth of England, 

4 vol. .. 1824-28 Svo. 

*Godwyn Tho. Moses and Aaron ; with F. Rous's 

Archajologia Attica, ,. 1671 4to. 

Goethe Wolf. J. Faust, .. Stuttg. 1821 12mo. 
■ Faust, a Drama. Schiller's Song of the I Jell ; 

translated by Lord F. L. Govvcr, Lond. 1S23 Svo. 



Goethe W. J. Memoirs, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1S24 8vo. 

Goguet Ant. do. Origin of Laws, Arts, and Sciences, 

3 vol. .. Edin. 1761 8vo. 

Golberry Xav. Travels in Africa, translated by W. 

Mud ford, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1803 i2ino. 

*GoIdsmicl F. H. Remarks on the Civil Disabilities 

of British Jews, .. 1830 8vo. 

Goldsmith L. Secret History of the Cabinet of Bo- 
naparte, .. 1810 8vo. 

Oliver. History of the Earth, and Animated 

Nature, 8 vol. .. 1774 8vo. 

Retaliation, a Poem, .. 1774 4to. 

' Poetical Works, 2 vol. 1780 8vo. 

Miscellaneous Works, 4 vol. 1820 8vo. 

*Goldson Wm. Cases of Small Pox, subsequent to 

Vaccination, . . Portsea, 1804 8vo. 

*Goldwin W, Poetical Description of Bristol, (1712) 

reprinted, . . Brist. 1814 

*Goltzius Huber. Icones, Vitfe et Elogia Imperato- 

rum Romanorum, a Gevartio, Antv. 1 G45 fol. 

Good J. M. Study of Medicine, 5 vol. Lond. 1825 Svo. 
Book of Nature, 3 vol. .. 1826 8vo. 

* Occasional Thoughts on Select Texts of Scrip- 
ture, .. 1828 12mo. 

Gordon A. Itinerarium Septentrionale j or a Journey 

through Scotland and the North of England, 1726 fol. 

Lives of Pope Alexander VI, and his Son 

^ Caesar Borgia, .. 1729 fol. 

Sir Adam. Contrast} or Antidote to the Per- 
nicious Principles of Lord Chesterfield, 2 vol. 1791 12mo. 

James. History of the L'ish Rebellion, 1803 8vo. 

John. Observations on the Structure of the 

Brain, .. Edin. 1817 8vo. 

Gorham G. C. Memoirs of John and Thomas Martyn, 
Professors of Botany in the University of Cam- 
bridge, .. Lond. 1830 Svo. 


Gostling Win. Walk in and about the City of Can- 
terbury, . . Canterb. 1774 8vo. 

Gough R. Account of the Alien Priories, 2 vol. //0«(/. 1779 8vo. 
Anecdotes of British Topography, 2 vol. 1780 4to. 

I' Sepulchral JMoiuiments in GrcatBritain,3 vol. 1786-96 fol. 

tGouer J, De ConfessioneAmantis, an English Poem, 1554 fol. 

Foote. Sketch of the Materials for a History 

of Chester, .. Chester, 1773 4to. 

tGraduati Cantabrigienses, 1659-1823, Cantab. \Q23 8vo. 

tGra^vius J. G. Thesaurus Antiquitatuui Roniana- 

runi, 12 toni. Traj. ad RJien. ct Lugd. Bat. 1694-9 fol. 

I Thesaurus Antiquitatuui et Flistoriarum 

Italian cum Pritfationibus Burmanni, 9 torn. 27 

vol. Lugd. Bat. \7^\-12> fol. 

i' Thesaurus Anti(|uitatum et Historiarum Si- 

ciliie, Sardinia', CorsicEe, aliarumque Insularnm 

adjacentiuu), cum Praefatiouibus Burmanni, 15 

vol. .. 1723-5 fol. 

Grafton Ric. Chronicle ; or History of England, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1809 4to. 

Graham Maria. Journal of a Residence in India, ^c?i«. 1812 4to. 
Graramaticse Latinse Auctores Antiqui ; Oj). et Stud. 

Heliac Putschii, 2 torn. .. Hanov. 1605 4to, 

Grandpre Voyage to the Indian Ocean, 1 789-90, 

2 vol. . . Land. 1803 8vo. 

Grant Chas. Poem on the Restoration of Learning 

in the East, . . Camb. 1 805 4to. 

History of Mauritius, .. Lond. 1801 4to. 

.las. Voyage of Discovery in 1800-2, to New 

South Wales, .. 1803 4to. 

Uol>. Sketch of the History of the East India 

Company, . . 1813 8vo. 

(irand Debate between the Commissioners for the 

Review of the Book of Common Prayer, 1661 4to. 

Granger J. Biographical History of England, with 

the Supplement, 3 vol. .. 1769-74 Ito. 


Graves Rich. Lectures on the Four Last Books of the 

Pentateuch, 2 vol. Lond. 1807 8vo. 

*Gravesaude W. J. S. Physices Elementa Matheina- 

tica, 2 torn. . . Le'idcB^ 1/42 4to. 
Oeuvres Philosoj)hiques et Mathema- 

tiques, par J. N. S. Allamand, Amst. 1/74 4to. 

Gravin a J. Vine. Opera, .. Le'ips. 1737 4to. 

Gray Robert, Bp. Key to the Old Testament and 

Apocrypha, .. Lond. 1 79 1 8vo. 

Discourses on various Subjects, 1793 8vo. 

l^our through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, 

in 1791-92, .. 1794 8vo. 

Sermons on the Principles of the Reformation, 

(Bampton Lecture, I79(i) . . ^-vf- 1796 8vo. 

Connection between the Sacred Writings and 

the Literature of Jewish and Heathen Authors 

Illustrated, .. Lond. 1816 8vo. 

Thomas. Poems, .. 1/70 12mo, 

Poems, with Memoirs of his Life and Writings 

by Mason, .. 1775 4to. 

t Poems, with Bentley's Designs, 1789 4to. 

Hugh. Letters from Canada, in lSOG-8, 1809 8vo. 

Zachary. Examination of Neal's History of the 

Puritans, 3 vol. . . 1736, &c. 8vo. 

Green Tho. Examination of Godwin on Political Jus- 
tice, . . 8vo. 

V'alentine. History and Antiquities of the 

City and Suburbs of Worcester, 2 vol. 1796 4to. 

Greene. Strictures on "Cursory Observations on the 

Poems attributed to Rowley," . . 1782 8vo. 

Rob. Dramatic Works and Poems, edited by 

Alex. Dyce, 2 vol. .. • 1831 8vo. 

Greenough G. 13. PrinciiJes of Geology examined, 1819 8vo. 
*Gregory Jac. Conspectus Medicino' TheoreticcC, 

Edin. 1780 8vo. 
Philosophical and Literary Essays, 2 vol, 1792 8vo. 


Gregory John. Elements of the Practice of Piiysic, 

Lond. !774 8\o. 

G. Life of Chatterton, .. 1789 8vo. 

■ Economy of Nature, 3 vol. .. 179C 8vo. 

Olintluis. Letters on the Evidences, Doc- 

trines, and Duties of the Ciiristian Religion, 2 vol. 1812 8vo. 
Treatise of Mechanics, with j)lates, 3 vol. I80G 8vo. 

Grellmaiin H. AL G. Dissertation on tlie Gipsies, 1807 Svo, 

Grenville Lord. Essay on the Supposed Advantages 

of a Sinking Fund, .. 1828 Svo. 

Greswell W. P. Memoirs of Literary Characters, 

Manch. 1801 Svo. 
*Gretv Nelieraiah. Rarities of Gresham CoUedge, 

Lond. 1681 fol. 
* Anatomy of Plants, with other Lectures read 

before the Royal Society, .. 1C82 fol. 

Grey Anch. Debates of the House of Commons, from 

1GG7 to 1C94, 10 vol. .. • 1769 Svo. 

Griffin E. D. Remains, with a Memoir, by J. M<^Vicar, 

2 vol. .. New York, 1831 Svo. 

Griffith Eliz. Morality of Shakespeare's Drama illus- 
trated, . . Lond. 177 o Svo. 
Griffiths J. Travels in Europe, Asia Minor, and 

Arabia, .. 1805 4to. 

*Grinfield E. ^V. Connection of Natural and Revealed 

Theology, .. ISIS 8vo. 

* On Salvability of the Heathen, 1827 Svo. 

* Sermons and Tracts, .. 1817, &c. Svo. 

* T. Epistles and Miscellaneous Poems, 1815 12mo. 

IGronovius Jac. Thesaurus Graecarum Antiquitatum : 

accedunt J. Potteri Archocologia Gracca, necnon 

Indices in Corpus Antiquitatum, 13 vol. L. Bat. 1697 fol. 
1 Grose Francis. Antiquities of England and Whales, 

with the Plans, 6 vol. Lond. 1773, &c. 4to. 

t Antiquities of Scotland, 2 vol. 1797 4to. 

t Antiquities of Ireland, 2 vol. 1791 4to. 


Grose F. Military Antiquities respecting a History of 
the English Army, from the Conquest to the pre- 
sent Time, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1786-8 4to. 

■ Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, 

with the Supplement, . . 178C-I) 4to. 

• Provincial Glossary. . . 1/90 8vo. 

*Grosett J. R. Remarks on West India Afiairs, • 1825 8vo. 

*Grosier Abbe. General Description of China, 2 vol. 1788 8vo. 
Grotius Hugo. Excerpta ex Tragoediis et Comoediis 

Graecis, turn (pire extant, tum quae pcrierunt, Gr. 

et Lat. . . Paris. 1626 4to. 

Historia Gotthoruni, Vandaloriun, et Lango- 

bardorum, . . ^mst. IG55 8vo. 

■ de JureBelli ac Pacis, cum notis J. F. Gronovii 

et varior. 2 vol. .. 1720 8vo. 

Opera Omnia Theologica, 3 torn. 4 vol. 1G79 fol. 

de Veritate Religionis Christianae, 1718 8vo. 

on the Truth of Christianity, by Madan, 

Lond. 1782 8vo. 
*Gruchy Fran^oise de. Abrtge de I'Histoire de la 

Bible, .. Southamp. 1799 8vo. 

Gruter Janus. Florilegii magni, sea PolyantheaeTom. 

Secund. Par. I, II, .. Urgent. \Q2A fol. 

■ Corpus Inscriptionum, ex recensione et cum 

anuotationibus J. G. Graevii, 2 torn. Amst. 1707 fol. 

*Gualtierus Nic. Index Testarum Conchyliorum, 

Florent. 1742 fol. 
Guarini Battista. II Pastor Fido, Camb. 1734 4to. 

Guicciardini Fr. History of Italy, by Goddard, 10 vol. 

Lond. 1755 8vo. 
Gulielmus Neubrigensis. Historia, sive Chronica rerum 

Anglicarum 5 studioT. Hearnii, 3 2, O.iwi. 1719 8vo. 
Guillim John. Display of Heraldry, Lond. 1724 fol, 

Guizot F. Histoire de la Revolution d'Angleterre, de- 

puis rAveuement de Charles 1. jusqu'a la Restau- 

ration de Charles II, 2 torn. .. Paris, 1826-27 8vo. 

CJuiiii W. Inquiry into the Origin and Influence of 

Gothic Architecture, . . Lo7id. 1819 8vo. 

Gunton S. History of the Church of Peterbnrgh, 1CS6 fol. 

Gurney J. J. Essays on the Evidences, Doctrines, and 

Practical Operation of Christianity, 1S25 8vo. 

* Observations on the Religious Peculiarities 

of the Society of Friends, .. Norw. 1824 8vo. 

Gutch John. Collectanea Curiosa, Miscellaneous 
Tracts relating to History and Antiquities, 2 vol. 

O.vf. 1781 8vo. 

Guthrie Wm. Geographical, Historical, and Com- 
mercial Grammar, 2 vol. .. Lond. 177 \ 8vo. 
j^ Maria. Tour through the Crimea, in 179."»-G, 1802 -4to. 

Guys Pet. Aug. Voyage Littcraire de la Grece, 4 torn. 

Paris, 17 S3 8vo. 


HABINGTOx\ WM. Castara, with a Preface and 

Notes, by C. A. Elton, .. BrisL 1814 12mo. 

*Hafez. Persian Odes translated into English Verse, 

with Notes Critical and Explanatory, by J. Nott, 

Lo?id. 1787 4to. 
Hager Jos. Elementary Characters of the Chinese 

Language, ,. 1801 fol. 

Dissertation on theNewly Discovered Babylonian 

Inscriptions, .. 1801 4to. 

Picture of Palermo, by M. Robinson, 1800 Svo. 

Haggard J, Reports of Cases in the Consistory Court 

of London, 2 vol. . 1822 8vo. 

Haggitt John. Two Letters on Gothic Architecture, 

C(w/L 1813 Svo. 
Hailes Ld. Annals of Scotland, 3 vol. Lond. 1797 8vo. 

Ilakewill Geo. Apologic or Declaration of the Power 

and Providence of God in the Government of the 

World, .. Oaf. 1035 fol. 


Hakluyt Richard. Navigations, Voiages, Traffiques, 

and Discoveries of the English Nation, 3 vol. 

Lond. 1598-1600 fol. 
Hale Sir Matt. Jurisdiction of the Lords' House of 

Parliament, with a Preface by F, Hargrave, 1 79G 4to. 

History of the Common Law, by Charles Run- 

niagton, 2 vol. .. 1794 8vo. 

* — - Knowledge of Christ Crucified, and other Divine 

Contemplations, .. Glasg. 1828 I2mo, 

Stephen. Statical Essays, 2 vol. Land. 17C9 Svo. 

' Wd). New Analysis of Chronology, 3 vol. in 4, 

1809-14 4to. 

Faith in the Holy Trinity, the Doctrine of the 

Gospel J and Sabellian Unitarianism shewn to be 

"The God- denying Apostacy," 2 vol. 1818 Svo. 

Hall Jos. Bp. Works, 1628 fol. 

— Satires J with Notes by S, VV. Singer, Climv. 1824 12mo. 

Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West 

Coastof Corea and the Great Loo-choo Island, 1818 4to. 

Basil. Journal, written on the Coasts of Chili, 

Pern, and Mexico, in 1820-22, 2 vol. Edin. \S2-\ 8vo. 

Travels in North America in 1827 and 1828, 

3 vol. . . Lond. 1829 Svo. 

Forty Etchings, from Sketches made in North 

America, . . 1829 4to. 

Fragments of V^oyages and Travels, 6 vol. 1831-32 ]2mo. 

* — John. Parochial Discourses on the Doctrines 

of Christianity contained in the Articles, 1828 Svo. 

* Expository Discourses on the Gospels for Sun- 
days, and the Principal Festivals, 2 vol. Brist. 1832 8vo. 

Lieut. John. Travels in Canada and the United 

States, .. Lond. 1818 Svo. 

Edw. Chronicle, containing the History of Eng- 
land, from Henry IV. to Henry VIIL 1809 4to. 

Mrs. S. C. Sketches of Irish Character, Series 

I, II, .. 1831 Svo. 


Ilall C.H. Sermons on the Fulness of Time (Baiupton 

Lecture, 1798) •• 0.if. 1790 S\o. 

-i — Geo. Webb. Tracts on Corn and Wool, Lond. 8vo. 

* — Geo. Webb, Jnn. Letter to Viscount Milton, on 

tlie Sources of National Wealth, 1 832 8vo. 

Halkett J. Historical Notes respecting the Indians 

of North America, .. l82o 8vo, 

Hallani Hen. View of the State of Europe during the 

Middle Ages, 2 vol. .. 1818 4to. 

Constitutional History of England, from the 

Accession of Henry VIL to the end of the Reign 

of George II. 2 vol. .. 1S27 4to. 

Hallcr Alb. Eleraenta Phvsiologiie Corporis Humani, 

8 torn. .. Lausun. 1/57 4to. 

First Lines of Physiology, by Cullen, 2 vol. 

Edin. 1786 8vo. 
Hallifax Bp. Analysis of the Roman Civil Law, Cff///6. 1775 Svo. 
tHamilton Sir W'm. Etruscan, Grecian, and Roman 

Antifjuities, 2 vol. . . Naples, 1706-7 fol. 
Observations on Mount Vesuvius and other 

V"olcanos, .. Lond. ]773 8vo. 

R. Description of the Influenza, 1782 8vo, 

Ant. Conipte. Meraoires du Comte de 

Grararaont, .. Paris, 1746 12mo. 

Alex. Midwifery, .. Edin. 1787 8vo. 

Hugh. Attempt to prove the Existence 

and absolute Perfection of the Supreme Unorigi- 
nated Being, in a demonstrative Manner, Lond, 1785 8vo. 
• Philosophical Essays, .. 1772 12rao. 

Gav. Schola-Italica Picturac, Roma;, 1773 fol. 

Elizabeth. Letters of a Hindoo Rajah, 

2 vol. . Lond. 1796 8vo. 

Letters on Education, 2 vol. Bat/i, 1801-2 Svo. 

Memoirsof Modern Philosophers, 3 vol. 1800 8vo. 

Memoirs of the Life of Agrippina, 3 vol. 1804 8vo. 

Cottagers of (ileuburnie, Edin. 1810 12iuo. 


Hamilton Elizabetli, Hints to the Patrons and Direc- 
tors of School s^, .. Lond. 1815 \'2ii\o. 

Series of Popular Essays, 2 vol. 1813 8vo. 

Rob. Inquiry concerning the National Debt, 

Edin, 1814 8vo. 

Progress of Society, .. Lond. 1830 8vo. 

Walter. East-India Gazetteer, 2 vol. ■ 1828 8vo. 

Gul. Prodromus Plantarum Indife Occi- 

dentalis, . . 1825 8vo. 

-' Wm. Remarks on Several Parts of Turkev, 

Part I, ^^gyptiaca, .. 1809 4to. 

Plates to Hamilton's /Egyptiaca, .. 1809 fol. 

Hammond Henry. Works, 4 vol. .. 1G83-9 fol. 

D'Hancarville P. F. Recherches sur I'Origine et les 
Progres des Arts de la Grece, avec le Supplement, 
3 tom. .. Paris, 1785 4 to. 

Hancock H. Researches into the Laws and Pheno- 
mena of Pestilence, .. Lond. 1821 8vo. 

Th. Essay on Instinct, and its Physical 

and Moral Relations, . . 1824 8vo. 

Handmaid to the Arts, 2 vol. .. 17G4 8vo. 

Han way Jonas. Travels in Russia, Persia, &c. 2 vol. 17G2 4to. 

*Hardy James. On the Colic of Poitou and Devon- 
shire, . . 1778 8vo. 

— Francis. Memoirs of the Political and Private 

Life of James Caulfield, Earl of Charlemont, 1810 4to. 

Hardyng John. Chronicle, by Henry Ellis, 1812 4to. 

*Harford J. S. Life of Thomas Paine, Brist. \S]9 8vo. 

* Considerations on the pernicious Influence of 

the Bristol Gaol, .. 1815 8vo. 

* Chas. Joseph. Account of Antiquities found 

in Somersetshire, . . Lond. 4to. 

Hargrave F. Juridical Arguments and Collections, 

2 vol. .. 1797-9 4to. 

Haringtou Edvv. Schizzo on the Genius of Man, Bath, 1/93 8vo. 

Harleian Miscellany, 8 vol. . . Lond, 1 744, &c. 4to. 


IJarles T. C. Iiitioductio in Historiam Liugua; Graicaj, 

•_> vol. . . Altenh. 1792-5 8vo. 
Supplementa ad Introductionem in Historiam 

Lingua^ Gra?c», 2 vol. .. Jena;, 1804-6 8vo. 

Harley Wra. Dairy System : and an Account of the 

Dutch Methods of Dairy Husbandry, Lond. 1829 8vo. 

Harnier Thos. Observations on divers Passages of 

Scripture, made from Voyages and Travels into 

the East, -4 vol. .. \n^-'61 8vo. 

*Harmony of the Gospels, on the plan proposed by 

Lant Carpenter, LL.D. .. Boston, 1831 8vo. 

Harper R. G. Observations on the Dispute between 

the United Stales and France, .. Lond. 1/98 8vo. 

Harris John. Collection of Voyages and Travels, 

2 vol. .. 1764 fol. 

Wm. Account of the Lives and Writings of 

James I. and Charles I. and of the Lives of Oliver 

Cromwell and Charles H. 5 vol. . . 1814 8vo. 

* Gual. Dissertationes Medica3 et Chirurgicse, 1725 Svo. 

James. Hermes j or a Philosophical Inquiry 

concerning Universal Grammar, 1771 Svo. 

Three Treatises on Art, Music, Painting and 

Poetry, and Happiness, ,. 1772 Svo. 

I'hilosophical Arrangements, . . 1775 Svo. 

Philological Inquiries, 2 vol. .. 1781 Svo. 

Harrington Sir John. Nuga; Anti(juffi, 2 vol. 17^9-75 l2mo. 

.James. Oceana and other Works, 1747 fol. 

Hartc Walter. History of Gustavus Adolphus, King 

of Sweden, 2 vol. .. 1807 Svo. 

Hartley David. Observations on Man, 2 vol. 1749 Svo. 

*Harvey W. Opera Omnia : a Collegio Medicorum 

Londinensi edita, .. 17(JC 4to. 

Harwood Edvv. View of the various Editions of the 

Greek and Roman Classics, .. 1775 Svo. 

Tho. Grecian Antiquities, ISO! Svo. 

— History of Lichfield, .. (Uoceat, lSO(i 4to. 


Harwood B. System of Comparative Anatomy and 

Physiology, vol. I, Fasciculus I, Camb. 1/9(3 4to. 

Has] am J. Observations on Madness and Melan- 
choly, . . Lond. 1809 8vo. 

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by C. Linnscus, . . 1766 8vo. 

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Cant. 1778-99 fol. 

*HastiDgs Warren. Memoirs relative to the State of 

India, . . Lond. 1786 8vo. 

Hatsell John. Precedents of Proceedings in the House 

of Commons^ 4 vol. .. 1796 4to. 

Hawkins Sir J. General History of the Science and 

Practice of Music, 5 vol. .. 1776 4to. 

Life of Samuel Johnson, .. 1787 8vo. 

Lsetitia M. Memoirs, Anecdotes, Facts, and 

Opinions, 3 vol. .. 1822-24 8vo. 

Sir C. Observations on the Tin Trade of the 

Ancients in Cornwall, .. 181 1 8vo. 

Tho. Origin of the English Drama, 3 vol. 

Oa.f. 1773 8vo. 

J. S. History of the Origin and Establish- 

ment of Gothic Architecture, Loud. 1813 8vo. 

Hawkesworth J. Account of Voyages for making Dis- 
coveries in the Southern Hemisphere, 3 vol. 1773 4to. 

Hay Edw. History of the Insurrection of the County 

of Wexford, .. Dublin, 1803 8vo. 

Haygarth Wm. Greece, a Poem, Lond. 1814 8vo. 

* J. Tractors, .. Bath, imO 8vo. 

Hayley Wm. Poetical Epistle to an Eminent Painter, 

Lond. 1778 4to. 

" Essay on History, .. 1780 4to. 

> Triumphs of Temper, .. 1781 4to. 

■ Essay on Epic Poetry, . . 1 782 4to. 

Plays of Three Acts, . . 1 784 4to. 

Life of Milton, .. 1796 4to. 


Flazlitt AA'. Life of Napolcoa Boiiapaite, 2 vol. 

LoniL 1828 8\-o, 

Head F. B. Roiigli Notes taken duiiii<f some rapid 
Journeys across the Pampas and among the 
Andes, . . 1826 8vo. 

Headley Hen. Select Beauties of Ancient English 

Poetry, 2 vol. .. 1787 8vo. 

Hearne T. Works, vol. I — IV, containing Peter Lang- 
toft and Robert of Gloucester's Chronicles, 1810 8vo. 

Collection of Curious Discourses, 2 vol. 1/75 8vo. 

Dnctor Historicus, 2 vol. .. 1714-23 8vo. 

Liber Niger Scaccarii, necnon AV. Worccstrii 

Annales Rerum Anglicanuii, 2 vol. 1771-1774 8vo. 
Sam. Jonrney to the Northern Ocean, in 

1769-72, .. 179.i Ito. 

tHearne and Byrne. Antiquities of Great Britain, 

2 vol. .. 1778, &c. fol. 
Heber Bp. Poems and Translations, 1812 12rao. 

Life of Bp. Jeremy Taylor, 2 vol. 1824 8vo. 

Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, 

1824-25; Journey to Madras and the Southern 
Provinces, 1826, 2 vol. 

Journey in India, 3 vol. 

Sermons preached in England, and in India, 

2 vol. 













Heberden W. Commentaries on the History and 
Cure of Diseases, 

t*Hederich Ben. Lexicon Grascum, a Morcll, 

Heeren A. H. L. Historical Researches into the 
Politics, Intercourse, and Trade of the Cartha- 
ginians, Ethiopians, and Egyptians, 2 vol. Oj'f. 1832 8vo. 

*Heister Laurence. Compendium of Anatomy, Z/o«(/. 1721 8vo. 

* Compendium of the Practice of Physic, 1757 8vo. 

*Hele A. Harmony of the Four Gospels, Rending-, 17.")<* 8vo. 

Heliodorus. /Ethiopicorum Libri X, Gra^co ; cdente 

I). Corav, 2 vol. .. Park. 1804 8vo. 


*Hellot J. De la Fonte des MineSj des Fonderies, 

&c. 2 torn. .. Paris, 1750 4to. 

^, Hemans Felicia. Poems, 4 vol. Lond. 1816-2.5 8vo. 

v Songs of the Affections, with other Poems, ^rfw. 1830 12mo. 

"^ Records of Woman, with other Poems, 1830 12mo. 

Hemprich et Ehrenberg. Reisen in ^Egypten, Libyan, 

Niibien, und Dongola, .. Berlin, 1828 4to. 

Henderson E. Biblical Researches and Travels in 
^ Russia; including a Tour in the Crimea, Lond. 1826 8vo. 

Journal of a Residence in Iceland during 

1814-15, 2 vol. ., Edhi. 1818 8vo. 
Alex. History of Ancient and Modern 

Wines, .. Lond. 1824 4to. 
G. Account of the British Settlement of 

Honduras, .. 1812 8vo. 

Henry W. Elements of Experimental Chemistry, 2 vol. 1815 8vo. 

Rob. History of Great Britain, 6 vol. 5 ' 

^ Ed'm. 1793 4to. 

Tho. Account of a Method of Preserving Water 

at Sea, . . TVarr'mg. 1781 8vo. 

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Hephaestion Alexand. Enchiridion j et Procli Chres- 

tomathia Grammatical curante T. Gaisford, 0^'o?2. 1810 8vo. 

Heraldic Anomalies, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1824 8vo. 

Heraldry in Miniature, .. 1777 I2rao. 

D'Herbelot Bart. Bibliotheque Orientale, avec le 

Supplement par Visdelou et Galand, Maest. 1776-80 fol. 
Herbert Lord Edw. of Cherbury. Life and Reign of 

King Henry VIII, .. Lond. \(S^2 fol. 

■ Life, by Walpole, .. 1778 4to. 

W. Antiquities of the Inns of Court and 

Chancery, .. 1804 8vo. 

-~ Hon. W. Helga, a Poem, 1815 8vo. 

Herculanensia ; or Archaeological and Philological 
Dissertations : containing a MS. found among the 
Ruins of Herculaneum, .. 1810 4to. 


HeiTiilancnsiuni Volumimuii, Par. I, IJ, 2 vol. Oa'oii. 1825 8vo. 

Hciiot J. Historical Sketch of Gibraltar, &c. Land. 1/92 8vo. 

Geo, Travels tlnougli the Canadas, 1807 4to. 

Hermann Godofrcd. Opiiscula, 2 vol. Lips. 1827 8vo. 

Eleincnta Doctrina3 Metrica*, Gtasg. 1817 8vo. 

Hermit of Warkwortli, a Northumberland Ballad, 

Lond. 1772 4to. 
L'Hermite de la Chausscc D'Antin, ou Observations 
snr Ics Moeurs et les Usages Parisiens, 5 tom. 

Paris, 1815 12mo. 
*Hernandcz Fr. Rerum Mcdicarum Novae Hispaniae 

Thesaurus, a Reecho, .. Romce, 1651 fol. 

Herodian, translated by .1. Hart, Lond. 1749 8vo. 

Herodotus. Hisforiarura Libri IX, Gr. et Lat. cum 

notis varior. a Wesselingio, Amstel. 1763 fol. 

History, with Notes, translated by Beloe, 

4 vol. .. Lond. 1791 8vo. 

translated by Isaac Taylor, 1829 8vo. 

traduite du Grec^ avec des Remarques Hist. 

et Crit. un Essai sur la Chronologie d'Hcrod. &c. 

par M. Larcher, 9 tom. . . Paris, 1802 8vo. 

Heron Rob. Journey through the Western Parts of 

Scotland, 2 vol. .. Perth, 1793 8vo. 

• Letters of Literature, .. Lond. 1785 8vo. 

*Herrick Robert. Select Poems, .. Brist. 1810 8vo. 

Herring Abp. Letters to Wm. Buncombe, with Notes 

and an Appendix, .. Lond. 1777 8vo. 

Herschell .J. F. W. Preliminary Discourse on the Study 

of Natural Philosophy, (Cabinet Cyclopaedia) 

1830 12mo. 

Hesiodus. Quae supersunt, Gr. et Lat. cum notis 

varior. a T. Robinsono, 4to. . . Oxon. I 737 4to. 

Remains, translated by C. A. Elton ; with a 

Dissertation and Notes, .. I^ond. 1815 8vo. 

tHcsychius. Lexicon, cum notis varr. ct Alberti et 

Ruhnkcnii, 2 ton). .. Lugd. Bat. 1746-G6 8vo. 


"^ Hevelius J. Prodroinus Astionomicipj cnin Catalogo 

Stellaruin Fixarum, .. Gedani, iG9() fol. 

Hey John. Lectures in Divinity, 3 vol. Camb. 179fi-8 8vo. 

Heylyn P. Life of Archbishoj) Laud, Lond. 16/1 fol. 

Heyne Ben. Tracts, Historical and Statistical, on 
India j \vit!i .Journals of several Tours, and an 
Account of Sumatra, .. 1814 4to. 

Hey wood S. V'indication of Mr. Fox's History of the 

early Part of the Reign of James the Second, 1811 4to. 

Dissertation upon the Distinctions in So- 
ciety under the Anglo Saxon Governments, 1818 8vo. 

Hibbert Sam. Sketches of the Philosophy of Appari- 
tions, .. Edin. 1825 8vo. 

Hibernicarum Rerum Scriptores Veteres; ed. Carolus 

O'Connor, torn. I, .. Bucking. 1814 4to. 

fHickes Geo. Linguarum vett. Septentrionalium The- 
saurus Grammatico-Criticus et Archa^ologicus, et 
H. Wanleii Librorum vett. Septentrionalium Ca- 
talogus, 2 vol. .. 0x011. 1/05 fol. 

t Hieroglyphics, collected by the Egyptian Society; ar- 
ranged by T. Young, . . Lond. 1823 fol. 

Higgins Bryan. Experiments on Calcareous Cements, 1/80 8vo. 

Observations and Advices, 2 vol. 

St. Jago de la Fega 1797-1800 8vo. 

Highmore A. Pietas Londinensis : The History and 
present State of the Public Cliarities in and near 
London, .. Lond. 1810 8vo. 

Highways and Byways 5 Tales of the Roadside, picked 
up in the French Provinces, 2 vol. in 1, — 

Second Series, 3 vol. — 

t*Hill John. History of Fossils, . . — 

History of Plants, . . — 

Aaron. Works, 4 vol. . . — 











Brian. Observations in a Journey through 

Sicily and Calabria, in 1791 .. 1792 8vo. 

— John. Synonymes of theLatin Language, £'r/i«. 1804 4to. 


Hili George. Theological Institutes, Edin. 1803 8vo. 

Hinds S. History of the Rise and Early Progress of 

Christianity, 2 vol. .. O.vf. \S2S Svo. 

*HippisleY SirJ.C. On the Ronaan Catholic Claims, 180G- 15 Svo. 
Hippocrates et Galenus. Opera, Gr. et Lat. a R. 

Charterio, 13 vol. in 9, .. Lutet. IG79 fol. 

*Hippocrates. Opera Omnia, Gr. ct Lat. a Linden, 

2 torn. .. Liigd. Bat. 1665 Svo. 

* upon Air, Water, and Situation, &c. by F. 

Clifton, . . Lond. 1734 Svo. 
History of Epidemics, with Notes, and a 

Dissertation on tlic Nature and Cause of Infection, 

by S. Farr, .. 1/80 4to. 

Histoire de la Vie et du Regno de Louis XIV, publiee 

j)ar M. de la Martinerc, 3 torn. La Haye, 1740 4to. 

Histoire ct !Meinoires de I'lnstitut Royal de France, 

Classe d'Histoire et de Litterature Ancienne, 

6 torn. .. Paris, 1815-22 4to. 

Histoire Litteraire des Troubadours, 3 torn. 1802 Svo. 

Historiae Poeticae Scriptores Antiqui, Gr. et Lat. a 

T. Gale, .. 1675 Svo. 

Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores X, cura Rog. Twysden, 

2 vol. .. Oj;on. 1652 fol. 

Historiae Britannicee et Anglicana; Scriptores XX, cura 

T. Gale, 2 vol. .. 1687-91 fol. 

Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores Varii, e Codd. MS. 

editi, a J. Sparke, ., 1722 fol. 

Historiae Augustae Scriptores VI, cum notis varior. 

2 torn. .. Lugd. Bat. 1671 Svo. 

Historic Doubts relating to Napoleon Bonaparte, Lond. 1819 Svo. 
Historical and Allusive Arms, borne in Great Britain 

and Ireland, . . 1803 4to. 

Historical and Descriptive Account of British India, 

(Edin. Cabinet Lib.) 3 vol, .. /7r/;«. 1832 12mo. 

Historical View of the Taste for Gardening and laying 

outGrounds,amoDgtheNationsof Antiquity, Z/o«(/. 1783 Svo. 


Historical Sketch of the Invasions, or Descents upon 

the British Islands, .. Lond. 1801 4to. 

Historical View of the Revolutions of Portugal, since 

the Close of the Peninsular War, 1827 Svo. 

*History of the Works of the Learned, from 1699 to 

1705 inclusive, 7 vol. .. 1G99, &c. 4to. 

History of the Jesuits, with a Reply to Dallas's De- 
fence of that Order, 2 vol. . . 1816 Svo. 

History of the Principal States of Europe, from the 

Peace of Utrecht, 2 vol. .. 1826 Svo. 

History of England, with the Lives of all the Kings 
and Queens ; edited by John Hughes and Bp. 
Kennett, 3 vol, .. 1706 fol. 

History and Proceedings of the House of Commons, 

from 1660 to 1743, by Chandler, 14 vol. 1742-4 8vo. 

History and Proceedings of the House of Lords, from 

1660 to 1742, by Timberland, 8 vol. 1742-3 Svo. 

History of the Boroughs of Great Britain, 3 vol. 1792 Svo. 

History of the Reign of George III, 2 vol. 1780 Svo. 

History of the University of Oxford, 1773 4to. 

History of the City of Dublin, by J. Warburton, J. 

Whitelaw, and R. Walsh, 2 vol. 1818 4to. 

History and Antiquities of Tewkesbury, &c. Teickesb. 1790 Svo. 

History of the Trial of Warren Hastings, Lond. 1796 Svo. 

History of the Campaign of 1799, in Holland, 1801 Svo. 

History of Rome, from the Foundation of the City by 

Romulus to the Death of M.Antoninus, 3 vol. 1792 Svo. 

History of France, from the first Establishment of that 

IMonarchy to the present Revolution, 3 vol. 1790 Svo. 

History of Spain, from the Establishment of the Co- 
lony of Gades by the Phoenicians to the Death of 
Ferdinand VI, 3 vol. . . 

History of the Revolt of Ali Bey, . . 

History of Suli and Parga, . . Edin. 

Hoadley Bp. Works, 3 vol. . . Lond. 

Hoare Prince. Life of Granville Sharp, 












Hoare Sir R. C. Classical Tour through Italy and 

Sicily, 2 vol. .. Lond. 18\9 8vo. 

t Ancient History of South Wiltshire, 1812 fol. 

t* Ancient History of North Wilts, part I, 1819 fol. 

Hobbes Tlio. Moral and Political Works, 1750 fol. 

Hobhouse B. Reply to Randolph's Letter to Priestley, 

Trowbrklge, 1792 8vo. 

J. C. Journey through Albania and other 

Provinces of Turkey, .. Lond. 1813 4to. 

Illustrations of the Fourth Canto of Childe 

Harold, .. 1818 8vo. 

Hockin J. P. Supplement to the Account of the 

Pelew Islands, .. 1803 4to. 

*Hodges N. Loiniologia, .. 1720 8vo. 

■ Wm. Travels in India, in 1780-83, 1793 4to. 

Hodgson C. Account of the Augmentation of Small 

Livings by the Governors of Q. Anne's Bounty, 1826 8vo. 

Instructions for the Clergy, 1824 8vo. 

Hodson Rob. Life of Bp. Porteus, 1811 8vo. 

Hody Humph. De Graecis Illustribus, &c. Lib. II, 1747 8vo. 

*^ de Bibliorum Textibus Originalibus, Libri IV, 

Oxon. 1705 fol. 

History of Convocations, Lond. 1701 8vo. 

*Hoffmann Fr. Medicinae Rationalis Systema, 7 tom. 

Halcc Magd. 1729, &c. 4to. 

* Opuscula Medica, .. Halce, 1739 4to. 

+ J. .1. Lexicon Universale, 4 torn. /y.^«^. 1G98 fol. 

Hogarth W. Analysis of Beauty, with the Plates, Loh(/. 1772 4to. 

Works Moralized, . . 8vo. 

Hogg Jas. Queen's Wake, a Legendary Poem, 1815 8vo. 

Holbein Hans. Uance of Death, .. 1803 4to. 

Holcroft Tho. Travels in Germany, Holland, and 

France, 2 vol. .. 1801 4to. 

Holden .John. Essay towards a Rational System of 

Music, .. Glasg. 1770 4to. 

Hole Ilic. Remarks on the Arabian Nights' Enter- 
tainments, . . Lond. 1 797 Svo. 


Holfoid Miss. Poems, .. Lond. 1811 8vo. 

*Holinslied Raphael. Clironicle of England, from 

10G6to I57G, with tlie Continuation to 1586, 

Chronicles of England, Scotland, and 















Ireland, . . 

Holland Lord. Account of the Life and Writings of 

Lope de Vega, . . 

Hen. Travels in the Ionian Isles, Albania, 

7'hessaly, Macedonia, &c. during 1812-13, 

*HolIand R. On the Small Pox, . . 

Hen. General View of the Agriculture of 

Cheshire, . . 

HoUiday J. Life of William Earl of Mansfield, 

Holman James. Travels through Russia, Siberia, Po- 
land, Austria, Prussia, Hanover, &c. in 1822-24, 

2 vol. .. 1826 Svo. 

Holmes G. Tour in Ireland, .. 1801 8vo. 

Home John. Works, with his Life by H. Mackenzie, 

3 vol. .. Edin. 1822 8vo. 

History of the Rebellion in 1745, Lond. 1802 4to. 

Sir Everard. Lectures on Comparative Ana- 
tomy, G vol. .. 1814-28 4to. 

* Fr. Principia Medicinw, Ed'in. 1758 8vo. 

*Homerus. Opera, (cum Indice Seberi, 1780) 2 tom. 

Oxon. 1817 Svo. 

■ Carolina Homerica in Pristinam Formam 

redacta, a R. P. Knight, .. 1820 4to. 

* Ilias et Odyssea, Grsece, 4 tom. 1800 4to. 

Ilias, et Scholia in eam antiquissima, Gr. 

Editore de Villoison, .. Venet. 1788 fol. 

Ilias, cum brevi annotatione accedunt variag 

Lectiones et Observationes veterum Gramma- 
ticorum cum nostras setatis critica curante C. G. 
Heyne, 8tom. . Li])s. 1802 Svo. 

Ilias, Gr. et Lat. a S Clarke, 2 vol. Lond. 1774 Svo. 

Odyssea, Lat. a S.Clarke, 2 vol. 1758 Svo. 


Homeius. Hymiiiis In Cercreiii, editus a D. Rulin- 

keiiio, . . Lugd. Bat. 1808 8vo. 

Homer. Iliad and Odyssey, translated by Alex. Pope, 

11 vol. .. Lond. 17C0 Svo. 

Iliad and Odyssey, by AV. Cowper, 2 vol. 1791 4to. 

Iliad, translated into English Verse, by W. 

Sotheby, 2 vol. .. 1831 Svo. 

Hoogeveeu Hen. Doctrinu Particularum Lingute 

Graecae, 2 torn. .. Lugd. Bat. 1/69 4to. 

Hook James. Anguis in Herbfi, .. Lond. 1802 Svo. 

Hooke Nat. Roman History, from the Building of 

Rome to the Ruin of the Commonwealth, -i vol. 1770-1 4to. 

Observations on the Roman Senate, 1738 4to. 

*Hooker Ric. Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, with 

Tracts and Sermons, and his Life by Walton,' 1723 fol. 

\V. J. Journal of a Tour in Iceland in the 

Summer of 1809, second edition, 2 vol. 1813 Svo. 

Hooper Rob. Compendious Medical nictiouary, 1801 12uio. 

Anatomist's Vade Mecum, 1804 Svo. 

Observations on the Structure and Economy 

of Plants, .. Oaf. 1797 Svo. 

Rational Recreations, 4 vol. Lond. 1774 Svo. 

tHope Tho. Costume of the Ancients, 1809 Svo. 

Anastasius, 3 vol. . . 1820 Svo. 

Hopkins Bp. Works, by I. Pratt, 4 vol. 1809 Svo. 

Iloratius. Opera, in usum Delphini, 1799 Svo. 

* Opera, a L. Desprcz, in usum Delphini, /'ftm. 1G91 4to. 

Opera, ad optimorum Exemplarium fidem re- 

censita, .. Cantab. 1(J99 4to. 

Opera, cum variis lectionibus, notis varior. et 

indice locupletissinio, a C. Combe, 2 torn. 1792-3 4to. 

* Opera, illustravit F. (i. Doering, Lond. 182(3 Svo. 

Epistokc ad Pisones et Augustum, ivith a 

Commentary and Notes, by Bp. Hurd, 3 vol. 1780 12mo. 

Epistle to the Pisos, translated by G.Colman, 1783 4to. 

■■' Lyricks in English Verse, 2 vol, 1803 l2mo. 


Horace. Odes, Epodes, and Carmen Seculare, by 

Boscaweu, .. Lond. 1793 8vo. 

Horace in London j consisting of Imitations of the 

two first Books of the Odes of Horace, 1813 12mo. 

Horae Romanae j an Attempt to Elucidate St. Paul's 

Epistle to the Romans, .. 1823 8vo. 

Horapollo. Hieroglyphica, Gr. et Lat. cum notis var. 

et J. C. de Pauw, . . Traj. ad Rhen. 1727 4to. 

Home Bp. Discourses on several Subjects and Oc- 
casions, 5 vol. .. O.?/. 1779-1800 8vo. 

Commentary on the Book of Psalms, 2 vol. in 1, 1776 4to. 

Horneman. Travels in the Interior of Africa, in 

1797-8, .. Lond. 1802 4to. 

Horsley Bp. Charges in 1783 and 1800, 1783, &c. 4to. 

Sermons, 4 vol. in 2, .. Dundee, 1811 8vo. 

Elementary Treatises on the Fundamental 

Principles of Practical Mathematics, Ocvf. 1801 8vo. 

Tracts in Controversy with Priestley, Gloc. 1 789 8vo. 

Biblical Criticism, 4 vol. Lond. 1820 8vo. 

■ On Virgil's Two Seasons of Honey, 1805 4to. 

Speeches in Parliament, Dundee, 1813 Svo. 

t John. Britannia Romana, Lond. 1732 fol. 

Horton R. W. Causes and Remedies of Pauperism 

considered, .. 1829 Svo. 

*Hottinger J. H. Thesaurus Philologicus, Tiguri, 1649 4to. 

Houghton John. Collection for Improvement of Hus- 
bandry and Trade, 4 vol. .. Lond. 1727-8 8vo. 

Howard John. Works ; History of Prisons and La- 
zarettos, by Aikin, 2 vol. .. 1791-2 4to. 

P. Thoughts on the Structure of the Globe, 1797 4to, 

Howe Sir W. Narrative of his Conduct, 1780 4to. 

*Howel Laurence. View of the Pontificate, from its 

supposed beginning to a. d. 15G3, 1712 Svo. 

Tho. Journal of the Passage from India through 

Armenia, &c. .. 1766-71 Svo. 

Howell James. Familiar Letters, 1754 Svo. 


*Ho\vell John. Tentaineii Medicum Inaugurale, de 

Dyseiiteria, ., Edin. 1816 8vo. 

Howitt Wm. Book of the Seasons ; or the Calendar 

of Nature, .. 1831 12mo. 

Hewlett John. Enquiry concerning the Influence of 

Tithes upon Agriculture, .. Lond. 1801 8vo. 

Examination of Dr. Price's Essay on the Po- 
pulation of England and Wales, Maidstone, 8vo. 

Howley Bp. Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of 

London, .. Lond. 1826 4to. 

Huber Fr. Natural History of Ants, translated by 

J. R. Johnson, . . 1820 12mo. 

Natural History of Bees, .. Edin. 1808 12mo. 

♦Hudson Guliel. Flora Anglica, 2 torn. Lond. 1778 8vo. 

Huet P. D. Demonstratio Evangelica, Paris, 1690 fol. 

Memoirsof his Life, translated by J. Aikin, 2 vol. 1810 8vo. 

*Hug J. L. Einleitung in die Schriften des Neuen 

Testaments, 2 vol. .. Stuttgart, 1821 8vo. 

* Introduction to the Writings of the New Tes- 
tament, translated by D. G. Wait, 2 vol. Lond. 1827 8vo. 

Hughes John. Correspondence, 3 vol. 1 772 1 2mo. 

* L. Historical View of the Rise, Progress, and 

Tendency of the Principles of Jacobinism, 1799 8vo. 

J. Horaj BritanniccC; or Studies in Ancient 

British History, 2 vol. .. 1818-19 8vo. 
John. Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone, 

made in the year 1819, .. 1829 Svo. 

Views in the South of France to Illustrate 

the Itinerary, .. 1830 fol. 

■ J. S. Travels in Greece and Albania, 2 vol. 1830 8vo. 

Griffith. Natural History of Barbadoes, 1750 fol. 

Huish Rob. Treatise on the Nature, Economy, and 

Management of Bees, .. 1816 8vo. 

*Hull W. W. Inquiry concerning Changes in the 
Canons, Articles, Liturgy, &c. of the Church of 
England, .. 1828 .Svo. 


*Hull W. W. On the Disuse of the Athanasian Creed, 

Lond. 1831 8vo 

Human Longevity ; recording the Name, Age, &c. of 
1712 Persons who attained a Century and up- 
wards, .. Salisb. 1709 8vo. 

Humboldt Alex. de. Personal Narrative of Travels 
to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, 
translated by H. M. Williams, 7 vol. Xowf/. 1814-29 8vo. 

Researches concerning the Institutions and 

Monuments of the Ancient Inhabitants of America, 

translated by H. M. Williams, 2 vol, in 1, 1814 8vo. 

• Political Essay on the Kingdom of New 

Spain, translated by J. Black, 4 vol. and Atlas, 1811 8vo. 

Hume David. History of England, 8 vol. 1773 8vo. 

* Essays, Moral and Political, .. 1748 12mo. 

Essays and Treatises on several Subjects, 2 vol. 1784 8vo. 

.los. Speech at the India House, relative to 

the Renewal of the Company's Charter, 1813 8vo. 

Humphreys James. Observations on the State of the 

Laws of Real Property, with Outlines of a Code, 1826 8vo. 

Hunt Leigh. Story of Rimini, a Poem, 1816 12mo. 

*Hunter John. On the Diseases of the Army, 1788 8vo. 

Treatise on the Blood, Inflammation, and 

Gun-Shot Wounds, with his Life, by Home, 1794 4to. 

■ Tho. Observations on Tacitus, 1752 8vo. 

Reflections on the Earl of Chesterfield's 

Letters, . . 1776 8vo. 

A. Georgical Essays, 6 vol. York, 1803-4 8vo. 

*Huntingford Bp, Discourses on difl'erent Subjects, 

2 vol. - . Lond. 1797 8vo. 

Call for Union with the Established 

Church, .. JFinches. 1800 8vo. 

— Preparation for the Holy Order of Dea- 

cons, .. Lond. 1807 8vo. 

Charge to the Clergy of Gloucester, in 

June, 1810, .. 1810 8vo. 


Hurd Bp. Commentary on Horace's Epistles to the 

Pisos and Augustus, with Notes, &c. 3 vol. Lond. 1766 12mo. 

Introduction to the Prophecies, (Warburton Lec- 
ture) 2 vol. .. 1773 l2rao. 

Moral and Political Dialogues, with Letters on 

Chivalry and Romance, 3 vol. 1771 12mo. 

*lIurlock Jos. On Dentition, .. 1742 8vo. 

Huskisson W. On the Question concerning the De- 
preciation of our Currency, .. 1810 8vo. 

Hutcheson Fr. Introduction to Moral Philosophy, 

2 vol. .. Glasg. 1772 12mo. 
System of Moral Philosophy, 2 vol. Z/o;k/. 1755 4to. 

* R.K. Treatise on Excise and " Qui Tarn" 

Informations, .. Br'ist. 1797 Svo. 

Hutchins John. History and Antiquities of the 

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History and Antiquities of the County of 

Dorset, vol. Ill, IV, (second edition) 1813-15 fol. 

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Ilistorv and Anticpiities of the County of 

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History and Anticpiities of Cumberland, 

2 vol. .. Carlisle, 1794 4to, 

Lucy. Memoirs of the Life of Colonel 

Hutchinson, . . Lond. 1806 4to. 

Gov. History of Massachusets Bay, 2 vol. 1760 Svo. 

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Natural Philosophy, 4 vol. .. 1803 Svo. 

Mcithematical and Pliilosophical Dictionary, 

2 vol. . . 1795-6 4to. 

Elements of Conic Sections, 1787 Svo. 

Mathematical Tables, .. 1811 Svo. 

Wm. History of Birmingham, B'trm. 1781 Svo. 

Courts of Requests, with a variety of Cases 

deteriniiicd in that of Birmingham, 1787 Svo. 


Hutton W. Battle of Bosvvorth-Field, between Rich- 
ard III. and Henry Earl of Richmond^ Birm. 1788 8vo. 

Dissertation on Juries, .. 1789 8vo. 

History of Derby, .. Lond. 1791 8vo. 

History of the Roman Wall, 1802 8vo. 

■ Scarborough Tour, in 1803, ,. . 1804 8vo. 

■ Trip to Coatham, in Yorkshire, 1810 8vo. 

- — Remarks upon North \^'ales, Birm. 1815 8vo. 

Life, with the FJistory of his Family ; by Him- 
self, .. Loud. 1816 8vo. 

W. Voyage to Africa, including a Narrative 

of an Embassy to the Interior in 1820, 1821 8vo. 

*Huxham John. On Fevers, .. 1757 Svo. 

*Hyde Tho. Historia Religionis Veterum Persarum, 

eorumque iVIagorum, .. Ojron. 1700 4to. 

t*Hydrographie Francoise ; Recueil des Cartes Ma- 
rines gen. et partic. 2 torn. . . fol. 


lAMBLICHUS. De Mysterils ^Egyptiorum, Gr. et 

Lat. a T. Gale, . . Oj;on. 1678 Svo. 

On Egyptian Mysteries, by T. Tay- 
lor, .. Lond. 1821 8vo. 
Life of Pythagoras j translated by 

T.Taylor, .. 1818 Svo. 

Idler, 2 vol. .. 1767 12mo. 

Ignoramus, Comoediae, a G. Ruggle, cum notis J. S. 

Hawkins, .. ■ 1787 8vo. 

Illingworth W. Inquiry into the Laws respecting Fore- 
stalling, &c. .. 1800 Svo. 

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and R. Jaraieson, .. Edin. 1814 4to. 

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Independent Whig, 4 vol. .. Lond. 1752-3 12mo. 

Ingcn-Housz, Noiivelles Experiences et Observations 

sur divers objets de Physique, 2 torn. Parts, 1/85-9 8vo. 

Exprriences sur les Vegetaux, 2 torn. 1/87-9 8vo. 

Experiments upon Vegetables, Loud. 1779 8vo. 

Initia Paulina, Introductio ad lectiouem Pauli Episto- 

laruui, .. 1804 8vo. 

ln([uiry into the Nature of our Commercial Distress ; 

by a Practical Man, .. 1828 8vo. 

Inquiry into the Ancient Greek Game, supposed to 

have been invented by Palamedes, 1810 4to. 

t*In(iuisitionum ad Capellam Dom. Reg. Retornatarum 

qucE in Publicis Archivis ScotiiB adhunc servantur 

Abbreviatio, 3 vol. .. 1811-16 fol. 

Institutes of Hindu Law, .. 1796 Svo. 

*Insufliciency of the Light of Nature, 1797 8vo. 

Introductory Lectures delivered at the Opening of the 

London University, .. 1829 8vo. 

tinwood H. W. Erechtheion at Athens j Fragments 

of Athenian Architecture ; Remains in Attica, Me- 

gara, and Epirus, .. 1827 fol. 

flonian Antiquities, by (/handler, Revett, and Pars. 

Part I, II, .. 1769-97 fol. 

Ireland Sam. Picturesque Tour through Holland, 

Brabant, and Part of France, in 1780,2 vol. 1790 fol. 

Examination of Malone's Incpiirv, 8vo. 

Graphic Illustrations of Hogartli, 1794 8vo. 

.John. Paganism and Christianity compared, 1825 Svo. 

Irish Pursuits of Literature, in 1798 and 1799, Z)«/y/i«, 1799 8vo. 
*lronic and Serious Discourses on the Subject of Phy- 

sick, .. Lond. 1749 8vo. 
Irving Washington. Chronicle of the Conquest of 
Granada, from the MSS. of Fray Antonio Agapida, 
2 vol. .. 1829 Svo. 

History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher 

Columbus, 4 vol. .. 1828 Svo. 


Irving D. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George 

Buchanan, .. Edin. 1-17 8vo. 

Irwin Eyles. Adventures in a Voyage up the Red 

Sea, .. Lond. 1780 4to. 

*Isaacson Hen. Chronology, .. IG33 fol. 

Itineraria Symonis Simeonis et Willelmide Worcestre, 

cura J. Nasmith, .. Cantab. 1778 8vo. 

Ives Edw. Voyage from England to India, Lond. 177^ 4to. 

Izaacke Rich, Remaukable Antiquities of the City 
of Exeter 5 enlarged and continued to 1724, by 
Samuel Izaacke, .. 1734 8vo. 


tiorum, 3 vol. in 1, .. Franco/. 1750-52 Svo. 

Opuscula, a T. Water, 4 vol. Lug-d. Bat. 1813 Svo. 

Jackson J. Chronological Antiquities, 3 vol. Lond. 1752 4to. 

John. Journey from India towards England, 

in 1797, .. - 

J. G. Account of the Empire of Marocco,— 

Wm. Four Ages, . . — 

■ Thirty Letters on Various Subjects, 2 vol.— 









Jacob Wm. Historical Inquiry into the Production 

and Consumption of the Precious Metals, 2 vol. 1831 Svo. 

Travels in the South of Spain in 1809 and 1810, 1811 4to. 

View of the Agriculture, Manufactures, &c. of 

Germany, and Parts of Holland and France, 1820 4to. 

t' G. Law Dictionary, ., 1772 fol. 

Jacquin J. F. Elements of Chemistry, 1799 Svo. 

* N. J. Selectarum Stirpium Americanarum 

Historia, .. Vindob. 17G3 fol. 

* Observationes Botanicae, . . 1 764 fol. 

* Stirpes Americauae, . . Manhemii, 1788 Svo. 

Jahn Johan. Introductio in Libros Sacros Veteris 

Foederis, in Epitoraen redacta, Viennce, 1814 Svo. 


Jabn Jo. Archaeologia Biblica, in Epitomeu redacta, 

P^iennce, 1814 8vo. 

History of the Hebrew Commonwealth, from the 

Earliest Times to the Destruction of Jerusalem, 

A. D. 72, 2 vol. .. Lo/id. 1829 8vo. 

K. James I. Life of Himself, edited by J. S. Clarke, 
2 vol. . . 

James Wm. Naval Occurrences of the late War be- 
tween Great Britain and the United States, 











Military Occurrences of the late War between 

Great Britain and the United States, 2 vol. 

J. T. Bp. Journal of a Tour in Germany, 

Sweden, Russia, and Poland, in 1813-14, 

• Italian Schools of Painting, . . • 

Flemish, Dutch, and German Schools of Painting, 1822 8vo. 

Edward. Brief Memoirs of Bishop James, 1830 8vo. 

Edwin, Account of an Expedition from Pitts- 
burgh to the Rocky Mountains, in 1819-20, 3vol. 1823 8vo. 

Jameson R. Mineralogy of the Scottish Isles, 2 vol. 

in 1, .. Ellin. 1800 4to. 
■ Treatise on the Characters of Minerals, 181G 8vo. 

System of Mineralogy, 3 vol. 181G 8vo. 

Mrs. Characteristics of Women ; Moral, 

Poetical, and Historical, 2 vol. ., Lond. 1832 8vo. 

Jamieson John. Vindication of the Doctrine of Scrip- 
ture, and of the Primitive Faith, 2 vol. Udin. 1/94 8vo. 

i Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish 

Language, with the Supplement, 4 vol. 1808-25 4to. 

Hermes Scytliicus; or the radical Affinities 

of tlic Greek and Latin Langunges to the Gothic, 1814 8vo. 
• Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees 

of lona, .. 1811 4to, 

Janson C. W. Stranger in America, Lo7id. 1807 4to. 

Jardiiie Alex. Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, 

Portugal, &c. 2 vol. .. 1790 Svo. 

* David. Sermons, by Estlin, 2 vol. /irise. 1798 8vo, 


Jarrold Tlio. Dissertations on Man, in Answer to 

Malthus, .. Lond. 1806 8vo. 

Jebb Bp. Sermons, with an Appendix, 1815 8vo. 

■ Practical Theology ; comprising Discourses on 

the Liturgy, &c. with Critical and other Tracts, 

2 vol. .. 1832 8vo. 

Jebb Bp. Piety without Asceticism, or the Protestant 

Kempis, . . 1830 8vo. 

Sacred Literature, .. 1828 8vo. 

John. Works, with Memoirs of his Life by J. 

Disney, 3 vol. .. 1787 Svo. 

Jefferson Tho. Memoirs, Correspondence, and Private 

Papers, edited by T. J. Randolph, 4 vol. 1829 Svo. 

Jeffrey of Monmouth. British History, by Thompson, 1718 Svo. 
Jeffries John. Narrative of his and Blanchard's two 

Aerial Voyages, .. 1786 4to. 

Jenkin Robt. Reasonableness and Certainty of the 

Christian Religion, 2 vol. .. 1721 Svo. 

*JeDkins R. Memoirs of the Bristol Stage, Brist. 1826 Svo. 

Al. History and Description of the City of 

of Exeter, . . Exeter, 1806 Svo. 

Jenner E. Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the 
Variolce Vacciuce, . . Lond. 

Charles. Town Eclogues, . . 

Jennings James. Observations on the Dialects of the 

West of England; witli a Glossary, and Poems, 

Jenour. Route to India. . . 

Jenyns Soame. View of the Internal Evidence of the 

Christian Religion, . . 

Jewish Spy, .5 vol. .. 

Jodrell R. P. Illustrations of Euripides, on the Ion 

and the Bacchse, 2 vol. . . 

Johnes Tho. Memoirs of Froissart, 

Johnson Sam. Works, with an Essay on his Life 

and Genius, by Murphy, 12 vol. 1792 Svo. 

t Dictionary of the English Language, 2 vol. 1773 fol. 


















t.lolinsoi). Dictionary, by H. J. Todd, 5 vol. Lond. 1814-18 Ito. 

Lives of the English Poets, 4 vol, 1781 8vo. 

Journey to tlie Western Islands of Scotland, 1775 8vo. 

Diary of a Journey into North Wales, 1774 3 

by R. Duppa, .. 1816 8vo. 

*Johnson James. Transactions of the Corporation of 

the Poor, in the City of Bristol, during a period 

of 126 Years, .. 1826 8vo. 

* Address to the Inhabitants of Bristol on the 

Poor Rates, ., B r ist. \S22 Svo. 

f * Collections (printed and MS.) relative to 

the Bristol Poor Bill of 1822, . . Lond. Svo. 

Jas. M. D. Change of Air, or the Pursuit 

of Health; an Excursion through France, Switzer- 
land, and Italy, in 1829, .. 1831 8vo. 

J.R. Treatise on the Medicinal Leech, 181 6 8vo. 

Johnstone John. Memoirs of the Life and AVritings of 

Samuel Parr, D. D. 2 vol. .. 1829 Svo. 

James. Antiquitates Celto-Scandicte et 

Celto-Norraanicse, .. Haun'ia:, 1786 4to. 

John. Account of Elkington's Mode of 

Draining Land, .. Lond. 1808 Svo. 
Chevalier de. Memoirs of the Rebellion in 

171.-i-6, .. 1822 Svo. 

D. ^'ie\v of the Svstcm of Public Educa- 

tion in France, .. Ed'in. 1827 Svo 
History of the Present Condition of Public 

Charity in France, . . ■ 1829 Svo. 

Joiuvillc John Lord de. Memoirs, including the Life 

of St. Louis, translated by Johnes, 2 vol. ILifod. 1807 4to. 

Joliffc J. R. Letters from Palestine, Lond. 1820 Svo. 

Jones Sir Wm. Works, 6 vol. .. 1799 4to. 

Poems from the Asiatick Language, O.rf. 1 772 1 2mo. 

History of the Life of Nader Shah, Lond. 1773 Svo. 

Discourse on the Institution of a Society for 

Enquiring intotheHistory,Anti(iuities,&c. of Asia, 1784 4 to. 


Jones Win. Theological, Philosopliical, and Miscel- 
laneous Works, 12 vol. .. Loncl. 1801 8vo. 

* Essay on the first Principles of Natural Philo- 
sophy, .. O.rf. 1762 4to. 

* Catholic Doctrine of a Trinity, Lond. 17G7 Svo. 

Physiological Disquisitions, .. 1/81 -Ito. 

Memoirs of Bp. Home, .. 1795 Svo. 

Edward. Musical and Poetical Relicks of the 

Welsh Bards, .. ■ 1784 4to. 

■ Bardic Museum of Primitive British Litera- 
ture, &c. .. 1802 4to. 

i E. Index to the Records, 2 vol. . . 1793-5 fol. 

.Teremiah. Method of Settlincj the Canonical 

Authority of the New Testament, 3 vol. Odf. 1827 Svo. 

— Theophilus. History of the County of Breck- 

nock, 2 vol. . . Brec/f. 1805-9 4to. 

* J. M. Tintern Abbey, with other Original 

Poems, . . Lond. 1800 Svo. 

J. T. Journal of Sieges by the Army under 

the Duke of Wellington in Spain, between 1811 

and 1814, 2 vol. .. 1827 Svo. 

Geo. Matt. Travels in Norway, Sweden, Fin- 

land, Russia, and Turkey, 2 vol. .. 1827 Svo. 

t* Inigo. Designs, by Kent, 2 vol. in 1, 1770 fol. 

f* — John. Greek and English Lexicon, 1823 Svo. 

Jonson Ben. Works 3 with Notes and a Biographi- 
cal Memoir, by Wm. Gifford, 9 vol. 181 G Svo. 

Works, by Whalley, 7 vol. .. 1756 Svo. 

Joplin T. Analysis and History of the Currency 

Question, .. 1832 Svo. 

Jortin John. Life of Erasmus, 2 vol. . . 175S-C0 4to. 

Six Dissertations upon different Subjects, 1 755 Svo. 

Tracts, Philological, Critical, and Miscellaneous, 

2 vol. .. 1790 Svo. 

Discourses on the Truth of the Christian Re- 
ligion, .. 1768 Svo. 


Jortii) J. Sermons on diftcrent Subjects, 7 vol. Lond. 17/4 8vo. 

Remarks on Ecclesiastical History, 5 vol. 1767-73 8vo. 

*Joseplius Flavins. Opera Omnia, a Jos. Hudson, 

2 vol. .. Od'on. 1720 fol. 

Works, translated by W, Whiston, with 

Notes, 4 vol. .. Lond. 1820 8vo. 

Journal of Voyages and Travels in the South Sea 

Islands, &c. by D. Tyerman and G. Bennet, 

compiled by J. Montgomery, 2 vol. 1831 Svo. 

Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great Britain, by 

a French Traveller, 2 vol. .. Ed'in. 1815 8vo. 

Journalof Science and tlie Arts, vol. I — XXIX, Z/0?2C?. 181G-30 8vo. 
flndex to the first XX. Volumes of the Journal of 

Science, .. 1826 Svo. 

.Journal of a Party of Pleasure to Paris, in Aug. 1802, 1802 Svo. 
Journal of a Naturalist, .. 1829-30 Svo. 

Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, 1832 Svo. 
*Journal des Sgavans, depuis I'an 1665 jusqu' a Pan 

1735 inclusivement, 102 torn. .. Amst. 

"■Journal des S^avans, pour I'an 1770, 14 tom. 

Journal des Savans, 1825, . . Paris, 

Journal Asiatique : public par la Societe Asiatique, 

tom. I— IV, .. 11 

Journals of the House of Lords, from Henry VIII. to 

the end of George I. 22 vol. . . Lond. 

Journals of the House of Commons, from 1547 to 1 774 

inclusive, with the Reports and Indexes, 41 vol. 
■^Journals of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 

vol. I, . . 

Judson Ann H. Account of the American Baptist 

Mission to the Burman Empire, . . 

Junius. Letters of, 2 vol. . . 

Including Letters by the same Writer under 

other Signatures, 3 vol. . . 1812 Svo. 

t Fr. Etyraologicum Anglicanum, a Ed. Lye, 

Oxon. 1 743 fol. 




4 to. 












Justinianus Inperator. Institutions, Lat. and Eng. 

with Notes by Harris, .. Lond. 1761 4to. 

Justinus. Historia a P. Cantel, in iisum Delpli. Pfim, 1677 4to. 

Martyr. Apologias Duse, &c. ed. A. Thirlby, 1722 fol. 

*Jiistinopolitano Miitio. II Duello, Vineg. 1556 12mo. 

Justamond J. O. Private Life of Lewis XV, 4 vol, 1731 8vo. 

Juvenalis et Persius. Satyrae, in iisum Delpli. Lond. 1794 8vo. 

• Satyrae, cum comment, variur. ex edit. Hen- 

ninii, .. Lit gd. Bat. 1695 4to. 

Juvenalis Translated by J. Dryden, Lond. 1751 12mo, 

Translated by M. Madan, with Notes, 2 vol. 1789 8vo. 

Translated by W. Gififord, with Notes, &c. 1802 4to. 

Translated by F. Hodgson, 1807 4to. 


KiEMPFER ENGELB. Amaenitates Exoticse, Fasc V. 
quibus continentur Variae Relationes et Descrip- 
tiones Rerum Persic, et Ulterioris Asiaj, Ze;»o"oy. 1/12 4to. 

History of Japan, translated by J. G. 

Scheuchzer, 2 vol. . . Lond. 

Kaimes Lord. Historical Law-Tracts, Edhi. 

Elements of Criticism, 2 vol. .. 

Sketches of the History of Man, 2 vol. 

Essays on the Principles of Morality and Na- 
tural Religion, . . 1779 8vo. 

Kalila and Dimna, or the Fables of Bidpai ; translated 

by W. Knatchbull, .. 0,?/. 1819 8vo. 

Kalm Pet. Travels into North America, by J. R. 

Forster, 2 vol. .. Lond. 17/2 8vo. 

Karamsin. Histoire de I'Empirede Russie; traduit par 

MM. St. Thomas, et Janfifrett, 11 torn. Pans, 1819-26 8vo. 
Kaye Bp. Account of the Writings and Opinions of 

Justin Martyr, .. Camh. 1829 8vo. 










Kaye Bp. Ecclesiastical History of the 2nd and 3rd 
Centuries : illustrated from the Writings of 
Tertullian, .. Lond. 1826 8vo. 

Charge, and IV Sermons, 1821, &c. 4 to. 

Kearney Mic. Lectures concerning History, 1776 4to. 

Keate Geo. Account of the Pelew Islands, 1788 4to. 

Keating W. H. Narrative of an Expedition to the 

Source of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, 

Lake of the Woods, &c. in 1823, 2 vol. 1825 8vo. 

*Keble Jos. Assistant to Justices of the Peace, 1683 fol. 

Keir Jas. Dictionary of Chemistry, &c. part I, ^/r/«. 1789 4to. 

Keith Bp. Historical Catalogue of Scottish Bishops, 
to the year 1688 : with Spottiswood's Account of 
Religious Houses at tlie Reformation, Edin. 1824 8vo. 

Alex. Evidence of the Truth of Christianity, 

derived from the Fulfilment of Prophecy> -^ 1831 12mo. 

Signs of the Times, as denoted by the Fulfilment 

of Historical Predictions, 2 vol. 1832 12mo. 

P. System of Physiological Botany, 2 vol. Lowrf. 1817 8vo. 

Kelham Rob. Dictionary of the Norman or Old French 

Language, with the Laws of William the Con- 
(jueror, . . — 

Domesday Book Illustrated, . . — 

Kelly John. Grammar of the Manks Language, — 

Pat. Universal Cambist and Commercial In- 
structor, 2 vol. . . 

Michael. Reminiscences, 2 vol. 

Kclsall Charles. Classical Excursion from Rome to 

Arpino, . . Gcncv. 

Kemble J. P. Essay on Macbeth, and Riciiard III, 1817 

Frances Ann. Francis the First j an His- 
torical Drama, . . Lund. 

Ken Bp. Works, 4 vol. . . 

Kennedy Col. Vans. Researches into the Origin and 
Affinity of the Principal Languages of Asia and 
Europe, .. 1828 4to. 








4 to. 












Keiinett Basil. Antiquities of Rome, Loud. 1776 8vo. 
White. Case of Iiupropriations, and Aug- 
mentation of Vicarages, . . 1 704 8vo. 

Parochial Antiquities, .. O.^y. 1695 4to. 

Kent Nat. Agricultural Survey of Norfolk, Noriv. 1796 8vo. 
''''Kentish Edward. Essay on Warm and \*aponr 

Baths, &c. .. Brist. 1809 8vo. 

Kenyon Lord. Observations on the Catholic Question, 1810 8vo. 
Keppel Hon. G. Personal Narrative of a Journey from 

India to England, in 1824, 2 vol. Lond. 1827 8vo. 

Kerr Robert. Observations on the Life, Writings, and 

Correspondence of Wra. Smellie, 2 vol. Ed'in. J 81 1 8vo. 

Kett Henry. History the Interpreter of Prophecy, 

3 vol. .. Ojff. 1799 l2mo, 

Elements of General Knowledge, 2 vol. 1803 8vo. 

Kevsler T. G. Antiquitates Selectee Septeutrionales 

et Celtics, . . Hannov. 1 720 8vo. 

Kidd J. Outlines of Mineralogy, 2 vol. O.j/. 1809 8vo. 

Geological Essay, •. 1815 8vo. 

*Kidder Bp. Demonstration of the Messias, Lond. 1726 fol. 
*Kimchus Dav. O'cotTropt'a ad Scientiam, cum exp. 

R. Elise, . . Lugd. Bat. 1 63 1 8vo. 

King Abp. Essay on the Origin of Evil, by Law, Camb. 1758 8vo. 

Discourse on Predestination, with Notes by R. 

Whately, .. Lond, 1 82 1 8vo. 

Lord. Life of John Locke, with Extracts from 

his Correspondence, Journals, and Common-Place 

Book, .. 1829 4to. 

Wm. Political and Literary Anecdotes of his 

Own Times, .. 1819 8vo. 

Works, 3 vol. .. 1776 8vo. 

Edward. Remarks on the Signs of the Times, 1798 4to. 

•] Munimenta Antiqua, 4 vol. .. 1799-1806 fol. 

Morsels of Criticism, .. 1788 4to. 

John Glen. Rites and Ceremonies of the Greek 

Church in Russia, .. 1772 4to. 


King J. Letters from Fiance, . . Land. 1803 8vo. 

* — Richard. Remarks on the Alliance between 

Church and State ; and on the Test Laws, ■ 1807 8vo. 

On the Inspiration of the Scriptures, 1805 8vo. 

P. P. Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical 

and Western Coasts of Australia, performed be- 
tween the Years 1818-22. 2 vol. 1827 8vo. 

Kinneir J. M. Geographical Memoir of the Persian 

Empire, with a Map, .. , 1813 4to. 

Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, and 

Koordistan, .. 1818 8vo. 

Kinsey W. M. Portugal Illustrated, 1S28 8vo. 

Kipling Tho. On the Articles of the Church of Eng- 
land, . . Camb. 1802 8vo. 

Kippis And. Observations on the late Contests in 

the Royal Society, . . Lond. 1784 8vo. 

Life of Captain James Cook, 1788 4to. 

Kirby and Spence. Introduction to Entomology, 

4 vol. .. 1815-26 8vo. 

Kircher Athan. Musurgia Universalis, Romcs, 1G50 fol. 

tKirk. Outlines of Figures from Sir VV. Hamilton's 

Vases, . . Lond. 1804 4to. 

Kirkpatrick Wm. Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, 1811 4to. 
Kirkton James, History of the Church of Scotland, 

from the Restoration to the year 1678: with 

James Russell's Account of the Murder of Abp. 

Sharp: edited by C. K. Sharpe, Ed'in, 1817 4to. 

Kirvvan Ric. Elements of Mineralogy, 2 vol. Lond. 1784-96 8vo. 

Geological Essays, .. 1799 8vo. 

Essay on the Analysis of Mineral Waters, ] 799 8vo. 

Klaproth J. V. Travels in the Caucasus and Georgia 

in 1807-8, by F. Shoberl, .. 1814 4to. 

M. H. Analytical Essays towards a Chemical 

Knowledge of Mineral Substances, 2 vol. 1801-4 8vo. 

Klopstock Fred. T. Messiah ; the five last books, 

translated by J. Raffles, 3 vol. .. 1814 12mo. 


Knight M. P. Landscape, a Didactic Poem, Lond. 1 794 4to. 

■ Progress of Civil Society, a Didactic Poem, 1796 4to. 

Analytical Essay on the Greek Alphabet, 1791 4to. 

Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste, 1 805 8vo. 

T. A. On the Culture of the Apple and Pear, 

&c. .. Ludlow, 1802 12mo. 

Doubts on Forsyth's Paste, Lo7id. 1802 4to. 

H, G. Foreign and Domestic View of the 

Catholic Question, .. 1828 8vo. 

Cornelia. Marcus Flaminius, 2 vol. 1795 8vo. 

S. Life of Dean Colet, .. 0,?y. 1823 8vo. 

fKnorr G. W. Recueil de Petrifactions dessiuees, 

gravees et enhuuinees, d'apres les Originaux, avec 
VHistoire Naturelle de ces Corps par J. E. E, 
Walch, 4 torn. .. Nuremb. \7^S-7S fol. 

Knox John. Tour through the Highlands of Scotland, 

and the Hebride Isles, in 1786, Lond. 1787 8vo. 

* John. Historical Journal of the Campaigns in 

North America, 2 vol. . . — 

' Vicesimus. Christian Philosophy, — 

Essays, Moral and Literary, 2 vol. — 

On Liberal Education, . . — 




12 mo 









Koran, translated by Geo. Sale, with Explanatory 

Notes, 2 vol. . . 

Koster Hen. Travels in Brazil, . , 

*Kotzebu Aug. Von. Geschichte des Deutschen 

Reiches, .. Le'ip. 1814 8vo. 

Kotzebue Aug. Von. Exile into Siberia, by Beresford, 

3 vol. .. Lond. 1802 8vo. 
Travels from Berlin, through Switzerland, 

to Paris, 1804, 3 vol. .. 1804 8vo. 

. Travels through Italy, in 1804 and 1805, 

4 vol. .. ■ 1806 8vo. 

Kotzebu Otto V^on. Voyage of Discovery into the 

South Sea and Beering's Straits, in 1815-18, 

3 vol. .. 1821 8vo. 


Krusensteru A. J. Voyage round the World in 1803-G, 

by R. B. Hoppner, 2 vol. iu 1, Lotid. 1813 4to. 
Kuster Lud. De vero usu Verborum Mediorum, 1773 12nio. 

LABAT J. B. Relation Historique de I'Ethiopie 

Occidentale, 5 torn. .. Paris, 1732 12mo. 

Labaiime Eugene. Narrative of the Campaign in 

Russia, .. Lond. 1815 8vo. 

Labbe P. Eruditae Pronuntiationis Catholic! Indices, 1787 12mo. 
Laborde A. De. View of Spain, translated from the 

French, 5 vol. and Atlas, .. 1809 8vo. 

Lackington James. Memoirs of the first Forty-five 

Years of his Life, .. 1791 8vo. 

fLacombe. Dictionnaire du Vieux Laiigage Franyois, 

2 vol. . . Paris, \7&Q-7 8vo. 

fLa Croze M. V. Lexicon iEgyptiaco-Latiiium, ex 

cura C. Scholtz : Notulas et Indices adjecit C. G. 

^Voide, . . Oa'on. 1 775 4to. 

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Lady's Travels into Spain, by the Countess of Danois, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1774 12mo. 

Laennee R. T. H. Treatise on the Diseases of the 

Chest, and on Mediate Auscultation : translated 

by J. Forbes, . . 1827 8vo. 

Laharpe J. F Lycce, ou Cours de Littcrature An- 

cicnne et Modcrnc, IGtom. .. Paris, a«. VII. 8vo. 

Laing Alex. G. Travels in the Timannee, Kooranko, 

and Soolima Countries, in Western Africa, Loud. 1825 Svo. 
Laing Male. History of Scotland from the Union of 

the Crowns to the Union of the Kingdoms, 4 vol. 1819 Svo. 
La Lande J. J. F. de. Astronomic, 4 tom. Paris, 1771-81 4to. 

— ■ Des Canaux de Navigation, 1778 fol. 

Lally-Toleudal Comte de. Plaidoicr pour Louis XVI, 1792 8vo. 


Lally-Tolendal Gomte de. Defence of the French 

Emigrants, .. Lond. 1797 8vo. 

*Lamarck .1. B. de. Flore Frangoise, 3 torn. Paris, 1778 8vo. 

Lamb C. Specimens of English Dramatic Poets who 

lived about the time of Shakspeare, Lond. 1813 8vo. 

Lambe W. On the Properties of Spring Water, TFariv. 1803 8vo. 

*Lamy Bernardus. De Tabernaculo Foederis, de Sancta 
Civitate Jerusalem, et de Templo ejus, Libri Sep- 
tem, .. Paris, 1720 fol. 

Lancaster Joseph. System of Education, Lond. 1806 8vo. 

Lander Ric. Records of Clapperton's last Expedition 

to Africa, 2 vol. .. 1830 8vo. 

■ Richard and John. Journal of an Expedition 

to Explore the Course and Termination of the 

Niger, 3 vol. . IS32 12mo. 

Landor W . S. Imaginary Conversations of Literary 
Men and Statesmen, 2 vol. . . — 

Landseer John. Lectures on Engraving, — 

Landt G. Description of the Feroe Islands, 2 vol. — 

Langhorne John. Poetical Works, 2 vol. — 

Langius Jos. Florilegium Magnum, sou Polyanthea; 

edit. Fr. Silvio, .. Lugd. \QAS fol. 

Lanzi Luigi. Storia Pittorica della Italia, dal Risor- 
gimento della Belle Arte fin presso al Fine del 
XV'^III Secolo, G tom. , . Bassano, 1818 4to. 

Saggio di Lingua Etrusca, 3 torn. Romod, 1789 8vo. 

La Place Marquis de. Trait^ de Mecanicpie Celeste, 

5 torn. — Paris, 1796-1825 4to. 

. System of the World, by J. Pond, 2 vol. Lond. 1809 8vo. 

Lardner Nathaniel. Credibility of tie Gospel History, 

14 vol. .. 1741-62 8vo. 

History of the Apostles and Evangelists, 3 vol. 1760 8vo. 

History of the Heretics of the Two First 

Centuries after Christ, by Hogg, 1780 4to. 

Larochejacquelein Mad. la Marq. de. M^moires, par 

Ellememe, ., Paris, 1816 8vo. 










Las Cases Count de. Journal of the Private Life of 

Napoleon at St. Helena, 4 voL Lond. 1^23 8vo. 

*Latham John. General Synopsis of Birds, with the 

Supplement, 7 vol. .. 1/81-7 4to. 

* Index Ornithologicus, 2 vol. 1790 4to. 

Latrobe C. J. Alpenstock ; or. Sketches of Swiss 

Scenery and Manners, 1825-1826, 1829 8vo. 

Pedestrian : a Summer's Ramble in the Tyrol 

and Adjacent Provinces, .. 1832 8vo. 

Lauder Sir T. D. Account of the Great Floods of 
August, 1829, in the Province of Moray, and ad- 
joining Districts, . Edln. 1830 8vo. 

Lauderdale Earl of. Inquiry into the Practical Merits 

of the System for the Government of India, 1809 8vo. 

On Public Wealth, .. 1804 8vo. 

Lriurence Abp. Charge at the Visitation of the Pro- 
vince of Alunstor in 182G, .. Dublin, 1826 8vo. 

Sermons on Articles of the Church of Eng- 
land, (Bampton Lecture) .. O.rf. 1805 8vo. 

French. Critical Remarks on Detached 

Passages of the New Testament, 1811 8vo. 

fLavater Jean Gaspard. Essai sur la Physiognomonie, 

3 torn. .. La Haije, 1781-6 4to. 
Aphorisms on Man, .. Lond. 1794 12mo. 

Lavington Bp. Enthusiasm of Methodists and Papists 
compared, 2 vol. . . 

Lavoisier A. L. Essays, Physical and Chemical, by 
Henry, vol. I, . . 

Law Edm. Bp. Considerations on the Theory of Re- 
ligion, . . 

G. H. Bp. Primary Charge to the Clergy of 

the Diocese of Bath and Wells, .. 1825 4to. 

Remarks on the Distresses of the Poor, fVells, 1830 8vo. 

Lawrence Rd. Intpiiry into the Structure and Animal 

(Economy of the Horse, .. B'lrm. 1801 4to. 
J. History and Delineation of the Horse, 1809 4to. 








*Layaid. Sermon preached iu the Chapel of the Mag- 
dalen Hospital, . . Lond. 
* Sermons, . . 

Leadbeater Mary. Cottage Dialogues among the Irish 

Peasantry, . . 

Leake W. Martin. Researches in Greece, 

Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor, 

Topography of Athens, . . 

Le Bas C. W. Life of Bp. Middleton, 2 vol. 

Le Bruyn C. Voyage to the Levant, &c. 

Leckie G. F. Historical Survey of the Affairs of Great 
Britain, . . ■ 

*Le Clerc Dan. Histoire de la Medicine, Jimst. 

Lediard Tho. Life of Sethos, 2 vol. Lond. 

Lee Samuel. VI Sermons on the Study of the Holy 
Scriptures j with Dissertations, 

Nat. Dramatic Works, 3 vol. 

James. Introduction to Botany, 

Leemius Can. De Lapponibus Finmarchiee, eorumque 

Lingua, Vita, et Religione pristina, Hafnice, 

*Leeuvvenhoek Ant. a. Arcana Naturae, Lugd. Bat. 1696 
Legendre A. M. Elemens de Geometric et Trigono- 
metrie, . . Paris, 

Le Gentil. Voyage dans le Mers de ITnde, 2 torn., 

Leges Wallicae, Ecclesiasticse et Civiles, Hoelli boni, 

cura G. Wotton, .. Lond. 1/30 fol. 

Legh T. Narrative of a Journey in Egypt and the 

Country beyond the Cataracts, 1S16 4to. 

Leibnitz G. G. Opera Omnia, nunc primum coUecta, 
in Classes distributa, Prsef. et Indie, ornata, studio 
L. Dutens, 6 vol, .. Genev. 1768 4to. 

Leigh Charles. Natural History of Lancashire, Che- 
shire, and the Peak of Derbyshire, Oxf. 1705 fol. 
Leighton Abp. Works, by G. Jerment, 6 vol. 1805-8 8vo. 
Leland J. On the Christian Revelation, 2 vol. Lond. 1768 8vo. 

View of Deistical Writings, 2 vol. 1766 8vo. 




















































Lcland J. Itinerary, by Hearne, 9 vol. Oa/. 1770 Svo. 

Commentariide ScriptoribusBritamiicis,2vol. 1709 Svo. 

■ De rebus Britannicis Collectanea, 6 torn. Lond. 1 770 

Tho. History of Ireland, '6 vol. 

History of the Life and Reign of Philip King 

of Macedou, 2 vol. . . 

Lemoiiie Hen. Art of Printing, . , 

*Lempriere Wm. Observations on the Diseases of 

the Army in Jamaica, 1792-97, 2 vol. 

Tour to Morocco, &c. . , ■ 

t J. Universal Biography, 

Le Neve John. Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae j a List of 

the Dignitaries of England and Wales to the 

Year 1715, .. 171G fol. 

Leufant James. History of tlie Council of Constance, 

2 vol. . . — 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux, 2 tom. G!a 

— Histoire de Gil Bhis, 4 tom. Pai 

Gil Bias, translated by Smollett, 4 vol. //o;2(/. 1773 

Leslie C. Theological Works, 2 vol. 

• Rehearsals, G vol. . . 

Less Godfrey. Ou the Authenticity, &c. of the New 

Testament, . . 

Lesseps M. de. Travels in Kamtschatka in 1787-8, 

2 vol. . . 

Lcti Gregorio. Life of Pope Sixtus V, translated by 

E. Fame worth, . . 

■^Letter to F. Plovvden, on his Jura Anglorum, 

Letter on the Genius and Disposition of the French 

Government, by an American, 

*Letter to the Members of the Hon. the House of Coui- 

mons on the Catholic Question, . . 

Letter to the Parisian Sanhedrim, by an English Is- 
raelite, . . 

Letter to the Rev. Dr. Parr on his Republication of 

Tracts, . . 






























Letter to Rennell, by an Oxford Graduate, Lond. 1819 8vo. 

I>etter to Henry Brougham, on his Durham Speech, 1823 8vo. 
Letter to Dr. Coplestone, by Philalethes Cantabri- 

giensis, .. 1822 8vo. 

Letters between Abp. Nicolson, and other Prelates, 

&c. by John Nichols, 2 vol. . . 1809 8vo. 

Letters concerning the Present Condition of the Jews, 1829 8vo. 
Letters and Journals of Lord Byron ; with Notices of 

his Life, by Thomas Moore, 2 vol. 1830-31 4to. 

Letters by Eminent Persons in the I7th and 18th 

Centuries ; from the Originals in the Bodleian 

Library and Ashmolean Museum, 3 vol. 1813 8vo. 

Letters from Cambridge, ilhistrative of the Studies, 

Habits, and Peculiarities of the University, • 1828 8vo. 

^Letters on tlie Church, by an Episcopalian, 1826 8vo. 

Letters between the Rev. J. Granger and many of the 

Literary Men of his Time 3 by J. P. Malcolm, 1805 8vo. 

Letters on Infidelity, .. O.rf. 1784 8vo. 

Letters from England, by Don Manuel Alvarez Es- 

priella, 3 vol. .. Loud. 1808 12mo. 

^Letters and Essays on the Small Pox, &c. 1778 8vo. 

t*Letters from the Cardinal Borgia, and the Cardinal 

of York, . . ' 4to. 

Letters from Portugal and Spain during the March of 

the British Troops under Sir John Moore, 1809 8vo. 

Letters to and from the Countess Du Barry, 1779 8vo. 

Lettres edifiantes et curieuses ecrites des Missions 

etrangeres, 26 torn. .. Toulouse, 1810-11 12rao. 

Lettsom J. C. Naturalist's and Traveller'sCompanion, J 774 8vo. 

History of the Origin of Medicine, Lond. 1778 4to. 

Lewesdon Hill, a Poem, .. Oxf. 178S 4to. 

Lewis and Clarke. Travels from St. Louis by the 

Missouri and Columbia Rivers to the Pacific 

Ocean, in 1804-6, .. Lond. \SQ9 8vo. 
Travels up the Missouri and across 

the American Continent, in 1804-6, 3 vol. 1815 8vo. 


fLewis G. Series of Groups, illustrating the Physi- 
ognomy, Manners, &c. of the People of France 
and Germany, . . Lond. 1823 8vo. 

John. Complete History of the several Trans- 
lations of the Holy Bible and New Testament 
into English, .. 173!) Svo. 

LifeofBp. Pecock, .. O.vf. 1820 Svo. 

History of the Life and Sufferings of John 

Widiffe, .. Loud. 1720 Svo. 

Wm. Philosophical Commerce of Arts, • l/fiS 4to. 

t*Lexicon Italico-Grxc'im, .. Bcnelia, 1815 Svo. 

i *Lexicon GaHico-Gra?cum, .. 1819 Svo. 

Lexiphanes, a Dialogue, .. Lond. 1767 Timo. 

Leydcn Jolin. Account of Discoveries and Travels 

in Africa, enlarged by Hugh Murray, 2 vol. Ed'tn. 1817 Svo. 

Lhuyd Edw. Archaeologia Britannica j an Account 
of the Languages of the Original Inhabitants of 
Great Britain, . . O.rf. 1 707 fol. 

Liber Scholasticus ; an Account of Fellowships, Scho- 
larships, and Exhibitions in the Universities and 
Public Schools, .. Lond. 1829 r2mo. 

Lichtenstein Hen. Travels in Southern Africa, in 

1803-G, by Anne Plumptre, 2 vol. 1812-15 4to. 

Life and Adventures of Nathaniel Pearce in Abyssinia, 

from 1810-19, edited by J. J. Hales, 2 vol. 1831 12mo. 

Life of Theodore Agrippa D'Aubignc, 1772 Svo. 

Life of Catharine H, Empress of Russia, 3 vol. 1798 Svo. 

Life of Peter Porcupine, .. 1797 12mo. 

I^ight H. Travels in Egypt, Nubia, the Holy Land, 

&c. in 1814, .. 1818 Svo. 

Lightfoot Joannes. Opera Omnia, 2 vol. 7?o/t';or/rt;w. IGSG fol. 

■ J. Flora Scotica, 2 vol. Lond. \777 Svo. 

Lillo Geo. Works, 2 vol. .. 1775 12mo. 

Lind James. Essay on Diseases Incidental to Eu- 
ropeans in Hot Climates, .. 1777 Svo. 

Lindlcy John. Introduction to Botany, 1832 Svo. 

Lond. 1793 


1 774 








Lindsay Colin. Military Miscellany, 2 vol. 

Lindsey Tlieoph. Apology, &c. 

Lingard .John. History of England, 8 vol. 

Vindication of his History of England, 

Link H. F. Travels in Portugal, 

Linnreus Sir C. Systema Naturee, 4 vol. /^^'«(/o(5i. 1/67-70 8vo. 

* • Systema Naturae, 9 torn. Lips. 1788-93 8vo. 

■ • Genera Plantarum, .. Vienna:, 1767 Svo. 

• Species Plantarum, 2 torn. Vindoh. 1764 Svo. 

Philosophia Botanica, .. 1770 Svo. 

' Materia Medica,curante Schrebero 1773 Svo. 

• Amoenitates Academicae, curante Schrebero, 

9 vol. .. Erlang. 1785-9 Svo. 

* • Genera Plantarum, cum Catalogo Plantarum 

MS. .. Edin. 1778 Svo. 

* Suppleraentum Plantarum, Brunsv. 1781 Svo. 

* Syatema Vegetabilium, Gotfmg. 1784 Svo. 

Fauna Suecica, .. Stoc/th. 1761 Svo. 

General System of Nature, translated by 

Wm. Turton, 7 vol. .. Lowrf. IS06 Svo. 

■ ■ Lachesis Lapponica ; or a Tour in Lapland, 

by J. E. Smith, 2 vol. . . ISl 1 Svo. 

* System of Vegetables, 2 vol. Lichfield, 1 783 Svo. 

*Lipsius Justus. Opera Omnia, 8 tom. VcHalice, 1675 Svo. 

List of Unclaimed Dividends at the South-Sea House, 

Lond. Svo. 

List of Unclaimed Dividends on South-Sea Stock, 1791 Svo. 

List of Unclaimed Dividends on East-India Stock and 

Annuities, 2 vol. .. 1791 Svo. 

List of Unclaimed Dividends at the Bank of England, 

2 vol. .. 1791 Svo. 

Lister Martin. Synopsis Conchyliorum, a G. Huddes- 

ford, .. Oxon. 1770 fol. 

Literary Remains of Lady Jane Grey, with a Memoir 

of her Life, by N. H. Nicolas, Lond. 1825 Svo. 

Liturgia Ecclesiae Anglicanae J Greece vertit J. Duport, 1820 12mo. 


Liverpool Earl of. Treatise on the Coins of the 

Realms, .. Oaf. 1805 4to. 

On the Conduct of the Government of Great 

Britain, in respect to Neutral Nations, Lond. 1801 Svo. 

Lires of Hadyn and Mozart, .. 1817 Svo. 

Lives of James Arminius, and Simon Episcopius, 1(172 12mo. 

Lives of Lilly and Ashmole, with Lilly's Life of 

Charles. I, .. 1771 Svo. 

Lives of Leland, Hearne, and Wood, 2 vol. 0,rf. 1772 Svo. 

Livius Titus. Historiarum Libri qui extant, a .1. 
Doujatio, in usum Delphini) Accessere Librorura 
deperditonim Suppleraenta, per Jo.Freinshemium, 
6 vol. .. Paris, 1C79-S2 4to. 

Lloyd D. State AVorthies, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1756 12mo. 

L. Field Sports of the North of Europe, 2 vol. 1831 8vo. 

Llywar^ Hen Prince. Heroic Elegies, &c. translated 
by W. Owen, . . — 

*Lobb Theoph. Medical Principles and Cautions, 

Lobo Jerome. Voyage to Abyssinia, by Johnson, — 

*Locke John. Works, 4 vol. . . — 








4 to. 

Lockhart Papers: Memoirs of Scotland from 1702 to 

1715, edited by Ant. Aufrere, 2 vol. 1817 4to. 

Lockhart J. G. Life of Robert Burns, Edhi. 1828 Svo. 

Lodge Edm. Illustrations of British History, &c. in 
the Reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, 
Elizabeth, and James I, 3 vol. . . Lond. 1791 4to. 

t Portraits of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain, 

with Biographical and Historical iMemoirs, 46 

Genealogy of the British Peerage, 

John. Peerage of Ireland, by M. Arclulall, 

7 vol. 

tLoggan David. Oxonia Illustrata, 

t Cantabrigia Illustrata, 

Loiterer, a Periodical Work, 2 vol. 

*Lommius J. Medicinal Observations, 



1 S'T^ 



Diiblhi, 1789 


Oxon. 1675 









London Magazine, vol. V — X, .. Lond. 1822-25 8vo. 

Long Edw. History of Jamaica, 3 vol. 1774 4to. 

Longinns Dionys, Qute supersunt, Gr. et Lat. cum 

notis, a J. Toupio, .. Oxon. 1778 4to. 

On the Sublime, by Smith, Lond. 1770 8vo. 

Longus. Pastorallum de Daphnide et Chloe Libri IV, 

ex recensioue et cum Animadversionibus De Vil- 

lolson, 2 vol. .. Paris, 1778 4to. 

Loriot Moses, Essay on the Ancient Cement and 

Artificial Stone, .. Lond. 1774 8vo. 

Loudon J. C. Encyclopaedia of Gardening, 1827 8vo. 

Lounger, 3 vol, ., Ed'm. 1787 12mo. 

Lounger's Common Place Book, 4 vol. in 2, Lond. 1792 8vo. 

Lovat Lord. Memoirs of his Life, 1797 8vo, 

Love and Madness, in a Series of Letters, 1786 12mo. 

*Lovell Rob, History of Animals and Minerals, Oc?/. 1661 8vo. 

Louvet J. B. Narrative of his Dangers, Lond. 1795 8vo. 

Lowe Jos. Present State of England, ■ 1823 8vo. 

Inquiry into the State of the British West Indies, 1808 8vo. 

Lowman Moses. Paraphrase and Notes on the Re- 
velation of St. John, . , 1809 4to. 

• Rationalof the Ritual of the Hebrew Worship, 1748 8vo. 

On the Civil Government of the Hebrews, 1745 8vo, 

Lowth Rob. Episc. De Sacra Poesi Hebrseorum Prae- 

lectiones, .. O.von. 1753 4to. 

Lectures on the Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews, 

with Notes, by G. Gregory, 2 vol. Lond. 1787 8vo. 

Translation of Isaiah, with a Preliminary Dis- 
sertation and Notes, .. 1778 4to. 

Introduction to English Grammar, with Critical 

Notes, .. 1772 12mo. 

Life of William of Wykeham, 1759 8vo. 

• Wm. Commentary upon the Prophets, 1809 4to. 

Lucanus M. A. Pharsalia, cum commentario Petri 

Burmanni, ,. Le'idce, 1740 4to. 

* Pharsalia, .. 1815 12mo. 


*Lucanus M. A. Pharsalia, . . 12mo. 

Pharsalia, by Rowe, 2 vol. Lond. 1753 8vo. 

Lucas Ric. Enquiry after Happiness, 2 vol. ISOG Svo. 

* Charles. Essay on Waters, 3 parts, 175G Svo. 

Luccliesini Marquis. History of the Confederation of 

the Rhine, translated by J. D. Dvvyer, 1821 Svo. 

Lucianus. Opera, Gr. Lat. ex versione Benedicti, cum 

notis varior. Accedunt inedita Scholia in Luci- 

aijuin, ex Bibliotheca Is. Vossii, 2 torn. Amstel. IG87 Svo. 

'^ ■ Dialog! ct Cebetls Tabula, etc. Hemster- 

huis, . . ■ 1708 12mo. 

Works, by Francklin, 2 vol. Lond. 1780 4to. 

Lucretius T. C. De Rcrum Natura Libri VI, ad op- 

tiniorum exeraplarium fidem recensiti, 1/12 4to. 

• De Rerum Natura Libri VI, a Havercampo, 

2 torn. . , Lugd. Bat. 1/25 4to. 

Of the Nature of Things, translated by 

Creech, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1714 Svo. 

• Nature of Things, translated by J. M. 

Good, 2 vol. .. 1805 4to. 

Book I, in English Verse, with the Latin 

Text, .. 1779 Svo. 

Ludlam W. Rudiments of Mathematics, by Mich. 

Fryer, .. Brlst. 1809 Svo. 

Tho. Four Essays, .. Lond. 1797 Svo. 

Ludlow Edm. Memoirs, .. 1754 fol. 

Ludolph Job. Historia ^thiopica, sive Dcscriptio 

Regrii Habcssinorum, Franco/. 1681, &.c. fol. 

*Luidius Edvardus. Lithophylacii Britannici Ichno- 

gra])hia, .. Oa.'on. 1 7G0 Svo. 

Lumisden And. Remarks on the Antiquities of 

Rome, .. Lond. 1797 4to. 

Luther Martin. Colloquia Mensalia, by H. Bell, 1791 fol. 

Liixboroiigh Lady. Letters to W^ni. Shenstone, 1775 Svo. 

Luyart J. and L. de. Chemical Analysis of Wolfram, 

translated by C. Cullen, .. 1785 Svo. 



Lycopliroii. Alexandra, Gv. et Lat, cum Sclioliis, a 

Potter, .. Od'on. 1702 foL 

tLye Ed. Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico-Latlnum ; 
Auxit, illustravit, et Grammaticam prsemisit^Ovven 
Manning, 2 torn. .. 1772 fol. 

Lyndsay Sir David. Poetical Works, by Chalmers, 

3 vol. . . Lond. 180(3 8vo. 

Lyon G. F. Travels in Northern Africa in 1818-20, 1821 4to. 

Private Journal, during Parry's Voyage of Dis- 
covery, .. 1824 8vo. 

Narrative of an Attempt to reach Repulse Bay 

through Sir T. Rowe's "Welcome," 1825 8vo, 

Lysias and Isocrates. Translated by J. Gillies, 1778 4to. 

Lysons Daniel and Samuel. Magna Britannia; a To- 
pographical Account of several Counties of Great 
Britain, (Bedford, Berks, Bucks, Cambridge, 
Chester, Cornwall, Derby, Devon) 6 vol. 180fi-22 4to. 

Dan. Historical Account of the Environs of 

London, with the Supplements, 6 vol. 1792-1811 4to. 

t Sam. Etchings of Views and Antiquities 

in the County of Gloucester, No. 1 — 10, 1791 fol. 

t Samuel. Collection of Gloucestershire An- 
tiquities, .. 1804 fol. 

t Account of Roman Antiquities discovered at 

Woodchester in 1793, .. 1797 fol. 

f Figures of Mosaic Pavements discovered at 

Horkstow, .. 1801 fol. 

f Remains of Two Temples and other Roman 

Antiquities discovered at Bath, . . 1802 fol. 

t- Figures of Mosaic Pavements, discovered 

near Frampton, in Dorsetshire, . . 1808 fol. 

Lyttleton Geo. Lord. Works, by Ayscough, 1774 4to. 

History of King Henry II, G vol. 1769-73 8vo. 

Dialogues of the Dead, . . 1768 8vo. 

Tho. Lord. Letters, .. 1781 12mo. 



MAC ARTHUR JOHN. Financial and Political 

Facts, &c. .. LoniL 1801 8vo. 

Macauley Catherine. History of England, from 1603 

to 16G0, 5 vol. .. 1 709-72 8vo. 

Kenneth. History of St. Kilda, 1764 8vo. 

* Zach. Letter to H. R. H. the Duke of 

Gloucester, in reply to Thorpe, . . 1815 8vo. 

Macbride D. Experimental Essays on Medical and 

Philosophical Subjects, .. 1767 8vo. 

Mac Crie Tho. Life of John Knox, Edin. 1812 8vo. 

History of the Progress and Suppression of 

the Reformation in Italy and in Spain, 2 vol. 1827-29 8vo. 

Life of Andrew Melville, 2 vol. 1819 8vo. 

Macculloch John. Description of the Western Islands 

of Scotland, 1819, .. Lond. 2 vol. 8vo. and 1 4to. 

Essay on the Production and Propagation 

of Malaria, .. 1S27 8vo. 

J.R. Principles of Political Economy, 1830 8vo. 

Macdiarmid John. Lives of British Statesmen, 1807 4to. 

Macdonald James. General View of the Agriculture 

of the Hebrides, .. Edin. 1811 8vo. 

John. Life and Travels, Lond. 1790 8vo. 

xMac Farlane C. Constantinople in 1828, 2 vol. 1829 8vo. 

Mac Gregor John. British America, 2 vol. Edin. 1832 Svo. 

Machiavelli Nic. Opere, 3 torn. .. Lond. 1772 4to. 

\Vorks, by E. Farneworth, 4 vol. 1775 gvo. 

Macirone Fr. Facts relating to the Fail and Death of 

Joachim Murat, &c. ,. 1817 8vo. 

fMackenzic Murdoch. Maritime Survey of Ireland, 

and the West of Great Britain, 2 vol. • 1776 fol. 

+ Nautical Descriptions of the \Vest Coast 

of Great Britain and the Coast of Ireland, 2 vol. 1776 fol. 
Alexander. Voyages through the North- 
West Continent of America, .. 1801 4to. 


Mackenzie James. History of Health, and tlie Art 

of preserving it, .. Edin. 1759 8vo. 

Sir Geo. Travels in the Island of Iceland, 1811 4to. 

Roderick. Sketch of the War with Tippoo 

Siiltaun, 2 vol. .. 1793-4 4to. 

Mac Kinnen Dan. Tour through the British West- 
Indies, .. Lond. 1804 8vo. 

Mackintosh Sir J. History of England, vol. I — III, 

(Cabinet Cyclopsedia) .. 1830 12mo. 

Mackleay K. Description of the Spar Cave lately 

discovered in the Isle of Sky, . . Ed'in. 1811 8vo. 

Macknlght Jas. Truth of the Gospel History, Lo?2f/. 1763 4to. 

■ Literal Translation of all the Apostolical 

Epistles, 6 vol. .. 1806 8vo. 

Harmony of the Four Gospels, with a Para- 

phrase and Notes, 2 vol. .. 1763 4to. 

Maclaine Arch. Letters to Soame Jenyns, Esq. 1778 8vo. 

• Fast Sermon, at the Hague, 1793 4to. 

Maclaren C. Dissertation on the Topography of the 

Plain of Troy, .. Edhu \^22 8vo. 

Maclaurin Colin. Account of Sir I. Newton's Philo- 
sophical Discoveries, by P. Murdoch, Lond. 1748 4to. 

Treatise of Fluxions, 2 vol. .. Ed'in. 1742 4to. 

Mac Leod John, Voyage along the Coast of Corea, 

to the Island of Levvchew, .. Lond. 1818 8vo. 

Voyage to Africa, .. 1820 12mo. 

Macmichael William. On the Cholera Spasniodica of 

India, .. 1831 8vo. 

Mac Nicol Donald. Remarks on Johnson's Journey to 

the Hebrides, .. 1779 8vo. 

Macpherson James. History of Great Britain, from 

1660 to 1714, 2 vol. .. 1776 4to. 

Original Papers, containing the Secret 

History of Great Britain, from 1660 to 1714; 

with the Life of James II. as written by Himself, 

2 vol. .. 1775 4to. 










Macplierson David. History of the European Com- 
merce with India, .. Lond. 1812 4to. 

Mac Queen J. View of North Central Africa, iS'f/iw. 1821 8vo. 

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Zeunio, . . Lips. \77A 8vo. 

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Palestine, in 1824-27, 2 vol. .. 1829 8vo. 

Maddox Bishop. Vindication of the Church of 

England, against Neal in his History of the 

Puritans, . . — 

Madox Tho. Firma Burgi, . . — 

Formulare Anglicanum, . . — 

Baronia Anglica, . . — 

History and Antiquities of the Exchequer, 

2 vol. .. 1709 4to. 

Magazine of Natural History, &c. conducted by J. C. 

Loudon, vol. I- V, .. 1828, &c. 8vo. 

Magee Abp. Discourses and Dissertations on the 
Scriptural Doctrines of Atonement and Sacrifice, 

3 vol. .. 1812-6 8vo. 

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Mahon Lord. History of the War of the Succession in 

Spain, .. 1832 8vo. 

Life of Belisarius, .. 1829 8vo. 

Maintcnon Madame de. Life and Letters, 3 vol. 1772 12mo. 

*Manget J. J. Bibliothcca Scriptorum Mcdicorum, 

2 tom. . . Genevce, 1 73 1 fol. 

*Maniiiiigham Sir Ric. On the Febricula, Lond. 1755 8vo. 

Manstein Baron de. Memoirs of Russia, from 1727 

to 1744, . . 1773 4to. 

Maitland F. L. Narrative of the Surrender of Buo- 
naparte, .. 1826 8vo. 


Maittaire Michael. Annales Typographici, 5 torn. 

in 9, .. Hagce-Com. ^c. 1719-41 4to. 

Annalium Typographicorum Maittaire Supplementuni, 

a Denis, Pars. 1,2, . . VienncB, 1 789 4to. 

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libros complectens, . . Loud. 1709 Svo. 

*Makittrick James. Commentaries on the Principles 

and Practice of Physic, — 1772 Svo. 

Malay Annals ; translated by J. Leyden, 1821 8vo. 

Malcolm Sir J. History of Persia, from the most 

early period to the present time, 2 vol. 1815 4to. 

Memoir of Central India, 2 vol. 1823 8vo. 

Political History of India^ from 1784 to 1823, 

2 vol. . . 1826 Svo. 

J. P. Anecdotes of the Manners and Cus- 
toms of London during the XVIIIt'i Century, 2 vol. 1810 Svo. 

Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of 

London from the Roman Invasion to the Year 

1700,3 vol. .. • 1811 Svo. 

* Londinium Redivivuni, 4 vol. .. 1S03-7 4to. 

First Impressions ; or Sketches from Art and 

Nature, .. 1807 Svo. 

Malham J. On the Non-Residence of the Parochial 

Clergy, .. Sallsb. 1801 Svo. 

Malkin B. H. Classical Disquisitions and Curiosities 

Critical and Historical, .. Lond. 1825 Svo. 

Scenery, Antiquities, and Biography of South 

Wales, ,. 1804 4to. 

Mallett Dav. Life of Lord Chancellor Bacon, 1760 fol. 

Mallet P. H. Northern Antiquities, 2 vol. 1 770 Svo. 

Malone Edm. Inquiry into the Authenticity of cer- 
tain Papers, &c. attributed to Shakespeare, 1796 Svo. 

Maltby Bp. Illustration of the Truth of the Christian 

Religion, .. Catnb. 1802 Svo. 

Malte-Brun. System of Geography, vol. I — VIII, 

Edin. 1823-30 Svo. 


AJalthus. Essa\ on the Principle of Population, ivo«(/. 1803 4to. 
Essay ou the Principle of Population, 3 vol. 181/ 8vo. 

LettertoS.Whitbread, Esq. on the Poor Laws, 1807 8vo. 

Inquiry into the Nature and Progress of Rent, 1815 8vo. 

■ Observations on the E fleet of tlic Corn Laws, 1815 8vo. 

Grounds of an Opinion on Restricting the 

Importation of Corn, .. 1815 8vo. 

Principles of Political Economy, 1820 8vo. 

Malton The. Treatise ou Perspective, in Theory and 

Practice, .. 1778-83 fol. 

• James. Essay on Cottage Architecture, 1798 4to. 

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cura Jac. Gronovii, .. Liigd. Bat. 1698 -Ito. 

*A]anget J. J. Bibliotheca Medico- Practica, sive Re- 

rum Medicarum Thesaurus, 4 torn. Genev. 1700 fol. 

Mangin Edw. Essay on Light Reading, Loud. 1808 8vo. 

*Manning H. Treatise on Female Diseases, 1771 8vo. 

Mant Bp. Christian Sabbath ; its Institution and 

Obligation, .. Oaf. 1830 8vo. 

Book of Psalms in an English Metrical Version, 1824 Svo. 

Sermons ; an Inquiry into Charges against the 

Clergy, (Bampton Lecture) .. 1812 8vo. 

" Observationes Medicochirurgicae, 1729 8vo. 

Marco Polo. Travels in the XllPh Century, translated 

by W. Marsden, with Notes, Lond. 1818 4to. 

Margett Geo. Longitude and Horary Tables, fol. 

Mariana J. General History of Spain, translated by 

Stephens, .. 1G99 fol. 

Mariti E. Travels through Cyprus, Syria, and Pales- 
tine, 2 vol. .. 1791 8vo. 

Marlowe Christopher. Works, 3 vol. 182G 8vo. 

*Marmontel J. F. Bclisaire, .. Paris, 1707 12mo, 

Moral Tales, 3 vol. .. Lond. 170(5 12mo. 

• Incas, 2 vol. .. 1777 12nio. 

Mrmoires d'un lYre, 4 toin. Paris, 1805 I2uu), 

IMarmora Oxoniensia, cdita a Ric. Chandler, O.roM. 17G3 fol. 


Marsden William. Grammar of the Malayan Lan- 
guage, .. Lond. 1812 4to. 

t Dictionary of the Malayan Language, 1812 4to. 

History of Sumatra, .. 1811 4to. 

Plates, .. 1811 fol. 

Marsh Bp. Comparative ^'ievv of the Churches of 

England and Rome, .. 181G 8vo. 

Authenticity of the Five Books of Moses 

Vindicated, .. 1806 8vo. 

Horae Pelasgicee ; an Inquiry into the Oiigin 

and Language of the Pelasgi, .. C(tmb. 1815 8vo. 

Illustration of his Hypothesis, 1803 8vo. 

History of the Politicks of Great Britain and 

France, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1800 8vo. 

Vindication of his History, .. 1801 8vo. 

Marshall Wm. Rural Economy of the Southern Coun- 
ties, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1798 8vo. 

Minutes and Remarks in the Southern Coun- 
ties, 2 vol. .. 1799 8vo. 

• Planting and Rural Ornament, 2 vol. 1796 8vo, 

Rural Economy of Norfolk, 2 vol. 1795 8vo. 

■ • Rural Economy of the West of England, 2 vol. 1796 8vo. 

Rural Economy of the Midland Counties, 2 vol. 1796 8vo. 

Rural Economy of Yorksliire, 2 vol. 1788 8vo. 

Rural Economy of Gloucestershire^ including 

its Dairy, 2 vol. .. Gloucest. 1789 8vo. 

• On the Landed Property of England, Lond. 1804 4to. 

On the Management of Landed Estates, 1806 8vo. 

■ John. Life of General AVashington, 5 vol. 1804-7 8vo. 

Sam. Treatise on the Law of Insurance, 2 vol. 1802 8vo. 

Joseph. Travels through Holland, Flanders, 

&c. 3 vol. .. 1773 8vo. 

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cus, Graecus, et Disquisitiones, . . Lips. 1676 4to. 

Marsigli Comte de. Description du Danube, 6 tom. 

in 3, .. La Haye, 1744 fol. 


*Maislimaii Josh. Elements of Chinese Grammar, 
with a Dissertation on the Chinese Characters, 
&c. ; and an Appendix, containing the Ta-hyoli 
of Confucius, . Scramp. 1814 4to. 

Martialis M. V. Epigrammata, a Vine. Collesso, ad 

nsum Delphini, .. Paris. ICSO 4to. 

* — ' Epigrammata, .. Lond. 1816 12mo. 

Martin .lolin. Account of tlie Natives of the Tonga 
Islandsj with a Grammar and Vocabulary of their 
Language, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1817 Svo. 

W. Description of the Western Islands of 

Scotland, .. 1715 8vo. 

Matthew. State of Mendicity in the Metro- 
polis, .. 1803 Svo. 

*Mascagnius Paulus. Vasorum Lyniphaticorum His- 

toria, . . fol. 

*Mascarenhas Antonio de. Manual do Consul, Ziv^. 1822 fol. 

Maseres Fran. Historiae Anglicanse Selecta Monu- 

iiienta, . . Lond. 1807 4to. 

Select Tracts relating to the Civil Wars in the 

Reign of King Charles J. 2 vol. 1815 Svo. 

Principles of the Doctrine of Life Annuities, 

2 voL .. 1783 4to. 

Maskelyne Nevil. Principles of LLirrison's Tiuic- 

Kccper, .. 17G7 4to. 

Account of the Going of Harrison's Watch, 1767 4to. 

Mason A\'m. \\'orks, 1 vol. .. 1811 Svo, 

■ English Garden, a I'oem, in 4 books, Yorh, 1781 4 to. 

Mabsingcr Philip. Dramatick Works, with Notes by 

J. jNL Mason, 4 vol. . . Lond. 1779 Svo. 

• Plays, with Notes by AA'illiam Gifford, 

4 vol. .. 1813 Svo. 

Mather Cotton. History of New England, 1702 foL 

Malhias T. J. Essay on the Evidence relating to the 

Poems attributed to Rowley, containing a general 

View of the whole Controversy, .. 1783 Svo. 


Matliias T. J. Observations on tlie Writings and 

Character of Gray, .. Lond. 1815 8vo. 

Mattliseus Westnionasteriensis. Flores Historiarum ; et 
Chronicon ex Chronicis, Auct. Florentio Wigor- 

nensi ; cui accessit Continuatio, Franco/. 1601 fol. 

Matthew J. M. Nine Letters to his Friend in Bengal, 1793 4to. 

Matthews H. Diary of an Invalid, Lond. 1820 8vo. 

Matthiso Augustus. Copious Greek Grammar, trans- 
lated by E. V. Blomfield ; revised by J. Kenrick, 

2 vol. .. 1832 8vo, 

MaundrelJ. Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, O.rf. 1732 8vo. 

*Maupertius P. de. La Figure de la Terre, Paris, 1738 8vo. 

Maurice Tho. History of Hindostan, 2 vol. Lowe/. 1795-9S -Ito. 

Modern History of Hindostan, 2 vol. 1802-3 4to. 

Crisis, a Poem, .. 1798 4to. 

Grove-Hill, a Poem, with an Ode to Mithra, 1799 4to. 

■ Indian Antiquities, 7 voL .. 1792-1800 8vo. 

Tho. Elegiac and Historical Poems, &,c. 1795 4to. 

*Mauriceau Fr. Traite des Maladies des Femmes 

Grosses, .. Paris, 1681 4to. 

Mawe John. Travels in the Interior of Brazil, Lond. 1812 4to. 
Maximus Tyrius. Dissertations, translated by T. 

Taylor, 2 vol. .. ■ 1804 8vo. 

May Thomas. History of the Parliament of England, 

which began Nov. 3rd, 1640, .. 

*Mead Richard. On Poisons, . . 

Medical Works, . . 

■ Monita et Pra?cepta Medica, a CI. Wintring- 











ham, 2 torn. . . 

Meares John. Voyages from China to the North- 
West Coast of America, in 1788 and 1789, 

Mearns D. Examination of " Chalmers on the Chris- 
tian Revelation," .. Edin. 1818 12mo. 

Medallic History of England to the Revolution, Lond. 1790 4to. 

Mede Joseph. Works, .. 1677 fol. 

Medical Extracts, 4 vol. .. 1796-7 8vo. 


*Medical Museum, ., Loud. 1763 8vo. 

Medical Observations and Inquiries, by a Society of 

Physicians in London, 6 vol. .. 1771-84 8\o. 

*Medical Transactions, by the College of Physicians 

in London, 4 vol .. 1772-85 Svo. 

*Medical Tracts, . . Svo. 

*Medical Essays and Observations, by a Society in 

Edinburgh, G vol. . Edin. 1733, &c. Svo. 

*Mcdico-Chirurgical Transactions, published by tlie 

Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, vol. I 

—XIV, .. 1813-28 Svo. 

^ Med win T. Conversations of Lord Byron, 1824 Svo. 

*Mejan Etiennc. Collection Complette des Travaux 

de M. Mirabcau I'aine, u rAssemblce Nationaio, 

5 torn. .. Paiis, 1791-2 Svo. 

Memoir of Sebastian Cabot, with a Review of the 

History of Maritime Discovery, Lond. 1831 Svo. 

Memoir of the Queen of Etruria, written by Herself, 1814 Svo. 

Memoir of tlie Warwick County Asylum, 1827 Svo. 

*Memoir of the Rev. Henry Martin, 1822 12mo 

Memoirs of the Empress Josepliine, with Anecdotes of 

the Courts of Navarre and Malmaison, 3 vol. 1829 Svo. 

Memoirs of the Literary and Philosopliical Society of 

Manchester, 5 vol. . . Munch. \ 785, &c. Svo. 

Memoirs of the Manchester Society, Second Series, 

vol. I— V, .. 1831 Svo. 

Memoirs of John Frederic Oberlin, Pastor of Waldbach, 

in the Ban de la Roche, .. Lond. 1831 12mo. 

J Memoirs of a Gentlewoman of the Old School, 2 vol. 1830 Svo, 
Memoirs of the Life of Count de Crammont, translated 

by Boyer, .. 1714 Svo. 

Memoirs of Zehir-ed-din Muhammed Baber, Emperor 

of Hindustan 5 translated by J. Leydcn and W. 

Erskine, .. 1S2G 4to. 

Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo, (M. Savary) by Him- 
self, 4 vol. .. 1828 Svo. 














Memoirs relative to Egypt, .. Lond. ISOO Svo. 

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of John Evelyn, 
comprising his Diary from 1641 to 1705-6: edited 

by William Bray, 2 vol. .. 1819 4to. 

Memoirs of Rossini, by the Author of the Lives of 

Haydn and Mozart, .. ■ 1824 Svo. 

Memoirs and Anecdotes selected from the Correspon- 
dence of Baron de Grimm, and Diderot, between 

1753 and 1790,4 vol. .. 

Memoirs of the Kit-Cat Club, . . 

Memoirs of Major-General Lee, . . 

Memoirs of .John and Thomas Bovvdier, 

Memoirs of Prince Eugene, of Savoy, translated from 

the French, by W. Mudford, . . 

Memoirs of the War in Asia, 2 vol. . . 

Memoirs of the Embassy of the Marshal de Bassom- 

pierre in 1G26, .. 1S19 Svo. 

Memoirs relating to European and Asiatic Turkey, and 
other Countries of the East : edited from MS. 
Jonnials, by Robert Walpole, 2 vol. 1818-20 4to. 

Memoirs of Guy .loli, Claude Joli, and the Duchess 
de Nemours, being a Supplement to the Memoirs 
of (/ardinal de Retz, translated by E. Taylor, 

3 vol. .. 1775 12mo. 

Memoirs of the Duchess d'Abrantes, (Madame Junot) 

4 vol. .. 1832-33 Svo. 

Memoirs of George Psalmanazar, .. 1765 Svo. 

Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society, 

vol. I— VI, .. Edin. \Si\-^2 Svo. 

Memoirs of a Celebrated Literary and Political Cha- 
racter, .. Lond. 1814 Svo. 

M^moires pour servir a I'Histoire de France sous Na- 
poleon, dicte au General Gourgaud, Paris, 1822 Svo. 

Memoires pour servir a I'Histoire de France sous Na- 
poleon, dict6 au Cointe de Montholon, 1823 Svo. 

M^raoires de M. le Due de S. Simon, 3 tom. 1789 Svo. 


M^iiioires sur la Cour de Louis XIV, et de la Regence 

par Eliz. Charlotte, Duchesse d'Orleans, Paris. 1823 8vo. 

Memorials to the Abp. of Dublin, on Scriptural Edu- 
cation in Ireland, with Replies, Land. 1832 8vo. 

Menagiana, 4 torn. .. Amst. 1713-16 12nio. 

Mengs Anthony Raphael. Works, by J. N. d'Azara, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1/90 8vo. 

*Menin M. Treatise on the Coronation of the Kings 

of France, .. 1/23 Svo. 

Menu. Institutes of Hindu Law, translated by Sir 

VV. Jones, .. 179t3 Svo. 

Mercier Bart. New Picture of Paris, 2 vol. • 1800 8vo. 

*Mercure de France, dedie aux Oisifs, pour I'an 1770, 

16 vol. .. Amst. 1770 12mo. 

t*Merian Mad. M. S. de. Histoire Generale des 
Insectes de Surinam et de toute I'Europe, avec un 
Traite des plus belles FJeurs, &c. 3 toni. Paris, 1771 fol. 

Metastasio P. Opere, 17 torn. .. Nizza, 1785 12mo. 

*Meursius J. Athence Batavse, Lugd. Bat. 1625 4to, 

Meuselius John George. Bibliotheca Historica, 11 

torn. .. Lips. 1782-1804 Svo. 

Meyrick Sir S. R. History and Antiquities of the 

County of Cardigan, .. Lond. 1808 4to. 

t Critical Inquiry into Antient Armour, 3 vol. 1824 Svo. 

Mezeray Abrege Chronologique de I'Histoirc 

de France, 3 vol. .. Paris, 1717 4to. 

Michaelis J. D. Rccueil des Questions sur I'Arabie, 

proposce nunc Societe des Savans, Amst. 177 i 4to. 

Spicilcginin Geographise Hebreeorum Ex- 

tera? post Bochartuni, .. 1769-80 4to. 

Graminatica Chaldaica, Golti»g-. 1771 Svo. 

Grauunatica Syriaca, .. HalcB, 1784 4to. 

t Supplemcnta ad Lexica Hebraica, 2 vol. 

Goetting. 1784-92 4to. 

Introductory Lectures to the Sacred Books 

of the New Testament, ,. Lond. 1761 4to. 

1 (!0 

Michaelis J. D. Introduction to the New Testament, 

by Marsh, 4 vol. .. Camb. 1793-1801 8vo. 

Michelagnolo Buonarotti. Rime j col Comento di G. 

Biagioli, . . Parigi, 1821 8vo. 

Mickle W' . J. Almada Hill, a Poem, O.?/. 1781 4to. 

Poems, and a Tragedy, .. Lond. 1794 4to. 

Middleton Con. Miscellaneous AVorks, 5 vol. 1755 8vo. 

History of tlie Life of Cicero, 3 vol. 17(j7 8vo. 

• J. View of the Agriculture of Middlesex, 1798 8vo. 

Bp. Doctrine of the Greek Article, ap- 
plied to the Criticism and Illustrations of the 

INevv Testament, .. 1808 8vo. 

Sermons and Charges, with Memoirs of his 

Life, by Archdeacon Bonney, .. 1824 8vo. 

Miers John. Travels in Chile and La Plata, 2 vol. 182G 8vo. 
Mignan Rob. Travels in Chaldca, performed on foot 

in 1827, .. 1829 8vo. 

Miles W. A. Description of the Deverel Barrow, 

and Account of the Kimmeridge Coal Money, 1826 4to. 

Letter to Duncombe on Burke, 1796 8vo. 

Military Character of the different European Armies, 1804 Svo. 

Military Mentor, 2 vol. . . 1804 8vo. 

Military Chronicle, 9 vol. .. 1812, &c. Svo. 

Miill James. History of British India, 3 vol. 1817 4to. 

Commerce Defended, in Answer to the Argu- 
ments of Spence and others, .. 1808 Svo. 

Elements of Political Economy, • 1821 Svo. 

Millar John. Historical View of the English Govern- 
ment, from the Settlement of the Saxons to the 

Revolution in 1688, 4 vol. .. 1812 Svo. 

On the Distinction of Ranks in Society, 1773 Svo. 

Miller Geo. Lectures on the Philosophy of Modern 

History, 4 vol. .. Dublin, \SU -20 Svo. 

* J.S. Natural History of the Crinoidea.^wif. 1821 4to. 

t John. Illustration of the Sexual System of 

Linnaeus, Lat. and Eng. .. Lond. \777 fol. 


Miller Piiilij). Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary, 

by Martyn, 4 vol. . . Lond. 1807 fol, 

Lady. Letters from Italy, 3 vol. \77() 8\o, 

Samuel. Brief Retrosjject of the 18th Century, 

part I, 3 vol. .. ■ 1805 Svo. 

Millin A. L. Antiquites Nationales, ou Recueil de 

Monumens, 5 torn. .. Paris, 1790, &c. 4ta. 

JNIills C. History of the Crusades, 2 vol. Lond. 1821 8vo. 

History of Chivalry, 2 vol. .. 1825 8vo. 

History of Muhammedanism, . 1818 8vo. 

Millot ex. Elemens d'Histoire Gen^rale, par. I, II, 

9 torn. .. Paris, 1772-3 12mo, 

Elemens de I'Histoire de France, 3 torn. 1770 12iiio. 

Ek'mensde THistoire d'Angleterre,3 torn. 1773 !'2ino. 

" Elements of the History of England, by Ken- 

rick, 2 vol. ., Lond. 1771 Svo. 

Milman H. M. Samor, Lord of the Bright City, an 

Heroic Poem, .. 1818 Svo. 

Fall of Jerusalem j Martyr of Antioch, 1820-22 Svo. 

Belshazzar, Belvidere Apollo, Fazio, &c. 1821-22 Svo. 

■ H. H. Anne Boleyn, a Dramatic I'oem, 1826 Svo. 

Sermons ; the Character and Conduct of the 

Apostles considered as an Evidence of Christi- 
anity, (Bampton Lecture, 1827) O.rf. 1827 Svo. 

Milner Isaac. Strictures on some of the Publications 
of the Rev. Herbert Marsh, concerning the Bible 
Society, .. Lond. 1813 Svo. 

Joseph. History of the Church of Christ, 

4 vol. in 5, .. Camb. 1795-1809 Svo. 

John. Dissertation on the Modern Style of 

Altering Ancient Cathedrals, JVinches. 1811 Ito. 

Treatise on the Ecclesiastical Architecture of 

England during the Middle Ages, Lond. 1811 Svo. 

History of Winchester, 2 vol. IVinches. 4to. 

Letters to a Prebendary, ., 1800 4to. 

* Case of Conscience Solved, . . Lond. 1807 Svo. 


*Milton John. Poetical Works, with Notes by Bp. 

Newton, 3 V o .. Land. 1754 4to. 

Paradisus Amissus, Poeraaj Latine redditum 

a GLiliclmo Dobson, 2 torn. . . Oxon. 1750 4to. 

— Poems upon Several Occasions, with Notes 

and other Illustrations by T. AVarton, Land. 1785 Svo. 

Prose Works, Latin and Et]glish, by Birch, 

2 vol. .. 1738 fol. 

Treatise on Christian Doctrine, compiled 

from the Holy Scriptures alone, translated by 
C.R.Sumner, .. Camb. 1825 4to. 
De Doctrina Christiana Libri duo, a C. R. 

Sumner, .. • 1S25 4to. 

* Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio, Lond. 1652 12mo. 

Latin and Italian Poems, translated by W. 

Cowper ; with a Fragment of a Commentary on 

Paradise Lost. .. Chichcs. 1808 4to. 

* Wm. On the Danger of Travelling in Stage 

Coaches, .. Reading, 1810 8vo. 
Hen. Letters on the Fine Arts, written from 

Paris in 1815, ,. Lo)id. 1816 Svo. 

Minstrel, a Tale, 3 vol. . . 1793 12mo. 

Minstrel, a I'oem, Book III, . . 1808 4to. 

Minutes of Evidence before the H. of C. on the Police 

of the Metropolis, with Notes, &c. 1816 8vo. 

Minutes of the Court Martial on the Mutineers on 

Board the Bounty, .. 1794 4to, 

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee of the 

H. of C. appointed to investigate the Conduct of 

the Duke of York, .. 18C9 8vo. 

Minutes of Evidence before the M. of C. on the State 

of Mendicity and Vagrancy in the Metropolis, &c. 1816 Svo. 
Mirabeau Count de. Enquiries concerning Lettres de 

Cachet, 2 vol. . . 1 787 Svo. 

fMirrour for Magistrates, .. 1578 4to. 

Mirror, a Periodical Paper, 3 vol. .. 1782 12aio. 


Miscellaneous Papers, by S. Ireland, said to be Shaks- 

peare's, . . Lond. 1 796 fol. 

Miscellaneous Dissertations on Rural Subjects, 1/75 8vo. 

Miscellaneous and Fugitive Pieces, 3 vol. 1774 12mo. 

Miscellaneous State Papers, from 1501 to 172G, edited 

by the Earl of Harduickc, 2 vol. ■ 1778 4to. 

Mischna ; sive Hebrfforum Juris, Rituum, Antiqui- 

tatum ac Legum oralium Systenia, &c. ed. Gul. 

Snrenhusius, G vol. .. Amst. 1698 fol. 

Missale Romanum, ex decreto S. Concilii Tridentini 

restitutum, .. Antv. 1682 8vo. 

Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean in 

1796-98, .. Lond. 1799 4to. 

Mitchell C. Principles of Legislation, 1796 8vo. 

Mitford Wm. History of Greece, 5 vol. 1784, &c. 4to. 

Inquiry into the Principles of Harmony in 

Language, .. 1804 8vo. 

■ Mary Russell. Christina, the Maid of the 

South Seas, a Poem, .. 1811 Svo. 

Dramatic Scenes, Sonnets, and other Poems, 1827 Svo. 

Rienzi, a Tragedy, . . 1828 12mo. 

Narrative Poems on the Female Character, 1813 8vo. 

Moallakat, or VII Arabian Poems, with a Translation 

and Arguments by Sir AVm. Jones, 1783 4to. 

Modern Voyages and Travels, 9 vol. .. 1806-8 8vo. 

Modern Land Steward, .. 1801 8vo. 

Molesworth Lord. Account of Denmark, as it was in 

the Year 1692 ; with an Account of Sueden, 1 738 8vo. 

Molcville Bertrand de. Memoirs of Louis XVI, 3 vol. 1797 8vo. 
Annals of the French Revolution, translated 

by Dallas, 4 vol. .. 1800 8vo. 

Moliere J. B. de. Works, Fr. and Eng. 10 vol. 1739 12mo. 

MoUeson and Lane. Reports of the Commissioners of 

Public Accounts, with the Appendixes, 3 vol. 1783-7 Ito. 
Mollieii G. Voyage dans I'lntcrieur de I'Afrique, 

2 toin. .. Park, 1820 8vo. 



Molllen G. Travels in the Republic of Columbia in 

1822-23, .. Lond. 1824 Bvo. 

MoUor Geo. Essay on Gothic Architecture, translated 

from the German, . . 1824 8vo. 

Monboddo Lord. Of the Origin and Progress of 

Langunge, 6 vol. .. Edhi. 1773-92 8vo. 

Antient Metaphysics, C vol. 1779-99 4to. 

Money J. History of the Campaign of 1792, Lond. 1794 8vo. 

*xMonitory Hints to the Minister, &c. 1 783 8vo. 

Monk Bp. Life of Richard Bentley, D. D. 1830 4to. 

Monmouth Earl of. Memoirs, with Naunton's Frag- 

menta Regalia, .. Ed'in. 1808 8vo. 

Monro Alex. Works, .. 1781 4to. 

Observations on the Structure and Functions 

of the Nervous System, .. 1783 fol. 

• Three Treatises on the Brain, the Eye, and 

the Ear, .. 1797 4to. 

* Donald. On Mineral Abaters, 2 vol. 1770 8vo. 

fMonstrellet Enguer. de. Croniques (ensuyvantes 
Froissart) de France, d'Angleterre, deBourgougne, 
et autres pays circonvoisins, coramen^aut 1400 et 
finissant 1467, 3 vol. in 2, .. Paris, 1518 fol. 

Chronicles, translated by Thomas Johnes, 

5 vol. .. Hofod, 1809 4to. 

Montagu G. Ornithological Dictionary of British 

Birds, by James Rennie, .. Lond. 1831 8vo. 

Eliz. Essay on the Writings and Genius of 

Shakspeare, .. 1772 Svo. 

Letters, 4 vol. .. 1809 12mo. 

Basil. Opinions of different Authors upon 

the Punishment of Death, .. 1809 8vo. 

Digest of the Bankrupt Laws, with a Col- 
lection of Statutes and Cases, 4 vol. . . 1805-7 Svo. 

Edw. W. On the Rise and Fall of the An- 

cient Republicks, .. 17G9 Svo. 

Montague Lady M. W. Works, 5 vol. 1803 Svo. 


Montaigne Michel de. Essays, by Charles Cotton, 

3 vol, . . Lond. 17 11 8vo. 

Essays, 3 vol. .. 1776 8vo. 

Montefiore Joshua. Commercial Dictionary, 1803 -Kto. 

Montesquieu Baron de. Oeuvres, 3 torn. Purls, 17G7 4to. 
— Spirit of Laws, translated by Nugent, 

2 vol. . Lond. 1773 8vo. 

Montfaucon. Palaeographia Grteca, de Ortu et Pro- 

gressu Literarum Grsecarum, . . Paris. 1708 fol. 

Diariuin Italicuni, .. 1702 4to. 

t* L'Antiquite expliquee et representee en 

Figures, Gal. et Lat. 5 toiu. 10 vol. 1722 fol. 

tSupplement au Livre de I'Anticpiite expliqiice, &c. 

5 torn. , . 

Montgaillard. State of France, in May, 1794, Lond. 
Montgomery James. ^Vorld before the Flood, and 

other Poems, . . 

West Indies, and other Poems, 

Wanderer of Switzerland, and other 








Poems, .. Ed'm. 1813 12rao. 
Pelican Island, and other Poems, Lond. 1828 12mo. 

Monthly Review, from 1749 to 1831, 8vo. 

tindcx to vol. I— LXX, 2 vol. .. 178G 8vo. 

tindcx to vol. I— LXXXI, New Series, 2 vol. 1818 8vo. 

Montmorency-Morres. Inquiry into the Origin and 

Use of the Irish Pillar Tower, 1821 8vo. 

Montucla J. Etienne. Histoire des Mathematiques, 

4 torn. .. Pam, 1799-1802 4to. 

Monumenta Germanise Historica inde ab AnnoChristi 

.'iOO usque ad Annum 1500, edidit G. H. Pertz, 

torn. 1, II, . . Hanov. 1826-29 fol. 

Moor Edw. Narrative of the Operations of Capt. 

Little's Detachment, .. Lond. 1794 4to. 

Moore Edw. Hindu Pantheon, .. 1810 4to. 

Tho. Laliah Ilookh, an Oriental Romance, 1817 8vo. 

Loves of the Angels, a Poem, 1823 8vo. 


Moore Tijo. Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitz- 
gerald, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1831 8vo. 

Memoirs of the Life of Richard Brinsley 

Sheridan, .. 1825 4to. 

James. Narrative of the Campaign of the Bri- 
tish Army in Spain, commanded by Sir J. Moore, 1809 4to. 

John. Zeluco, 2 vol. .. • 1789 Svo. 

Edward, 2 vol. .. • 1796 Svo. 

View of Society and Manners in Italy, 2 vol. 1781 8vo. 

Vievv of Society and Manners in France, Swit- 
zerland, and Germany, 2 vol. .. ■ 1779 Svo. 

Journal during a Residence in France, from 

August to December, 1792, 2 vol. 1793 Svo. 

View of the Causes and Progress of the French 

Revolution, 2 vol. .. 1795 Svo. 

Mark. Memoirs and Adventures, 1795 Svo. 

James. History of the Small Pox, 1815 Svo. 

J. B, Digested Index to the Term Reports, 

analytically arranged, 2 vol. .. 1816 Svo. 

Morant Philip. History and Antiquities of Colcliester, 1748 fol. 
Mordecai Benjamin Ben. Apology for Embracing 

Christianity, .. 1771 4to, 

Full Answer to a late View of the Internal 

Evidence of the Christian Religion, 1 777 Svo. 

More Sir The. Utopia, by Burnet, Oxf. 1753 12rao. 

More Hannah. Essays for Young Ladies, Lond. \777 Svo. 

Sacred Dramas, to which is added. Sensibility, 

a Poem, .. 1782 Svo. 

Poems, .. 1776, &.C. 4to. 

Strictures on the Modern System of Feniale 

Education, 2 vol. .. 1799 Svo. 

Practical Piety, 2 vol. .. 1811 Svo. 

Christian Morals, 2 vol. .. 1813 Svo. 

" Essay on the Character of St. Paul, 2 vol. ■ 1815 Svo. 

Cresacre. Life of Sir Thomas More, with Notes 

by Jos. Hunter, . . 1828 Svo. 


jMoiell Tlio. Lexicon Graeco-Prosodiafum, cura E. 

Maltby, .. Cantab. 1815 4to. 

Morgagni J. B. The Seats and Causes of Diseases 
investigated by Anatomy, by Benjamin Alexander, 
3 vol. . . bond. 1 769 4to. 

*Morgan Tho. Philosophical Principles of Medicine, 1725 8vo. 

* Mechanical Practice of Physick, in which 

the Specific Method is examined, 1735 8vo. 

Morhof Dan. G. Polyhistor, Literarius, Philosophicus 

et Practicus, 2 tom. . . Lubeccc, 1747 4to. 

Morier J. Two Journies through Persia, Armenia, and 

Asia Minor, to Constantinople, 2 vol. 1812-18 4to. 

*Morinus Stephanus. Exercltationes de Lingua Pri- 

maeva, . . Ultraj. 1 694 4to. 

Morison Rob. Plantarum Historiae Universalis Ox- 

oniensis, 2 vol. .. Oxon. 1680-99 fol. 

Moritz C. P. Travels through several Parts of Eng- 
land, .. Lond. 1795 12mo. 

Morrison John. On the Advantages of an Alliance 

with the Great Mogul, .. 1774 8vo. 

Morritt J. B. S. Vindication of Homer, &c. in An- 
swer to Bryant, .. York, 1798 4to. 

Additional Remarks on the Topography of 

Troy, &c. .. Lond. 1800 4to. 

Morse Jedidiah. American Geography, 1792 8vo. 

Mortimer Tho. Elements of Commerce, Politics, and 

Finance, .. 1782 4to. 

• Lectures on the Elements of Commerce, 

Politics, and Finance, .. 1801 8vo. 

Geo, \'oyage to the North-West Coast 

of America, &c. .. 1791 4to. 

Morveau L B. dc. On Purifying Infected Air, by 

Hall, .. 1802 8vo. 

Moschus V. Theocritus. 

Moseley W. M. Essay on Archery, fVorcest. 1792 Svo. 

Mosheim .J. L. Ecclesiastical History, by Maclainc, 

5 vol. .. Lond. 1758, &.c. 8vo. 


Mosheim J. L. Commentaries on the Affairs of the 

Christians before Constantine^ translated by R. 

Vidall, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1813 8vo. 

Moule T. Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnfe Britannioe ; 

an Analytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, 

Heraldry, &c. .. 1822 8vo. 

Mount Calvary, a Cornish Poem ; interpreted in 1682 

by J. Keigwin J edited by Davies Gilbert, 1827 8vo. 

Les Moyens de detruire la Mendicite en France, en 

rendant les Mendians ntiles, Chaalons, 1/80 8vo. 

Mudge John. Cure for a recent Catarrhous Cough, 1778 8vo. 
*Muhabharut, 4 vol. . . Serrnnpore, 1803 12mo. 

Miiller John Von. Universal History, translated from 

the German, 3 vol. .. Lond. 1818 8vo. 

Muuoz J. B. History of the New World, vol. I, 1797 Svo. 

Muratori Ludov. Ant. Rerum Italicarum Scriptores, 

ab Anno Mtse Christianae 500 ad 1500, 24 torn. 

in 26, . . Mediolani, 1723-33 fol. 

Muretus M. A. Orationes et Epistolse, cura J. E. 

Kappii, 2 vol. .. Hanov. 1825 Svo. 

Murphy Arthur. Works, 7 vol. .. Lond, 1786 8vo. 

Life of David Garrick, Esq. 2 vol. 1801 8vo. 

James. Travels in Portugal, in 1789-90, 1795 4to. 

Murray Lindley. On the Power of Religion on the 

Mind, .. York, 1802 I2mo. 
• English Grammar, 2 vol. . . 1824 Svo. 

Alex. History of the European Languages, 

with a Life of the Author, 2 vol. Edln. 1822 Svo. 

John. System of Chemistry, 4 vol. 1819 Svo. 

= Hugh. Historical Account of Discoveries and 

Travels iu North America, 3 vol. 1829 Svo. 

Account of Travels in Africa, 2 vol. 1817 Svo. 

Account of Travels in Asia, 3 vol. 1820 Svo. 

Musae Anglicause, 3 vol. .. Oxon. 1717, &c. 12rao. 

MustB Etonenses, 3 torn. .. Lond. 1795 Svo. 

Musifi Cantabrigienses ; seu Carmina quaedam niimis- 

raate aureo Cantabrigiae ornata, 1810 Svo. 


Musae Seatouiause; Cambridge PrizePoems, 1 7.00-1806 

2 vol. . . Camb. 1 808 8vo. 

Museum Criticum, or Cambridge Classical Researches, 

2 vol. .. 1813-22 8vo. 

Musgrave Samuel. II Dissertations j on the Grecian 
Mythology, and on the Chronology of the Olym- 
piads, .. Loud. 1782 8vo. 

Sir i\ic. Memoirs of the different Rebel- 
lions in Ireland, with the Appendix, Dublin, 1801 4to. 

*Myers Tho. Essay on the Influence of the Homeric 

Poems, .. Cmnb. 1 830 8vo. 
Remarks on a Course of Education, Lond. 1818 8vo. 

* Dissertation on the Knowledge of a Future 

State by the Jews, .. Camb. 1830 Svo. 

My Pocket Book, .. Lond. 1807 ]2mo. 

Mythographi Auctores Latini, curante Augustino Van 

Staveren, .. Lugd. Bat. 1742 4to. 

Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales, 3 vol. Lond. 1801-7 Svo. 


NAISMITH JOHN. Elements of Agriculture, Zomc/. 1807 Svo. 
Nalus, Carmen Sanscritum h Mahabarato; edidit Fr. 

Bopp, .. 1819 Svo. 

Names of the Proprietors of Unclaimed Dividends on 

Bank Stock, &c. .. 1800 Svo. 

Napier W. F. P. History of the AVar in the Peninsula 

and in the South of France, from 1807 to 1814, 

3 vol. .. 1828-31 Svo. 

Reply to Lord Strangford's "^Observations," 1828 Svo. 

tNares Rob. Glossary ; in Illustration (chiefly) of 

Shakspearc and his Contemporaries, 1822 4to. 

Connected and Chronological View of the 

Prophecies relating to the Christian Church, 1805 Svo. 

Elements of Orthoepy, .. 1784 Svo. 


Nares Edvv. On the Notion of a Plurality of Worlds, 1801 Svo. 
Elements of General History, vol. Ill, (a Con- 
tinuation of Ty tier) .. Lond. \Q22 8vo. 
• Memoirs of the Life and Administration of 

William Cecil, Lord Burghley, 3 vol. 1828-31 4to. 

Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar 

Seas and Regions, (Cabinet Cyclopaedia) Edin. 1830 12mo. 

Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in Africa, (Ca- 
binet Cyclopedia) .. 1830 ]2mo. 

Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and 
Central Africa, 1822-24, by Denham, Clapperton, 
and Oudney, .. Lond. 1826 4to. 

Narrative of the Dissentions and Debates in the Royal 

Society, . . 1 784 8vo. 

Narrative of the Chinese Embassy to the Khan of the 
Tourgouth Tartars, in 1712, translated by Sir 
G. I. Staunton, . . 1821 8vo. 

Narrative of an Expedition to Dongola and Sennaar, 1822 8vo. 

Narrative of the Minutes of Evidence respecting the 

Claim to the Berkeley Peerage, 1811 8vo. 

Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at 
Washington and New Orleans, in 1814-15, by 
the Author of the Subaltern, .. 1826 8vo. 

*Narratives relating to the Great Plague of London, 

A. D. 1665, .. 1832 12rao. 

Nash Threadvvay. Collections for the History of 

Worcestershire, 2 vol. .. 1781-2 fol. 

Nasmith James. Catalogus Librorum MSS. in Bib- 

liothecaC.C.C. Cant. .. Cant. Mil 4to. 

Natural History of Enthusiasm, .. Lond. 1829 8vo. 

Naufrage de la Frigate la Meduse, Paris, 1818 8vo. 

Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris, for 

1780-82, 3 vol. .. 1777, &c. 8vo. 

Naval Chronicle, from 1799 to 1813, 30 vol. 1799-1813 8vo. 

Neal D. History of Nevv^ England, 2 vol. 1720 8vo. 

History of the Puritans, 4 vol. .. 1732-8 8vo. 


tXeale X P. Mews of Collegiate and Parochial 
Churches in Great Britain, 2 vol. Lond. 

Necker J. On the French Revolution, 2 vol. 

Treatise on the Administration of the Finances 

of France, by jMortiiner, 3 vol. — 

— On the Importance of Religious Opinions, 











Neele H. Romance of History. England, 3 vol. — 

*Negro Emancipation made Easy, by a British Planter, 

Bath, 181 G Svo. 

*Neild James. Account of the Society for the Dis- 
charge of Persons Imprisoned for Small Debts in 
England and Wales, . . Lond. 1808 8vo. 

Neill Patrick. Tour through some of the Orkney and 

Shetland Islands, . . Ed'in. 180G Svo. 

Nennius. Historia Brittoiium, tr. by W. Gunn,ZyO«(/. 1819 Svo. 

t*Neuman H. Dictionary of the Spanish and Eng- 

lisli Languages, 2 vol. .. 1809 Svo. 

*Ne\v Annual Register, from 1780 to 1794 inclusive, 

15 vol. .. 1781-95 Svo. 

Newcome Bp. Historical View of the English Bib- 
lical Translations, &c. .. Dublin^ 1792 Svo. 

Observations on our Lord's Conduct as a 

Divine Instructor, .. Lond. 1782 4to. 

Harmony of the Gospels, Dublin, 1778 fol. 

Peter. History of the Royal Foundation 

called the Abbey of St. Alban, Lond. 1793-5 4to. 

Newenham Thomas. View of the Natural, Political, 

and Commercial Circumstances of Ireland, 1809 4to. 

New Farmer's Calendar, ,. 1801 Svo. 

Newte Tho. Prospects and Observations on a Tour 

in England and Scotland, .. 1791 4to. 

Newton Is. Opera quae extant omnia^ cum Commcn- 

tariis S. Horsley, 5 vol. .. 1779-85 4to. 

Opticks, . . 1 730 Svo. 

Bp. Works, with some Account of his Life, 

•i vol. _ 17^2 4to. 


*Newton Tho. Bp. Dissertations on the Prophecies, 

3 vol. .. Land. 1/71 8vo. 

Nicholas J. L. Narrative of a Voyage to New Zea- 
land, in the years 1814-15, 2 vol. • 1817 8vo. 

Nichols John. Select Collection of Poems, 4 vol. 1780 8vo. 

Biographical and Literary Anecdotes of W. 

Bovvyer, . . 1782 4to. 

Collection of Ordinances, &c. for the Govern- 
ment of the Royal Household, from Edward III. 

to William and Mary, .. 1790 4to. 

Illustrations of the Manners and Expences of 

Antient Times in England, .. 1797 4to. 

Progresses and Public Processions of Queen 

Elizabeth, 3 vol. .. 1788, &c. 4to. 

Progress, Processions, &c. of King James I. 

his Family, and Court, 3 vol. .. 1826 4to. 

History and Antiquities of the County of Lei- 
cester, 4 vols, in 8, .. 1795-1811 fol. 

Additions to Hutton's Battle of Bosworth 

Field, .. 1813 8vo. 

John. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth 

Century, 9 vol. .. 1812-16 8vo. 
John. Illustrations of the Literary History 

of the XVIIPli Century, 6 vol. . . 1817-31 8vo. 

Nicholson Bp. English, Scotch, and Irish Historical 

Libraries, . . 1776 4to. 

Wm. Introduction to Natural Philosophy, 

2 vol. .. • 1782 8vo. 

— ■ Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, 

and the Arts, 5 vol. . . 1797-1802 4to. 

JournalofNaturalPhilosophy,&c.36vol. 1802-13 8vo. 

Dictionary of Chemistry, .. 1808 8vo. 

Nicholson and Burn. History and Antiquities of 

Westmoreland and Cumberland, 2 vol. 1777 4to. 

Nicol W. Planter's Calendar : by Edw. Sang, Edin. 1812 8vo. 
Gardener's Kalendar, .. 1810 8vo. 


Nicolas Sir N. H. Life of \VilIiam Davison, Secretary 

of State to Q. Elizabeth, .. Lond. ].S2'i 8vo. 

Notitia Historica : containing Tables and Ca- 
lendars for the use of Historians, Antiquarians, 

&c. . . . 1824 8vo. 

Synopsis of the Peerage of England J exhibit- 
ing the Date of Creation, Descent, &c. of every 

Title since tlie Conquest, 2 vol. .. 1825 12mo. 

Testamenta \'etusta : Illustrations from Wills, 

of Manners, Customs, &c. 2 vol. 1826 8vo. 

Historyof the Battle of Agincourt; and of the 

Expedition of Henry V. into France : with the 

Rolls of the Men at Arms, .. ■ 1827 8vo. 

Nicoll S. W. View of the Report and Evidence on 

the Poor Laws, .. York, 1818 8vo. 

Alex. Sermons, .. O.vf. 1830 8vo. 

Niebuhr G. B. Roman History : translated by F. A. 

Walter, 2 vol ., Lond. \S27 8vo, 

C. Description de I' Arable, Awst. 1774 4to. 

Description de I'Arabie, avec Recueil de Ques- 
tions par Michaelis, 2 torn. .. 1774 4to. 

Voyage en Arabic, 2 vol. ., 1776 4to. 

• Travels in Arabia, &c. translated bv R. Heron, 

2 vol. .. Ed'tn. 1792 Svo. 

Nightingale Joseph. Portraiture of Methodism, //ow(/. 1807 8vo. 
Noble Mark, Continuation of Granger's Biographical 

History of England, 3 vol. ,. 1806 8vo. 

History of the College of Arms, 4 to. 1804 4to. 

Lives of the English Regicides, 2 vol. 1798 8vo. 

Mea;oirsof the Protectorate-House of Cromwell, 

2 vol. .. lih-m. 1784 Svo. 

Nolan F. Harmonical Grammar of the Principal An- 
cient and Mudcrn Languages, 2 vol. J.ond. 1822 ]2mo. 

IiHjiiiiy into the Integrity of the Greek Vulgate, 

with the Sui)[)lement, 2 vol. . . 1815-30 Svo. 

*Xoldiu3 C. Concordautitc Particularum Ebrieo- 

Chaldaicaruin, .. Haun'ia;, 1679 4to. 












tNoltenius J. F. Lexicon Latinae Lingua?, Anti-Bar- 

barum, 2 torn. ^. Lipsics, ^c. 1768-80 8vo. 

|'*Nonariim Inquisitiones in Curia Scaccarii, temp. 
Edw. in. . . Lond. 

Non-Military Journal respecting Egypt, 

Noorthouck J. History of London, . . 

Norden F. L. Travels in Egypt and Nubia, by Temple- 
man, 2 vol. . . 

Norfolk Tale, Journal from London to Norwich, 

Norris H. H. Practical Exposition of the Tendency 

of the Bible Society, .. 1814 8vo. 

t Charles. Architectural Antiquities of Wales, 

No. 1, . . 1810 fol. 

Etchings of Tenby, .. 1812 4to. 

North Hon. Roger. Discourse on the Study of the 

Laws, .. 1824 8vo. 

Lives of Lord Keeper North, Sir Dudley North, 

and Dr. John North, 3 voL . . 1826 8vo. 

Examen, .. 1740 4to. 

Northcote James. Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds 5 

with the Supplement, .. 1813-15 4to. 

North Georgia Gazette and \Vinter Chronicle, edited 

by Edw. Sabine, .. 1821 4to. 

Notices et Extraits des MSS. de la Bibliothfeque du Roi, 

et autres Bibliothlques, 12 tom. Paris, 1787-1831 4to. 
Notions of the Americans 3 picked up by a Travelling 

Bachelor, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1828 8vo. 

*Nott John. On the Pisa and Asciano Waters ; with 

the Water of Yverdun, .. • 1793 8vo. 

On the Hotwell W'aters, near Bristol, Brist. 1793 8vo. 

"* George Frederick. Ordination Sermon, 0,vf. 1812 8vo. 

Sermons on Religious Enthusiasm, (Bampton 

Lecture, 1803) .. 1803 8vo. 

Nova Castro: Tragedia, .. Lisbon, 1806 12mo. 

*Nouvel]es de la Republique des Lettres, pour les an- 

n^es 1684-86, 1704-9, 17 tom. Amst. \QM,hc. 12mo. 


Noveaux M^moires de rAcad(^mie Royale des Sciences 
et Belles-Letters de Berlin, pour les annees 1770- 
1773, 4 torn. .. Berlin, 1 772, &c. 4to. 

Nubilia in Search of a Husband, .. Land. 1809 8vo. 

Nugent Lord. Memorials of John Hampden, his 

Party, and his Times, 2 vol. .. 1S32 Svo. 


OBSERVATIONS, chiefly Llthological, in a Tour to 

the Lakes in Westmoreland and Cumberland, Zyowrf. 1804 Svo. 

Observations on the Religion, Law, Government, and 

Manners of the Turks, .. 1771 8vo. 

^Observations on the present State of Denmark, Rus- 
sia, and Switzerland, . . 

Observations on Reynier's Campaign in Egypt, 

Observations (Conjectural) on the Origin and Progress 
of Alphabetic Writing, . . 

Observations on the Culture and LTseof Potatoes, 

Observer, by R. Cumberland, 5 vol. .. 17! 

Ockley Simon. History of the Saracens, 2 vol. Camb. \757 Svo. 

Oddy Jepson. European Commerce, Land. 1805 4to. 

Odeleben Baron Von. Saxon Campaign in 1S23 ; 

translated by A. J. Kempe, 2 vol. 1820 Svo. 

O'Driscol J. Views of Ireland, Moral, Political, and 

Religious, 2 vol. .. 1823 Svo. 

Oeconoray of Human Life, in English and French, 1 75 1 1 2ino. 

Ogden Sam. Sermons, 2 vol. .. 1788 Svo. 

Ogilvie John. Observations on the Nature, Charac- 
ters and various Species of Composition, 2 vol. 1774 Svo. 

Oldficld H. G. Anecdotes of Archery, Ancient and 

Modern, .. 17!il 12mo. 

Oliver G. Historical Collections relating to the Mo- 
nasteries in Devon, . . Eaeter, 1820 Svo. 

011a Podrida, a Periodical Work, .. Lond. 1788 Svo. 












O'Meara B. E. Transactions at St. Helena, Lond. 1819 8vo. 

■ Napoleon in Exile ; or a Voice from St. 

,-/ Helena, 2 vol. .. 1822 8vo. 

Opie John. Lectures on Fainting, delivered at the 

Royal Academy of Arts, . . 1809 4to. 

Oratores Grscci, cum Commentariis Wolfii et aliornm, 

a Reiske, 12 vol. .. Lips. 1770-5 8vo. 

*Oratio Dominica in diversas omnium fere gentium 

linguas versa, &c. edit. J. Chamberlaynio, uiinst. 1715 4to. 

Oriental Repertory, by A. Dalrymple, Lond. 1791-2 4to. 

Orfila M. P. Treatise on Mineral, Vegetable, and 

Animal Poisons: translated by J. A. Waller, 2 vol. 1818 8vo. 

On Remedies for Poisons, translated by W.Price, 1818 8vo. 

Orford, Horace Walpole, Earl of. WoiV^, o \o\. Lond. 1798 4to. 

t Anecdotes of Painting in England, with an Ac- 
count of the Artists, 4 vol. Straicb. Hill, 1765-80 4to. 

t Catalogue of Engravers, ., 1765 4to. 

Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of 

England, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1/59 12mo. 

Historic Doubts on the Life and Rei<:n of 

Richard III, .. 1708 4to. 

— Letter to the Editor of the Miscellanies of 

Thomas Chatterton, .. Straivb. Hill. 1779 8vo. 

— Memoires of the last Ten Years of the Reign of 

George II, 2 vol. .. Zowrf. 1822 4to. 

Original Memoirs, written during tlie great Civil War, 
being the Life of Sir Henry Slingsby, and Me- 
moirs of Captain Hodgson, with Notes, &c. £^(/i«. 1800 8vo. 

Original Letters of John Locke, Algernon Sidney, 
and Anthony Lord Shaftesbury ; edited by T. 
Forster, .. Lond. 1830 12mo. 

Original Draught of the Primitive Church, 1727 8vo. 

Original Letters, illustrative of English Historyj with 

Notes, &c. by Henry Ellis, 7 vol. 1824-27 8vo. 

Origin, Nature, and Object of the New System of 

Education, .. 1812 12mo. 


Original Letters from King ^Villiaul III, Lond. 1704 8vo. 

Orlando Innamorato di JMatt. M. Bojardo, rifatto da 

Francesco Bernini, 4 torn. .. Paris, 1768 12mo. 

Orme AVm. Memoirs of the Life, Writings, &c. of 

John Owen, ,. Lond. 1820 Svo. 

Life of Wm. Kiffin, .. 1S23 Svo. 

Rob. History of the Military Transactions of 

the British Nation in Indostan, 2 vol. 1775-8 4to. 

Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire, &c. 1805 4to. 

Orpheus. Argonautica, Hymni, Libellus de Lapidibus, 

et Fragmenta, cum notis varior. et M. Gesneri 
curante Ge. Chr. Hambergero, .. Li])S. 17G4 Svo. 

Orrery Earl of. Ren)arks on the Life and Writings 

of Dr. Swift, .. Lond. 1752 12mo. 

Letters from Italy in 1754 and 1755, ■ 1773 12mo. 

"Orton Job. Letters to a Young Clergyman, by 

Stedmau, ,, Shrewsfj. 1791 12mo. 

Osbeck P. Voyage to China and the East Indies, 
with Toreen's Voyage to Suratte, China, &c. by 
J. R. Forstcr, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1771 Svo. 

Ossian. Poems, by Macpherson, 2 Aol. 1773 Svo. 

Poems, in the Original Gaelic, with a Literal 

Translation into Latin, by R. Macfarlan, 3 vol. 1 807 Svo. 

Fingal, an Epic Poem, by McDonald, Liverp. 1808 Svo. 

Oswald James. Appeal to Common Sense in behalf 

of Religion, 2 vol. .. Lond. 17G8 Svo. 

Otter Wm. Life and Remains of Edvv. Dan. Clarke, 

2 vol. .. 1825 Svo. 

Ottlcy W. Y. Inquiry into the Origin and Early 
History of Engraving upon Copper and in \Vood, 
2 vol. .. I81G 4to. 

Otway Thomas. Works, 3 vol. .. 1768 12mo. 

Ouscley Sir W. Travels in Various Countries of the 

East, 3 vol. .. Brcck. 1819-23 4to. 

Epitome of the Ancient History of Persia, 

Lond. 1799 Svo. 


Ouseley Sir W. Oriental Collections, 2 vol. Lond. 1/97 4to. 

Ouvaroff. Essay on the Mysteries of Eleusis, trans- 
lated by J. D. Price, .. 1817 8vo. 

tOverbelie Bonav. Reliquise Antiquse Urbis Roma?, 

2 toni. . . Anist. 1708 fol. 

Overton John. True Churchmen ascertained, York, 1801 8vo. 

Ovidius P. N. Opera, a D. Crispino, ad usum Del- 

phini, 4 torn. .. Lugd. 1689 4to. 

Opera Omnia, cum Notis Variorum, cura Pet. 

Burmanni, 4 vol. .. Amst. 1/27 4to. 

* Opera, 3 torn. ., Lond. 1815 12mo. 

t Metamorphoses, Lat. and Eng. with Banier's 

Historical Explications of the Fables, and Picart's 
Sculptures, 2 vol. .. Amst. 1732 fol. 

Owen Rob. New View of Society; or Essays on the 

Formation of the Human Character, &c. Lond. 1813 8vo. 

Address at the Opening of an Institution for the 

Formation of Character, .. 1816 8vo. 

t Wm. Dictionaryof the Welsh Language, 2 vol. 1803 8vo. 

Grammar of the Welsh Language, 1803 8vo. 

Henry. Sermons on the Scripture Miracles, 

(Boyle's Lecture) 2 vol. .. 1773 8vo. 

John. Travels into different Parts of Europe 

in 1791 and 1792,2 vol. .. 1796 8vo. 

Oxford Collection of Voyages and Travels, 2 vol. ■ 1745 fol. 

Oxford University Calendar, for 1 8 1 6-2 1 -23, O.rf. 1 8 1 6, &c. 1 2mo. 

Oxford Prize Poems, .. 1808 8vo. 

Oxford Prize Poems, .. 1S28 12mo. 

Oxford English Prize Essays, 4 vol. . . 1830 8vo. 

tOxford Graduates, 1659-1820, .. 1815-20 8vo. 

Oxley J. Journals of Two Expeditions into the In- 
terior of New South Wales, .. 1820 4to. 


PACIAUDIUS P. M. Liber de Sacris Christianorum 

Balneis, .. Romce, 1758 4to. 

Monumenta Peloponnesia, 2 torn. 1761 4to. 

Antiquitates Christiana^ 1755 4to. 

Pala^pliatus. De Incredibilibus Historiis Grsece ; ed. 

J.S.Fischer, .. Lips. 17GI 12rao. 

Paley Win. Principles of Moral and Political Philo- 
sophy, . . Lond. 

View of the Evidences of Christianity, 2 vol. 

Horse Paulinae, . . 

Natural Theology, . . 

Sermons, . . 

Sermons on Various Subjects, edited by Edward 

Paley, 2 vol. . . 

Palgrave Fr. History of England, vol. I. Anglo-Saxon 

Period, (Family Library) .. 

Rise and Progress of the Enalish Common- 


4 to. 













wealth, part I, II, Anglo-Saxon Period, 1832 4to. 

tPalladio And. Architecture, in Four Books, by James 

Leoni, 2 vol. .. 1715-19 fol. 

Pallas P. S. Voyages dans plusieurs Provinces de 

TEuipire de Russie, et dans I'Asie Septcntrionale, 

8 torn. . . Pariti C An. JL 8vo. 

Spicilegia Zoologica, . . BeroL 1 774 4to. 

Travels through the Southern Provinces of tlic 

Russian Empire, in 1 793 and 1 79^, 2 vol. Lond. 1 802-3 4to. 
Palmer W. Antiquities of the English Ritual, and 

Dissertation on Primitive Liturgies, 2 vol. Oj^'. 1832 8vo. 
Palmerin of England, liy Francisco Moraes, corrected 

by R. Southey from the Portuguese, 4 vol. Lond. 1807 ]2mo. 
Pamphleteer, 29 vol. .. 1815-28 8vo. 

PanciroUus G. Rerum Memorabilium I/ibriduo: Prior 

deperditarum ; Posterior recens invcntaruin ct 

veteribus incognitarum, .. Franco/. 16G0 4to. 



*Papeis elucidating the Claims of Sir Augustus d'Este, 

K.C. H. .. Lond. 1832 8vo. 

^Parecbolae sive Excerpta c Corpore Statu toru in Univ. 

Oxoniensis, .. Oxon. 1721 12ino. 

Pareus Dav. Commentary upon the Revelation, by 

Arnold, .. Amst. 1644 fol. 

Paris and Fonblanque. Treatise on MedicalJurispru- 

dcnce, 3 vol. .. Lond. 1823 8vo. 
Paris J. A. Life of Sir Humphry Davy, 1831 4to. 

Matthew. Historia Major, ]>er W. Watts, 1G40 fol. 

Park Mungo. Travels in Africa in 1/95-97, 1816 4to. 

Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa 

in 1805 3 with Addenda, .. 1815 4to. 

J. J. Dogmas of the Constitution j Four Lec- 
tures delivered at King's College, London, 1832 8vo. 

Parkes Samuel. Chemical Catechism, 1807 8vo. 

■ Chemical Essays, 5 vol. .. 1815 12mo. 

Parker John. Voyage round the World, 1795 8vo. 

Tho. N. Essay on Hanging Gales, 1804 8vo. 

Tho. Laws of Shipping and Insurance, 1775 4to. 

Parkinson James. Organic Remains of a Former 

World, 3 vol. .. 1804, &c. 4to. 

Introduction to the Study of Fossil Organic 

Remains, .. 1822 8vo. 

* John. Garden of Flowers, Kitchen Gar- 
den, and Orchard, .. 1629 fol. 

* IMieater of Plants, . . 1640 fol. 

Sydney. Journal of a Voyage to the South 

Seas, in the Endeavour, . . 1773 4to. 

T. System of Mechanics and Hydrostatics, 

2 vol. .. Camb. 1785-9 4to. 
Rd. Tour in America in 1798-99-1800, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1805 8vo. 

Parliamentary History of England, 34 vol. 1806-19 8vo. 

t*Parliamentary AVrits and Writs of Military Sum- 
mons, &c. collected and edited by Fr. Palgrave, 
vol. I, .. 1827 fol. 


Parliamentary History of England, from the earliest 
times to the Restoration of Charles II, with the 
General index, 24 vol. . . Lond. 1/62 8vo. 

Parneli Sir H. On Financial Reform, 1830 I2mo. 

Parr B. London Medical Dictionary, with Appendix, 

Index, and Plates, 3 vol. .. 1809 4to. 

Sam. Spital Sermon, with Notes, ISO I 4to. 

Parry W. E. \^oyage for the Discovery of a N. W, 

Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1819-20, 1821 4to. 
Supplement to Parry's First Voyage, (Nat. Hist.) 1824 4to. 

Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of 

a N.W. Passage, in 1821-23, .. 1824 4to. 

Journal of a Third Voyage for the Discovery of 

a N. W. Passage, in 1824-25, .. 1826 4to. 

Narrative of an Attempt to reach the North Pole, 

in 1827, .. 1828 4to. 

C. H. Elements of Pathology and Therapeutics, 

vol. I, .. Bath, 1816 8vo. 

Experimental Inquiry into the Nature, Cause, 

&c. of the Arterial Pulse, .. 1816 8vo. 

Practicability of producing in England fine Cloth- 
ing Wool, .. 1800 4to. 

Question of the Necessity of the existing Corn 

Laws, considered, . . 1816 8vo. 

*Parsons Abraham. Travels in Asia and Africa, Lond. 1808 4to. 

James. Remains of Japhet, 1/67 4to. 

Rob. Three Conversions of England, 1 688 fol. 

* Chronological Tables of Europe, 17-07 24mo. 

Partington C. F. Historical and Descriptive Account 

of the Steam Engine, .. 1822 8vo. 

Pascal Blaise. Les Provinciales, avcc les Notes de 

Wend rock, 4 tom. .. Amst. 1767 12mo, 

Thoughts on Religion, &c. .. Lond. 1803 8vo. 

Paslcy C. W. Essay on the Military Policy and In- 
stitutions of the British Empire, part I, 1810 8vo. 

Passages from the Diary of a late Physician, 2 vol. Edln. 1 833 1 2rao. 


Paterculos C. V'e]leins. Historian Romanae libri duo, 

a R. Riguez, in usuni Delphini, . . Paris, 1^75 4to. 

Paterson William. Narrative of Four Journies into 

tlie Country of tlie Hottentots and Caffrariaj/yO?2(/. 1 790 4to. 

Sam. Bibliotheca Universalis Selecta, 178G Svo. 

Patin C. Familiae Romanae ex Antiquis Numismati- 

bus, .. 1663 fol. 

Patrick Bp. Reflections upon the Devotions of the 

Roman Church, .. 1686 Svo. 

yj Commentary and Notes on the Historical and 

Poetical Books of the Old Testament, 4 vol. 1809 4to. 

*Patru Olivier. Plaidoyers et autres Oeuvres, Pam, 1670 4to. 
*Patten Rob. History of the Rebellion in I 715, Zo«(/. 1745 Svo. 
Patton Rob. On the Effects of Property upon Society 

and Government, .. 1797 Svo. 

Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk, .. Edin. 1816 Svo. 

Paulin P. Voyage aux Indes Orientales, traduit de 

ritalien, avec les Obs. de M. M. Anq. du Perron, 

J. R. Foster, et Silv. de Sacy, 3 torn. Paris, 1808 Svo. 

Pausanias. Grseciae Descriptio, Gr. et Lat. a Facio, 

4 tom. .. Lips. 1794-6 Svo. 

Description of Greece, 3 vol. Lond. 1794 Svo. 

Pearch. Collection of Poems, 4 vol. .. 1770 12rao. 

Pearson Bp. Exposition of the Creed, 1723 fol. 

W. Introduction to Practical Astronomy, 

2 vol. with Plates and Appendix, .. 1824-29 4to. 

Hugh. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of 

Claudius Buchanan, 2 vol. .. O.vf. 1S17 Svo. 

Pecchio Count. Semi -Serious Observations of an Italian 
Exile, during his Residence in England, Lond. 

Peck Fr. Antiquarian Annals of Stanford, 

Desiderata Curiosa, 2 vol. . . 

Peclet E. Traits de la Chaleur, et de ses Applica- 
tions aux Arts et aux Manufactures, 2 tom. avec 
Atlas, .. Paris, 1828 Svo. 

Peele Geo. Works, edited by Alex. Dyce, 2 vol. Lond. 1S28 Svo. 








Peerage of England, &c. by Debrett, 2 vol. Land. 1825 12mo. 
I'egge Sara. Cuiialia, an Historical Account of some 

Branches of the Royal Household, 2 vol. 1782-1806 4to. 
Curialia Miscelianeaj or Anecdotes of Old 

Times, .. 1818 8vo. 

• Anecdotes of the English Language ; with a 

Supplement to Grose's Provincial Glossary, 1814 8vo. 

Peignot Gabriel. Repertoire de Bibliographies Spe- 

ciales, Curieuses et Instructives, Paris, 1810 8vo. 

■ Repertoire Bibliographique Universel, 1812 8vo. 

Dictionnaire Critique, Litteraire, et Biblio- 

graphique, de principaux Livres condamnes au 

feu, supprimes, ou censures, 2 torn. 1806 8vo. 

Peireskius. Vita a Gassendo, HagcB Comitum, 1655 4to. 

Peirs Plouhman. Vision ; ascribed to Robert Langland, 

edited by T. D. Whitaker, .. Lond. 1813 4to. 

*Pelhara Bishop. Charge to the Clergy of tl:e Dio- 
cese of Bristol, in 1804, .. Brist. 1804 4to. 

Pelloutier Simon. Histoire des Celtes j par de Chiniac, 

2 torn. .. Pans, 1771 4to. 

*Peraberton Hen. Lectures on Physiology, Lond. 1773 8vo. 

Penn Granville. Comparative Estimate of the Mineral 

and Mosaical Geologies, . . 1822 8vo. 

John. Critical, Poetical, and Dramatic Works, 

2 vol. .. 1797-8 8vo. 

* Wm. Select Works, 5 vol. .. 1782 8vo. 

Pennant Tho. History of the Parishes of Whiteford 

and Holywell, .. 1796 4to. 

Tour from Downing to Alston-Moor, 1801 4to. 

Tour to Harrowgate and Brimham Crags, 1804 4to. 

Tour in Scotland in 1769, .. 1772 8vo, 

• Tours in Scotland, and Voyages to the He- 

Ijfides, in 1769 and 1772, 3 vol. Chest, ^c. 1774-6 4to. 

■ Journey from Chester to London, Lond. 1782 4to. 

Tour in Whales, with Griffith's Supplemental 

IMates, 2 vol. ., 1778-83 4to. 


Pennant. Journey from London to the Isle of Wight, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1801 4to. 

Account of London, with Additions and Cor- 
rections, .. 1790-91 4to. 

British Zoology, 4 vol. IVarr'ing. ^c. \777 4to. 

History of Quadrupeds, 2 vol. Lond. 1781 4to. 

Arctic Zoology, with the Supplement, 2 vol. 1784-7 4to. 

Genera of Birds and Indexes to the Ornitho- 

logie of the Corapte de Buffon and the Planches 

Enluminees, .. 1781-6 4to. 

— Indian Zoology, .. 1790 4to. 

Outlines of the Globe, 4 vol. 1798-1800 4to. 

Literary Life, by Himself, .. 1793 4to. 

Pennington M. Life of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, 2 vol. 1808 8vo. 
Penrose John. Sermons ; an Attempt to prove the 

Truth of Christianity, (Bampton Lecture) Ox-f. 1808 8vo. 

Inquiry into the Nature and Discipline of Hu- 
man Motives, .. Lond. 1820 8vo. 

. Of Christian Sincerity, .. O.r/. 1829 8vo. 

Tho. Flights of Fancy, .. Lond. \7 7b 4to. 

Poems, .. 1781 8vo. 

Pepys Sam. Memoirs and Correspondence ; edited 

by Lord Braybrooke, 2 vol. .. 1825 4to. 

Percival Robt. Account of the Island of Ceylon, 1805 4to. 

Account of the Cape of Good Hope, 1 804 4to. 

■ Tho. Works, with Memoirs of his Life and 

Writings, 2 vol. .. Bath, \SQ7 Svo. 

Moral and Literary Dissertations, TVarr'ing. 1784 8vo. 

On the Poison of Lead, and Falconer on the 

Poison of Copper, .. Jjond. 1774 12mo. 

Medical Ethics, . . Manches. 1803 Svo. 

Geo. History of Italy, from the Fall of the 

Western Empire to the Commencement of the 

Wars of the French Revolution, 2 vol. Lond. 1825 Svo. 

Percy. Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, 3 vol. 1767 Svo. 

Bp. Key to the New Testament, 1805 12mo. 


^Periodical Accounts of the Baptist Missionary Society.. 

-i vol. .. C/ipstone,8fc. 1800- \4 8vo. 

Perizonius Jac, Origines Babylonicae et ^gyptiacae, 

:\ C. A. Dukero, 2 torn. TraJ. ad Rhen. 173G 12mo. 

Peron M. F. V^oyage de Decouvertes aux Teires 

Australes, 2 torn, avec Atlas, Paris, 1807-16 4to. 

Pcrouse J. F. de la. Voyage round the World in 

1785-88, 2 vol. .. 1799 4to. 

Charts and Plates, . . • fol. 

Persius, translated by W. fiifford, .. Lond. 1821 8vo. 

PeshallSirJ. History of the City of Oxford, 1773 4to. 

Petavins D. Rationarinm Tetnpornm, 2 vol. Paris, 1780 12mo. 

Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk, 3 vol. Edin. 1819 8vo. 

Peter Pindar's Works, 4 vol. .. Lo7id. 1794 8vo. 

Petit Sam. Leges Atticoe, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Va- 
riorum, edente P. Wesselingio, Lugd. Bat. 1742 fol. 

Petrarca Franc. Opera quae extant omnia, Latine et 

Italic^ conscripta, .. BusiUcb, 1581 fol. 

Rime j col Comento, &c. di G. Biagioli, 

3 torn. .. Parigi, 1821 8vo. 

* Conl'Expositione di G. A. Gesualdo,^i«eg-. 1574 8vo. 

Triumphs, by Boyd, ,. Lond. 1807 12mo. 

View of Human Life, bv Dobson, 1797 8vo. 

*Petronius Arbiter, Satricon, .. 1G93 12mo. 

1 Petronj and Davenport. Italian, Filnglish, and French 

Dictionary, 2 vol. .. !S28 8vo. 

Pettingal J. Enquiry into the Use and Practice of 

Juries among the Greeks and Romans, 1759 4to. 

Petty SirWm. Essays on Political Aritlimetick, 1755 8vo. 

Peyssonnel .T. A. de. Observations Historiques et Geo- 
graphicjius, sur les Peuples Barbares (pii ont habite 
les Bords du Danube et du Pont Euxin, Paris, 17G5 4to. 

Pezron I'aul. Anti([uities of Nations, more particu- 
larly of the Celtje or Gauls, Lond. 12mo. 

Pha'drus. Fabula-, cum notis variorum, curantc P. 

Burmanno, .. Amst. 1G9S 8vo. 


Phalaris. Episto]ae, a C Boyle, Oxon. 1728 8vo. 

Phelan and O'SuUivan. Digest of Evidence before the 
two Houses of Parliament on the State of Ireland, 
2 vol. .. Lond. 1826 8vo. 

Phenix j a Revival of Scarce and Valuable Pieces, 

2 vol. .. 1707-8 8vo. 

Philalethes. Letter to Dr. Priestley, 1791 8vo. 

Philidor And. Analysis of the Game of Chess, 2 vol. 1790 8vo. 

Philip John. Researches in South Africa; illustrating 
the Civil, Moral, and Religious Condition of the 
Native Tribes, 2 vol. .. 1828 8vo. 

*Philipps W.T. Elements of Hebrew Grammar, with 

a Praxis on the Book of Job, . . Brht. 1830 8vo, 

Phillips Sir Richard. On the Powers and Duties of 

Juries, .. Lond. 1811 12mo. 

Wm, Introduction to the Knowledge of Mi- 
neralogy, . . 1819 8vo. 

' Outlines of Mineralogy and Geology, 1818 12mo. 

■ Outline of the Geology of England and Wales, 1818 12mo. 

• S. M. State Trials prior to the Revolution 

of 1088, reviewed and illustrated, 2 vol. 1826 8vo. 

■ J. General History of Inland Navigation, 1792 4to. 

Philological Museum, vol. I, .. Canih. 1831-2 8vo. 

Philosophical Transactions, abridged by Lowthorp, 

Jones, Earaes, and Martyn, to 1750, 11 vol. 1732, &c. 4to. 
Philosophical Transactions, from 1750 to 1832, vol. 

XLVII— CXXII, .. 1753, &c. 4to. 

tGeneral Index to the Philosophical Transactions, vol. 

I— LXX, by P. H. Maty, . . 1787 4to. 

Philosophical Transactions of the American Society at 

Philadelphia, 4 vol. Ph'dadelph. 1771-99 4to. 

Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland, Lond. 1777 8vo. 
Philpott Bp. Letter to Francis Jeffrey, Durham, 1822 8vo. 
Phipps Const. John. Voyage towards the North Pole, 1774 4to. 
Photius. Bibliotheca, Gr. et Lat. Andr. Schotti, 

Rothomagi, 1653 fol, 


fPhotius. Lexicon : t Codice Galeano descripsit Ric. 

Porson, 2 vol. ,. Cantab. 1822 8vo. 

Pickering Col. Letters to the People of tlie United 

States of America, .. Lond. 181] 8vo. 

Picture of Hamburgh, .. Hamb. 8vo. 

Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry, .. Lond. 1791 Svo. 

*Pierius J. V. Hieroglyphicaj .. Lugd. 1602 fol. 

Pike Z. M. Exploratory Travels through the Western 

Territories of North America, in 1805-7; Lond. 1811 4to, 

Pilkington Matt. Dictionary of Painters, 1770 4to. 

Pillans J. Principles of Elementary Teaching, £^r/iH. 1 829 8vo. 

Pinckard Geo. Notes on the West Indies, 3 vol. Z/0J2(/. 1806 8vo. 
Pindarus. Opera, Gr. et Lat. per Ric. West et Rob. 

Welsted, .. Oj:on. 1697 fol. 

* Quffi Extant, Gr. et Lat, Fenet. 1762 Svo. 

Carmina et Fraijmenta, cum Lectionis Va- 

rietate et Auuotatiouibus, a Clir. Gottl. Heyne, 

accedunt Indices copiosissimi, 2 torn. Od'on. 1807 Svo. 

* Opera, .. 1755 12mo. 

* Odes, translated from the Greek, by J. Ban- 
nister, .. Salisb. 1791 Svo. 

Odes, translated from the Greek, (including 

those by West) by F. Lee, .. Lond. \S\0 4to. 
Odes, with several other Pieces in Prose and 

Verse, translated from the Greek, and a Disser- 
tation on the Olympic Games, by G. West, 17 19 4to. 

Pinkerton John. Modern Geography, 2 vol. 1802 4to. 

■ Ancient Scottish Poems, with Notes and a 

Glossary, 2 vol. .. 1786 Svo. 

Erupilry into the History of Scotland pre- 

ceding the Reign of Malcolm III, 2 vol. 1794 Svo. 

History of Scotland, from the Accession of 

tlic House of Stewart, 2 vol. .. 1797 4to. 

Treatise on Rocks, .. IS 11 Svo. 

Essay on Medals, 2 vol. 1 789 Svo. 

Rob. Present State of the Greek Church 

in Russia, ,, Edln. 1811 


Pinkney Lieut. -Col. Travels through the South of 
France, and the Interior of the Provinces of Pro- 
vince and Languedoc, .. Lond. 1809 4to. 

Piozzi Hester Lynch. Observations and Reflections 
in a Journey through France, Italy, and Germany, 
2 vol. .. 1789 8vo. 

■ Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson, 1786 8vo. 

Letters to and from the late Samuel Johnson, 

2 vol. .. 1788 8vo. 

*Pisonus Gul. De Indite Utriusque Re Naturali et 

Medica Libri XIV^ .. A7nst. Ub'6 fol. 

tPitiscus Sam. Lexicon Antiquitatum Romanarum, 

2 tom. ., Leov. 1713 fol. 
Pitt Rt. Hon. W. Speeches in the House of Commons, 

3 vol. .. Lond. 1805 8vo. 
Placcius Vine. Theatrum Anonymorum et Pseudony- 

jnorum, cum Praefatione et Vita Auctoris, scrip. 

J. A. Fabricio, 2 vol. .. Hamh. 1708 fol. 

t*Placita de quo Warranto, temp. Edw. I, II, III, in 

Curia Receptee Scaccarii Westm. asservata, Lond. 1818 fol. 
t*P]acitorum in Dorao Capitulari Westm. asservatorum 

Abbreviatio, .. ■ 1811 fol. 

Plain Truth, or Proceedings at Paris in 1792, 1792 8vo. 

Plan of National Improvement, .. Brunsw. 1803 4to. 

Plans for the Government and Instruction of Boys, as 

practised at Hazelwood School, Lond. 1827 8vo. 

Planta Jos. History of the Helvetic Confederacy, 

2 vol. .. 1800 4to. 

Plato. Opera qua3 extant omnia, Gr. et Lat. per 

Joan. Serranum, cum ejus et Hen. Stephani notis, 

3 tom. .. Ej:c. H. Steph. 1578 fol. 

Opera ; recensuit, varr. lectt. scholiisque illus- 

travit Imman Bekker, 1 1 vol. Lond. 1826 8vo. 

Works, by Sydenham and Taylor, 5 vol. 1804 4to. 

Oeuvres, traduites par Victor Cousin, tom. I — V, 

Paris, 1823-27 8vo. 


*Plaiitus INI. A. Comoedia^, ex edit. J. F. Gronovii, 

3 toin. .. Glasg. 17(53 12mo. 

Comoedioe XX. et Fragmenta, a, J. Opciario, 

ill usuin Delphini, 2 vol. .. Paris. 1C79 4to. 

Comedies, translated by Thornton and War- 

ner, 5 vol. .. Land. 17G9, &c. 8vo. 

Plaw John. Rural Architecture, 1794 4to. 

Playfair John. Illustrations of the Huttonian Theory 

of the Earth, .. Edln. 1802 8vo. 

■ . Outlines of Natural Philosophy, 2 vol. 1814 8vo. 

Geographical and Statistical Description of 

Scotland, 2 vol. . . 1819 8vo. 

Wm. Commercial and Political Atlas, repre- 

senting the Progress of the Revenue, &c. of Eng- 
land during the XVlIlth Century, Lond. \m\ 4to. 

Pleader's Guide, a Didactic Poem, by J. J. Surre- 
butter, .. 1803 12mo. 

Plescheef S. Survey of the Russian Empire, by 

Smirnove, .. 1792 8vo. 

Plinius Cai. Sec. Historise Naturalis, Lib. XXXVTI, 

Hardiiini, 3 torn. .. Paris, 1723 fol. 

• — Cai. Cffic. Sec. EpistolacetPanegyricuSj^wisf. 1G59 12mo. 

Epistolarum, Libri X, illust. & rccen. ii J. 

Veenhusio, .. Lugd. Bat. 1CG9 8vo. 

Letters, by Mehnoth, 2 vol. Lond. 1770 8vo. 

Plotinus. Select WoriiS of, and Extracts from Synesins, 

by Tho. Taylor, .. 1817 8vo. 

Plot Rub. Natural History of Oxfordshire, O.vf. 1G77 fol. 

Natural History of Staffordshire, 1G86 fol. 

Ploughman ^V. Complete Family Brewer, Ronisey, 1803 8vo. 

Plowden Francis. Historical Review of the State of 

Ireland, 3 vol. .. i.OH,(/. 1803 4to. 

Principles and Law of Tithing, 180G 8vo. 

Jura Angloniin, .. 1792 8vo. 

* R. R. Letter upon Theological Inaccuracy, 1795 8vo. 

*Plukenetiu8 Leo. Opcru Omnia Botanica, 4 vol. 1G9G-1720 4to. 


*Pluuiierius C. Plautarum Americanarum Fasciculi 

cur& Burraanni, .. Amst. 1755 fol. 

Piumptre James. Observations on Hamlet, Camb. 1796 8vo. 

Plumtree Anne. Narrativeof Three Years' Residence 

in France, 3 vol. .. Lond. 1810 Svo. 

Plutarchus. Vitae Parallelspj Gr. et Lat. cum varian- 
tibns lectionibus et notis, ex recensione A. Bryani, 
5 vol. . . 1723-9 4to. 

Moralia, Gr. et Lat. a Wyttenbach, 6 vol. 

et Supplementum, .. O.von. 1795-1810 4to. 

• Lives,vvithNotes by Langhorne, G vol. ZyOHf/. 1792 Svo. 

Pococke Ric. Inscriptiones Antiquae, Gr. et Lat. 1752 fol. 

Description of the East, 2 vol. 1743-5 fol. 

Poemata Praeraiis Cancellarii Academicis Donata, 

2 torn. .. O.von. 1810 12mo. 

PoetcE Latini rainoreSjCurante P. Bnrmanno, 2 vol.Zyeif/. 1731 4to. 
Poetae Minorcs Graeci. precip. Lectionis Var. et Indi- 

cibus instruxit T. Gaisford, 3 vol. Oxon. 1814 Svo. 

Poiret. Travels through Barbary, in 1785-86, 12mo. 

* P. Posthuma, .. Amst. 1721 4to. 

*Polano P. S. History of the Council of Trent, by 

N. Brent, . . Lond. 1676 fol. 

Pole Sir Wm. Collections towards a Description of 

the County of Devon, . . 1791 4to. 

*PoIignac Melch. de. Anti Lucretius, 1748 12mo. 

Pollard. Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, vol. I, 1793 4to. 

Pollok R. Course of Time, a Poem in X Books, 1828 12mo. 

*Polus Matt. Synopsis Criticorum aliorumque S. 

Scriptura3 Interpretuni, 5 vol. ., 1669 fol. 

Polvvhele R. Historyof CornvvalijS vol. in Ij/^a/womM, 1803 4to. 

Historical Views of Devonshire, vol. I, Exe. 1793 4to. 

History of Devonshire, 3 vol. in 1, 1793-7 fol. 

Traditions and Recollections ; Domestic, 

Clerical, and Literary, 2 vol. Lond. 1826 Svo. 

Polyaenus. Strategematura Libri VIII, Gr. et Lat. a 

Maasvicio, .. Lugd. Bat. 1690 Svo. 


Polybius. Historiarura Libri qui supersunt, Gr. et Lat. 

cum notis varior. a Jac. Gronovio, 3 toru. Amst. 1670 8vo. 

. General History, by Hampton, 2 vol. LoH(/. 1772 4to. 

tPomona Herefordiensisj being a Descriptive Account 
of the Old Cider and Perry Fruits of Hereford- 
shire, .. 1809-11 4to. 

*Pomponius Mela. Lib. Ill, de Situ Orbis, cum Obss. 

I. Vossii, .. Franckerce, 1700 12mo. 

*Pons J. S. Sermons prechcs dans les Eglises Fran- 
coises Protestautes de Londres, Land. 1807 8vo. 

Pontoppidan Eric. Natural History of Norway, 1755 fol. 

Pooley J. H. Nature and Use of Parables as employed 

by Jesus Christ, (Norrisian Prize Essay) Camh. 1829 8vo. 

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Works, by Warburton, &c. 20 vol. 17G0, &c. Svo. 

Selecta Poemata Italorum, 2 vol. 1740 8vo. 

Popham Edw. Selecta Poemata Anglorum Latina, 1779 8vo. 

Sir Home. Description of Prince of Wales 

Island, .. 1805 8vo. 

tPopulation. Abstract of Answers and Returns to 
the Population Acts in 1801, 1811, 1821, 1831 j 
with the Annual Value of Real Property in 1815, 
4 vol. .. 1801-32 fol. 

Porny ?.I. A. Elements of Heraldry, 1771 Svo. 

Porphyrins. De Nympharum Antro ; et de Absti- 

nentiaab Esu Animaliuni, 2 vol. Traj. ad lihcn. 1707-92 

Person Ric. Letters to Travis, in Ansvver to his De- 
fence of the Three Heavenly ^^'itnesses, Lond. 1790 Svo. 

Adversaria, .. Camh. 1812 Svo. 

Notae in Aristophanem, ed P. Dobree, 1820 Svo. 

Tracts and Miscellaneous Criticisms, by T. 

Kidd, .. 1815 Svo. 

t Porte (Ic III) del Battistero di San Giovanni di 

Fircnze, incise ed illustrate, Firenze, 1821 fol. 

Porter Sir Rob. Kerr. Narrative of the Campaign in 

Russia during the Year 1812, Lond. 1814 Svo. 


Porter Sir R. K. Travelling Sketches in Russia and 

Sweden, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1809 4to. 

G. R. Nature and Properties of the Sugar 

Cane, . . — 

*Porteus Bp. Tracts on various Subjects, — 

Lectures on the Gospel of St. Matthew, 

2 vol. . . 

Sermons on several Subjects, 2 vol. 















Port Royal Method of Learning the Latin Tongue, 
2 vol. . . 

Method of Learning the Greek Tongue, 

tPortus M. CEmil. Lexicon lonicum, O.von. 

*Po3tlethvvayt Mai. Dictionary of Trade and Com- 
merce, 2 vol. r. Lo7id. 1757 fol. 

Potter Rob. Enquiry into some Passages in Dr. John- 
son's Lives of the Poets, . . 1783 4to. 

Bp, Discourse of Church Government, 1724 8vo. 

Pottinger Hen. Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde, 1816 4to. 
Pouqueville F. C. Travels in the Morea, Albania, and 

other Parts of the Ottoman Empire, translated by 

Anne Plumptre, .. 1813 4to, 

Powell David. Historic of Cambria, 1811 4to. 

Povvnall Gov. T. On the Administration of the Co- 
lonies, 2 vol. .. 1765 8vo. 

Notices and Descriptions of Antiquities of the 

Provincia Romana of Gaul, . . 1783 4to. 

Hydraulic and Nautical Observations on the 

Currents in the Atlantic Ocean, 1787 4to. 

■ Treatise on the Study of Antiquities, 1782 8vo. 

Pratt S. .1. Gleanings through England, Wales, Hol- 
land, and >Vestphalia, 4 vol. ., 1796-99 8vo. 

*Preces Sancti Niersis Clajensis Armeniorum Patri- 

archae ; XXIV Linguis Editse, Venet. 1823 12mo, 

Preston Wm. Poetical Works, 2 vol. Dublin, 1793 8vo. 

Ric. Treatise on Conveyancing, 3 vol. 1806-17 8vo. 

Prestwich John. Dissertation on Poisons, Lond. 1775 8vo. 


*Pnaulx J. On the Office of Rural Dean, with Notes 

byW. Dansey, .. Loud. 1832 8vo. 

Price Uvedale. Essays on the Picturesque, 2 vol. 1794-8 8vo. 

Dialogue on the Distinct Characters of the Pic- 
turesque and the Beautiful, Hereford, 1801 8vo. 

Letter to H. Repton, Esq. .. Lond. 1795 8vo. 

Ric. Observations on Reversionary Payments, 

Annuities, &c. .. 1773 8vo. 

T. Essay on the Physiognomy and Physiology 

of the Present Inhabitants of Great Britain, 1829 8vo. 

*Prichard James Cowles. Egyptian Mythology and 

Chronology, .. Br'ist. 1810 8vo. 

Researches into the Physical History of Man, 1813 Svo. 

— Researches into the Physical History of 

Mankind, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1826 Svo. 

Review of the Doctrine of a Vital Principle ; 

with Observations on the Causes of Physical and 

Animal Life, . . 

Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations, 

Prideaux Humphrey. Connection of the History of 

the Old and New Testament, 4 vol. Lond. 

Life of Mahomet, . . 

* ■ — Directions to Churchwardens, 











Priestley Jos. History and Present State of Electri- 

citv, with Original Experiments, ■ 17G9 4to. 

Description of his Charts of History and 

Biography, .. 1770 12mo. 

Rndiments of English Grammar, 1/71 Tiuio. 

History and Present State of Discoveries 

relating to Vision, Light, and Colours, 1772 4to. 

Experiments and Observations on dilTercnt 

Kinds of Air, 4 vol. . . 1774, &c. Svo. 
• Lectures on Oratory and Criticism, 1777 4to. 

Disquisitions relating to Matter and Spirit, 1777 Svo. 

Doctrine of Philosophical Necessity llhis- 

trated, an Appendix to the Disquisitions, 1777 Svo. 


Priestley. Observations relating to Education, Bath, 1/78 8vo. 

Letters to a Philosophical Unbeliever, 2 

parts, .. Bath, 8)-c. \7S(\-^7 8vo. 

History of the Corruptions of Christianity, 

2 vol. .. Birm. 1/82 8vo. 

Lectures on History, and General Policy, 1/88 4to. 

— — • Letters to Mr. Burke, .. ■ 1791 8vo. 

Appeal to the Public on the Riots in Bir- 

nunghani, .. 17D2 8vo. 

Doctrine of Phlogiston Established, and 

Composition of Water refuted, Northumb. 1800 8vo. 

Primatt \Vm. Defence of an Accented Pronunciation 

of Greek Prose, .. Camb. 17fi4 8vo. 

Primer set forth by King Edward V'l, edited by H. 

Walter, .. Lond. 1825 12mo. 

Prince John. Worthies of Devon, 1810 4to. 

*Pringle Sir John. Observations on the Diseases of 

the Army, .. 1774 8vo. 

■ Six Discourses before the Royal Society, 

with his Life by Kippis, .. 1783 8vo. 

Prior Matt. Miscellaneous Works, by A. Drift, 2 vol. 1740 8vo. 
James. Memoirs of the Life, &c. of Edmund 

Burke, 2 vol. .. 1826 8vo. 

Private Memoirs of the Captivity of the Royal Family 

of France in the Temple, ,. 1817 12mo. 

Probationary Odes for the Laureatship, 1785 8vo. 

Proceedings of the Governor and Assembly of Jamaica, 179G 8vo. 
Proceedings of the Association for Promoting the Dis- 
covery of the Interior Parts of Africa, 1791 8vo. 

Proceedings in the Cause the King against Amery and 

Monk, 2 vol. .. Chester, 1791 8vo. 

Progress of the Pilgrim Good Intent, Lond. 1800 12mo. 

Prony R. de. Nouvelle Architecture Hydraulique, 

par. I, II, .. Paris, 1790-96 4to. 

Prophecy of Queen Emma, .. Lond. 1782 8vo. 

Prospectus of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 1800 4to. 


Prospectus and Specimen of an Intended National 

Work, by \Vin. and Rob. Whistlecraft, Loud. 1818 8vo. 

Protestant's Letters to Lord Grenville and Lord Houick, 180/ 8vo. 

Pryce Wm. Miueralogia Cornubicnsis j a Treatise on 

Minerals, Mines, and Mining, 1778 fol. 

Cornish Grammar and Vocabulary, 1790 4to. 

Prynne Wm. History of Papal Usurpations under 

tlie Kings John, Henry III, and Edward, 1C70 fol. 

Psalraanaazaar Geo. Description of the Isle Formosa, 1704 8vo. 
Ptolemieus CI. Geograpliiac Lib. VIII, Gr. et Lat. a 

P. Bertio, .. .4wst. 10 18 fol. 

*Pufendorff S. . Francktfurt, 1711 4to. 

Pufendorf. Law of Nature and Nations, with Barbey- 

rac's Notes, .. Lond. 17-lD fol. 

Introduction to the History of Europe, 2 vol. 1748 8vo. 

Pugh J. Treatise on the Science of Muscular Action, 1794 4to. 
fPugin Aug. Specimens of Gothic Architecture, se- 
lected from Ancient Edifices in England, 1821-23 4to. 

Pulci Luigi. II Morgante Maggiore, 3 tom. 1708 12mo. 

Pultency Ric. Historical and Biographical Sketches 

of the Progress of Botany in England, 2 vol. 1790 8vo. 

General View of the Writings of Linuceus, 

by Maton, .. 1805 4to. 

Pursuits of Literature, a Satirical Poem, 4 parts, 179G-8 8vo. 

Purves G. Principles of Population, 1818 8vo. 

On National Wealth, .. 1817 8vo. 

Puscy E. B. Enquiry into the Rationalist Character 

of the Theology of Germany, . . 1828 Svo. 

Remarks on the Prospective and Past Benefits of 

Cathedral Institutions, . . 1823 8vo. 

Pye Henry James. Poems on various Subjects, 2 vol. 1787 Svo. 

Naucratia, a Poem, .. 1798 4to. 

Carmen Secularc for tlic Year 1800, 1800 4to. 

Alfred, an Epic Poem, .. 1801 4to. 

Comments on the Commentators on Shakespeare, 1 807 Svo. 

Commentary on the Poetic of Aristotle, 1792 4to. 




QUARRELS of Authors 3 by the Author of Calamities 

of Authors, 3 vol. .. Lond. 1814 8vo. 

Quarterly Review from 180f) to 1833, 48 vol. 1809, &c. 8vo. 
fhidexes to Quarterly Review, vol. I — XL, 2 vol. 1820, &c. Svo. 
Quatremere Etienne. Recherches Crit. et Hist, sur 

la Langue et la Litt^rature de I'Egypte, Paris, 1808 Svo. 
*Quercetanus Jos. Fharmacopceia Dograaticorum 

restituta, .. Venet. 1614 4to. 

Quinctilianus M. F. De Oratoria Institutione Libri 

XII, a Capperounerio, .. Paris, 1725 fol. 
Institutes of Eloquence, translated by W. 

Guthrie, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1/56 Svo. 

*Ouincy John. Examination of Dr. Woodward's 

State of Physick, .. 1720 Svo. 

* Lexicon Physico-Medicum, 1757 Svo. 

Quintus Smyrnseus. Post Homericorum Lib. XIV, 

cura T. C. Tychsen, .. Argent. 1707 Svo. 

Quintus Curtius. Historia Alexandri Magni, cum 

notis varior. a Snakenburgio, Delph. 1724 4to. 

■* De rebus gestis Alex. Mag. Paris, \7b7 l2mo. 


RABAUT E. DE. History of the Revolution of 

France, translated by White, Lond. 1792 Svo. 

Racine J. Oeuvres, 2 torn. .. 1723 4to. 

*Rack. Essays, Letters, and Poems, Bath, 1781 Svo. 

Radcliffe Tho. Agricultureof East and West Flanders, 1819 Svo. 

Ann. Journey through Holland, &c. in 1794, 1795 4to. 

Raffles Sir T. S. History of Java, 2 vol. Lond. 1817 4to. 

— Lady. Memoir of the Life and Public Ser- 
vices of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, 1830 4to. 


Rainier Admiral J. S. Synopsis ol' the Prices of 
Wheat, &c. from the Xlllt'i Century to the Year 
1S22, .. Lond. 1823 fol. 

Raiusford M. History of St. Domingo, 1805 4to. 

Ralegh Sir Walter. Works, with his Life, by T. 

Birch, 2 vol. .. 1751 8vo. 

■ History of the World, with "lis Life by Oldys, 1/36 fol. 

Ralph James. History of England, 2 vol. 1744 fol. 

*Ramayuna of Valmeeki, in the original Sungskrit, 
with a Prose Translation by Carey and Marshman, 
vol. I, • • Seramp. 180G 4to. 

■ Translated by W. Carey and J. Marshman, 

vol.1, .. Dunstable, 1808 Svo. 

Ramazini Bernard. On the Diseases of Tradesmen, 
with Hoffman's Dissertation on Endemial Dis- 
tempers, .. Lond. 1750 12mo. 

Rambler, 4 vol. .. 1771 12mo. 

Rameses, an Egyptian Tale, 3 vol. .. 1824 12mo. 

*Ramond M. Travels in the Pyrenees, translated by 

F. Gold, .. . 1813 Svo. 

Ramsay Allan. Poems, witii his Life, 2 vol. 1800 Svo. 

David. History of the Revolution in South 

Carolina, 2 vol. .. Trenton, 1785 Svo. 

And. jNIic. Philosophical Principles of Na- 

tural and Revealed Religion, 2 vol. Glasg. 1748-9 4to. 

Randolph Bp. Two Sermons on tiie Truth of the 

Christian Religion, .. Oxf. \777 8vo. 
Visitation Charge to the Clergy of the 

Diocese of London in 1810, .. 1810 Svo. 

* F. Sermons, preached at Laura Cliapel, 

Batii, .. Bath, 1800 Svo. 

Sciiptural Revision of Socinian Arguments, 1792 Svo. 

Letter to the Rt. Hon. Wm. Pitt, on the 

proposed Abolition of the African Slave Trade, I7S8 Svo. 
Hon. .1. Speech on the Non-Importation 

of British Merchandize, .. Lond. 180(> Svo. 


Kapin Paul de Tlioyiiis. History of England, with 
Tindal's Continuation, and the Medallic History, 
5 vol. .. Lond. 1743-7 fol. 

* Acta Regia, .. 1733 fol. 

*Rapinus Renatus. Hortoruni Libri IV, Accedunt 
Ang. Politiani Rusticus et Meursii Arboretum 
Sacrum, ,. Ultraj. 1G72 12mo. 

t*Rashleigh P. Specimens of British Minerals, ZyO«(/. 1/97 4to. 

Rask Erasmus. Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, 

translated from the Danish by B. Thorpe, Copen. 1830 8vo. 

Raspe R. E. Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient and 

Modern Engraved Gems, Fr. and Eng. 2 vol. Lond. 1/91 4to. 

Rastall W. D. History of the Antiquities of the Town 

and Church of Southwell, .. 1787 4to. 

Rastell John. Pastime of People, or the Chronicles 

of Divers Realms, and more especially of England, 1811 4to. 

Rawlinson Ric. Method of Studying History, 2 vol. 1/28 8vo. 

Ray John. Historia Plantarum, cum Supplemento, 

3 tom. .. 1686-1704 fol. 

* — Synopsis Stirpium Britannicarum, 2 tom. 1724 8vo. 

*— Methodus Plantarum, .. 1682 Svo. 

— Collection of Curious Travels and Voyages, 1693 Svo. 

— Complete Collection of English Proverbs, 1768 Svo. 

Rayment Rob. Income and Expenditure of Great 

Britain, .. 1/91 4 to. 

Raynal Abb6. Histoire Philosophique et Politique 
des Etablissemens et du Commerce des Europeens 
dans les deiix Indes, 7 tom. Amst. 1773 Svo. 

History of the Settlements and Trade of the 

Europeans in the East and West Indies, by Jus- 

taraond, 5 vol. ... Lond. 177G Svo. 

On the Revolution of America, 1781 Svo. 

Rayner John. Cases at Large concerning Tithes, 

3 vol. .. 1783 Svo. 

Recollections of the Peninsula, by the Author of 

Sketches of India, .. 1825 Svo. 


Recueil de Tables Astroiiomiques, 3 vol. Berlin, 177G 8vo. 

*Reed Win. Remains, uitli a INIemoir of his Life, by 

J.Evans, .. ^m^. 1815 8vo. 

Reeve Hen. Essay on the Torpidity of Animals, Z/o?if^. 1809 8vo. 

Clara. Progress of Romance, 2 vol. Colches. 1785 8vo. 

Reeves John. History of the English Law, from the 
Saxons to the end of the Reign of Henry VH, 
2 vol. .. Lond. 1783-4 4to. 

On the Coronation Oath, .. 1801 8vo. 

t*Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum in Ar- 

chivisPnblicisasservatum, (a.d. 1306-1424) 1814 fol. 

Regulations and Establishment of the Household of 
Henry Aloernon Percy, Fiflli Earl of Northum- 
berland, edited by Bp. Percy, 1827 8vo. 

Reld W. H. Rise and Dissolution of Infidel Societies, 1800 8vo. 

• Tho. Inquiry into the Human Mind, on the 

Principles of Common Sense, 17G9 8vo. 

Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, £'(/m. 17S5 4to. 

Essays on Powers of the Human Mind, 3 vol. 1819 8vo. 

Reineggs. Description of Mount Caucasus, by C. 

Wilkinson, 2 voL .. ^ Lond. 1807 8vo. 

Rei Rusticie Scriptores ; M. Cato, T. Varro, Columella, 

Palladius, ct Vegetius de Mulo-Medicina, cum 

not. var. curante Gesnero, 2 toni. Lips. 1773 4to. 

Rejected Addresses J or the New Thcatrum Poetarum, 1812 12mo. 
Roland Hadrian. PalcestinaIllustrata,2tom. 7W//".iJaif. 1714 4to. 
• Anticjuitates Sacrae Veterum Hcbraeorura, 

brev. delin. — 'Lraj, ad R/icn. 

^Relatione Delia Corte di Roma, rcnct. 

*Relph John. On the Yellow Bark, Lond. 

Remarks on Hume's Essay on the Natural History of 

Religion, . 

Remarks on the Travels of the Marquis do Chastellux 

in North America, . . 

Remarks on the Eighth Section of vol. II. of Warton's 

History of English Poetry, . . 8vo. 


4 to. 





















*Reinarks on the Merchants' Petitions^ 

* Remarks on Clerical Vestments, &c. 

Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespeare, &c. 

Remarks on Michaiilis and his Commentator, 

Remonstrance addressed to Henry Brougham, Esq. bv 

one of the '*' Working Clergy," 1823 8vo. 

Remusat Abel. Noveaux Melanges Asiatiques, ou 
Recueil de Memoires relatil's aux Religions, &c. 
des Nations Orientales, 2 torn. Paris, 1829 8vo. 

Renaudot Euseb. Accounts of India and China, by 
Two Mohammedan Travellers in the IXtli Cen- 
tury, .. Land. 1733 8vo. 

t*Render W. Pocket Dictionary of the English and 

German Languages, .. 1814 12mo. 

Rengger and Longchamp. Reign of Dr. J. G. R. de 

Francia in Paraguay, .. 1827 8vo. 

Rennell Dean. Discoui'ses on Various Subjects, 1801 8vo. 

Tho. Remarks on Scepticism, ■ 1819 Svo. 

James. Illustrations of the History of the 

Expedition of Cyrus, and the Retreat of the Ten 

Thousand Greeks, .. 1816 4to. 

Geography of Herodotus Examined, 1800 4to. 

t Bengal Atlas, containing Maps of the Theatre 

of War, .. 1781 fol. 

Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan, 1788 4to. 

Memoir of a Map of the Peninsula of India, 1793 4to. 

Renny Rob. History of Jamaica, .. 1807 4to. 

Repertory of Arts, Manufactures, &c. First Series 1 6 

vol. Second Series 44 vol. .. 1794-1824 8vo. 

flndexes to the Repertory of Arts, .. lSOG-15 8vo. 

Repertorium Bibliographicum ; or some Account of the 

most celebrated British Libraries, 1819 8vo. 

Reply to the Calumnies of the Edinburgh Review 

against Oxford, .. 0^/1810 8vo. 

Reply to Maltlius's Essay on Population, Lond. 1807 8vo. 

♦Report (First) of the Merino Sheep Society, Notting. 1811 8vo. 


Report and jMinutes of Evidence from a Committee of 
the H. of C. on the Education of the Lower Or- 
ders in the Metropolis, .. Loud. 1816 8vo. 

^Report from the Select Committee of the H. of C. on 
the Regulation of Roman Catholic Subjects in 
Foreign States, ' .. 1816 fol. 

♦Reports (Various) printed by order of the H. of C. 1820 fol. 

Report of the Lords of the Committee of Council on 
the Trade to Africa, and particularly the Trade 
in Slaves, .. 1789 fol. 

Report of a Committee of the H. of C. on the Earl of 

Elgin's Collection of Sculptured Marbles, 1816 8vo. 

Report of a Committee of the H. of C. on the Regula- 
tion of Mad Houses, .. J815 8vo. 

*Report of the House of Commons on Agriculture, 1821 fol. 

t*Reports from the Commissioners on the Public Re- 
cords of Ireland, .. 1819 fol. 

t*Reports from the Commissioners on the Public Re- 
cords of the Kingdom, .. • 1820 fol. 

t*Appendix to Reports on the Records, containing 

engraved fac-similes, . . 1820 fol. 

♦Report (Special) of the Directors of the African In- 
stitution, 12th April, 1815, .. 1815 8vo. 

Reports (Three) of the Committee of the African In- 
stitution, .. 1807-9 8vo. 

Report of the Commissioners of the State of the Woods, 

Forests, and Land Revenues of the Crown, 1787 4to. 

Report of the Commissioners on the Woods, &c. 1790 8vo. 

Report of the Committee of Council on the Trade, &c. 

with Ireland, .. 1785 8vo. 

Report on Mad Houses, .. 1816 8vo. 

Reports for Bettering the Condition of the Poor, 3 vol. 

in 1, .. 1798-1801 12mo. 

Report, with Minutes of Evidence from the Select 

Committee, on tlie High Price of Bullion, 1810 8vo. 

Report on Preventing the Forgery of Bank Notes, 1819 8vo. 


Report on Resuming Cash Payments, Lond. 1819 8vo. 

*Reports (First and Tliird) of the British and Foreign 

Bible Society, .. 1805-7 8vo. 

Report of the Highland Society on the Poems of 

Ossian, , . Edln. 1805 Svo. 

Repository, a Select Collection of Fugitive Pieces of 

Wit and Humour, 4 vol. .. Lond. 1783 8vo. 

tRepton Humph. Sketches and Hints on Landscape 

Gardening, .. 1/94 4to. 

Rerum Britannicarum Scriptores Vetustiores ac Prae- 

cipui, cura Hier. Commelini, Liigd. 1587 fol. 

Rerum Gallicarum et Francicarum Scriptores ; ou 

Recueil des Historiens des Gaules etde la France, 

par D.M. Bouquet, etAutres, 18 tom. /'rtW*, 1738-1822 fol. 
Rerum Anglicanim Scriptores post Baedam prsecipui, 

cura H. Savile, .. Francof. 1601 fol. 

Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores Veteres V, cura W. 

Fulman, .. O.ron. 1680 fol. 

Results of Machinery Exhibited) being an Address to 

the Working-Men of the United Kingdom, Lond. 1831 12mo. 
Retrospective Review, First Series 14 vol. Second Se- 
ries 2 vol. .. 1820-28 Svo. 

Revolutionary Plutarch, 3 vol. ,. 1804 12mo. 

Reynier Gen. State of Egypt, after the Battle of 

Heliopolis, .. 1802 Svo. 

Reynolds Sir Joshua. Seven Discourses delivered in 

the Royal Academy, . , 1 778 Svo. 

Works, with an Account of his Life, by 

Malone, 2 vol. . . • 1797 4to. 

Fred. Life and Times, written by Himself, 

2 vol. .. 1826 Svo. 

*Rhodius Johan. Auctorum Supposititiorum Cata- 

logus, . . Hmnb. 4to. 

Ricardo Dav. Essay on the Influence of a Low Price 

of Corn on the Profits of Stock, Land. 1815 Svo. 
Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, 1817 Svo. 


Kicaicio Dav. Proposals for an Economical and Se- 
cure Currency, .• Loud. 1S16 8vo, 

The High Price of Bullion a Proof of the 

Depreciation of Bank Notes, ISIO 8vo. 

• Reply to Eosanquet's Observations on tlie 

Report of the Bullion Couiuiittce, 1811 8vo. 

Rich C.J. iNlenioirs on the Ruins of Babylon, lSio-18 8vo. 

Richard of Cirencester. Description of Britain, trans- 
lated from the Latin, . . 1809 8vo. 

Richards G. Sermons j the Divine Origin of Prophecj', 

(Bampton Lecture) .. O,?/. 1800 8vo. 

Richardson Wni. Philosophical Analysis and Illustra- 
tion of some of Shakespeare's Characters, Loud. 177-1 Svo. 

Essays on Shakespeare's Dramatic Charac- 
ters, &c. . . 1 784 8vo. 

Poems, chiefly Rural, .. Glasg. 1774 Svo. 

■ z'Vnecdotes of the Russian Empire, 1784 Svo. 

W. Essay on Fiorin Grass, 1810 Svo. 

■ ■ John. Octary Arithmetic; or the Art of 

Doubling and Halving by the Cypher, 1817 Svo. 

John. Grammar of the Arabick fianguage, 1776 4to. 

Dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and English, 

2 vol. .. O.rf. 1777-80 foL 
Dissertation on the Languages, Literature, 

and Manners of Eastern Nations, 2 parts, 1 778 Svo. 

J. Fauna Boreali-Amcricaua ; ortheZoologY 

of the Northern Parts of British vVmcrica, Loud. 1829 4to. 

Jonathan. Works on Painting, 1792 4to. 

R. Travels along the Mediterranean and 

Parts adjacent in 1816-18, 2 vol. 1822 Svo. 

Samuel. Correspondence, with his Life, by 

A. L. Barbauld, 6 vol. .. 1804 Svo. 

Richcrand A. Elements of Physiology, by Kerrison, 1803 Svo. 

Rickards R. India j Facts to illustrate the Character 
and Condition of the Native Inhabitants, parts I, 
11,111, .. 1S2S-9 Svo. 


liickmau Thomas. Attempt to disciimiuate the Styles 
of English Architecture, with a Sketch of the 
Grecian and Roman Orders, .. Lond. 1817 8vo. 

Second Edition, . . 1825 8vo. 

*Riddle J. E. Illustrations of Aristotle on Men and 

Manners from the AVorks of Shakspeare, O^vf. 1832 12mo. 

Ridley Gloc. Life of Dr. N. Ridley, Bishop of Lon- 
don, .. Lond. 1/63 4to. 

Riesbeck Baron Caspar. Travels through Germany, 

by Maty, 3 vol. .. 17S7 Svo. 

Riedesel Baron. Travels through Sicily and Magna 
Graecia; with Granger's Journey through Egypt, 
by J. R. Forster, .. 1773 Svo. 

*Riflessioni di un Italiano sopra la Chiesa, Francon. 1708 12mo. 

Riley James. Loss of the American Brig Commerce j 

with an Account of Tombuctoo and Wassauah, 1817 4to. 

Risdon Tris. Survey of Devon, .. Lond. 1811 Svo. 

Ritson .Joseph. Ancient Engleish Metrical Romancees, 

3 vol. .. 1802 Svo. 

Bibliographia Poetica, .. 1802 Svo. 

Annals of the Caledonians, Picts, and Scots, 

&c. 2 vol. .. £din. 1828 Svo. 

*Rivetus And. Isagoge ad Scripturam Sacram, 

Lrigd. Bat. 1627 4to. 

fRobert. Atlas Universel, .. Paris. 5 757 fol. 

Roberts Wm. Looker-on, 4 vol. .. Lond. 1795 12mo. 

Portraiture of a Christian Gentleraan^ 1831 12rao. 

■ Peter. Cliristianity Vindicated, in a Series 

of Letters, addressed to Volney, ., 1800 Svo. 

Cambrian Popular Antiquities, 1815 


Robertson William. History of the Reign of the Em- 
peror Charles V. 4 vol. , . 1 772 Svo. 

History of America, 3 vol. ., 1777-96 4to. 

■ Historical Disquisition concerning Ancient 

India, .. 1791 4to. 

History of Scotland, 2 vol, 1/69 Svo. 


Robertson D. Tour througli the Isle of Man, Lorid. 1 794 8vo. 

Jos. Essay on Punctuation, 1803 12mo. 

Jac. Clavis Pentateuclii. ex Recensione J. 

Kingliorn, ., Norv'ici, 1824 8vo. 

Robin Hood ; a Collection of Ancient Poems, Songs, 
and Ballads, relative to the Celebrated Outlaw, 
2 vol. . . Land. 1790 8vo. 

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T. Last Days of Bishop Heber, Lond. 1830 8vo. 

Mary. Sight, Cavern of Woe, and Solitude, 

Poems, .. 1793 4to. 

Memoirs, 4 vol. .. 1801 8vo. 

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Robison John. System of Mechanical Philosophy, with 

Notes, by D. Brewster, 4 vol. .. Edin. 1822 8vo. 

Proofs of a Conspiracy, &c. .. 1797 8vo. 

Robson Francis. Life of Hyder Ally, 178G 8vo. 

*Rochefort C. dc. Histoire des lies Antilles de 

TAraerique, .. Roterd, 1658 4to. 
Rochefoucault Due de la. Moral Maxims, Lond. 1749 12mo. 
Liancourt Due de la. Travels in 

North America, .. 1799 4to. 

Rogers Samuel. Italy, a Poem, . . 1830 8vo. 

■ Poems, .. 1814 I2mo. 

• Human Life, .. 1819 12mo. 

AVoodes. Cruising V^oyage round the World, 

170S-11 .. 1712 8vo. 

Roland Madame. Appeal to Impartial Posterity, 

2 vol. .. 1795 8vo. 

Rollin C. Ancient History, translated from the 

French, 8 vol. .. 1808 8vo. 

*Rollo John. On the Diseases in the Army in St. 

Lucia, .. Barbadoes, 1780 8vo. 

Rolt Ric. History of the Island of Man, Lond. 1773 8vo. 

Roman Conversations, 2 vol. .. 1792 8vo. 

1 Roman Medals, .. Zurich, 1738 foi. 


fRoman Tessellated Pavement discovered in Leaden- 
hall Street, 28th December, 1803, 

Rome in the Nineteetli Century, 3 vol. .Eflin. 1822 8vo. 

Romilly Sir S. Speeches in the House of Commons, 

2 vol. .. Loncl. 1820 8vo. 

Observations on the Criminal Law of Eng- 
land, .. 1811 8vo. 

fRonald Hugh. Pyrus Mains Brentfordiensis : a 
Concise Description of Selected Apples, with 
Figures, . . 1831 4to. 

*Rootsey S. Attempt to Simplify the Notation of 

Music, . . Brist. 1815 4to 

* • General Dispensatory, .. 1815 12mo. 

Roper W. Life of Sir Thomas More, Loncl. 1817 8vo. 

Roquefort J. B. B. Glossaire de la Langne Romane, 

2 torn. .. Paris, 1808 8vo. 

*Roscoc ^V^n. Discourse delivered on the Opening 

of the Liverpool Royal Institution, Liverp. 1817 4to. 

Life of Lorenzo de Medici, 2 vol. 1796 4to. 

Life and Pontificate of Leo X, 4 vol. 1805 4to. 

• T. Memoirs of Scipio de Ricci, Reformer of 

Catholicism in Tuscany, 2 vol. .. Loud. 1829 8vo. 

Rose George. Observations on the Historical Work 

of the late C. J. Fox, . . 1809 3to. 

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Cowper. Four Years in Southern Africa, 1829 8vo. 

H. J. VIII Sermons preached before the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge in 1830 and 1831, Camb. 1831 8vo. 

Ross John. Voyage of Discovery for exploring Baffin's 

Bay, &c. .. Lond. 1819 4to. 

Rotheram John. Essay on Faith, .. ■ 1801 ]2mo. 

t*Rotu]i Scotise in Turri Lond. et in Dorao Capi- 

tulari Westm. asservati, voL I, II, 1814-19 fol. 

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in Turri Lond. et in Curia receptae Scaccarii 
Westm. asservati, vol. I, II, . . 1812-18 fol. 


Rotuli Parllanientoium, Edw. I— Edw. IV, (I'i/S- 

1503) 6 vol. .. Loud. fol. 

t*Rotulorum Origiiialium in Curia Scaccarii Abbrevi- 

atio, vol. I, II, .. 1805-10 fol. 

Rough Sketch of Modern Paris, in Letters written in 

1801-2, .. ■ 1808 8vo. 

Rons G. Letter to the Rt. Hon. E. Burke, in Reply 

to his Appeal, . . 8vo. 

Rousseau J.J. Oeuvres completes, 15 torn. Geneve, 17S2 4to. 

• Confessions, with the Reveries of the Soli- 
tary Walker, 2 vol. .. Lond. \783 12mo. 

* ■ Letters on the Elements of Botany, by T. 

Martyn, .. 1787-8 8vo. 

Rousselin Alex. Life of Laz. Hoche, 1799 8vo. 

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fere jam deperditorum 2ndi, et 3tii Sec. Frag- 

menta, 4 vol. .. 0^?/ 1814-18 8vo. 

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* Eliz. History of Joseph, . . 8vo. 

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Poems, with a Commentary and Glossary by 

Jer. Milles, .. 1782 4to. 

■ Poems, .. Camb. 1794 8vo. 

t* Poems; with MS. Additions, Lond. 1778 8vo. 

Rowning J. Compendious System of Natural Philo- 
sophy, 2 vol, .. 17G7 8vo. 

Roy ^Vm. Military Anti(iuitics of the Romans in Bri- 
tain, .. 1793 foL 

Royal Wills, from the time of \Villiain the Conqueror 

to Henry VII, .. 1/80 4to. 

Rudder Samuel. History of Gloucestershire, Circn. 1779 fol. 

Rudgc Tho. History of the County of Gloucester, 

2 vol. .. 1803 8vo. 

General View of tiio Agriculture of Glouces- 
tershire, ■■ Lond. 1807 8vo. 


Rudiiig Roger. Annals of the Coinage, 5 vol. (and 

Plates, 4to.) .. Loncl. 1819 8vo. 

Riiffliead O. Life of Alexander Pope, 1 769 Bvo. 

Ruggles Tho. History of the Poor, . . 1797 4to. 

tRiiins of Palmyra in the Desart, by R. Wood, 1/53 fol. 

tRuins of Balbec, by R. Wood, .. 1757 fol. 

tRuins of the Emperor Diocletian's Palace at Spalatro 

in Dalmatia, by R. Adam, .. 1764 fol. 

fRuins of Paestum in Magna Graecia, by T. Major, 1768 fol. 
fLes Ruines des plus beaux Monuments de la Grece, 

par M. Le Roy, .. Paris, 1770 fol. 

Rulhiere Claud. Histoire de I'Anarchie de Pologne, 

et dn Deinembreiiient de Cette Republique, 

4 torn. .. 1807 12mo. 

Anecdotes sur la Revolution de Russie, 1797 8vo. 

Rumford Count. Experimental Essays, 3 vol. and 

part of vol. IV, .. 1796-1812 Bvo. 

*Rumphius G. E. Thesaurus Imaginum Piscium 

Testaceorum, .. Litgd. Bat. 1711 fol. 

Rundle Bp. Letters, with Introductory Memoirs by 

J. Dallaway, 2 vol. in 1, . . Gloucest. 1789 8vo. 

Runic Poetry, Five Pieces, translated from the Islandic 

Language, .. Lond. 1763 8vo. 
Rural Oeconomy ; to which is added the Rural So- 
crates, .. 1773 Svo. 

Rushvvorth John. Historical Collections, (1618-1648) 

8 vol. .. 1721 fol. 

Russell John. Tour in Germany and some of the 

Southern Provinces of Austria, 2 vol. Edin. 1825 12mo. 
Lord John. Life of AA'illiam Lord Russell, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1820 Svo. 

Don Carlos ; a Tragedjr, .. 1822 8vo. 

Michael. Connection of Sacred and Pro- 
fane History, from the Death of Joshua to the 
Decline of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, 

2 vol. . . 1827 Svo. 


Russell Mich. View of Ancient and Modern Egyp-t, 

(Edin. Cabinet Library) .. Edln. 1831 Timo. 

Palestine^ or the Holy Land, (Edin. Cabinet 

Library) .. 1831 12mo. 

\y . History of Ancient Europe^ 2 vol. Z/o«f/. 1793 8vo. 

History of Modern Europe, 5 vol. 1801 8vo. 

Tho. Sonnets and Miscellaneous Poems, 0,?/! 1789 4to. 

Alex. Natural History of Aleppo, 2 vol. Z/OH(/. 1794 4to. 

Lady. Letters, .. 1773 4to. 

Rutter John. Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey, 

Shaftesb. 1823 4to. 
Delineations of the N. W. Division of the 

County of Somerset, .. 1829 8vo. 

Rutty John, Essay towards a Natural History of the 

County of Dublin, 2 vol. .. Dublin, 1772 8vo. 

Methodical Synopsis of Mineral Waters, Lond. 17a7 4to. 

Rycaut Paul. History of the Turkish Empire, from 

1623tolG77, .. 1G80 foL 

Rye Peter. Excursion to the Peak of Teneriffe, 1793 4to. 

t*Rymer Tho. Foedera, Conventiones, Literae, et 

Acta Publica, ab anno 1101 ad an. 1C54, 20 torn. 

1727, &c. fol. 


fBiblia Sacra Polyglotta ; complectentia Textus 
Originales, Hebraicum, cum Pentatezicho Sa- 
7nurk(ino, Chaldaicum, Grsecum. Versionumque 
AntiquarumSamarit. Graec. LXXII Inlerp. Chal- 
daic. Syriac. Arabic. ^Ethiopic. Persic. Vulg. Lat, 
quicfpiid comparari potcrat. cum Apparatu An- 
nott. &c. edidit Brianus Waltonus, (i vol. Ijond. IC57 fol. 
*Vctus Tcstamentum Hebraicum, cum Variis Lccti- 

onibuSj edidit Benj. Kcnnicott, 2 vol. Oxon. 177G-80 fol. 


*Biblia Ilebraica, cum Interlineari luterpretatione 

Latina Xantis Pagnini, a Bened. Aria Moutano . 

aliisque recognita, . . Antverp. 1584 fol. 

t*Lexicoii Heptaglotton; Hebr. Chald. Syr. Samarit. 

^^thiop. Arab, et Pers. Authore Edm. Castello, 

2 vol. . . Land. 1 G69 fol. 

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tLexicon Manuale Hebraicum et Chaldaicum, a J. 

Simoiiis, 2 vol. .. Halo:, 1/93 8vo. 

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Auctore Fr. M. de Calasio^ 4 vol. Lond. 1747 fol. 

*Concordantiae Particularuin Ebrffio-Clialdaicarum, a 

Chr. Noldio, .. Hafnics, 1679 4to. 

Vetus Testauientum Grcecum, cum Variis Lectt. edidit 

R. Holmes & J. Parsons, vol. I, II, O.von. 1798-181G fol. 
*Biblia Sacra, sive Libri Canonici Latinc recens facti 

ab Imm. Tremellio et Fr. Junio. Praeraittitur Lex 

Dei Moralis, Ceremonialis, et Politica, a Theod. 

Beza, .. GenevcB, 1617 fol. 

*Bib]ia Sacra, Lat. ab J. Tremellio ct Fr. .lunio, Lond. 1593 fol. 
*Biblia Sacrosaucta^ translata in Sermonum Latinum, 

2 vol. .. Tigur'i, 1543 foL 
*Biblia Vet et Nov. Test. Belgice, 2 vol. Dordrecht, 1 730-38 1 2mo. 
*Liber Psahuorum, ex Idiomate Syro in Latinum trans- 

latus a G. Sionita, .. Paris, 1625 4to. 

*Pentatench ; Isaiah ; Daniel ; and Minor Prophets, 
translated into Chinese by Joshua Marshman, 

3 vol. . . Seramp. 8vo. 
■^Pentateuch ; Historical Books from Joshua to Es- 
ther J Hagiographa j and Prophets, translated 

into Bengalee, by W. Carey, 4 vol. 8vo. 

^Pentateuch, translated into Sungskrit, by W. Careys, 4to. 
*New Testament^ translated into Sungskrit, by W. 

Carey, . . 4 to. 

*New Testament, translated into the Ooriya Language, 

by W. Carey, . . Svo. 


*St. Matthew's Gospel, translated into the Mahratta 

Language, by W. Carey, . . Lond. 4to. 

*St. John's Gospel, translated into Chinese, by Joshua 

!Marshmaa, — 1813 fol. 

t*Novum Testaraentuin Gra^cuni, cum Varlis Lectio- 

nibus et Coramentario, opera et studio J. J. 

Wetstenii, 2 vol. .. Amstel. 1751 fol. 

Novum Testamentum Grsecum, cum Variis Lectionibus 

jNIillii, a Kustero, ,. Lips. 1/23 fol. 

*Nov. Test. Gr. cum Apparatu Critico, a J. Alb. 

Beugelio, . . Tuh'ingce, 1 734 4to. 

( Jence, 1796 8vo. 

Nov. Test. Gr. a Griesback, 2 vol. < 

I Halce Sax. 1806 8vo. 

Nov. Test. Gr. ed. J. M. Aug. Scholz, vol. I, (IV 

Evangelia complectens) .. Lips, 1830 4to. 

*Nov. Test. Syriacum, cum Verslone Latina a J. Leus- 
den & C. Schaaf 3 et Lexicon Syriacum ejusd. C. 
Schaaf, 2 vol. .. Lugd. Bat. \7l7 4to. 

*Nov. Test. Syriace, per Johan. Albertum AVidman- 

stadium, . . Plcnnce, 1562 4to. 

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rum Acta complectens, quadratis Uteris, Gra?co- 
Latinus; a T. Kipling, 2 vol. Cantab. 1793 fol. 

Evangelium secundum Matthaeum, exCodice Rescripto 
in Bibliotlieca Coll. S. Trin. Dubl. descripsit Jo. 
Barrett, .. Dublin, 1801 4to. 

fNovum Lexicon Grteco-Latinum in Novum Testa- 
mentum, a J. Schleusner, 2 vol. Lips. 1792 8vo. 

t*Byblc in Englyshe, with a Prologc by Archbyshop 

Cranmer, .. Lond. 15-10 fol. 

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and R. Mant, 3 voL .. 1816 4to. 

* translated by Ant. Purvcr, with Notes 

Critical and Explanatory, 2 vol. .. 1761 fol. 

(Printed in Sections), with Prefaces 

and Notes by John Reeves, 9 vol. 1802 8vo. 



*Holy Bible Faithfully translated, by tlie English 

College of Doway, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1635 4to. 
Faithfully translated, with Various Read- 
ings and Explanatory Notes, &c. by A. Geddes, 
vol. I, (Genesis to Joshua) .. 1792 4to. 

Book of Job, translated by Eliz. Smith ; with a Pre- 
face and Annotation by Fr. Randolph, Bath, 1810 8vo. 

translated by J. M. Good, Lond. 1812 8vo. 

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with Notes, 2 vol. .. ■ 1790 8vo. 

tr. by Bp. Horsley, with Notes, 2 vol. 1815 8vo. 

■ translated by W. French and G. Skin- 
ner, with Notes, . . Camb. 1830 8vo. 

' Metrical Version, by Bp. Mant, with 

Notes, .. Oaif. 1824 8vo. 

Metrical Version, by Jos. Cottle, Lo7id. 1 805 r2mo. 

Isaiah, translated by Bp. Lowth, with a Preliminary 

Dissertation and Notes, .. 1778 4to. 

Hosea, translated by Bp. Horsley, with Notes, 1801 4to. 

XII Minor Prophets. Attempt towards an improved 

Version, by Bp. Newcome, .. 1785 4to. 

New Testament, translated by John AViclif j with a 

Memoir of his Life by H. H. Baber, 1810 4to. 

• Attempt towards revising our Eng- 
lish Translation of the Greek Scriptures, by Abp. 
Newcome, 2 vol. .. Dublin., 1796 8vo. 

IV Gospels, translated by Geo. Campbell, with Pre- 
liminary Dissertations and Notes, 2 vol. Lond. 1789 4to. 

Apostolical Epistles : Literal Translation of, with a 

Commentary and Notes, by J. Macknight, 6 vol. 1806 8vo. 

Paraphrastic Translation of, by P. 

N. Shuttleworth, .. 0^/1829 8vo. 

Sabine Edw. Remarks on Ross's Voyage, Lotid. 1819 8vo. 

Sadler Michael T. Law of Population, vol. I, II, 1830 8vo. 

Ireland J its Evils, and their Remedies, 1829 8vo. 


Sadler Sir Ralph. State Papers and Letters j by 

Arth. Cllflford, 2 vol. .. Edin. IS09 4to. 

Sady. Gulistan, by Gladwin, .. Land. 1808 Bvo. 

Sainte-Palaye, Meuioires sur I'Ancienue Chevalerie, 

consideree comme un E'tablissement politique et 

militaire^ 3 torn. . . Paris, 1781 12mo. 

Sainte-Croix Baron de. Critical Inquiry into the Life 

of Alexander the Great, translated by Sir R. 

Clayton, .. Balk, 1793 4to. 

Saint-John J. Hector, Letters from an American 

Farmer, . . Land. 1 782 Svo. 

Salisbury Wm. Hints to Proprietors of Orchards, &c. 1816 12mo. 
Salis C. U. de. Travels to Naples in 1789, translated 

by Aufrere, .. 1795 Svo. 

tSallengre Alb. Hen. de. Novas Thesaurus Antiqui- 

tatum Romanorum, 3 torn. Hagce-Comit, 1716-19 fol. 

Sallustius C. C. Opera quae extant, a D. Crispino, in 

usum Delphini, .. Paris, 1726 4to. 

Works, with Original Essays, by H. Steuart, 

2 vol. . . Land. 1806 4to. 

Salmasius C. Plinianie Exercitatioiies in C. J. Solini 

Polyhistora. Item de Homonyrais Hyles Jatricje, 

2 torn. .. Rhen. 1689 fol. 

Salmon J. Description of Ancient and Modern Rome, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1798-1800 Svo. 

Tlio. Examination of Up. Burnet's History, 

2 vol. .. 1724 Svo. 

Salmonia : or Days of Fly Fishing, by an Angler, 1828 12mo. 

*Salome S. C. Grammar of the Hebrew Tongue, 1825 Svo. 
Salt Henry. Essay on Young's and Champollion's 

Phonetic System of Hieroglyphics, 1825 Svo. 

Voyage to, and Travels into the Interior of 

Abyssinia, .. 1814 4to. 

Sarames Aylett. Antiquities of Ancient Britain, de- 
rived from the Phoenicians, . . 1676 fol. 

Sampson G. V. Statistical Survey of the County of 

Londonderry, .. Dublin, 1802 Svo. 


Sanchoniatlion. Phoenician History, translated from 

Eusebius, by Bp. Cumberland, . . Lond. 1 720 S\o. 

Sanctorum Patrum Apostolicorura, Barnabae, Hermse, 
Clementis, Ignatii, Polycarpi Opera genuiua, cnr^ 
Ricardi Russell, 2 torn. ,. 1/46 8vo. 

Sanctius Fr. Minerva, sen de Causis Linguae Lat. 

Commentarius, a C. L. Bauero, 2 torn. Lips. 1793 8vo. 

*Sauctorius S. Aphorisms, by Quincy, Lond, 1 737 8vo. 

Sandford Mrs. Woman, in her Social and Domestic 

Character, .. 1832 12mo. 

t • — Genealogical History of the Kings and 

Queens of England, by Stebbing, 

*Sandys Geo. Travels in the Holy Land, &c. 

Sannazarius A. S. Poemata Latina, ex edit. Jani 
Broukhusii ; accedunt Gab. Altilii, Dan. Cereti, 
et Fratrum Amaltheorura, Carmina, Amst. 

fSanxy J. Lexicon Aristophanicum, Oxon. 

Sargent John. Mine, a Dramatic Poem, Lond. 

Sastres Fr. Introduction to the Italian Gram mar, i??-/*^. 1775 

Saturday Evening; by the Author of the Natural His- 
tory of Enthusiasm, ,. Lond. 1832 Svo. 

Sauer Martin. Account of an Expedition to the 

Northern Parts of Russia, .. 1802 4to. 

Saugnier and Brisson. Voyages to the Coast of Africa, 1 792 Svo. 

Saunders Wm. On the Liver, .. 1795 8vo. 

J. C. Anatomy of the Human Ear, 1806 fol. 

Saunderson Nic. Elements of Algebra, 2 vol. Camh. 1740 4to. 
Saussure Horace-Ben. de. Voyages dans les Alpes, 

4 torn. .. Neuchatel,^c. 1779-86 4to. 

Essais sur THygrom^trie, Neuchatel, 1783 4to. 

Savage Ric. Works, with his Life by S. Johnson, 

2 vol. . . Lond. 1 775 Svo. 

James. Librarian, 3 vol. ,. 1808-9 Svo. 

History of the Hundred of Carhampton, in 

the County of Somerset, . . Brist. 1830 Svo. 

Savary Nic. Letters on Egypt, 2 vol. Lo)id. 1 786 Svo. 














Savaiy Letters on Greece, . . Lond. 1788 Svo. 

Saxe Count. Reveries on the Art of War, 1757 4to. 

Saxon Chronicle, with an English Translation and Notes, 

by J. Ingram, . . 1823 4to. 

Saxo Graminaticus. Historioe Danicce Lib. XVI, a 

Stephanio, .. Sorce, 1G44 fol. 

Say J. B. Political Economy} translated by C. R. 

Princep, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1824 Svo. 

Letters to Malthus, .. ■ 1821 8vo. 

t*Scapula J. Lexicon Grteco-Latinum, 2 torn. Glasg. 1816 4to. 
*Scarpa Ant. Saggio di Osservazioni e d'Esperienze 

sulle Principfili Malaitie degli Occhi, Venezla, 1802 Svo. 

Scenes and Impressions in Egypt and in Italy, Lond. 1825 Svo. 
*Scheele C. W. Chemical Experiments on Air and 

Fire, .. 1780 Svo. 

* Chemical Essays, .. 1787 Svo. 

*Schiller Fr. Gedichte, 2 tom. .. Hamh. 1816 12mo. 

William Tell ; a Play, translated from the 

German, .. Lond. 1829 Svo. 

* Geschichte des Dreybigjahrigen Kriegs, 2 

vol. ., Carhruhe, 1818 Svo. 

* ' Theater, 5 voL .. Tubingen, 1805-7 Svo. 

Minister, a Tragedy, by Lewis, Land. 1797 Svo. 

History of the Rise and Progress of the Bel- 

gian Republic, by Home, . . 1807 12mo. 

*Schimmclpcnninck Mary Anne. Theory of the 

Classification of Beauty and Deformity, 1815 4to. 

Narrative of the Demolition of 

Port Royal des Ciiamps, .. 1816 Svo. 

Schlegel A. W. Lectures on Dramatic Art and Lite- 
rature, translated by J. Black, 2 vol. 1815 Svo. 

Fr. Lectures on the History of Literature, 

2 vol. .. Ed'm. ISIS Svo. 

*Schola Salernitana, Dc Valctudinc Tuenda, 

Lutetice Paris, 1672 Svo. 

Scholar Armed against the Errors of the Time, 2 vol. 1795 Svo. 


fSchleusiier J. F, Lexicon Gra-co- Latin urn in Novum 

Testamentumj 2 torn. .. Lips. 1792 8vo. 

Scholtz C. Grammatica /Egyptiaca, curR Car. Godf. 

Woide, .. Oxon. 1778 4to. 

Schomberg A. C. Historical and Ciironological View 

of Roman Law, with Notes and Illustrations, 1785 8vo. 

On the Maritime Laws of Rhodes, 1786 8vo. 

Schultens Alb. Historia Imperii Vet. Joctanidarum in 

Arabia Felice, &c. .. Har. Gel. 1786 -Ito. 

Schwartz Cha. Fred. Remains, part I, Loud. 1825 8vo. 

tSchweighaeuser Johannes. Lexicon Herodoteiim, 

2 vol. .. ..Urgent, 1824 8vo. 

*La Science des Medailles, .. Paris, 1C92 8vo. 

Scriptores qui de Linguai Graecac Pronuntiatione Com- 

mentarios reliquerunt ; edidit Sig. Havercamp, 

2 torn. .. Z.?<^Y/.i^«^ 1736-40 8 vo. 

Scoresby W. Account of the Arctic Regions, and of 

the Northern Whale-Fishery, 2 vol. Udin. 1820 8vo. 

Journal of a Voyage to the Northern Whale- 
Fishery in 1822, .. Lond. \S23 8vo. 

Scott Sir W. Miscellaneous Prose Works, 6 vol. Udm. 1827 8vo. 

Novels, Tales, and Romances, 74 vol. 1814, 8cc. 12mo. 

Poetical Works, 12 vol. . . 1805, &c. 4 to. & 8vo. 

History of Scotland, (Cabinet Library) 1830 12mo. 

Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, 9 vol. 1827 8vo. 

Letters on Deraonology and Witchcraft, (Family- 
Library) .. 1830 12mo, 

Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, 3 vol. Kelso, 1802-3 8vo. 

t Border Antiquities of England and Scotland, 

2 vol. ., 1814-17 4to. 

Sir William. Speech on the Non-Residence of 

the Clergy, . . Lo?id. 1802 8vo. 

Thomas. Remarks on the Bishop of Lincoln's 

Refutation of Calvinism, 2 vol. .. 1811 8vo. 

* — Essays on the most important Subjects in Re- 
ligion, .. , 1828 12mo. 


Scott John. Sketches of Manners, Scenery, &c. in 

the French Provinces, Switzerland, and Italy, Land. 1821 8vo. 

Visit to Paris in 1814, .. 1815 8vo. 

Paris Revisited in 1815, by way of Brussels, 1816 8vo. 

* — J. Life of Thomas Scott, .. 1823 8vo. 

Scottish Ballads j collected and illustrated by R. 

Chambers, .. Edin. 1829 12mo. 

Scoiigal H. Life of God in the Soul of Man, Lond. 1801 12mo. 
tSeager J. Supplement to Todd's Edition of Johnson's 

Dictionary, .. 1819 4to. 

* Emendationes in Scriptores quosdam Graecos, 

Oj;on. 1808 8vo. 
Search, v. Tucker A. 

Scale J. B. Analysis of the Greek Metres, Camb. 1807 8vo. 
Seaward Sir Edw. Narrative of his Shipwreck, &c. 

edited by Jane Porter, 3 vol. .. Lond. 1831 8vo. 

fSeberus M. Wolf. Lexicon Homericum, O.von. 1780 8vo. 

Sebright Sir John, Art of Improving the Breed of 

Domestic Animals, .. Lond. 1809 Svo. 

*Secker Abp. Nine Sermons on occasion of the War 

and Rebellion in 1745, with his Answer to Dr. 

Mayhew, and Letter to H. Walpole, 

* Fourteen Sermons on several Occasions, 

* Sermons on several Subjects, published by 

Porteus and Stinton ; with a Review of his Life 
and Character, 7 vol. . . 

Lectures on the Catechism, 2 vol. 

Eight Charges to his Clergy, with Instruc- 









tions to Candidates for Orders, . . 1771 Svo. 

Secret History of the Court of King James the First, 

2 vol. .. Edin. 1811 Svo. 

•Secundus J. Opera, .. Paris. 1748 12mo. 

Sedgwick James. Remarks on Blackstone's Com- 
mentaries, .. Lond. 1800 4to. 

Seely J. B. Narrative of a Journey to the Temples 

atElora, .. 1824 Svo. 


Seetzen M. Brief Account of the Countries adjoin- 
ing the Lake of Tiberias, &c. .. Bath, 1810 4to. 

S^gur Conite de. Mciuoires, ou Souvenirs et Anec- 
dotes, 3 torn. . . Lond. 1825-27 8vo. 

History of the Expedition to Russia by Napoleon^ 

in 1812, 2 vol. .. 1825 8vo. 

L. P. History of the Reign of Frederic Wil- 
liam 11, King of Prussia, 3 vol. .. 1801 8vo. 

J. A. de. Les Femmes, 3 torn. Pat-is, 1803 12mo. 

Selden J. Opera Omnia, ex recensione Dav. Wilkins, 

3 vol. in 6, . . Lond. 1726 fol. 

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Lady Luxborough, and others, by Hull, 2 vol. 1778 8vo. 

Select Icelandic Poetry, translated by W. Herbert, 

2 vol. .. 1804 8vo. 

Selections from the French Anas, 2 vol. Ojrf. 1797 12rao. 

Selection of Curious Articles from the Gentleman's 

Magazine, 4 vol. .. 1811 8vo. 

Selkirk Earl of. On Emigration, and the State of the 

Highlands, .. 1805 8vo. 

Semple Robert. Journey through Spain and Italy, 

2 vol. . . 1807 8vo. 

Second Journey in Spain in 1809, 1809 8vo. 

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liis J. Lipsii, .. ^n(v. 1652 fol. 

* Opera, .. Paris. 1587 fol. 

Tragoedi9e,curanot.var. a J.C.Schrodero,Z>e/y?A. 1728 4to. 

Senefelder Alois. History of Lithography, Lotid. 1819 4to. 

Senilities, or Solitary Amusements, . . ■ 1801 8vo. 

Senior N. W. Three Lectures on the Transmission 
of the Precious Metals, and the Mercantile Theory 

of Wealth, .. 1828 8vo. 

Senior N. W. Two Lectures on Population, 1829 8vo. 

*Serlius Sebastian. Architecturse Liber VII, Ital. et 

Lat. .. Francof. 1575 fol. 

Sevign6 Mad. de. Recueil des Lettres, 8 torn. Paris, 1763 12mo. 


Seward Anna. Letters, 6 vol. .. Ed'in. 1811 8vo. 

ISewel W. English and Dutch Dictionary, by Eg. 

Buys, 2 vol. .. Amst. 1/66 4to. 

Sewell W. History of the Quakers, Lond. 1725 fol. 

Sexagenarian ; or Recollections of a Literary Life, 2 vol. 1817 8vo. 

*Seyer Samuel. Memoirs, Historical and Topogra- 
phical, of Bristol and its Neighbourhood, from the 
Earliest Period, .. Brist. \^2\-2o 4to. 

t Bristol, (large paper) 2 vol. 1821-2.5 4to. 

* Treatise on the Syntax of the Latin Verb, 1798 8vo. 

Latium Redivivum, . . 1808 Svo, 

* Observations on Clerical Non-Residence, 1804 8vo. 

Seymour E. H. Remarks upon the Plays of Shake- 
speare, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1805 Svo. 

Shabeeny. Account of Timbuctoo and Housa, edited 

by J. Cx. Jackson, .. 1820 Svo. 

Shade of Alexander Pope on the Banks of the Thames, 

a Satirical Poem, .. 1799 Svo. 

Shadwell Tho. Works, 4 vol. .. 1720 12mo. 

Shaftesbury Earl of. Characteristicks, 3 vol. 1732-38 Svo. 

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(1623) .. Lond. reprinted, 1808 fol. 

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Steevens, 10 vol. .. Lond. 1785 Svo. 

Supplement to Johnson and Stcevcns's 

edition, by E. M.ilone, 2 vol. .. 1780 Svo. 

Plays and Poems, by E. Malone, 10 vol. 1790 Svo. 

Dramatic Works, (published by Boydell) 

9 vol. and Plates, .. 1802 fol. 
Plays of Lear and Cymbeline, by Eccles, 

2 vol. . . 1794 Svo. 

Hamlet, reprinted from the first edition, 1825 Svo. 

Sharp Tiio. Life of John Sharp, Archbishop of York, 

edited by T. Newcome, 2 vol. 1825 8vo. 

G. Remarks on the Uses of the Definitive Ar- 
ticle in the Greek Text of the New Testament, 

Durham, 1802 12mo. 


*Sharp Sam. liCtteis from Italy, Land. 1776 8vo. 

* Treatise on the Operations of Surgery, 1739 8vo. 

Sharpe G. On the Origin and Structure of the Greek 

Tongue, .. • 1777 8vo. 

Shaw Tho. Travels ; or Observations relating to 

several Parts of Barbary and Egypt, O.rf. 1738 fol. 

■ Geo. Zoological Lectures, 2 vol. Lond. 1809 8vo. 

General Zoology, 14 vol. in 28, 1800-26 Svo. 

t W. Galic and English Dictionary, 2 vol. 1 780 4to. 

* Sermon at Bedminster Church, Br'ist. 1810 Svo. 

Shee Sir M. A. Rymes on Art, Lond. 1805 8vo. 

^Sheffield Lord. Observations on the Commerce of 

the American States, .. 1784 8vo. 

* On Maintaining the Navigation and Co- 
lonial System of Great Britain, 180G 8vo. 

* Remarks on the Deficiency of Grain, 

3 parts, .. 1800-1 8vo. 
Tracts, 2 vol. . . 1800, &c. 8vo. 

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Shepherd John. Critical and Practical Elucidation of 

the Book of Common Prayer, 2 vol. 1798-1801 8vo. 

AVm. Life of Poggio Bracciolini, L'lverp. 1802 4to. 

Ric. Sermons on the Credibility of the 

Christian Religion, (Bampton Lecture) Lond. 1788 8vo. 
Noteson the Gospel and Epistles of St. John, 1796 4to. 

Sheridan R.B. Works, 2 vol. .. -1821 8vo. 

-Tho. Life of Dr. Swift, .. 1784 8vo. 

Lectures on the Art of Reading, 1805 Svo. 

Chas. Fr. History of the late Revolution in 

Sweden, . . 1778 Svo. 

Sheringham Rob. De Anglorum Gentis Origine Dis- 

ceptatio, . . Cantab. 1670 Svo. 

Sherlock Bp. Arguments against a Repeal of the 

Corporation and Test Acts, . . Lond. 1 787 Svo. 

Several Discourses at the Temple Church, 

4 vol. .. 1772 Svo. 


Sherlock Bp. Discourses on the Use and Intent of 

Prophecy, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1725-^9 8vo. 

AVm. Discourse concerning the Divine Pro- 
vidence, .. ■ 1729 8vo. 

*Shervven John. Examination of the Rowleian Con- 
troversy, .. Bath, 1809 8vo. 

Shield W. Introduction to Harmony, Lond. 1800 4to. 

Shipley Bp. Works, 2 vol. . . 1792 8vo. 

-t Shirley James. Plays, 4 vol. .. 1G29, &c. 4to. 

t Three Plays of, viz. the Imposture, the 

Doubtful Heir, and the Sisters, 3 vol. 1G52 4t0j 

• Dramatic Works and Poems, with Notes by 

Wm. Gifford, and a Memoir by Alex. Dyce, 6 vol. 1833 8vo. 

Shoberl F. Narrative of the most Remarkable Events 

of the Battles of Leipsig, .. 1814 8vo. 

Shuckford Sam. Sacred and Prophane History Con- 
nected, 4 vol. .. 1743-53 8vo. 

Shuttlcwortli P. N. Consistency of Revelation with 

itself and witli Human Reason, 1832 12mo. 

Sibbald James. Chronicle of Scottish Poetrj', with 

a Glossary, 4 vol. .. Edin. 1802 8vo. 

Sikes Tho. Discourse on Parochial Communion, //0«(/. 1812 8vo. 

Silius Italicus. Punicorura Libri XVII, cum notis 

varior. a Drakenborch, Troj. ad Rhen. 1717 4to. 

* De Bcllo Punico Secundo, cum Italica Versionc, 

3 tom. .. Mediolani, 1765 4to. 

Simcs Tho. Treatise on the Military Science, with 

Notes, . . Lond. 1780 4to. 

Simon James. Essay on Irish Coins, and the Currency 

of Foreign Monies in Ireland, Dublin, IS 10 4to. 

Simond L. Tour in Italy and Sicily, Lond. 1828 8vo. 

Tour in Switzerland, with a Sketch of the 

Manners and Customs of Ancient and Modern 

Helvetia. 2 vol. .. 1822 8vo. 

tSimonis Joh. Lexicon Manualc Ilebraicum ct 

Chaldaicum, a J. G. Eichhorn, 2 vol. Hula-, 1793 8vo. 


Simpson Tho. Treatise of Fluxions, Lond. 1737 4to. 

Sinclair Sir John. Code of Health and Longevity, 

4 vol. .. Ed'in. 1807 8vo. 

Accountof the Systems of Husbandry adopted 

in the more Improved Districts of Scotland, 1811 8vo. 

. Observations on the Report of the Bullion 

Committee, .. Lond. 1810 8vo. 
Code of Agriculture, .. 1817 8vo. 

StatisticalAccountof Scotland, 20 vol. -£'(//n. 1791-98 8vo. 

• History of the Public Revenue of the British 

Empire, 2 vol. .. 1785-1804 4to. 

Essays on Miscellaneous Subjects, 1802 8vo. 

tSinger S. AV. Researches into the History of Play- 
ing Cards, with Illustrations of the Origin of 
Printing and Engraving on Wood, Lond. 1816 4to. 

Sir Tristrem, by Thomas of Erceldoune j edited by 

Sir W. Scott, .. Edm. \S\9 8vo. 

Sismondi J. C. L Simonde. Histoire des Republiques 

Italienues du Moyen age, 16 torn. Paris, 1809-18 8vo. 

De la Litterature du Midi de I'Europe, 

4 torn. .. ■ 1813 8vo. 

Julia Sev^ra, ou I'An. 492, 3 torn. 1822 12mo. 

Histoire des Francaise, torn. I — XV'I, 1821-33 8vo. 

Six Months in the West Indies in 1825, Lond. 1826 8vo. 

Six Old Plays, on which Six by Shakspeare were 

founded, 2 vol. .. ■ 1779 8vo. 

fSkelton J. Etchings of the Antiquities of Bristol, 

from Sketches by Hugh O'Neill and J. Willis, 1828 4to. 

Sketch of Modern France, .. 1798 8vo. 

Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, gent. 2 vol. 1820 8vo. 

Sketches in Ireland j descriptive of Districts in the 

North and South, .. Edin. 1827 8vo. 

Sketches of Persia, from the Journals of a Traveller 

in the East, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1828 8vo. 

Sketches of the Intrinsic Strength of France and Rus- 
sia, part I, .. Hague, 1803 


Sketches of the Domestic ^Manners and Institutions of 

the Romans, .. Lond. 1821 12mo. 

Sketches in Dublin and the North of Ireland in 1810, 1826 Svo. 

Sketches of India, by an Oflicer, .. 1825 Svo. 

Sketches of the History of the Hindoos, 1/90 Svo. 

Skinner Bp. Primitive Truth and Order V^indicated, 

with a Defence of Episcopacy, Aberdeen, 1803 Svo. 

John. Ecclesiastical History of Scotland, 2 vol. 1788 Svo. 

~ Annals of Scottish Episcopacy, from 1788 to 

1816, .. Edin. 1818 Svo. 

*Skrine Hen. Travels in the North of England and 

Part of Scotland, &c. .. Lond. 179.5 4to. 

Rivers of Great Britain, .. 1801 Svo. 

Slade James. Annotations on the Epistles, 2 vol. 1829 Svo. 

fSloane Sir Hans. Natural History of Jamaica, 2 vol. 1707 fol. 

t* Catalogus Plautarum Insula; Jamaicce, &c. 

interim. .. • 1696 Svo. 

Smeaton John. Narrative of the Building and a De- 
scription of the Construction of the Edystone 
Light-house with Stone, .. 1791 fol. 

Historical Report on Ramsgate Harbour, 1791 Svo, 

Reports, made on Various Occasions, as 

a Civil Engineer, 3 vol. .. 1812 4to. 

Experimental Enquiry concerning the 

Powers of \Vind and Water, &c. 1794 Svo. 

SmellieW. Philosophy of Natural History, 2 vol. EdinA 7 00-99 4to. 

Smith Sir J. E. English Flora, 4 vol. Lond. 1828 Svo. 

Introduction to Physiological and Systematical 

Botany, .. 1807 Svo. 

Tracts relating to Natural History, 1798 Svo. 

Sketch of a Tour on the Continent in 1786 and 

1787,3 vol. .. 1793 Svo. 

* Plantarum Iconcs hactenus ineditae^ III Fasci- 
culi, .. 1789 91 fol. 

J. P. Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, 

2 vol. .. 1821 Svo. 


f Smith J. T. Antiquities of Westminster, with the 

Supplement, .. Lond. 1807 4to. 

t Antiquities of London and Environs, 1791 4to. 

* Wm. Student's Vade Mecum, with a Disser- 
tation upon the Nerves, .. 17G8-70 Svo. 

* On the Nature and Institution of Government, 

2 vol. 

— History of England, 2 vol. 

— Sir Tlio. Commonwealth of England, 

— Rob. Complete System of Opticks, 2 vol. 

— James. Errors of the Church of Rome De- 
tected, . . 














4 to. 





— John. Galic Antiquities, . . Edin. 

— Adam. Inquiry into the Nature and Causes 
of the Wealth of Nations, 2 vol. 

— Theory of Moral Sentiments, 

— Essays on Philosophical Subjects, 

— Sam. Stan. Essay on the Causes of the Va- 
riety of Complexion and Figure in the Human 

Species, . . Ed'in. 1 788 Svo. 

— Richard. Statistical Enquiry into the Frequency 

of Calculus, .. 1820 Svo. 

— Charlotte. Elegiac Sonnets, Lond. 1789 Svo. 

— Lady. Memoir and Correspondence of Sir 

James Edward Smith, 2 vol. .. 1832 Svo. 

Smollett Tobias. History of England, from the Re- 
volution to the Death of George II, 5 vol. 1804 Svo. 

Travels through France and Italy, 2 vol. 1766 Svo. 

Sa)yth Wm. Hen. Sketch of the Present State of 

the Island of Sardinia, .. 1828 Svo. 

Life and Services of Capt. Philip Beaver, 1829 Svo. 

D. W. Topographical Description of Upper 

Canada, .. 1799 Svo. 

Snodgrass J.J. Narrative of the Burmese War, 1827 Svo. 

Snorro. HistoriaeRegura Septentrionaliura; illustravit 

Johaun. Peringskiold, 2 torn. Stockholm, J 697 fol. 


Soames Hen. Inquiry into the Doctrines of the An- 
glo-Saxon Church, (Bampton Lecture) O.vf. 1830 Svo. 

Soirees Helvetiennes, Alsaciennes, et Fran-Comtdises, 

Amst. 1771 Svo. 

Soils Antonio de. History of tlie Conquest of Mexico, 

translated by Townsend, ,. Lond. 1724 fol. 

Soniers Lord. Collection of Scarce arid Valuable 

Tracts 5 by Sir AValter Scott, 5 vol. 1809-11 4to. 

Somerville \\m. Poems, .. 1773 Svo. 

Lord. Dissertations, &c. 1800 4to. 

Mrs. Mechanism of the Heavens, 1832 Svo. 

Songs of Greece, translated by C. B. Sheridan, !825 Svo. 

Sonnini C. S. Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt, 

by Hunter, 3 vol. .. 1799 Svo. 

Sophocles. Quae extant omnia. Or. et Lat. cum Sclioliis, 

a Brunck, 2 vol. .. Argent. 1786 4to. 
• Tragedies, with a Dissertation on Antient 

Tragedy, by Francklin, 2 vol. 1766 Svo. 

* TragcEdiceVTI, all. P.P. Brunck, 2 vol. 1819 Svo. 

* Tragoedia3 VII, 2 torn. .. Oxon. 1809 12mo. 

CEdipusColoneus,e Recensione.P.Elmsley, 1S23 Svo. 

*Sotheby Wm. Tour through Parts of Wales, Son- 
nets, Odes, and other Poems, Lond. 1794 4to. 

* Siege of Cuzco, a Tragedy, 1800 Svo. 

* Plays, &c. .. 1800-1 Svo. 

Southern Tho. Plays, 3 vol. ■ 1774 12mo. 

Southey Rob. Joan of Arc, an Epic Poem, Brht. 1796 4to. 
" Poems, .. J 797 Svo. 

Letters from Spain and Portugal, 1/97 Svo. 

Madoc, a Poem, . . Lond. 1 80;j 4to. 

Thalaba the Destroyer, 2 vol. 1809 12mo. 

Curse of Kehama, .. ■ 1810 4to. 

History of Brazil, 3 vol. .. 1810 Ito. 

■ Omniana; or Horoe Otioslores, 2 vol. 1812 12iuo. 

Life of Nelson, 2 vol. .. 1814 i2mo. 

Roderick, the Last of the Goths, 1814 4to. 


Soutliey Rob, Minor Poems, 3 vol. Lond. 1815 r2mo. 
• Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo, 181 G 12mo. 

Life of Jolm Wesley, 2 vol. 1820 8vo. 

■ Carmen Triumphale, et Carniiua Aiilica, 1821 12mo. 

Expedition of Orsua and tlieCrimesofAguirre, 1821 12mo. 

• History of the Peninsular AVar, 3 vol. 1823 4to. 

Tale of Paraguay, .. 1825 l2mo. 

Mndiciaa Ecclesise Anglicante. Letters to 

Charles Butler j comprising Essays on the Ro- 
mish Religion, and Vindicating tlie Book of the 
Church, .. 1826 8vo. 

Sir Thomas More 3 Colloqnics on the Progress 

and Prospects of Society, 2 vol. 1829 8vo. 

Essays, Moral and Political, 2 vol. 1832 i2mo. 

Tlio. Chronological History of the West In- 

dies, 3 vol. . . 1827 8vo. 

Spallanzani Lazz. Travels in the Two Sicilies, &c. 

4 vol. .. 1798 8vo. 

Dissertations relative to the Natural His- 
tory of Animals and Vegetables, 2 vol. 1796 8vo. 

Spanheim Fr. Ecclesiastical Annals, from the Com- 
mencement of Scripture History to the Reforma- 
tion, translated by G. Wright, 1829 8vo. 

*Sparke Bp. Concio apud Synodura Cantuariensem, 1807 4to. 

Sparks Jared. Memoirs of tlie Life and Travels of 

John Ledyard, . . 1828 8vo. 

Sparrman And. Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, 

&c. 2 vol. . . 1 785 4to. 

*Sparro\v J. Observations in Surgery, 1740 Svo. 

Specimen of the Mistakes in Sir W. Dugdale's Ba- 
ronage, . . 1 730 Svo. 

Specimens of the Russian Poets, translated by J. Bow- 
ring, part I, II, .. 1821-23 ]2mo. 

Speculator, vol. I, . . 1 790 8vo. 

Speeches and Prayers of some of the late King's Judges, 1660 4to. 

Speechly W. Treatise on the Culture of the Vine, 8vo, 


Speedily Wm, Treatise on the Culture of the Pine 

Apple, .. York, 179() 8vo. 

*Speed John. Historie of Great Britaiue, Loiid. 1632 fol. 

Spolinan Sir H. .-illfredi Magiii Vita, 0.ro7i. 1678 fol. 

+ Glossarium xArchaiologicum, Lond. 1687 fol. 

* ViJlare Anglicum, ., 1656 8vo. 

* English AVorks, by E. Gibson, &c. 2 parts, 1 723-7 fol. 

ISpence Jos. Polymetis, .. 1755 fol. 

Anecdotes, Observations, and Characters of 

Books and Men ; edited by AV. Singer, 
W. Britaiu Independent of Commerce,- 

Agriculture the Source of the Wealth of 

Britain, , , 

Spencer O. L. Life of Henry Chichele, 

W. R. Poems, . . 

Spenser Edmund. Works, by Hughes, 6 vol. 

— Works, w ith Notes, a Life, and Indexes, by 
H. J. Todd, 8 vol. . . 

Spiker S. H. Travels through England, &c. 2 vol. 
Spon Isaac. History of Geneva, . . — 



















Sprott Tho. Chronica; cum aliis Opusculis, a T. 

Hearne, .. O.row. 1719 8vo. 

Spry J. H. Reflections upon " Hints on the Nature 

and Effects of Evangelical Preaching," Lond. 1809 8vo. 

Spurzheim and Gall. Physiognomical System, 1815 8vo. 

Spurzlieim J. G. Examination of Objections made 

against his Doctrines, .. Ed'm. 1817 8vo. 

Anatomy of the Brain, with a General 

View of the Nervous System, translated by R. 

Willis, .. Lond. 1826 8vo. 

Staehlin .Jacob. Account of the New Northern Ar- 
chipelago, with a Narrative of the Adventures of 
Four Russian Sailors, .. ■ 1774 8vo. 

Collection of Original Anecdotes of Peter the 

Great, . . 1788 8vo. 

Stacl Holstein Madame de. L'Allemagne, 3 torn. 1813 8vo. 


Stael Holstein. Germany, from the French, 3 vol. Lwwrf. 1813 8vo. 

Considerations on tiie Principal Events 

of the French Revolution, 3 vol. 1818 8vo. 

Letters on the Writings and Character 

of . I. J. Rousseau, .. 1814 12mo. 

Stahl Win. Authentic Memoirs and Sufferings, 1791 12mo. 

Stanhope J, S. Topography illustrative of the Battle 

ofPlataea, .. 1817 8vo. 

Plates, .. 1817 4to. 

Stanhope Leicester. Greece in 1823 and 1824, 1824 8vo. 

Stanley Thomas. History of Philosophy, 1701 fol. 

Stark J. Elements of Natural History, adapted to 

the Present State of the Science, 2 vol. Edin. 1828 Svo. 
Starke Mariana. Letters from Italy, between 1792 

and 1798, 2 vol. .. LoW. 1300 8vo. 

State Trials, with the Supplement by Hargrave, 

11 voL .. 1776, &c. fol. 

State Trials, compiled by T. B, Howell and others, 

30 vol. .. 1809, &c. Svo. 

+ General Index to Howell's State Trials, by D. Jardine, 1828 8vo. 
Statins P.P. Opera, a Veenhusen, Lug d. Bat. 1671 8vo. 

* Opera, 2 torn. .. Warring. 1778 12mo. 

Statistical Illustrations of the British Empire, compiled 

for the London Statistical Society, Lond. 1827 8vo. 

Statutes at Large, from Magna Charta to the Present 

Time, 30 vol. .. 1769, &c. 4to. 

flndex to the Statutes at Large, from Magna Charta 

to the 49th of Geo. Ill, by John Raithby, 1814 4to. 

t*Statutes of the Realm ; from Original Records and 

MSS. vol, I— IX, (a. D. 1101-1713) 1810-22 fol. 

t*Indexes to the Statutes of the Realm, from Magna 

Charta to the end of the Reign of Queen Anne, 

2 vol. .. 1824-28 fol. 

Staunton Sir G. T. Translation of Ta Tsing Leu Lee, 

being the Fundamental Laws, &c. of China, 1810 4to. 

Authentic Account of an Embassy to China, 

2 vol. .. 1797 4to. 


PJates to Staunton's China, .. Lond. 1/97 fol. 

Stavely Tlio. History of Churches in England, 1773 8vo. 

Stebbing Hen. Lives of the Italian Poets, 3 vol. 1832 8vo. 

Stedman C. History of the American War, 2 vol. 1794 4to. 

■ Narrative of an Expedition to Surinam, 2 vol. 1796 4to. 

Steele Sir Richard. Dramatic Works, 17C1 12mo. 

Epistolary Correspondence, 2 vol. 1809 8vo. 

Joshua. Prosodia Rationalis ; an Essay towards 

Establishing the Melody and Measure of Speech, 1779 4to. 

tStephanus Hen. Thesaurus GraeccC Lingure, cum 

Appendice, 5 tom. Ed'c. H. Steph. 1572 fol. 

t ■ Appendix ad Thesaurum Grfecse Linguae ; 

et ad Lexica Constantiiii et Scapulae, a Dan. 

Scott, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1745-6 fol. 

\ Glossaria Duo, Gr. & Lat. et Comment, de 

Attica Lingua, .. 1573 fol. 

tStephanus Rob. Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, k P. 

Thinghyo, 4 tom. . . Lugd. 1573 fol. 
Byzantinus. De Urbibus, a Joan. Jac. 

Gronovio, Gr. et Lat. ex interpret. Abrahami 

Berkelii, . . Lugd. Bat 1 694 fol. 

Stephen James. Slavery of the British VV'^est India 

Colonies Delineated, 2 vol. hond. 1824-30 8vo. 

Sterne Laurence. Sermons, 4 vol. ,. 1771-3 12ino. 

Tristram Shandy, 6 vol. .. 1773 12mo. 

Sentimental Journal, 2 vol. 1773 12mo. 

Letters from Yorick to Eliza, 1775 12mo. 

Stcuart Sir James. Inquiry into the Principles of 

Political (Economy, 2 vol. .. 1767 4to. 

Sir Hen. Planter's Guide, 1828 8vo. 

Stevens U'm. Observations on the [lealthy and Dis- 
eased Properties of the Blood, 1822 8vo. 

\ J. Supplement to Dugdale's Monasticon, 2 vol. 1722 fol. 

■Stevenson W . B. Historical and Descriptive Narra- 
tive of Twenty Years' Residence in South Ame- 
rica, 3 vol. .. 1825 8vo. 


Stevenson W. Supplement to Benthani's Ely, iVor^y. 1817 -Ito. 
Stewart Dugald. Elements of the Philosophy of the 

Human Mind, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1792-1814 4to. 

Outlines of Moral Philosophy, Edin. 1793 8vo. 

■ Philosophical Essays, . . 1810 4to. 

Philosophy of the Active and Moral Powers 

of Man, 2 vol. .. 1828 8vo. 

Account of the Life and Writings of Dr. Ro- 
bertson, ,. Lond. 1801 8vo. 

Memoirs of Smith, Robertson, and Reid,£'fl'i«. 1811 4to. 

• Chas. Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental 

Libraryof the lateTippoo Sultan, of Mysore, Ca;«6. 1809 4to. 

J, Account of Prince Edward Island, //0«f/. 1806 8vo. 

Stillingfleet Bp. Origines Sacrse, 2 vol. O.rf. 1797 8vo. 

Benj. Select Works, with his Life by 

W. Coxe, 3 vol. .. Lond. \S\l 8vo. 
Tracts relating to Natural History, Hus- 

bandry, and Physic, . . 1775 8vo. 

Stobaeus Joannes. Eclogarum Physicarum et Ethica- 
rum Libri duo, Gr. et Lat. ab A. H. L. Heereu, 
2 vol. .. Gotthig. 1792-1801 8vo. 

Stock J. E. Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Thomas 

Beddoes, .. Brist. 1810 4to. 

Stoddart John. Remarks on Local Scenery and Man- 
ners in Scotland, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1801 Svo. 

Stoever D. H. Life of Linnaeus, by J. Trapp, 1794 4to. 

Stolberg F. L. Travels through Germany, Switzer- 
land, Italy, and Sicily, 2 vol. . . \79&-7 4to. 

Stone Tho. Essay on Agriculture, Lynn, 178.5 8vo. 

Suggestions for rendering the Inclosure of Com- 
mon Fields and Waste Lands a Source of Popu- 
lation and Riches, ., Lond. 1787 Svo. 

*Stonhouse Sir James. Religious Tracts, 1781 12mo. 

* Sick Man's Friend, .. 1788 l2mo, 

Stonnard John. Dissertation on the LXX Weeks of 

Daniel, .. 1825 Svo. 


Storch Hen. Picture of Petersburgh, Load. 1801 8vo. 

Stothard A. E. Memoirs of Charles Alfred Stotliard, 1823 Svo. 

Stow John. Survey of London, edited by Hones, 1(J33 fol. 

General Chronicle of England, by Howes, 1631 fol. 

Stower C. Printer's Grammar, . . 1808 Svo. 

Strabo. Rerum Geographicarnm Libri XVII, Gr. et 

Lat. Codicura MSS. CoHationera, Annotationes, 
et Tabulas Geographicas,adjecit Thomas Falconer, 
2 torn. .. 0,von. 1807 fol. 

Gr. et Lat. cum notis. varior. a T. Jansonio 

ab Almeloveen, 2 torn. ,. Amst. 1707 fol. 

Strachey Hen. Narrative of the Mutiny of the Officers 

of the Army in Bengal in 1706, Lond. 1773 Svo. 

Strada F. De Bello Belgico ab excessu Caroli V, Imp. 

ad annum MDXC. Decades duse, 2 torn. Antv. 1648-9 Svo. 
Strafforde Earl of. Letters and Dispatches, by W. 

Knowler, 2 vol. .. 1739 fol. 

Strange Sir John. Reports, 2 vol. Savoy, 1755 fol. 

Strangford Viscount. Observations on some Passages 

in Napier's Peninsular War, .. Lond. 1828 Svo. 

*Straiichius Giles. Treatise on Chronology, 1704 Svo, 

Strauss Fred. Helon's Pilgrimage to Jerusalem ; a 

Picture of Judaism in the Century preceding the 

Advent of our Saviour, 2 vol. .. 1824 Svo. 

Strictures upon Plowden's Historical Review of the 

State of Ireland, .. 1804 Svo. 

*Strother Edw. Critical Essay on Fevers, 1716 Svo. 

* Euodia, .. 1718 Svo. 

Strucnsee C. A. First Principles of Field Fortifica- 
tion, by Nicolay, .. 1800 Svo. 

i Strutt Jos. Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of 

England, .. 1777 4to. 

t View of the Manners, Customs, Arms, Habits, 

&c.of the Ancient Inhabitants of England, 3 vol. 1774-6 4to. 
t Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the 

People of England, 2 vol. .. 1796-9 4to. 


■fStrutt J. Sports andPastiines of thePeopleof England, 1801 4to. 

Test of Guilt; or Traits of Ancient Superstition, 1810 4to. 

Queenhoo- Hall, a Romance, 4 vol. Edin. 1808 8vo. 

t Chronicle of England, 2 vol. . . 1777-9 4to. 

f Biographical Dictionary of Engravers, 2 vol. 1785-6 4to. 

. J. G. Sylva Britannica; or Portraits of Forest 

Trees, distinguished for their Antiquity, Magni- 
tude, or Beauty, .. Lond. 8vo. 
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Life of Bp. Aylmer, .. O.vf. 1821 8vo. 

Life of Sir The. Smith, Rt, 1820 8vo. 

. Life of Sir John Cheke, Kt. ■ 1821 8vo. 

fStuart and Revett. Antiquities of Athens measured 

and delineated, 4 vol. .. hond. 1762-1816 fol. 

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Gilbert. View of Society in Europe, Ed'in. 1778 4to. 

History of Scotland, from the Reformation 

till tlie Death of Q. Mary, 2 vol. Lond. 1783 8vo. 

• Dan. Peace and Reform against War and 

Corruption, .. 1794 8vo. 

Jas. Historical Memoirs of the City of Ar- 
magh, .. Newry, 1819 8vo. 

J. Three Years in North America. 2 vol. -£'(/iw. 1833 8vo. 

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Sturges John. On the Present State of the Church 

Establishment, .. 1779 8vo. 

— Reflections on Popery, JVinches. ISOO 8vo. 

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Subaltern, .. Edin. 1825 12mo. 

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*Suetonio et Herodiano, .. f^inet. 1539 12mo. 

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Pitisci, 2 torn. .. Leovar. 1714-15 4to. 

* Opera, .. B'lpont. 1783 8vo. 


Sugdeu Sir E. 13. Practical Treatise of the Law of 

Vendors and Purchasers of Estates, Lond. 1808 8vo. 

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of England, Scotland, and AVales, Lond. 17S0 4to. 

— View of Nature, 6 vol. .. 1794 8vo. 

Sully Duke of. Memoirs, by Mrs. C. Lennox, 6 vol. 1763 12mo. 

Sumner Bp. J. B. Treatise on the Records of the 
Creation, and on the Moral Attributes of the 
Creator, 2 vol. . . 1825 8vo. 

• Evidence of Christianity, derived from its 

Nature and Reception, . . 1826 8vo. 

* Primary Charge in 1829, .. 1829 8vo. 

. Practical Exposition of the Gospels of St. 

Matthew and St. Mark, . . 1832 8vo. 

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to the Christian Ministry, .. 182S 8vo. 

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Bristol Water, .. Brht. 1758 8vo. 
D. Tour up the Straits, from Gibraltar 

to Constantinople, . . Lond. 1790 8vo. 

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droraus, . . Hohnicc, 1788 8vo. 

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racter of Dr. Swift, .. 1755 Svo. 

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Wills, by J. J. Powell, 3 vol. 1803 8vo. 

Travels through Spain in 1775-76, 1779 4to. 

Travels in the Two Sicilies, in 1777-80, 

2 vol. .. 1783-5 Ito. 

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Russia, in i7H8-9l, ,. 1/92 8vo. 


*SydenhaQi Tlio. Works, by Swan, Lond, 17G3 8vo. 

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from the Reign of Queen Mary to the Usurpation 
of Cromwell, by /\rthur Collins, 2 vol. 1746 fol. 

Sir P. Arcadia, .. 1G22 fol. 

*Sylvius J. Opera Medica, .. yimst. 1679 4to. 

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dom of Ava, .. Lond. 1800 4to. 

Symmons C. Life of Milton, .. 1810 8vo. 

Syncellus Geo. Chronographia, ab Adamo usque ad 
Diocletianum ; et Nicephori Breviarium Chrono- 
graphicum, . , Paris, 1652 fol. 

*Synopsis of the Contents of the British Museum, Lo»f/. 1 823 8vo. 


t TABLEAU General de I'Empire Othoman, &c. 

tome I, . . Paris, 1787 fol. 

Tableau de la Litterature Frangaise pendant le XVIII 

Si^cle, . 1813 8vo. 

Tableaux, . . Amst. 17/1 8vo. 

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4 torn. .. Paris, 17/1 4to. 

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4 tom. in 2, .. B'lpont. 1792 8vo. 

Works, by Murphy, 4 vol. Lond. 1793 4to. 

Germany, with the Lifeof Agricola, translated 

by .T. Aikin, .. JVarr'ing. 1777 8vo. 

Talavera, with other Poems, .. Lond. 1812 4to. 

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Tales of the Wars of Our Times, by the Author of 

Recollections of the Peninsula, 2 vol. 1829 8vo. 

Tales, &c. from the Arabic and Persian, translated by 

J. Scott, .. • 1800 8vo. 

Talma .7. Chronological History of the French Re- 
volution, .. 1795 8vo. 


Taiiner Tlio. Bibliotlieca Britannico — Hiberiiica : 
sive de Scriptoribus qui in Anglia, Scotia, et 
Hibernia ad seeculi XVII. initinra floruerunt, Com- 
mentarius, .. Lond. 1748 fol. 

t Bp. Xotitia Monastica, .. 1744 fol. 

Taiisillo L. Nurse, a Poem ; by Roscoe, L'lverp. 1800 8vo. 

*Tasso Torquato. La Gerusalemme Liberata, Poeuia, 

2 torn. .• Par'igi, 1805 12ino. 

La Gerusalemme Liberata, 2 torn. Flrenze, 1818 8vo. 

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rusalem, translated by Edw. Fairefax, Lond. 1024 fol. 

Jerusalem Delivered, an Heroick Poem, trans- 
lated by Hoole, 2 vol. .. 1763 8vo. 

Jerusalem Delivered, translated into English 

Spenserian Verse, by J. H. Wiffen, 3 Tol. 182ii 8vo. 

Tate James. Introduction to the Principal Greek 

Tragic and Comic Metres, .. 1821) 8vo. 

Tatler, with Illustrations and Notes, Historical, Bio- 
graphical, and Critical, 6 vol. . . 178G 8vo. 

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Dictionary of the Egyptian Language, 1830 8vo, 

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East Indies, by J. Phillips, .. 1G78 fol. 

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Common Pleas, and other Courts, from M. T. 48 
Geo. HI, to M. T. 55 Geo. 111,7 vol 1814-19 8vo. 

t*Taxatio Ecclesiastica Angliae et VVallia;, anctoritate 
P. Nicholai IV. circa a. d. 1291, - 

*Taylor Bp. Jer. Sermons, . . — 

Discourses on Various Subjects, 3 vol. — 

Polemical Discourses, . . — 

Discourse of the Liberty of l^rophesying,— 

Rule and Exercises of Holy Living, and Holy 

Dying, 2 vol. .. 1809 8vo. 

Life of Christ, and Cave's Lives of the 

Apostles, .. 1075 fol. 







Hi 74 





Taylor Bp. Ductor Dubitantium, 2 vol. Lond. I(i60 fol. 

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Inversa, .. 1715 4to. 

Ric. Index Monasticus; a Description of the 

Abbeys, &c. formerly established in the Diocese 

of Norwich, and the Kingdom of E. Anglia, 1821 fol. 

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John. Elements of the Civil Law, 1/69 4to. 

Marmor Sandvicense, cum Commentario et 

Notis, .. Cantab. 1743 4to. 

. James. View of the Money System of Eng- 

land, from the Conquest, 
— Lieut. Col. Letters on India, 






4 to. 







Teignmouth Lord. Memoirs of the Life, Writings, 

and Correspondence of Sir Wm. Jones, 

Temple Sir Wm. AVorks, 2 vol. . . 

Tench Watkin. Narrative of the Expedition to Botany 
Bay, . . 

Letters from France in 1794 and 1795, 

Tenhove Nic. Memoirs of the House of Medici, by 

Clayton, 2 vol. . . Bath, 1 797 4to. 

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Thoughts on the British Government in India, 1807 8vo. 

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et Observationibus a Arn. Henr. Westerhovio, 2 

torn. .. Hagce-Comltum, 1726 4to. 

Comoediae, ad optimorum Exemplarium 

fidem recensitae, .. Cantab. 1701 4to. 

Comedies, translated by Colman, 2 vol. Z/OHc?. 1768 8vo. 

Terrye-Filius : or the Secret History of the University 
of Oxford ; with an Appendix on Dr. Newton's 
Book of University Education, 2 vol. 1726 I2mo. 

Tertullianus. Opera, recensuit J. S. Semler, 6 vol. 

in 3, .. HalcE Magd. 1770 8vo. 

t*Testa de Nevill, sive Liber Feodorum in Curia Scac- 

carii, temp. Hen. Ill, et Edw. I, Lond. 1807 fol. 


Testament, v. Sacred Scriptures, 

Thackeray J. Defence of the Clergy, Lond. 1822 8vo. 

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rique et Pratique, 4 toiu. .. Paris, 181G-18 8v'o. 

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notis varior. :\ T. Warton, 2 torn. O.von. 1/70 4to. 

Selecta Qua?dam Idyllia, ex Recens. T. 

Edwards, .. Cantab. 1779 8yo. 
Biou, et Moschus, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis 


Var. edidit T. Keisslingj et M. .-Emilii Porti 
Lexicon Doricum, 2 vol. . . Lond. 182G 8vo. 
Bion and Moschus, with Dissertations and 

Notes, by Polwhele, .. Exeter, 1/86 4to. 

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Heinsius, .. Lngd. Bat. 1613 fol. 

Thevenot Mel. Travels into the Levant, translated 

by E. Lovell, .. Lond. 1687 fol. 

Thicknesse Philip. Year's Journey through France 

and Part of Spain, 2 vol. . . 1778 8vo. 

* Treatise on the Art of Decyphering, 1772 8vo. 

Thierry Amedee. Histoire des Gaulois, 3 torn. Paris, 1828 8vo. 

Thiersch Fred, Griechische Grammatik, Leipzig, 1813 Svo. 

Greek Grammar, translated from the German 

by D. K. Sandford, .. Glasg: 1 830 Svo. 

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ment of Diseases, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1802 8vo. 

A. T. Oeuvres dlverses, 2 tom. Amst. 1768 I2mo. 

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Murdoch, 3 vol. .. Lond. 1803 Svo. 

Reasons, by J. Aikin, ,. • 1778 Svo. 

• Seasons, by Morison, .. Perth, 1793 4to, 

t John. Etymons of English Words, Edin. 1826 4to. 

Andrew. Scripture History from the Cre- 
ation to the Birth of Christ, .. Driat. 1826 12mo. 

■ Scripture History of the New Testament, 1827 12mo. 

* Elements of Chronology and History, 1827 12mo. 


Thomson The. System of Chemistry, 5 vol. Edin. 1807 8vo. 
History of the lloyal Society, from its In- 
stitution to the end of the X Vllltli Century, Lond. 1812 4to. 

Travels in Sweden in 1812, 1813 4to. 

John. Account of the Life, Lectures, and 

Writings of Wm. CuUen, M. D. vol. I, Edin. 1832 8vo. 

Thompson Geo. Travels and Adventures iu Southern 

Africa, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1827 Svo. 

Thoresby R. Ducatus Leodiensis ; or the Topography 
of the Town and Parish of Leedes j with Notes 
and Additions by T. D. Whitaker, 2 vol. Leeds, 181(j fol. 

Thornton Henry. On the Paper Credit of Great 

Britain, . . Lond. 1802 Svo. 

Tho. Present State of Turkey, 1807 8vo. 

*Thorpe Rob. Letter to Wilberforce, 1815 8vo. 

Thoughts on the English Government, 1795-1800 8vo. 

♦Thoughts on a Parliamentary Reform, 1784 8vo. 

Thoughts upon the Catholic Question, by an Irish Ro- 
man Catholic, .. Dublin, 1S29 Svo. 

Thouglits on the Education of those who imitate the 

Great, .. Lond. 1803 Svo. 

Three Essays on Taxation of Income, 1799 Svo. 

Thuanus J. A. Historiarum sui Temporis Libri 

CXXXVTII, curante S. Buckley, 7 vol. I 733 fol. 

*Thucydides. De Bello Peloponnesiaco Libri V^III, 
Gr. et Lat. cum Annott, Stephani, Hudsoni, 8c 
Wasse J a Dukero, .. Ainst. 1731 fol. 

* de Bello Peloponnesiaco ; ex edit. J. C. 

Gottleberi et C. L. Baveri, .. Lond. 1819 Svo. 
editod by Thomas Arnold, with Notes, 

vol. I, II, .. Oxf. 1830-32 Svo. 
History of the Peloponnesian War, by 

William Smith, 2 vol. .. Lond. \75Z 4to. 

t*Lexicon Thucydidseum, .. 1824 Svo. 

Thunberg C. P. Travels in Europe, Africa, and Asia, 

4 vol. . . Svo. 


Thiirloe John. State Papers, from 1G38 to ICGO, by 

Birch, 7 vol. .. Lond. 1742 fol. 

Tiedemann Fr. Traite complet de Physiologic de 

rHomme, traduit de I'Allemand par A. J. L. 

Jourdan, torn. 1, II, .. Paris, 1831 8vo. 

Tighe Mrs. Hen. Psyche, with other Poems, Lond. 1811 8vo. 
Tillemont L. S. Lenain de. Histoire des Empercurs, 

et des autres Princes qui ont regne durant les 

\l premieres Siecles de I'Eglise, 6 toni. Paris, 1720-38 4to, 
Tillotson Abp. Works, 3 vol. .. i.o?K/. 1707-12 fol. 

Tiinour. Institutes, Political and Military, translated 

by Davy and White, .. 0.//:i783 4to. 

Tindal Wm. History and Anticpiities of the Abbey 

and I5orongh of Evesham, .. Evesham, 1794 4to. 

* N. Polymetis, abridged, .. Loud. 17d8 12mo. 

Tippoo Sultan. Letters to various Public Functionaries, 

arranged and translated by W. Kirkpatrick, 1811 4to. 

Tiraboschi Jer. Storia della Letteratura Italiaiia, 

9 torn, in 20, .. Flrenze, \^0b-\3 Svo. 

*Tobin John. Honey Moon, a Comedy, Lotid. 1805 Svo. 

* Tracts, .. 1785-94 8vo. 

fTodd H. J. Account of the Life and Writings of 

Milton ; with a Verbal Index to the whole of 

Milton's Poetry, .. ^1809 Svo, 

Life of Bishop Walton, 2 vol. .. 1821 Svo. 

Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Gower 

and Chaucer, .. 1810 Svo. 

Account of the Deans of Canterbury, 1793 Svo. 

Toniline lip. Elements of Christian Theology, 2 vol. 1799 Svo. 

Refutation of Calvinism, .. 1811 Svo. 

Life of William Pitt, 2 vol. .. 1821 4to. 

Tomiins Sir T. E. Law Dictionary, 2 vol. 1820 4to. 

Tookc T. Thoughts and Details on the High and 

Low Prices of the last Thirty Years, 2 vol. 1823 Svo. 

J. Ilornc. Diversions of Purley, part I, 1780 Svo. 

Diversions of Purley, 2 vol. 1798-1805 4to. 


Tooke Win. View of the Russian Empire, 3 vol. 1799 8vo. 

History of Russia, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1800 8vo. 

*Topographical and Statistical Manual of the State of 

New York, .. New York, 1822 8vo. 

Torcy Marquis. Memoirs, 2 vol. . . Lond. 1/57 8vo. 

Tott Baron de. Memoirs, containing the State of the 
Turkish Empire and the Crimea, during the late 
War with Russia, 2 vol. . . 1785 8vo. 

Toulmin Joshua. History of the Town of Taunton, 

in the County of Somerset, Taunton, 1791 4to. 

Toup Jon. Emendationes in Suidam et Hesychium, 

et alios Lexicographos Graecos, 4 vol. Oxon. 1790 8vo. 

Tournefort J. P. de. Voyage into the Levant, with 

his Life, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1718 4to. 

* Institutiones Rei Herbariae, 3 torn. Paris. 1719 4to 

Tour in Zealand in 1802, with an Historical Sketch of 
the Battle of Copenhagen, by a Native of Den- 
mark, .. Lond. 1805 8vo. 

Towers Jos. Memoirs of the Life and Reign of Fre- 
derick III, King of Prussia, 2 vol. 1788 Svo. 

Townley James. Reasons of the Laws of Moses, 
translated from the "More Nevochim" of Mai- 
monides, . . 1827 Svo. 

Townsend Joseph. Journey through Spain in 1786 

and 1787, 3 vol. .. 1791 8vo. 

Character of Moses established for veracity 

as an Historian, recording events from the Crea- 
tion to the Deluge, 2 vol. .. Bath, 1813-15 4to. 

Dissertation on the Poor Laws, Lond. 1787 Svo. 

Observations on various Plans offered to the 

Public, for the Relief of the Poor, 1788 Svo. 

Guide to Health, 2 vol. .. 1795-6 Svo. 

Townson Robt. Travels in Hungary, 1797 4to. 

*Tracts, Theological and Political, 3 vol. 1628, &c. 4to. 

Tracts on the American War, 3 vol. . . 1 77^, &c. Svo. 

Tracts on the American Colonies, .. 1774, &c. Svo. 


Tracts Political, .. Lond. 1/77, &c. 8vo. 

Tracts, by Warburton, and a Warbiirtonian, I IS'd 8vo. 

*Tracts on Popery, .. Brist. \S2D-2Ci 8vo. 

Tracy Coate de. Elemeus d'ldeologie, 4 torn. Pari.s^ 1817-18 8vo. 

*Traduzione di un Antico Inno Latino, Treviso, 1771 4to. 

Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, vol. 

I— VIII, .. Edln. 178S, &c. 4to. 

Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, 12 vol. Dub. 1809 4to. 

Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, part I. 1827 4to. 

Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London, 

7 vol. .. 1809-31 4to. 

Transactions of the Geological Society, 5 vol. and vol. I, 

Second Series, .. 1811-21 4to. 

Transactions of the Royal Geological Society of Corn- 
wall, vol. I, II, .. Lo«(/. 1818-22 Svo. 

Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 

vol. I— III, .. CffwA. 1822-29 4to. 

Transactions of the Literary Society of Bombay, vol. I 

—III, .. Lond. 1819-23 4to. 

Transactions of the Society for the Encouragement of 

Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, 30 vol. 1783-1813 8vo. 

Transactions of the Linnean Society, 11 vol. 1791, &c. 4to. 

Transactions and Prize Essays of the Highland Society 

of Scotland, vol. I— V, .. ^c/i«. 1799-1807 Svo. 

Transactions of the Parisian Sanhedrim, Lond. 1807 Svo. 

Translations from the Greek Anthology. &c. 1806 12mo. 

Travels of Ibn Batuta;, translated from the Arabic by 

S. Lee, with Notes, .. 1829 4to. 

Travels of Abu Taleb Khan in Asia, Africa, and Eu- 
rope, translated from the Persian by C. Stewart, 
2 vol. .. 1818 Svo. 

Travels of Benjamin of Tudela, (circa 1 1 GO) translated 

from the Hebrew by B. Gerrans, 1783 Tiuio. 

Travis G. Letters to Gibbon, .. 1794 Svo. 

Treatise ou the Prosodies of the Greek and Latin 

Languages, .. 1796 Svo. 


Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis, Lond. 1/90 8vo. 

Treatise on the Origin, Improvement, and Present 
State of the Silk Manufacture, (Cabinet Cyclo- 
paedia) .. 1831 12mo. 

Trembley A. Instructions d'nn Pere a ses Enfans, 

sur la Nature et sur la Religion, 2 torn. Geneve, ]775 8vo. 

Instructions d'un Pere a ses Enfans, sur la 

Religion Naturelle et Revelee, 3 torn. 1779 8vo. 

Trenck Baron. Life, 4 vol. .. Lond. 17SS-93 ]2mo. 

Trevelyan R, Prolusiones, partim Grsece partim La- 
tino scriptoe, . . Cantab. 1806 8vo. 

Trial of T. Paine ; by Gnrney, .. Lond. 1793 8vo. 

Trial of J. Peltier for a Libel on Buonaparte, 1803 8vo. 

Trial of Lieiit.-Gen. Whitelocke ; by Gurney, 2 vol. 1808 8vo. 

Trial of Charles Pinney, Esq. (Mayor of Bristol) in 

the Court of King's Bench, .. Br'ist. 1833 8vo. 

Trifler, a New Periodical Miscellany, Lond. 1788-9 8vo. 

Trigonometrical Survey of England and Wales, by 

Mudge and Dalby, ., 1799 4to. 

Trimmer Mrs. View of Lancaster's Plan of Educa- 
tion, .. 1805 8vo. 

Troil Uno \'on. Letters on Iceland, 1780 8vo. 

Trollope Mrs. Domestic Manners of the Americans, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1832 8vo. 

Trotter J. B. Memoirs of the latter Years of the 

Right Hon. Charles James Fox, 1811 8vo. 

*True and Exact Relation of the Unfortunate Expe- 
dition of Kent, Essex, and Colchester, by M. C. 1650 12rao. 

Tryal of the Witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus, 

with the Sequel, and two other Tracts, 1729 8vo. 

*Tryals of 29 Regicides, .. 1713 8vo. 

Tryphiodorus. Destruction of Troy, translated by J. 

Merrick, .. Oxf. 1739-41 8vo. 

*Tucker Josiahj XVII Sermons on Important Sub- 
jects, .. Gloucest. 1776. 8vo. 

* Theological and Political Tracts, 2 vol. 1772, &c. 8vo. 


*Tiicker Josiah. Essay on Trade, Glasg. 17oG 12mo. 

* Treatise concerning Civil (iovernment,Z/o??rf. 1781 8vo. 

A, Light of Natnre pursued, 2 vol. in 5, 17G8 8vo. 

Light of Nature; Abridged, 1807 8vo. 

Tuckey J.N. Expedition to Explore the Zaire, 181 S 4to. 

Turkish Spy, 8 vol. .. 1/70 12mo. 

Turnbull John. \'oyage round the World in 1800-4, 

3 vol. _ 1805 8vo. 

Turner AVni. Journal of a Tour in the Levant, 3 vol. 1820 8vo. 

Dawson. Tour in Normandy, 2 vol. 1820 8vo. 

Samuel. Account of an Embassy to Tibet, 1800 4to. 

Sharon. History of the Anglo-Saxons, 2 vol. 1807 4to. 

History of England, 5 vol. 1814-29 4to. 

Vindication of the Genuineness of the An- 
cient British Poems, .. 1803 Svo. 

Sacred History of the World, as displayed in 

the Creation and subsequent events to the Deluge, 1832 8vo. 

* Daniel. Siphylis, . . 

* Art of Surgery, 2 vol. , . 

*Turnor Edmund. Remarks on the Military History 

of Bristol, . . 

*Turt()n W. Medical Glossary, . . 

t*Tusser Tho. 500 Points of Good Husbandry, 

Tueddell John. Remains, with a Biographical Me- 
moir by R. Tvveddell, and Addenda, 






4 to. 




4 to. 









Twelve Years' Military Adventure in Three Quarters 

of the Globe, 2 vol. . . 

Twiss Ric. Travels through Portugal and Spain in 

1772 and 1773, .. 

Tour in Ireland, in 1775, ., 

t Francis. Complete Verbal Index to the Plays 

of Shakspcare, 2 vol. .. 1805 Svo. 

Tyrrell Jas. History of England, to the Reign of 

Henry III, 2 vol. in 3, . . 1G97-1700 fol. 

Tyrwhitt and Tyndale. Digest of the Public General 

Statutes, 3 vol. .. 1822-2G 4to. 



Tyrwhitt T. Observations, &c, on Rowley's Poems, 

(IV Tracts) .. Lo«(/. 1782, &c. 8vo. 

Tysilio. Chronide of the Kings of Britain, by P. 

Roberts, .. 1811 4to. 

Tytler A. F. Elements of General History, Ancient 

and Modern, 2 vol. .. Edin. ISOl 8vo. 

Essay on tbc Princi})lcs of Translation, 1813 8vo. 

Essay on jNIilitary Law, .. ISOO 8vo. 

P. F. History of Scotland, vol. I— IV, 1828-31 8vo. 

Tzetzes Joan. Ante-Homerica, et Post-Homerica, 

edit. Fr. Jacobs, .. Lips. 1793 8vo. 


ULLOA AND JUAN. Voyage to South America, 

2 vol. .. Land. 1772 8vo. 

Universal History, (Ancient Part, 18 vol. Modern Part, 

42 vol.) (iO vol. .. 1779-84 8vo. 

*Univcrsal Restitution a Scripture Doctrine ; with the 

Supplement, 2 vol. .. Loud. 8fc, 1761-08 8vo. 

Unsex'd Females, a Poem, .. 1798 8vo. 

Upcott Wm. Bibliographical Account of the Principal 

Works relating to English Topography, 3 vol. 1818 8vo. 

Upham Edw. History and Doctrine of Budhism, 

popularly illustrated, . . 1829 4to. 

Ure And. Dictionary of Chemistry, .. 1828 8vo. 

New System of Geology, . . 1829 8vo. 

Urquhart D. H. Commentaries on Classical Learn- 
ing, .. 1803 8vo. 

Usher Abp. Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti, 
una cum Rerura Asiaticarum et Egyptiacarum 
Chronico, .. Geneves, 1722 fol. 

Utility of Country Banks, .. Lond. \S02 8vo. 



VAILLANT J. F. Xumisiuata fiuperatonim Ro- 

manorum Prtestantiora, 3 vol. Roma;, 1743 4to. 

• M. le. Travels into the Interior Parts of 

Africa, in I7S0-85, 2 vol. .. Lond. \1^K^ 8vo. 

New Travels into the Interior Parts of Africa, 

in 17S3-84-S:), 3 vol. .. 179G 8vo. 

Valentia Viscount. Voyages and Travels, to India, 

Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, in 

1802-6, 3 vol, and Plates, . . 1809 4to. 

Valerius Flaccus. Argonauticon Libri VIII, a Bnr- 

manno, .. Lfkh 1724 4to. 

■ jMaxiiTius. Libri IX, Factorum Dictorumque 

J\lemoral)iliuni, cum iictis varior. ex receusione 

A. Torrenii, .. 172G 4to. 

Valin Jos. Nouveau Commentaire sur I'Ordonnance 

de la Marine, 2 torn. . . Rochelle, 17G6 4to. 

t*Valor Ecclesiasticus temp. Hen. VIII, Auctoritate 

Rcgia institutus, 4 vol. Lo7id. 1810-21 fol. 

Vallancey Charles. Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, 

4 vol. .. Dublin, 178G 8vo. 

*Valpy R. Two Assize Sermons, Reading, 1/93 8vo. 

Vampyre ; a Tale, . , Lond. 

Van Braam. Account of the Dutch Embassy to China, 

in 1794 and 1795, 2 vol. . 

Vancouver George. Voyage to the North Pacific 

Ocean, and round the World, 3 vol. 

Charts to Vancouver's Voyage, . . 

*V anconver John. Enquiry concerning the Poor, 

C. Agricultural Survey of Devonshire, 

Van EgMJont and Ueyman. Travels through Part of 

Europe, Asia Minor, &c. 2 vol. 

*Van Hclmont F. Ortus MediciniP, yiinst. 

Van iMildert Bp. Sermons at Boyle's Lecture, 2 vol. 

Lo)id. 1806 8vo. 






4 to. 







17.") 9 



4 to. 


Van Reenen. Journal of a Journey from the Cape of 

Good Hope, by Riou, . . Lond. 1792 4to. 

Vansittart W. Lord Bexley. Observations on Select 

Passages of tlie Old Testament^ O.rf. 1810 8vo. 

*Van Svvieten G. Commentaria in H. Boerhaave 
Apliorismos de Cognoscendis et Curaiidis Morbis, 
5 torn. .. Lugd. Bat. 1745-79 4to. 

Varieties of Literature, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1795 8vo. 

Various Methods to prevent Fires in Houses and Ship- 
ping, &c. . . 1 775 8vo. 

Varro M. T. De Lingua Latina, cum Notis Variorum, 

2 vol. . . Blpont'i, 1 788 8vo. 

Vasari G. Vite de pin Eccellenti Pittori, Scultori, 

fe Architetti, 7 torn. .. Liverno, 1767-72 4to. 

Vater J. S. Linguarum totius orbis Index Alphabe- 
ticus, quarum Graramaticse, Lexica, Collectiones 
Vocabulorum recensentur, .. Berlin, 1815 8vo. 

Vattel E. de. Law of Nations, . . Lond. 1 793 8vo, 

Vaudoncourt Guil. de. Memoirs of the Ionian Islands, 

by W.Walton, .. 1816 8vo. 

Vaughan W. Narrative of Captain D. Woodard and 

four Seamen, . . 1805 8vo. 

Thomas Wright. View of the Present State 

of Sicily, .. 1811 4to. 

Vaux W. VIII Sermons, on the Two Christian Sa- 
craments, (Bampton Lecture, 1826) Od'f. 1826 8vo. 

Ventenat E. P. Tableau du Regne Vegetal, selon la 

Methode de Jussieu, 4 torn. Paris, An. VII. 8vo. 

Vergilius Polydorus. De Rerura Inventoribus Libri 

VIII, .. Lugd. 1546 8vo. 

Verstegan Ric. Saxon Antiquities, . . Lond. 1 653 8vo. 

Vertot Aub. de. History of the Revolutions in the 

Roman Republic, by Ozell, 2 vol. 1770 8vo. 

History of the Establishment of the Bretons 

among the Gauls j translated by J. Henley, 2 vol. 

in 1, .. 1722 Svo. 


Vertot A. de. History of the Revolution in Sweden, 

by J. MitcLel, ., Lond. 1743 8vo. 

History of the Revolutions of Portugal, 1754 8vo. 

Vesey F. Jun. Reports of Cases in the High Court 

of Chancery, 1 8 vol. . , 1801-11 8 vo. 

flndex to the first XIV Volumes of \'esey's Reports, 

by Robert Belt, .. 1810 8vo. 

fVetusta Monumenta, 4 vol. .. 1747-1815 fol. 
fludex to the first three Volumes of Vetusta Monu- 
menta, . . 1810 fol. 

fVia Appia illustrata ab urbe Roma ad Capuam, NS. 1. fol. 

Vida ^I. H. Poemata omnia, a Vulpiis fratribus, 

2 vol. .. PatavU, 1731 4to. 

Vie Privee du Mar^chal de Richelieu, 3 torn. Paris, 1791 8vo. 
View of the Scripture Revelations concerning a Future 

State, .. Lond. 1831 12mo. 

♦Views of North Britain^ illustrative of the Works of 

Robert Burns, .. ■ 1811 4to. 

Vigerius F. De Idiotismis Graecis, edidit G. Her- 

mannus, .. Glasg. 1813 8vo. 

* Greek Idioms, abridged and translated by 

John Seager, . Lond. 1828 8vo. 

Vigor Mrs. Letters from Russia to her Friend in 

England, with Historical Notes, ., 1775 Svo. 

Vignolcs Alphonse des. Chronologic de I'Histoire 

Sainte, &c. depuis la Sortie d'Egypte jusqii u la 

Captivite de Babylone, 2 vol. . . Bei-Hn, 1738 4to. 

♦Village Conversations j or the Vicar's Fire-side, 

3 vol. .. Brist. 1816 12mo. 

Villers Charles. On the Reformation of J^uther, by 

Mill, . . Lond. 

Vince Samuel. Elements of Conic Sections, Camb. 

Treatise on Fluxions, . . 

Principles of Hydrostatics, . . 

Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, 

Confutation of Atheism, . • 














Vince S. Credibility of the Scripture Miracles, Ca^rtfi. 180!) 8vo. 

Complete System of Astronomy, 3 vol. 1797-1808 4to. 

Treatise on Practical Astronomy, 1799 4to. 

Elements of Astronomy, .. 1810 8vo. 

Vincent ^Vm. Voyage of Xearchus, Lond. 1797 4to. 

Periplns of tlie Erytlirean Sea, 2 vol. 1800-5 4to. 

' V^oyage of Nearclius, and Periplus of the Ery- 
tlirean Sea, .. Ojf. 1809 4to. 

Defence of Public Education, hond. 1802 8vo. 

■ (Jreek Verb Analysed, .. ■ 1795 Svo. 

Vindication of the Celts, .. — — 1803 Svo. 

Viner C. General Abridgment of Law and Equity, 

with the Indexes, 23 vol. Aldershot, 174G, &c. fol. 

Supplement to Viner's Abridgment, 6 vol. 1799-1806 Svo. 

Virgilius Pub. Maro. Opera, a C. Rnaeo, in usnm 

Delphini, .. Pans. 1730 4to. 

• Opera Varietate Lectionis et perpetua Adno- 

tatioue Illustrata, ;i C. G. Heyne, 4 turn. Lips. 1787-9 Svo. 

Opera, 2 torn, .. O.von. 1795 Svo. 

* Opera, .. 1820 Svo. 

• — Bucolica, Georgica, et ^Eneis, ad optimorura 

Exemplarium fideni recensita, Cantab. 1701 4to. 
Works, in Latin and English, translated by 

C. Pitt and J. ^\'arton, 4 vol. . . Lond. 1753 Svo. 

Works, by Dryden, 4 vol. .. 1792 12mo. 

*■ /Eneis, translated into Scottish Verse, by 

Gawin Douglas, .. Ed'in. 1710 fol. 

* ^neid (Book L) translated into the Bengalee 

Language, by H. Sargent, Seramp. 1810 Svo. 

• Georgicks and Bucolicks, Lat. and Eng. with 

Notes, by .1. Martyn, 2 vol. Lond. 1741-9 4to. 

Georgics, Lat. and Eng. by Sotheby, 1800 Svo. 

Visconti E. Q. Memoirs on the Sculptures in the 

Collection of the Earl of Elgin, .. 181G Svo. 

Vitruvius Mar. Pol. Architecture, translated by Jos. 

Gwilt, .. 182G Svo. 


fVitiuvc Architecture, par Perrault, Paris, 1 684 fol. 

t*Vitravius Britaunicus, by Campbell, Woi>lfe, and 

C.andon, 5 vol. .. Lond. 1/17-71 fol. 

Vocabulario Portatile, per agevolare la Lettura degli 

Alitor! Italiaiii, .. Paris, 17(58 12ino. 


et Italiciim, . , Venez'ia, 1 793 4to. 

♦Vocabulary, Ooriya and English, for the Use of 

Students, .. Scrampore, 1811 8vo. 

\'olney C. J. New Researches on Ancient History, 

Translated by Col. Corbet, 2 vol. Lond. \8\d Svo. 

Travels through Syria and Egypt, in 1783- 

84-85, 2 vol. .. 1787 8vo. 

Voltaire. Oeuvres completes, G9 torn. 1784 8vo. 

Memoirs of his Life, .. 1784 Svo. 

Historical Memoirs of, .. 1777 8vo. 

Von Buch Leopold. Travels through Norway and 

Lapland, by J. Black, .. • 1813 4to. 

X'ortigern and Rowena, a Comi-Tragedy, 3 vol. 1798 12mo. 

^'ortius Johan. De Latinitate falso suspecta, et me- 

rito suspecta, .. Lips. 1703 12mo. 

Vossins G. J. De Tlieologia Gentili, et Physiologia 

Christiana, 2 vol. in 1, .. Amst. 16G8 fol. 

Etymologicon Linguae Latinae, 2 vol. NeopoH, 1 762-3 fol. 

Voyage sur le Rhin, depuis Mayencc jusqu' a Diissel- 

dorf, 2 torn. .. Nemveid, 1791 8vo. 

i Voyage Pittorcsquc de la Grccc, 2 torn. Paris, 1782-1819 fol. 
Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay, Lond. 1789 4to. 


WADDINGTON ROB. Epitome of Theoretical and 

Practical Navigation, .. Lund. \777 4to. 

and Haubiiry. .Journal of a Visit 

to Ethiopia, .. 1822 4to. 


*Wade T. Treatise on the Dry Rot in Timber,Z/OH(/. 1815 8vo. 
AV'adstroin C. B. Essay on Colonization^ 2 parts, 1794-5 4to. 
*Wait D. G. Sermons, Prize Essay, and Tracts, 

3 vol. ,. 1811-26 8vo. 

Wakefield Gilbert. Letter to Bryant, on the War of 

Troy, .. 1797 4to. 

E. G. Facts relating to the Punishment of 

Death in the Metropolis, .. 1831 12mo. 

*Walcott John. Petrefactions near Bath, Bath, 8vo. 

Waldegrave Earl. Memoirs from 1 754 to 1758, /vo«f/. 1821 4to. 

Waldron E.G. Virgin Queen, .. 1797 8vo. 

Walker A. Remarks made in a Tour from London 

to the Lakes, and in an Excursion to Paris, 1792 8vo. 

*■ J. C. Historical Memoirs of the Irish 

Bards, .. Dublin, 1786 4to. 
Memoir of Allessandro Tassoni j edited by 

Samuel Walker, .. Lond. 1815 12mo. 
■ Historical Essay on the Dresses of the An- 
cient and Modern L-ish, . . Dub/in, 1788 4to. 

■ Historical Memoir on Italian Tragedy, Lo?2(/. 1799 4to. 

Historical and Critical Essay on the Revival 

of the Drama in Italy, .. Bclin. 1805 8vo. 

John. Key to the Pronunciation of Proper 

Names, . . Lo?id. 1 798 8vo. 

J. Sufferings of the Clergy of the Church of 

England, .. 1714 fol. 

Sayer. Treatise on Nervous Diseases, 1796 8vo. 

Wallace Thomas. Essay on the Manufactures of Ire- 
land, .. Dublin, 1798 8vo. 

• Lady. On the Conduct of the King of Prussia 

and General Dumourier, .. Lond. 1793 8vo. 

Waller Sir Wm. Vindication, .. 1793 8vo. 

Walpole Horace, v. Orford, 

Walsh R. Notices of Brazil in 1828-29,2 vol. 1830 8vo. 

E. Narrative of the Expedition to Holland, in 

1799, .. 1800 4to. 


Walsh Tlio. Journal of the Expedition to Egypt, /vowrf. 1803 4t(). 
AValtoii Isaac. Lives, with Notes by Zouch, York, 1796 4to. 
Complete Angler, by Hawkins, Lond. 1797 12nio. 

W. Present State of the Spanish Colonies, 

2 vol. .. 1810 Bvo. 

Wansey Hen. Voyage to the United States, Salisb. 1796 Bvo. 

AVar in Disguise, .. Lond. 1805 Bvo. 

Warburton Bp. Works, with his Life by Hurd, 

7 vol. .. 1788-94 4to. 

Divine Legation of Moses Demonstrated, 

5 vol. . . • 1 765 Bvo. 

■ Letters to Bp. Hurd, &c. 1809 8vo. 

Ward Rob. Enquiry into the Foundation and History 

of tlie Law of Nations in Europe, 2 vol. 1795 Bvo. 

W. View of the History, Literature, and Re- 
ligion of the Hindoos, 2 vol. .. 1817 Bvo. 

H. G. Mexico in 1827, 2 vol. 1828 8vo. 

AVarden Wm. Letters from St. Helena, relating to 

Napoleon Buonaparte, ,. • 1816 Bvo. 

AVare Sir James. "Works concerning L-eland ; con- 
taining tlie History of the Bishops, Antiquities of 
Ireland, and Account of the Writers of Ireland, 
by W. Harris, 3 vol. in 2, . . Dablln, 1764 fol. 

Isaac. Complete Body of Architecture, Lond. 1756 fol. 

"Waring E. S. Tour to Sheeraz, .. ■ 1807 4to. 

Warner R. Northern Tour, 2 vol. Bath, \m2 8vo. 

Walks through Wales, 2 vol. 1798-99 Bvo. 

Excursions from Bath, .. 1801 Bvo. 

Walk through some of the A\^estern Counties 

of England, .. 1800 Bvo. 

Tour through Cornwall, .. 1809 Bvo. 

■ Illustration of the Roman Anti(|uities at Bath, 1797 4to. 

History of Bath, .. 1801 4to. 

• History of the Abbey of Glaston ; and of the 

Town of (jllastonbury, .. 1826 4to. 

Warrington W^n. History of Wales, Lond. 1786 4to. 


VVarton Tlio. History of English Poetry, 3 vol. and 

part of vol. IV, .. Lond. \774-Sl 4to. 
Observations on the three first Volumes of 

the History of English Poetry, . . 

Index to the History of English Poetry, 

History of English Poetry 3 with Additional 

Notes, 4 vol. 


Poetical Works, by Mant, 2 vol. 











Observations on the Fairy Queen of Spenser, 

2 vol. .. 1762 Svo. 

Enquiry into the Anthenticity of the Poems 

attributed to Rowley, .. 1782 8vo. 

Life of Sir Tlio. Pope, ., 1772 Svo. 

Life and Literary Remains of Dean Bathurst, 17CI Svo. 

History and Antifjuities of Kiddington, 1815 4to. 

Jos. Essay on the Genius and Writings of 

Pope, 2 vol. .. 1782 Svo. 

Warville J. P. de. New Travels in the LTnited States 

of America, in 1788, .. 

Washington Gen. Official Letters, 2 vol. 

Waterland D. Works, 1 1 vol. . . 

On the Athanasian Creed, Camb. 









Waterton Charles. Wanderings in South America in 

1812-1 (5-20-24, .. Lond. 1825 4to. 

Watkins Tho. Travels through Swisserland, Italy, 
Sicily, the Greek Islands to Constantinople, &c. 

in 1787-88-89, 2 vol. .. 1792 Svo. 

.John, History of Bideford, Exeter, 1792 Svo. 

Memoirs of che Life of R. B. Sheridan, 2 vol. 1817 Svo. 

Fr. Popular Sketch of Electro-Magnetism, 1828 Svo. 

Watson Bp. Chemical Essays, 5 vol. Camh.^c. 1781--87 Svo. 

■ Collection of Theological Tracts, C vol. 1785 Svo. 

Anecdotes of his Life, 2 vol. Lond. 1818 Svo. 

. Sermons, and Tracts on Religious Subjects, 1 788 Svo. 

Apologies} Sermons, and Charge, 1820 Svo. 


Watson. Miscellaneous Tracts on Religions, Political, 

and Agricultural Subjects, 2 vol. Lond. 1815 8vo. 

Intei-ded Speech, .. 1803 8vo. 

— Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1783 4to. 

Rob. History of the Reign of Philip II, King 

of Spain, i: vol. .. 1777 4to. 

History of the Reign of Philip III, King of 

Spain, .. 1783 4to. 

John. History and Antiquities of Halifax, 1775 4to. 

lAVatt Rob. Bibliotheca Britannica : or a General 
View of the Literature of Great Britain and Ire- 
land, 4 vol. .. Glasg. 1819-24 4to. 

*AA'ay L. Palingenesia ; the World to Come, Paris, 1824 8vo. 
Letter to the Lord Bishop of St. David's Lond. 1818 8vo. 

Weales The. Christian Orator Delineated, 1778 8vo. 

^\'ebl) Wra. Remarks, made in a Course along the 
Rhine, in Swisserland, and Italy, iu 1822-23, 
2 vol. .. 1827 8vo. 

D. Remarks on the Beanties of Poetry, 17(i2 8vo. 

Inquiry into the Beauties of Painting, 1709 8vo. 

A\'eber Jos. Memoirs of Maria Antoinetta, Queen 

of France, translated from the French, 3 vol. 1805-12 8vo. 
t* 7 F. A, Dictionary of the English and German 

Languages, 2 vol. .. Lelpz. 12mo. 
II. Battle of Flodden Field, a Poem of the 

XVPli Century, .. Edin. 1808 8vo. 

Weddell James. Voyage towards the South Pole, in 

1822-24, .. Lond. 1825 8vo. 

W^eever John. Antient Funeral Monuments, 17C7 4to. 

Weld Isaac. Travels through North America, in 

1795-97, .. 1799 4to. 

Illustrations of the Scenery of Killarncy, 1807 4to. 

Wcllcslcy Mar(|uis. Notes relative to the Mahratta 

War, with Military Plans, 2 vol. 18(t4 4to. — 8vo. 

' History of the Transactions of the British 

Government iu India, . . 1805 4to. 


Wellesley. Notes relative to the Peace with the Mah- 

ratta Chieftains, . . Lond. 1805 4to. 

Wells W. C. Essay upon Single Vision with Two Eyes, 1 792 8vo. 

Edward. Historical Geography of the Old and 

New Testament, 2 vol. .. Oxf. 1801 8vo. 

Welwood James. Memoirs, .. Lond. 1702 8vo. 

Wendeborn F. A. View of England towards the Close 

of the XVIIIth Century, 2 vol. .. 1791 8vo. 

Werner Abr. Gottlob. Treatise on the External Cha- 
racter of Fossils, by Weaver, Dublin, 1806 8vo. 

New Theory of the Formation of Veins, with 

its Application to the Art of Working Mines, by 

AVesley John. Letters, &c. by J. Priestley, 

West Tho. Antiquities of Furness Abbey, 

Guide to the Lakes, 

Mrs. Letters to a Young Man, 3 vol. 

Western C. C. Letter on the Cause of the Present 

Distress, .. ■ 1826 8vo. 

*West-India Claims on the Mother Country j by a 

British Planter, .. 1812 8vo. 

*West-India Agricultural Distress, 1823 8vo. 

Wharton Hen. Anglia Sacra, sive CoUectio Historia- ^ 

rum de Archiep. et Episcopis Angliae, ad aun. 

1540, 2 vol. .. ■ 1691 fol. 

Ric. Observations on the Authenticity of 

Bruce's Travels, &c. Newcastle-upon-Tyne , 1800 4to. 
C. H. Letter to the Roman Catholics of 

Ed in. 











Worcester, .. Lond. 1784 Svo. 

Whately Abp. Essays on Difficulties in the Writings 

of St. Paul, and other Parts of the N. Testament, 1828 Svo. 
Essays on some of the Peculiarities of the 

Christian Religion, .. O.r/. 1828-31 8vo. 
Sermons ; Use and Abuse of Party Feeling 

considered, (Bampton Lecture) 1820 8vo. 

Introductory Lectures on Political Economy, 1831 Svo. 


Wliately Abp. Errors of Romanism traced to their 

Origin in Human Nature, .. Lond. 1830 8vo. 

Elements of Logic, .. 182G 8vo. 

Elements of Rhetoric, .. 1828 8vo. 

Thoughts on Secondary Punishments, 1832 8vo. 

Tho. Remarks on some of the Characters of 

Shakspoare, .. 0.vf. 1808 l2mo. 

Observations on Modern Gardening, Lond. \777 8vo. 

*\Vheatly Charles. Illustration of the Book of Com- 
mon Prayer, .. 1722 8vo. 

*Wheler and Spon. Journey into Greece, 1682 fol. 

*AVhish M. R. Sermon preached at St. Mary Red- 

cliffe, January 29, 1829, .. Brlst. \^2^ Svo. 

J. K. Reply to Cooper's Letter, Gloucest. 1824 8vo. 

*Whiston W. Literal Accomplishment of Scripture 

Prophecies, .. Lond. 1724 8vo. 

Whitaker T. D. History of Richmondshire, in the 

N. Riding of the County of York, 2 vol. 1823 fol. 

• History and Antiquities of the Deanery of 

Craven, .. 1805 4to. 

History of Whalley and Clltheroe, Blackb. 1801 4to. 

Life and Original Correspondence of Sir 

George Radcliffe, .. Lond. 1810 4to. 

De Motu per Britanniam Civico, annis 

MDCCXLV et MDCCXLVT, 1809 12mo. 

John. Mary Queen of Scots Vindicated, 

4 vol .. 1788-89 8vo. 

Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall Historically 

Surveyed, 2 vol. .. 1804 4to. 

Life of St. Ncot, Brother of King Alfred, 1809 Svo. 

(ienuine History of the Britons Asserted, 1773 Svo. 

Review of Gibbon's History, 1791 8vo. 

Origin of Arianism Disclosed, 1791 8vo, 

History of Manchester, 2 vol. 1773 Hvo. 

Course of Hannibal over the Alps, 2 vol. 1794 Svo. 

Whitbread S. Speech on the Poor Laws, 1807 Svo. 


Whitby Dan. Commentary on the New Testament, 

2 vol. .. Lond. 1809 4 to. 

Discourse concerning Election and Reproba- 
tion, &c. .. 1816 8vo. 

*White J. Journal of a Voyage to New South AA'ales, 1790 4to. 

H.K. Remains, 3 vol. ,. 1808 Svo. 

Jos. Sermons; Mahometism and Christianity 

compared, (Bampton Lecture) Oaif'. 1/84 Svo. 

Diatessaron, Gra-ce, .. ■ 1/99 8vo. 

■ .'Egyjjtiaca, part I, . . — — - 1 801 4to. 

Blanco. Practical and Internal Evidence 

against Catholicism, . . Lond. 1S2G 8vo. 

Charles, Account of the Regular Gradation 

in Man, &c. .. 1/99 4to. 

Gil. Natural History and Antiquities of Sel- 

borne, .. 1/89 4to. 

* Naturalist's Calendar, .. 1/95 8vo. 

Whitehead W. Plays and Poems, with Memoirs of his 

Life and Writings by Mason, 3 vol. Lond. ^c. 1774-88 Svo. 

J. Life of the Rev. John Wesley, 2 vol. 1793-6 Svo. 

AVhitehurst John, Tracts, Philosophical and Me- 
chanical, .. 1812 4to. 

On the Original State and Formation of the 

Earth, .. 1778 4to. 

Whitelocke Sir B. On the King's Writ, by C. Mor- 
ton, 2 vol. .. ■ 1766 4to. 

Journal of the Swedish Ambassy, in 1653 

and 1654, l)y Morton, 2 vol. .. 1772 4to. 

• ■ Memorialsof the English Affairs, from 1625 

to 1660, .. 1732 fol. 

Whiter Walter. Etymologicon Universale ; or Uni- 
versal Etymological Dictionary, 3 vol. Camh. 1800-25 4to. 

■ Specimen of a Commentary on Shakespeare, 1794 Svo. 

*Whitson John. Pious Meditation ; with an Account 
of the Author by G. S. Catcott ; and Additional 
Memoirs by J. Eden, ,. Brist. 1829 4to. 


AA'hittington G. D. Historical Survey of the Eccle- 
siastical Antiquities of France, Lo7id. IS 11 8vo. 

Whitworth Sir C. State of the Trade of Great Bri- 
tain in its Imports and Exports, from 1(J97, \77C) fol. 

Whytt Rob. Works, .. J^d'm. 1768 4to. 

*U'ieland C. R. Oberon, .. Lc'ipz. 1819 8vo. 

*■- Oberon, a Poem, by Sotheby, //oh(/. 1798 4to. 

Wilberforce ^\'illiam. View of the System of Chris- 
tians, .. 1797 8vo. 

Wilcocke S. H. History of the Royalty of Buenos 

Ayres, ., ISIG 8vo. 

fWild C. Illustration of the Architecture and Sculp- 
ture of the Cathedral Churcli of Lincoln, 1819 4to. 

■\ Illustration of the Architecture and Sculpture 

of AVorcester Cathedral, .. 1823 4to. 

Wildenow D. C. Principles of Botany and of Vege- 
table Physiology, .. Edin. \m\ 8vo. 

•AVilkcs John. Correspondence, with Memoirs of his 

Life by J. Almon, 5 vol .. Lond. 180.0 8vo. 

Letters to his Daughter, 4 vol. 1804 12mo. 

AVilkins Bp. Discovery of a New World, IG40 8vo. 

Wui. Atheniensia; or Remarks on the To- 
pography and Anti(iuities of Athens, 18 IG 8vo. 

t Antiquities of Magna Griccia, Cmnb. 1807 fol. 

D. Leges Anglo-Saxonicac Ecclesiasticse et 

Civiles, .. Lond. 1730 fol. 

Wilkinson C. H. Elements of Galvanism, 2 vol. 1804 8vo. 

.J, L. Wanderer, 2 vol. 1795 Timo. 

Wilks Mark. Historical Sketches of the South of 

India, .. ISIO 4to. 

S. C. Correlative Claims and Duties j or an 

Essay on the Necessity of a Church Establishment, 1 82 1 8vo. 

Willan Rob. On Cutaneous Diseases, 1798-1808 4to. 

Ou \'accinc inoculation, .. 180G 4to. 

Williams H. M. Letters from France, 4 vol. 1792-94 12mo. 

Letters on the Politics of France, 4 vol. I7y.'>-9G 12mo. 


Williams H. M. Correspondence of Lewis XVI, 3 vol. 1803 8vo. 

Peril, a Poem, .. Lond. 1784 Ito. 

Narrative of Events in France, since Mar. 

1st, 1815, .. 1815 8vo. 

John. Farther Observations on the Dis- 

covery of America, . . 1 792 8vo. 

Natural History of the Mineral Kingdom, 

2 vol. .. Edin. 1789 8vo. 

On the Climate of Great Britain, Lond. 180G 8vo. 

.1. Rise, Progress, and Present State of the 

Northern Governments, 2 vol. 1777 4to. 

W. Peere. Reports, by Cox, 3 vol. 1793 8vo. 

' D. E. Life and Correspondence of Sir 

Thomas Lawrence, 2 vol. .. 1831 8vo. 

Edvv. Poems, Lyric and Pastoral, 2 vol. 1794 12mo. 

P. Letters concerning Education, ad- 

dressed to a Gentleman entering at the University, 1 785 8vo. 

David. Treatise on Education, ' 1774 8vo. 

History of Monmouthshire 179G 4to. 

Willis Browne. Notitia Parliamentaria, 3 vol. I/IG 8vo. 

t Survey of the Cathedrals, 3 vol. 1742 4to. 

* Tho. Cerebri Anatomej cui accessit Nervo- 
rum Descriptio et Usus, .. 16G4 4to. 

*Willson Tho. Design for a General Metropolitan 

Cemetery, .. 1832 fol. 

Willughby Fr. Ornithology, by J. Ray, 1678 fol. 

• Historia Piscium, a J. Raio, Oxon. 1G8G fol. 

Willyams Cooper, ^'oyage np the Mediterranean, 1802 4to. 

Wilmot John. Life of the Rt. Rev. John Hough, Bp. 

of Worcester, .. Lond. 1812 4 to. 

■ Sir J. E. Opinions and Judgments, with 

Memoirs of his Life. .. 1802 4to. 

*Wilson Tho. Bp. of Sodor and Man. Works, with 

his Life by C. Cruttwell, 2 vol. Bath, 1781 4to. 

C. Bp. of Bristol. Sermon before the House 

of Lords, .. Lond. 1785 4to. 


Wilson and Bonaparte. American Ornithology, edited 

by H. Jameson, 4 vol. .. £d'm, 1831 12nio. 

\\'ilson Alex. Observations relative to the Influence 

of Clinjate on Vegetable and Animal Bodies, Lo7id. 1 780 8vo. 

* H. B. History of Merchant-Taylor's School, 

from its Foundation to the present Time, 1814 4to. 

W. Post Chaise Companion, Dublin, 1786 8vo. 

t Horace Hayman. Dictionary, Sanscrit and 

English, .. Calcutta, 1819 fol. 

Joseph. Memorabilia Cantabrigiae, Lond. 1803 12mo. 

* D. VII Sermons on the Lord's Day, 1831 l2mo. 

Sir R. T. History of the British Expedition 

to Egypt, . . 1802 4to. 

On the Character, &c. of the Russian Armyj 

and a Sketch of the Campaigns in Poland in 

1806, .. 1810 4to. 

John. City of the Plague, &c. Edin. ISIQ 8vo. 

B. Experiments relating to Phosphor! ; with 

Two Memoirs by J. B. Beccari, Lond. 1775 4to. 

Winckelman J. Lettres Familieres, 2 torn. Amst. 1781 8vo. 

Histoire de I'Art de I'Antiquite, par Hu- 

ber, 3 torn. .. Leipz. 1781 4to. 

Windham Wra. Speeches in Parliament ; with an 

Account of his Life by Thomas Amyot, 3 vol. 1812 8vo. 

*Winslo\v J. B. Anatomy, 2 vol. in I, Lond. 1763 4to. 

^Winter G. History of Animal Magnetism, &c. i?m^. 1801 8vo. 

Winterbottom W. Account of the Native Africans of 

Sierra Leone, 2 vol. .. f^ond. 1803 8vo. 

\A'intle Thomas. Christian Ethics, 2 vol. O.vf. 1812 8vo. 

■* Wiseman Ric. Chirurgicall Treatises, Lond. 1676 fol. 

Wishart G. Memoirs of James, Marcpiis of Montrose, 1819 8vo. 

Withering Wm. Account of the Foxglove, Bum. 178;") 8vo. 

Botanical Arrangement of British Plants, 

3 vol. .. 1787 Hvo. 

*Witliers 'I'lio. Observations on the Abuse of Medi- 
cine, ., Lond. \77'> Svo. 


Wittraan Wui. Travels iu Turkey, Syria, and Egypt, 

in 1799-1801, .. Land. 1803 4to. 

Wogan Wm. Essay on the Proper Lessons, 4 vol. 1764 8vo. 

Wolfe Ch. Remains ; with his Life by J. A. Russell, 1826 8vo. 

Wolff Jens. Sketches on a Tour in the South of 

Europe, .. 1801 4to. 

Wolfius J. Lectiones Memorabiles et Reconditse, 

2 vol. . . Lavignce, 1600 fol. 

Wollstonecraft Mary. Vindication of the Rights of 

Woman, vol. I, .. Lond. 1792 Svo. 

Letters in Sweden, 8cc. 1796 8vo. 

Wood Anthony. History and Antiquities of the Uni- 
versity of Oxford, by Gutch, 5 vol. 0,vf. 1786-96 4to. 

Athense Oxonienses, 2 vol. .. Lond. 1721 fol. 

Athenre Oxonienses, &c. with Additions and a 

Continuation by Philip Bliss, 5 vol. 1813-20 4to. 

John. Description of Bath, 2 vol. 1765 8vo. 

Description of Bristol Exchange, Bath, 1745 8vo. 

J. Account of the Edinburgh Sessional School, 1830 12mo. 

James. Elements of Optics, Camb. 1811 8vo. 

Principles of Mechanics, .. 1812 8vo. 

Elements of Algebra, .. 1815 Svo. 

Rob. Essay on the Original Genius and AA'rit- 

ings of Homer, .. Lond. 1775 4to. 

Nic. Practical Treatise on Rail-Roads, and In- 
terior Communication in general, 1832 8vo. 

M. Review of the War in Mysore, 1800 4to. 

* — Tho. Institute of the Laws of England, 1772 fol. 

Wooddeson Ric. Systematical View of the Laws of 

England, 3 vol, .. 1792-3 Svo. 

Elements of Jurisprudence, 1783 4to, 

Woodhouselee Lord. Memoirs of the Life and Writ- 
ings of the Hon. Henry Home of Karnes, 2 vol. 
with the Supplement, .. Ed'in. 1807-9 4to. 

Wooll John. Biographical Memoirs of Dr. Joseph 

VVarton, .. Lond, 1806 4to. 


*Woodville Will. Medical Botany, with Supplement, 

4 vol. .. Lo7id. 1790-94 4to. 

AVoodward G. M. Eccentric Excursions, 1796 4to. 

* John. Select Cases in Physick, 1757 8vo. 

* State of Physick, .. 1718 8vo. 

Worcester Marquis of. Century of Inventions, with 

Notes by C. F. Partington, .. 1825 12tuo. 

Arordsuorth W. Concerning the Relations of Great 

Britain, Spain, and Portugal, to each other, and 

to the Common Enemy, .. 1809 8vo. 

Description of the Scenery of the Lakes, 1823 12mo. 

Miscellaneous Poems, 4 vol. 1820 12mo. 

Excursion, a Portion of the Recluse, a 

Poein, .. 1814 4to. 

Memorials of a Tour on the Continent, 1 822 8vo. 

Ecclesiastical Sketches, .. 1823 8vo. 

C. "Who wrote EIKflN BASIAIKH r" 

considered and answered, . . 1824 8vo. 

Ecclesiastical Biography, 6 vol. 1810 8vo. 

Worgan J. D. Select Poems, &c. with his Life, and 

a Preface, by Hayley, .. 1810 8vo. 

World, 4 vol. .. 1772 12ino. 

Worseley Sir Ric. History of the Isle of Wight, 1781 4to. 

AA'otton Wm. Reflections upon Ancient and Modern 

Learning, . . 1 705 8vo. 

Wraxall Sir N. Memoirs of tlic Kings of France, of 

the Race of Valois, 2 vol. . . 1777 8vo. 

History of France, from the Accession of 

Henry III, to the Death of Lewis XIV, 3 vol. 1795 4to. 

Remarks in a Tour through Copenhagen, 

Stockholm, and Petersburgh, .. 1775 8vo. 

Memoirs of the Court of Berlin, &c. 2 vol. 1799 8vo. 

Wren (J. Parentalia, Memoirs of the Family of the 

Wrens, . . 1750 foi. 

Wright Jas. History and Antiquities of the County 

of Rutland, .. 1684 fol. 


Wright J. Philosophy of Elocution, elucidated aud 

explained by Readings of the Liturgy, Oxf. 1818 8vo. 

W. R. Horse lonicae, a Poem descriptive of 

the Ionian Islands, &c. , . Lond. 1808 8vo. 

Edvv. Observations in Travelling through 

France, Italy, &c. in 1720-22, 1764 4to. 

Sir Martin. Introduction to the Law of Te- 

nures, .. 1792 8vo. 

VVyndham H. P. Tours through Monmouthshire and 

Wales, in 1774 and 1777, .. Sal'isb. 1781 4to. 

Wiltshire, extracted from Domesday Book, 

with a Translation, . . 1 788 8vo. 

Picture of the Isle of Wight, Lond. 1794 8vo. 

Wynne Edw. Eunomus, 4 vol. . . 1 785 8vo. 

■ William. Life of Sir Leoline Jenkins, 2 vol. 1724 fol. 

XENOPHON. Opera quae extant omnia, Gr. et Lat. 

per Edv. Wells, 5 torn. .. Oxon. 1703 Svo. 

* Opera; edid. G.H.Schaeffer,5 vol. Z/«jos. 1811 12mo. 

De Cyri Institutione Libri VIII, Gr. et 

Lat. cum notis varior. a T. Hutchinson, Oxon, 1727 4to. 
* Memorabiliura Socratis Dictorura, Lib. 

IV, ex recens. B. Simpson, .. 1772 Svo. 

History of the Affairs of Greece, by W. 

Smith, . . Lond. 1 770 4to. 
Expedition of Cyrus, translated by E. 

Spelman, 2 vol. .. 1749 8vo. 

YEAR in Spain, by a Young American, 2 vol. Lond. 1831 .8vo. 
Yearsley Ann. Poems on several Occasions, 1785-88 4to. 


Yorke H. R. Letters from France in 1802,2 vol. 1804 8vo. 

Hon. Charles. Considerations on the Law of 

Forfeiture, ,. Lond. 1795 8vo. 

Youatt W. On Canine Madness, . . 1830 8vo. 

Young Arth. Annals of Agriculture, and other useful 

Arts, 38 vol. .. 1784-1802 8vo. 

Course of Experimental Agriculture, 2 vol. 1770 4to. 

Six Weeks' Tour through the Southern Coun- 
ties of England and Wales, .. 1772 8vo. 

Six Months' Tour through the North of Eng- 
land, 4 vol. .. 1771 8vo, 

Farmer's Tour through the East of England, 

4 vol. .. 1771 8vo. 

Agricultural Survey of Suffolk, 1 797 8vo. 

Agricultural Survey of Lincolnshire, 1799 8vo. 

General View of the Agriculture of Hertford- 
shire, .. 1804 8vo. 

View of the Agriculture of Oxfordshire, 1809 8vo. 

General View of the Agriculture of the County 

of Sussex, .. 1808 8vo. 

Tour in Ireland, 2 vol. . . 1 780 8vo. 

Example of France a Warning to Britain, 

with an Appendix, Burt/ S(. Edmunds, 1793 8vo. 
Travels in France in 1787-89, 2 vol. 1792 4to. 

Idea of the Present State of France, 1795 8vo. 

Political Arithmetic, .. Lond. 1774 8vo. 

Edw. Works, 6 vol. .. 1774-8 12mo. 

E. Sermons, 2 vol. .. 1720 Svo. 

Sir Wm. West-India Common Place Book, 1807 4to. 

Wni. Spirit of Athens, . . 1 777 Svo, 

Joiin. Essays on Interesting Subjects, G/as^. 1794 Svo. 

' Geo. Treatise on Opium, .. Lond. 1753 Svo. 

Tlio. Introduction to Medical Literature, 1813 Svo. 

Discoveries in Hieroglyphical Literature and 

Eiryptiaii Anti(juitics, .. 1823 Svo. 


ZEAL without Innovation, .. Lond. 1809 8vo. j 

Zend-Avesta, Ouvrage de Zoroaster ; traduit en Fran- 
cois sur rOriginal Zend, avec des Remarques, &c. j 
par M. Auquetil du Perron, 3 torn. Paris, 1771 4to. i 

Zenobio Count. On the French Constitution, Lond. 1792 8vo. | 

Zillah ; a Tale of the Holy City, 4 vol. 1828 12rao. 

Zimmermann J. G. Treatise on Experience in Physic, 

2 vol. . . 1 782 8vo. 

Conversations with the late King of 

Prussia, .. J 791 8vo. 

Zoega G. De Origine et Usu Obeliscorum, Romce, \797 fol. 

Zouch Tho. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of 

Sir Philip Sidney, .. York, IS08 4to. 

Zschokke H. History of the Invasion of Switzerland 

by the French, .. Lond. 1803 Svo 

*Zwelfer J. Pharmacopoeia Regiaj et Animadversiones 
in Pharmacopoeiam Augustanam, &c. 2 vol. in 1, 

NoribergcB, 1693 4to. 



t*A Collection of Original Deeds, connected with the History 

of the City of Bristol. 
t*Catalogue of the Mayors, Prepositors, Stewards, Bayliffs, 
and Slierifts of Bristol, with some remarkable Occurrences 
there, from the Year 1216 to 1608. 
t*Brayne. Account of a Curious Cobweb discovered in Bristol 

in 1714. 
^*Catcott G. S. Description of Pen-Park Hole j with his 
Account of John the Painter's Attempt to Burn the Ship- 
ping and Houses in Bristol, as also of Rebuilding St. 
Nicholas and St. Michael's Churches in the said City, &c. 4to. 
t*Missale Romanum, Codex membraneus, cum Literis initia- 

libus et Figuris depictis auroque exornatis, . . 8vo. 

t*The Bhugvut Geeta ; in the Sancrit Language. 
t*A Poem by the Sheikh Nezami, on the Exploits of Alexander 

the Great j in the Persian Language. . . 8vo. 

t*Elegancies of Jamaica, containing original coloured Drawings 

in Natural History, with MS. Descriptions, vol. 11 — V, fol. 
+ * Account of the Bread-Fruit Tree, &c, . , 4 to. 

t*Broughton Arth. Notes on the Practice of Medicine, taken 
at Lectures given in the University of Edinburgh by A. 
Duncan, M. D. 6 vol. . . 8vo. 

r*Clinical Cases, 2 vol. . . 8vo. 

t'Course of Lectures on the Materia Medica read in London, 4to. 
t*Institutes of Medicine, 2 vol. . . 8vo, 

t*Lectures on Chemistry read in Edin. by J. Black, M.D. 6 vol. 8vo. 
t*Medical Miscellanies, 2 vol. . . 4to. and 8vo. 

t* Notes from Lectures on the Practice of Physic, by William 

Cullcn, M. D. . . 8vo. 

i *Notes on Materia Medica, from a Course given in Edinburgh 

by F. Home, M. I). 2 vol. . . 8vo. 

t*Notc;s from Clinical I^ccturcs given on Patients in the Royal 

liitiriiiary, by F. Home, M. D. . . 4to. 

I *Brougiit<)n Arth. Herbarium Janiaicctisc, 4 vol. 1/86. 
^•Scagcr John. Remarks and iunendations on some Passages 
in Aristophanes, 


MAPS, &c. 

fAtlas Universe!, par MM. Robert, &c. . . Paris, 1757 

tGeneral Atlas, constructed and engraved by Sidney Hall, Lond. 1830 

fOutlines of the World, by A. Arrowsmith, 1825 

fChronological Chart of Ancient History, by Berlin. 

tCharts of History and Biography, by Priestley, 1765 

fMap of Asia, by Arrowsmith, . , 1801 

tMap of Hindostan, by Major Rennell, . . 1788 

tBengal Atlas, by Major Rennell, . . 1781 

+ Map of Palestine, with Part of Egypt, by Seaton, 1828 

+Map of Palestine and the adjacent Countries, by R. Palmer, 1828 

tMap of Upper Canada, by D. W. Smyth, . . 1 800 

tMap of the Empire of Germany, Holland, &c. by Chauchard, 1800 
tHydrographic Survey of the North and St. George's Channels, 

by J. Huddart, .. 1808 

tMaritime Survey of Ireland and the West of Great Britain, by 

Murdoch Mackenzie, .. 1776 

tChart of the Severn, by R. Thomas, 1815 

tPIan of the Kennet and Avon Canal, . . 1794 

tMap of Scotland, by Arrowsmith, . . 1807 

tMap of Ireland, by Beaufort, , . . I 792 

tMap of North Wales, by Evans. 

tMap of North Wales, (9 sheets) by Evans. 

tTopographical Plan of Manchester and Salford, by Laurent, 1793 

tMap of the Country round Manchester, 1794 

tMap of the County of Gloucester, by Taylor, 1777 

tMap of the County of Somerset, by Day and Masters, 1782 

tPlan of Bristol, by Plumley and Ashmead, 1828 

tMap of the Country Eleven Miles round Bristol, by Donne. 
tMap of the Country Twenty-one Miles round Bristol, by Donne. 
tChart of the Trade of Great Britain, from 1697 to 1825, by 

Caesar Moreau, .. 1825 

tChart of the Rise and Progress of the Wool Trade and Woollen 

Manufacture of Great Britain, by C. Moreau, 1828 

tChart of English Silver Coins, from a. d. 1066. 

J. Cliilcott, Printer, Bristol. 




^xi^m attirarB Ssotitts. 





[^Regulation made at the Annual Meeting, 
March 24, 1834.] 

49. The Library shall be kept open from Eleven o'Clock until 
Five every day, except Sundays, Christmas-day, and Good Friday. 

^^ The books marked thus f are withheld from general circulation ; 
those marked thus * are donations that have been made to the 


ABERCROMBIE (JOHN). Philosophy of the 

Moral Feelmgs. ... Loud. 1833 8vo. 

Ac]aml(H. W.) Plahis of Troy. ... O.i/. 1839 8vo. 

f Illustrative Panoramic Drawing. 
Account of the Trigonoraetiical Survey of England and 

Wales, from 1784 to 1809, by Col. Wm. Madge 

and Capt. Thos. Colby, 3 vol. Lond. 1799-181 1 4to. 

Account of the Religious and Literary Life of Adam 

Clarke. Edited by J. B. B. Clarke, 3 vol. 1833 8vo. 

t*Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, vol. 9. 10. 1 1. 1822-24 fol. 
*Adamson (John). Lusitania Illustrata : Notices 

on the History, Literature, &c. of Portugal, 

part 1. ... Kewcastle, 1842 8vo. 

*Address to Deans and Chapters, on the Election of 

Bishops. ... Lond. 1833 8vo. 

Adventures in the Moon, and other Worlds. 1836 8vo. 

*Affo (P. Ireneo). Dizionario Precettivo della Poesia 

Volgarc. ... Parma, 1777 12mo. 

Aiken (P. F.) Comparative View of the Constitutions 

of Great Britain and the United States. Lond. 1842 12nio. 

Aikin (Lucy). Memoirs of the Court of King Chark's 1. 

2 vol. ... 1833 8vo. 


Alford (Hen.) School of the Heart and Other Poems, 

2 vol. ... Camb. 1835 I2mo. 

Alison (Archibald). History of Europe during the 

French Revolution, 10 vol. ... E din. 1833-42 8vo. 

Principles of Population, and their Connection with 

Human Happiness, 2 vol. ... 1840 8vo. 

f Ancient Spanish Ballads; translated by J. G. Lock- 
hart. (Illustrated.) ... Lond. 1841 4to. 

Ancient Christianity, see Taylor. 

Andrews (Lane. Episc.) Preces Privates Quotidianse. 1828 12mo. 

Anglesey. History of the Lsland of Anglesey. (Sup- 
plement to Rowland) ... 1775 4to. 

Annual Register, 1833— 1841. ... 1834-42 8vo. 

Apology for Cathedral Service. ... 1839 8vo. 

Arago. Life of James Watt. ... Edin. 1839 12mo. 

Scientific Notices of Comets, translated by C. 

Gold. ... Lond. 1833 12mo. 

Archaeologia : Tracts published by the Society of 

Antiquaries of London, vol. 25 — 29. 1833-42 4to. 

Archdall (Mervyn). Monasticon Hibernicum ; an 

History of Abbies, Priories, &c, in Ireland. 1786 4to. 

Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, translated by W. S. Rose, 

vol. 8. ... 1831 8vo, 

Aristides (^lius). Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cura S. 

Jebb, 2 tom. ... Oxon. 1722 4to. 

Aristophanes. Achanienses; Wasps; Knights; Clouds; 

Frogs; with Notes by Tho. Mitchell, 5 vol. Lond. 1835-39 8vo. 

Arminius (.Tames). Works, translated by J. Nichols, 

vol. 2. ... 1828 8vo. 

Aniett (J. A.) Nature and Form of the Books of the 

Ancients; with a History of Bookbinding, ■« 1837 12mo, 

Arnold (Tho.) History of Rome, vol. 1, 2. Loud. 1838-40 8vo. 
Amott (Neil). On Wanning and Ventilating; with 

directions concerning the Thermometer Stove. 1838 8vo. 

Arundines Cami sive Musarum Cantabrigiensium Lusus 

Canon. coUegit atq. edit. H. Drury. 1842 8vo. 

Asiatic Researches, vol. 16— 20. Calcutta, \ 828-39 4to, 

Index to the first XVIII volumes of the Asiatic 

Researches. ... 1835 4to. 

Aubrey (John). Collections for North Wilts: edited 

by Sir T. Phillips, 2 parts. ... Lonrf. 1821-38 4to. 

Audubon (J. J.) Ornithological Biography, (Birds of 

America) vol. 2— 5. ... E din. 18M-39 8vo. 

Auldjo (John). Journal of a Visit to Constantinople 

and some of the Greek Islands in 1833. Lond. 1835 8vo. 
Austin (John). Province of Jurisprudence Defined. 1832 8vo. 
Autobiography of a Dissenting Minister. 1835 12mo, 


B ABB AGE (CHAS.) Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. 

A Fragment. ... Lond. 1837 8vo. 

Back (Geo.) Nanative of the Arctic Land Expedition 

in 1833-34-35. ... 1836 8vo. 

Expedition in H. M. S. Terror, with a view to 

Geographical Discovery on the Arctic Shores, in 

1836-37. ... 1838 8vo. 

Baines (Edward). History of the Cotton Manufacture 

in Great Britain. ... 1835 8vo. 

Baird. Life of Sir David Baird, 2 voh 1832 8vo. 

Bandinel (.lames). Account of the Trade in Slaves 

from Africa. ... 1842 Hvo. 


Banduri (Anselm). Numismata Imperatorum Romano- 
rum, a Trajano Decio ad Palaeologos Augustos, 
2 torn. ... Paris, 1718 fol. 

*Bangley (Geo.) Mental Recreation ; or, Select 

Maxims, Sayings, &c. Ancient and Modern. LoH J. 1833 12mo. 

Bank Charter. Digest of the Evidence on. 1833 8vo. 

*Barham (T. F.) Introduction to Greek Grammar. 1829 8vo. 
*Greek Roots in English Rhymes. ... 1837 l2mo. 

Baron (John). Life of Edw. Jenner, M. D. vol. 1, 2. 1838 8vo. 

*Baronets of the British Empire ; their position com- 
pared with that of the Continental lesser Nobility. 1837 8vo. 

Barrington ( Sir Jonah) . Personal Sketches of his Own 

Times, 3 vol. ... 1830-32 8vo. 

Historic Memoirs of the Union between Great Britain 

and Ireland, 2 vol. ... 1833 4to. 

Barrow (John, junr.) Visit to Iceland in 1834. 1835 8vo. 

Tour round Ireland, through the Sea-Coast Counties, 

in 1835. ... 1836 8vo. 

Excursions in the North of Europe. 1836 8vo. 

Bartlett (Tho.) Memoirs of Bp. Butler. 1839 8vo. 

Bayle (Peter). Philosophical Commentary on Luke 

xiv. 23, 2 vol. ... 1708 12mo. 

Bay ley (Rob.) Nature considered as a Revelation. 1836 12mo. 

Beale (Tho.) Natural History of the Sperm Whale. 1839 8vo. 

*Beaven (James). On Intercourse with Churches in 

the East. — 1840 8vo. 

Beaumont and Toqueville. On the Penitentiary System 
of the United States; translated by Francis 
Lieber. ... Philadelphia, 1833 8vo. 

Beckford (Wm.) Italy; with Sketches of Spain and 

Portugal, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1834 8vo. 

Beckford (Wm.) Excursion to the Monasteries of 

Alcobaca and Batalha. ... Lond. 1835 8vo. 

Belcher (Sir Edw.) Voyage round the World in H. 
*M. S. Sulphur, 1836—42, with Details of Naval 

Operations in China, 2 vol. ... 1842 8vo. 

Bell (Sir C.) On the Hand, its JNIechanism and Vital 

Endowments, as evincing Design. (Bridgewater 

Treatise) ... 1833 8vo. 

Bell (J. S.) Journal of a Residence in Circassia in 

1837-39, 2 vol. ... 1840 8vo. 

Bellendenus (Gulielmus). De Tribus Luiuinibus Ro- 

manorum, Libri XVI. ... Paris, 1634 fol. 

Bennett (Geo.) "Wanderings in New South Wales, 

&c. during 1832— 34, 2 vol. ... Lond. \QM 8vo. 

Benson (Robert). INIemoirs of the Life and Writings 

of Arthur ColHer. ... 1837 8vo. 

Benson (Chr.) Discourses on the Power of the 

Clergy. ... 1841 8vo. 

Bentley (Richard). Works; collected and edited by 

Alex. Dyee, vol. 1, 2, 3. ... 1836 8vo. 

Beny (Wm.) Encyclopaedia Heraldica, or Complete 

Dictionary of Heraldry, 3 vol. ... 4to. 

Bhagvat-Geelil ; translated from the Sanskreet by C. 

Wilkins. ... 178-5 4to. 

*Biber (G. E.) The Standard of Catholicity. 1840 8vo. 

fBibliotheca Anglo-Poetica; a Descriptive Catalogue 

of Early English Poetry. ... 1815 8vo. 

Bickersteth (Edward). Christian Student, designed to 

assist in ac<piiring Religious Knowledge. 1832 12mo. 

*Biddulph (T. T.) Sermons; Collection of 

Tracts. ... Bristol, 1803-32 8vo. 


Bigland (Ralph). Collections relative to the County 

of Gloucester, vol, 2. ... Lond. 1792 fol. 

Biographic Universelle, Ancieune et Moderne: par 

une Societe de Gens de Lettres et de Savants, 

52 torn. ... ... Pans, 1811-28 8vo. 

*Blackhurn (Isaac). Theory and Practice of Naval 

Architecture explained. ... Plymouth, 1836 8vo. 

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, vol. 33 — 52. 1833-42 8vo. 
Blair (Rob.) Grave, a Poem, illustrated by William 

Blake. ... Lond. 1808 4to. 

Blair ( Wm.) Inquiry into the State of Slavery among 

the Romans. ... 1833 12mo, 

Bland and Merivale. see Collections. 

*Bluett (J. C.) Duelling and the Laws of Honour 

examined and condemned. ... 1836 12mo. 

Bold (Capt.) Description of the Azores, or Western 

Islands. ... 1835 8vo. 

*S. Bonaventurse Sennones de Tempore, et de 

Sanctis. ... Zwollis, 1479 4to. 

Bonnycastle (Sir Richard H.) The Canadas in 1841, 

2 vol. ... Lond, 1841 8vo. 

Book of Common Prayer, see Keeling. 
*Book of Common Prayer of the Protestant Episcopal 

Church in the United States of America. 1833 12mo. 

Borrow (Geo.) Zincali ; an Account of the Gypsies of 

Spain : with a Collection of their Poetry, and a 

Dictionary of their Language, 2 vol. 1841 8vo. 

Bible in Spain ; or Journeys, &c. in an Attempt 

to circulate the Scriptures, 3 vol. 1843 8vo. 

Boscovich ( Rog. Jos. ) Philosophiae Naturalis 

Theoria. ... Vienna', 1759 4 to. 


•j-Bosvvorth (Jos.) Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon 

Language. ... Lond, 1838 8vo. 

Botta (C.) Storia cl'Italia, continuata da quella del 

Guicciardini sino al 1789, 10 torn. Parlgi, 1832 8vo. 
Storia d'ltalia, dal 1789 al 1814, 4 tom. 1832 8vo. 

fBouclier (Jonathan). Glossary of Archaic and Pro- 
vincial Words; edited by Jos. Hnnter and Jos. 
Stephenson, part 1, 2. ... Lond. 1832-33 4to. 

Bouchette (Jos.) Topogi'aphical and Statistical Des- 
cription of the British Dominions in North 
America, 3 vol. ... 1832 4to. 

Bowden (J. W.) Life and Pontificate of Gregory V'll. 

2 vol. ... 1840 8vo. 

Bower (Alex.) History of the University of Edin- 

bm-gh, (1582— 1829) 3 vol. ^c?m. 1817-30 8vo. 

Bowles (Caroline). Birth-day, a Poem; with Occa- 
sional Verses. ... 1836 12mo. 

Chapters on Churchyards, 2 vol. ... 1829 12mo. 

Bowles (W. L.) and Nichols (J. G.) Annals and 

Antiquities of Lacock Abbey, Wilts. Lond. 1836 8vo. 

f Bradford (T. G.) Atlas; Geographical, Statistical, 
and Historical, of the United States and the 
adjacent Countries. ... Boston, 1838 fol. 

Bray (Charles). Philosophy of Necessity; or Law of 
Consequences, as applicable to Mental, Moral, and 
Social Science, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1841 8vo. 

Brayley (E. W.) Graphic and Historical Illustrator; 
a Miscellany of Literary, Antiquarian, and Topo- 
giaphical Information. ... 1834 4 to. 

*P.ridgos (Charles). Memoir of Miss M. J. -Graham. 1833 12mu. 
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Ritual ; selected from Divines of the XVIIth 
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Dissertations on Subjects of Science connected with 

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Historical Sketches of Statesmen in the time of 

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being his Sonnets clearly developed. 1838 8vo. 

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3 torn. ... ... Paris, 1834 8vo. 

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the Court of Persia, in 1807-11, with a History 
of the Wahauby, 2 vol. — Lond. 1834 8vo. 


Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau, by an Old 

Man. ... Lond. 1834 8vo. 

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Persia, 2 vol. ... 1830 8vo. 

Buckland ( Wm.) Geology and Mineralogy considered 
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Athens, its Rise and Fall, with Views of the Litera- 
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Eva, and other Poems. ... 1842 12mo. 

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the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, 
4 vol. ... ... 1837-38 8vo. 

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age on the Indus, 3 vol. ... 1834 8vo. 

Cabool : a Jom-ney to, and Residence in that City in 

1836-37-38. ... 1842 8vo. 

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texity; edited by Bp. Jebb. ... 1833 8vo. 

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the Ascension of Jesus Christ to Constantine. 1836 12mo. 

Chronology of the Acts of the Apostles, and of St. 

Paul's Epistles. ... Oxf. 1830 8vo. 


Burton (Edw.) Lectures upun the Ecclesiastical His- 
tory of the First, Second, and Third Centuries, 
2 vol. ... Oxf. 1831-33 8vo. 

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Remedy. ... Lond. 1840 8vo. 

CALAMY (EDM.) Life of Baxter ; with an Account 
of Ministers ejected by the Act of Uniformity, 
4 vol. ... Lond. 1713-27 8vo. 

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Reign of Queen Elizabeth, vol. 2, 3. 1830-32 fol. 

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cient Poems, &c. published by the Camden Society; 
vol. 1—21. ... Lond. 1838—43 4to. 

1. Arrival of Edw. IV. in England, a. d. 1471. 

2. Kyng Johan, a Play; by Bp. Bale. 

3. Poems on Richard II. 

4. The Plumpton Correspondence. 

5. Anecdotes and Traditions. 

6. Political Songs, from John to Edw. II. 

7. Hayward's Annals of Q. Elizabeth. 

8. Ecclesiastical Documents. 

9. Norden's Description of Essex. 

10. Warkworth's Chronicle, 1461—1474. 

1 1. Kemp's Nine Dales Wonder. 

12. The Egerton Papers. 

13. Chronicle of Josceline de Brakelond, 1157 — 1211. 


14. Curia's Commotion in Clare, 1641-42. 
O'Kelly's ' Macai'iaj Excidimn,' 1692. 

15. Chronicle of William de Rishanger. Hen. III. 
Miracles of Simon de Montfort. 

16. Latin Poetry of Walter Mapes. 

17. Travels of Nicander Nucius. Hen. VIII. 

18. Three Early English Metrical Romances. 

19. Diary, &c. of Doctor John Dee, 

20. Apology for the Lollards, (attributed to WicliHe.) 

21. The Rutland Papers. 

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Life of Mrs. Siddons, 2 vol. ... 1834 8vo. 

Letters from the South, 2 vol. .. 1837 8vo. 

Life of Petrarch, 2 vol. ... 1841 8vo. 

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Churchof England, 1546-1716, 2 vol. Oxf. 1839 8vo. 

Carlyle Ctho.) The French Revolution. A History, 

3 vol. ... ... Land. 1837 8vo. 

Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, 5 vol. 1840 12mo. 

Sartor Resartus ; or Life and Opinions of Herr Teu- 

felsdrockh. ... 1841 12mo. 

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Carmichael (Mrs.) Domestic Manners of the West 

Indies, 2 vol. ... 1833 12mo. 

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*Carpenter (Lant). Principles of Education, Intellec- 
tual, Moral, and Physical. ... 1820 8vo, 

*Revie\v of the Life, Labours, Opinions, and Charac- 
ter of Rajah Rammohun Roy. Bristol, 1833 8vo. 
Carpenter (R. L.) Memoir of the Life of Lant Car- 
penter. ... 1842 Svo. 


Carpenter (W. B.) Principles of General and Com- 
parative Physiology, ... Lond. 1839 8vo. 
Principles of Human Physiology. ... 1842 8vo. 

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bridge. ... 1819 8vo. 

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land, vol. 3. ... 1833 8vo. 

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*City of the Mormons. ... 1842 12mo. 

f Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum, 

vol 1. ... 1841 fol. 

-t-*Catalogue of the Library of the London Institution, 

vol. 1,2. ... 1835-40 8vo. 

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*Catalogue of the Leeds Library. ... Leeds, 1836 8vo. 

f* Catalogues of Books on Sale by Bohn and others. 

Catalogus Librorum qui in Bibliotheca Cathedralis 

Eliensis adservantur. ... Lond. 1815 8vo. 

Catlin (Geo.) Letters and Notes on the Manners, 
Customs, &c. of the North American Indians, 
2 vol. ... 1841 8vo. 

Cattermole (R.) Book of the Cartoons. 1837 8vo. 

Cavendish (Sir Henry), see Debates. 

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auxit C. Schwartz, 2 torn. ... Lips. 1773 4to. 

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Edicion con-egida por la Real Academia Espanola, 
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Chaucer to Cowper; with the most approved Trans- 
lations, 21 vol. ... Lond. 1810 8vo. 


Chalmers (Tho.) Adaptation of External Nature to 
the Moral and Intellectual Condition of Man, 
(Bridge water Treatise) 2 vol. ... Lond. 1833 8vo. 

Lectures on the Establishment and Extension of 

National Churches. ... Glasgow, 1838 8vo. 

Sufficiency of the Parochial System without a Poor 

Rate. ... 1841 r2mo. 

Champollion. Lettres ecrites D'Egypte et de Nubie, en 

1828 et 1829. ... PaWs, 1833 8vo. 

^Charges ; by Bps. Allen, Bagot, Blomtield, Copleston, 
Denison, Doane, Mant, Monk, Musgrave, Pepys, 
Philpott, Sumner: by Archdeacons Hare, Man- 
ning, Thorpe, Wilberforce. ... Lond. 1835-42 8vo. 

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2 torn. ... ... Paris, 1802 8vo. 

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Chatham; edited by W. S. Taylor and J. S. 
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of his Life, &c. 2 vol. ... Camb. \M2 12mo. 

* A Letter to the Admirers of Chatterton, by 

E. M. ... Bath, 1838 8vo. 

Sec Rowley. 

*Chaubard (L. A.) Elemens de Geologic mis a la 

Portee de tout le Monde. ... Paris, 1833 8vo. 

China. Historical and Descriptive Account of China, 

(Edin. Cab. Lib.) 3 vol. ... Edin. \SZQ 12mo. 

*Christie (W. D.) Explanation of the Scheme of 

the London Library. ... Lond. 1841 8vo. 

Chronicles of London Bridge, by an Antiquary. 

(P'am. Lib.) ... 1839 12nio. 


*Chronicon Mirabile seu ExcerptaMemorab. e Registris 

Parochialibus Com. Pal. Dunelm. Bishopivere. 1825 8vo. 

*Clark (Z.) Account of Charities in tbe County of 

Norfolk. ... Bury, 1811 8vo. 

Clark (T. H.) Domestic Architecture of Queen Eli- 
zabeth and James I., illustrated by Views of 
English Mansions. ... Lond. 1833 8vo. 

Clarke (J. B. B.) Catalogue of European and Asiatic 

MSS. in the Library of Dr. Adam Clarke. 1835 8vo. 

*Clarke ( Wm. L. ) Letter to William Fripp, 

Esq. ... ... Bristol, 1836 8vo. 

Clarke (Adam), see Account. 

Clarkson (Tho.) Strictures on the Life of W. Wil- 

berforce. ... Lond. 1838 8vo. 

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Literary Chronology of Greece, from the LVtb 
Olympiad to the Death of Augustus, 2 vol. Oxf. 1827-30 4to. 

*Les Huit Codes ; avec Indication de leurs Articles 

Correlatifs. ... Paris, 1833 12mo. 

Coleridge (S. T.) The Friend: a Series of Essays, 

3 vol. ... Lond. 1818 8vo. 
Biographia Literaria; or Biographical Sketches of 

my Literary Life and Opinions, 2 vol. in 1. 1817 8vo. 

Table Talk, 2 vol. ... 1835 12mo. 

Letters, Conversations, and Recollections of S. T. 

Coleridge, 2 vol. ... 1836 8vo. 

Literary Remains ; edited by Hen. Nelson Coleridge, 

4 vol. ... 1838-39 8vo. 

Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit. 1840 12mo. 

Coleridge (Hen. Nelson). Introduction to the Study 

of the Greek Classics ... 1830 8vo. 


Coleridge (Hartley). Poems, vol. 1. Leeds, 1833 8vo. 

Lives of Illustrious Worthies of Yorkshire, &c, Hull, 1835 Svo. 

Collection of Coats of Anns borne by the Nobility and 

Gentry of the County of Glocester. Loud. 1792 4to. 

Collection of Documents from the MS. Library of 
C. C. C. Cambridge; edited by J. Lamb, Dean of 
Bristol. ... ... 1838 Svo. 

Collections from the Greek Anthology, by R. Bland, 

J. H. Merivale, and others. ... 1833 Svo. 

Collins (C. Trelawiiy). Perranzabuloe, the Lost 
Church found : or the Church of England not a 
new Church. ... 1S37 Svo. 

Combe (Andrew) . Physiology of Digestion, considered 

with relation to the Principles of Dietetics. Edin, 1836 Svo. 
Principles of Physiology applied to the Preservation 

of Health, and the Improvement of Education, 1836 Svo. 

Combe (Geo.) Constitution of Man considered in 

relation to External Objects. ... 1836 12mo. 

Moral Philosophy; or Duties of Man in his Indivi- 
dual and Social Capacities. ... 1841 Svo. 

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Conference between Archbishop Laud, and Fisher the 

Jesuit. ... Oxf. 1839 Svo. 

ConoUy (Arthur). Journey to the North of India, 
through Russia, Persia, and Affghaunistaun, 
2 vol. ... ... Lond. 1838 Svo. 

fConstantinus (R.) liCxiconGraeco-Latinum. Geneva, 1692 fol. 

*Conybeare (W. D.) Lectures on the Criticism, Inter- 
pretation, and Doctrines of the Bible. Lond. 1834 12iiio. 
Examination of the Writings of the Christian Fathers, 

(Bamp. Lect. 1839.) ... 1839 Svo. 


Conyl^^are (W. D.) Account of the Landslips at Ax- 
mouth, on tlie Soutli-East Coast of Devon, Lond. 1840 4to. 

Cooke ( G. W. ) Memoirs of Lord Bolingbroke, 

2 vol. ... ... 1835 8vo. 

*Cooper (C.P.) Account of Proceedings in Parliament 

relative to the Court of Chancery, &c. ■ 1828 8vo. 

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part 1—8. ... 1833-42 8vo. 

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Voltaire, 12 tom. ... Paris, 1765 8vo. 

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D'Israeli," Illustrated. ... Lond. 1838 8vo. 

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by Davies Gilbert, 4 vol. ... 1838 8vo. 

Con'espondence (Thirty Years') between Bp. Jebb and 

Alex, Knox, edited by C. Forster, 2 vol. 1834 8vo. 

Costello (Louisa S.) Pilgrimage to Auvergne, from 

Picardy to Le Velay, 2 vol. ... 1842 8vo. 

Cottle (Joseph). Early Recollections ; chiefly relating 

to S. T. Coleridge, 2 vol. ... 1837 8vo. 

Cotton (Hen.) Typographical Gazetteer. Oxf. 1831 8vo. 

f *Covarruvias (Sebastian de). Tesoro de la Lengua 

Castellana, o Espanola. ... Madrid, 1611 fol. 

Coverdale. Memorials of Myles Coverdale, Bishop of 

Exeter. ... Lond. 1838 8vo. 

Courteney (Rt. Hon. T. P.) Memoirs of the Life, 

Works, and Correspondence of Sir W. Temple, 2 vol. 1836 8vo. 

Cousin (Victor). Report on State of Public Insti'uc- 

tion in Prussia; translated by Sarah Austin. 1834 12mo. 

State of Education in Holland, translated by Leo- 
nard Homer. ... 1838 8vo. 


Cowper (Wm.) Works; with a Life of the Author 

by Robert Southey, 15 vol. ... Lond. 1835-37 12mo. 

fCrabb (Geo.) Technological Dictionary, or Expla- 
nation of Tenus used in the Arts and Sciences, 
2 vol. ... 1823 4to. 

Crabbe (Geo.) Poetical Works; with his Life by his 

Son, 8 vol. ... 1834 12rao. 

Cramer (J. A.) Description of Ancient Greece; 

with a Map, 3 vol. ... Oa/. 1828 8vo. 

Geographical and Historical Description of Asia 

Minor. ... 1832 8vo. 

Crawford (John). Journal of an Embassy to the 

Courtof Avain 1827. ... LojicJ. 1829 4to. 

Crichtou (Andrew). History of Arabia, (Edin. Cab. 

Lib.) 2 vol. ... £rfm. 1834 12mo. 

Croker (T. C.) Memoirs of Joseph Holt; edited from 

his Origmal MS. 2 vol. ... Xoftrf. 1838 8vo. 

Croly (Geo.) Memoir of the Political Life of 

Edmund Burke, 2 vol. ... 1840 8vo. 

Croly (David O.) Ecclesiastical Finance of the R. C. 

Church in Ireland. ... Cork, 1834 12mo. 

Cumberland (George). Thoughts on Outline, Sculp- 
ture, &c. ... Loud. 1796 4to. 

Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine; edited by J. Forbes, 

A. Tweedie, and J. ConoUy, 4 vol. 1833-35 8vo. 


DAILLE (John). Treatise on the Right Use of the 

Fathers, edited by G. Jekyll. ... 1841 8vo. 


Dallaway (James). Series of Discourses upon Archi- 
tecture in England. ... Lond. 1833 8vo. 
Antiquities of Bristow, with the Topography of Wm. 

Wyrcestre, and Life of Wm. Canynges. Bristol, 1834 8vo. 

Daniel (W. B.) Rural Sports, 4 vol. Lond. 1807-13 4to. 

Dansey (Wm.) Horte Decanicse Rurales. An At- 
tempt to illustrate the Name and Title, Origin, 
&c. of Rural Deans, 2 vol. ... 1835 4to. 

D'Anville. Compendium of Ancient Geograjihy, 

2 vol. ... 1791 Svo. 

Maps. ... 1802 fol. 

D'Argenville (Ant. Jos.) Abrege de la Vie des 
plus Fameux Peintres : avec leurs Portraits, 

3 torn. ... ... Paris, 1745-52 4to. 

Daubeny (Charles). Three Lectures on Agriculture ; 

delivered at Oxford. ... Lond. 1841 8vo. 

D'Aubigne (J. H. Merle). History of the Reformation 
of the XVItii Century in Germany, Switzerland, 
&c. vol. 1, 2, 3. ... 1838-41 8vo. 

Davenport (R. A.) History of the Bastile, and its 

principal Captives. (Fam. Lib.) ... 1828 12mo. 

Davies (C. M.) History of Holland, from the Tenth 

to the Eighteenth Century, vol. 1, 2. ■ 1841-42 8vo. 

Davies (John). History of the Caribby Islands: with 

a Vocabulary. ... 1666 fol. 

Davis (J. F.) Description of the Empire of China 

and its Inhabitants, 2 vol. ... 1840 12mo. 

Davison (John). Remains and Occasional Publica- 
tions. ... Oxf. 1842 Svo. 

Davy (John). Memoirs of the Life of Sir Humphry 

Davy, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1836 Svo. 


Dauney (Wm.) Ancient Scottish Melodies; with an 
Inquiry illustrative of the History of the Music of 
Scotland. ,. Edin. 1838 4to. 

Deane (J, Bathurst). Worship of the Serpent ti'aced 

throughout the World. ... Loud. 1833 8vo. 

Debates in the House of Commons, 1768-1774: re- 
ported by Sir Henry Cavendish, vol. 1. 1841 8vo. 

Debrett's Baronetage of England ; edited by W. Court- 
hope. ... 1835 8vo. 

DelaBeche (H.T.) How to Observe. Geology. 1835 8vo. 

Rejiort on the Geology of Cornwall, Devon, and 

West Somerset. ... 1839 8vo. 

De la Croix. Abrege Chronologique de I'Histoire 

Ottomane, 2 torn. ... Pam, 1768 12mo. 

De Lamartine (Alphonse). Souvenirs, Pensees, et 
Pay sages, pendant un Voyage en Orient, (1832- 
35,) 4 torn. ... Bruxelles, 1835 12mo. 

DeUtise CC. Italorum Poetarum, collectore Ranutio 

Ghero, 4 torn. ... 1608 12mo. 

Denison (Bp.) Sermons preached before the Univer- 
sity of Oxford. ... 0^/1836 8vo. 

*Description of the Fossil Skull of an Ox, discovered at 

Melksham. ... Lond. 1839 4to. 

De Stael (Baron A.) Letters on England. 1830 8vo. 

Dewey (Orville). The Old World and the New; a 
Journal of Observations made on a Tour in 
Europe, 2 vol. ... 1836 12mo. 

D'Haussez (Baron). Great Britain in 1833, 2 vol. 1833 12mo. 

Diary of a Physician, see Warren. 

Dibdin (T. F. ) Bibliotheca Spenceriana ; a descriptive 
Catalogue of Books in the Library of Earl Spencer, 
printed in the XVth Century, 4 vol. 1814 8vo. 


Dibdin (T. F.) Aedes Akhorpianae ; an Account of 

the Mansion, Books, and Pictures, at Althorp, 2 vol. 1 822 8vo. 
Reminiscences of a Literary Life, 2 vol. Lond. 1836 8vo. 

Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour 
in the Northern Counties of England, and in 

Scotland, 2 vol. ... 1838 8vo. 

See Typog. Antiq. 

Dick (A. C.) Dissertations on Church Polity. Edin. 1835 8vo. 

Dickens (Charles). American Notes for General Cir- 
culation, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1842 8vo. 

fDictionnaire de I'Academie Francoise, 2 tom. Paris, 1822 4to. 

Dix (John). Life of Thomas Chatterton. Bristol, 1837 12mo. 
Local Legends and Rambling Rhymes, 1839 12mo. 

The Doctor, &c. & vol. ... Lond. ISM-ZS 8vo. 

Dodwell (Hen.) De Veteribus Graecorum Romano- 

rumque Cyclis Dissertationes X. Oxon. 1701 4to, 

*Domestic Portraiture ; Memoirs of Three Children of 

Legh Richmond. ... Lond. 1834 12mo. 

Donaldson (W. L.) Connection of Heraldry with 

Gothic Architecture. ... 1837 8vo. 

Donaldson (J. W.) New Cratylus, or Contributions 
towards a more accurate Knowledge of the Greek 
Language. ... Camb. 1839 Svo. 

Donovan (Mic.) Domestic Economy, vol. 2, (Cab. 

Cyc.) ... ... Land. 1837 12mo. 

Douglas (James). Truths of Religion. Edin. 1832 8vo. 

*Dowling (J. G.) Letter to Maitland on the Opinions 

of the Paulicians. ... Lond. 1835 Svo. 

Drew. Life, Character, and Literary Labours of . 

Samuel Drew. ... 1834 Svo. 

*Du Bartas. Divine Weekes and Works ; translated by 

Joshua Sylvester. ... 1641 fol. 


f*Ducatus Lancastrian. Pars Quarta. Calendar to 

Proceedings, temp. Eliz. ... Lond. 1834 fol. 

Dudley (Earl of). Letters to the Bishop of LlandaE 1841 8vo. 

Duke (Edw.) Prolusiones Historiccc; Essays illustra- 
tive of the Halle of John Halle of Salishury, 
vol. 1. ... ... Salisb. 1837 8vo. 

Dwight (Timothy). Theology explained and defended, 

in a Series of Sermons. ... Glasgow, 1831 8vo. 


*EDEN (C. P.) Prize Essay on the Use and Ahuse 

of Theory. ... On-f. 1831 8vo. 

*Eden (John), see Psalms. 
Edmburgh Review, vol. 58-76. ... Edin. 1833-42 8vo. 

Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, vol. 28-46. 1833-42 8vo. 

Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, vol. 39 — 

58. ... ... 1833-42 8vo. 

Edmonds (T. R.) Practical, Moral, and Political 

Economy. ... Lond. 1828 8vo. 

Ellis (Wm.) History of Madagascar, 2 vol. 1838 8vo. 

Elmes (James). Dictionary of the Fine Arts. 1826 8vo, 

Elmsleiana Crilica, pars 1, Notas in Euripidem conti- 

nens; edit. F. E. Gretton. ... Cantab. 1833 8vo. 

Elphinstone (Hon. Mountstuart). History of India, 

vol. 1,2. ... Lond. 1841 8vo. 

Elton (Sir C. A.) Boyhood: with other Poems, and 

Translations. . 1835 8vo. 

f Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol. 7 — 21, and General 

Index. ... Edin. 1833-42 4to. 

Fnglish Poets, see Chalmers. 


Enoch. Book of Enoch the Prophet, an Apocryphal 
Production; translated from the Ethiopic by Abp. 
Lawrence. ... Oxf. 1836 8vo. 

Epistles of Clement, Polycarp, and Ignatius: Apologies 
of .Justin Martyr and Tertullian ; translated by T. 
Chevallier. ... Lond. 1833 8vo. 

Essays on the Principles of Charitable Institutions. 1836 8vo. 

*Esop's Fables, in Chinese; by Mun Mooy Seen- 
Shang, and an English Translation, by his Pupil 
Sloth. ... Canton, 1840 4to. 

*Essays on the Church, by a Layman. hond. 1838 12mo. 

*Evans (R. W.) Bishopric of Souls. 1842 12mo. 

*Eucharistica. Meditations and Prayers on the Eu- 
charist, from Old English Divines: with an Intro- 
duction by Adn. S. Wilberforce. ... 1839 12mo, 

Evelyn (John). Miscellaneous Writings, edited by 

W. Upcott. ... 1835 4to. 

*Evidence on Drunkenness, presented to the House of 

Commons. ... 1834 8vo. 

Eusebius. Leaves from Eusebius : selected from the 

Evangelical Preparation, by Heniy Street, 1842 8vo. 

Eyre (Vincent). Military Operations at Cabul in 1842, 

with a Journal of Imprisonment in Affghanistan. 1843 8vo. 
Exley (Tho.) Important Facts, embracing Results in 

Chemistry. ... Bristol, 1837 8vo. 

Extracts from Information on the Administration, &c. 

of the Poor Laws, ... Lond. 1834 8vo. 


FABER (George S.) Apostolicity of Tiiiiitarianism, 

2 vol. ... Lond. 1832 8vo. 

*Faber (F. W.) Tracts on the Church and her Offices. 1840 12mo. 

Falconer (Wm.) Dictionary of the Marhie : enlarged 

by Wm. Burney. ... 1830 4to. 

FelloMs (Charles). Journal during an Excursion in 

Asia Minor. ... 1839 8vo. 

Account of Discoveries in Lycia during a Second 

Excursion in Asia Minor. ... 1841 4to. 

Feuerbach (Anselm Von). Account of Casper Hauser. 1834 12uio. 

Fittou (W. H.) Geological Sketch of the Vicinity of 

Hastings. ... 1833 12mo. 

Flaxman (John). Lectures on Sculptme. 1829 8vo. 

Fletcher (James). History of Poland. 1831 8vo. 

Fleury (L'Abbe). Ecclesiastical History from A. D. 
381 — 400, with Notes and an Essay on Miracles 
by J. H. Newman. ... 0.r/. 1842 8vo. 

Fonblanque (Albany). England under Seven Admi- 
nistrations, 3 vol. ... Lond. 1837 8vo. 

Forbes (James). Oriental INIemoirs; written during 

Seventeen Yeeirs' Residence in India, 4 vol. 1813 4to. 

Foreign Quarterly Review, vol. 12— 30. 1833-42 8vo. 

Forster (Charles). Life of Bishop Jebb, 2 vol. 1836 8vo. 

Apostolical Authority of the Epistle to the Hebrews. 1838 8vo. 

Fosbroke (T. D.) Foreign Topography; an Account 

of Ancient Remains. (Secpiel to Ency. of Antiq.) 1828 4to. 

*Foster (James). Christian Revelation Defended. 1731 8vo. 

Foster (John). Essay on the Evils of Popular Igno- 
rance. ... 1834 8v(). 


Franklin (John). The Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chace 

Illustrated. ... Lond. 1836 4to. 

Freycinet (Louis de). Voyage autour du Monde; 
execute sur les Corvettes de S. M. I'Oranie et la 
Physicienue, pendant les annees 1817, 18, 19, 20, 
8 torn. ... Pans, 1826-39 4to. 
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See Lloyd. 

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Gibbon (Edw.) Life : with Selection from his Corres- 
pondence, by H. H. Milman. ... Lond. 1839 8vo, 

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x\thens, and the Morea. ... 1837 8vo. 

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tions with the Chm"ch. ... 1831 8vo. 

Church Principles considered in their Results. 1840 8vo. 

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Glocester. see Collection. 

Glossary of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, 

and Gothic Architecture, 3 vol. Oxford, 1840-41 8vo. 

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a List of the Bishops of the Patriarchate of 
Britain. ... Lond. 1839 12mo. 

What is Queen Anne's Bounty ? The Question 

answered. ... 1840 8vo. 

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of Falk, Von Miiller, &c. by Sarah Austin, 
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Pieces now first Collected, by James Prior, 4 
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between the Protestant and Roman C'atholic 
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the Applications of the Science in the Arts. 1842 8vo. 

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containing Evidence of their Identity. Lond. 1841 8vo. 

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Spas of England, and principal Sea-Bathing Places, 

3 vol. ... 1841 8vo. 

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4 vol. ... 1822 8vo. 

Grattan (Henry). Memoirs of the Life and Times of 

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1839. ... 1840 8vo. 

Great Metropolis; by the Author of Random Recol- 
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man. ... Lond. 1839 12mo. 

*Clement Walton ; or the English Citizen. 1840 12mo. 

*Siege of Lichfield ; a Tale illustrative of the Great 

Rebellion. ... 1840 12mo. 

* On Restoration of the National Church. 1841 8vo. 

* Bernard Leslie ; a Tale of the last Ten 

Years. ... 1842 12nio. 


Greswell (Edw.) Dissertation upon the Principles 
and An'angement of a Harmony of the Gospels, 
3 vol. ... Oxf. 1830 8vo. 

Harmonia Evangelica, sive IV Evangelia Greece pro 
Temporis et Reruni Serie in Partes Quinque dis- 
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tions of the Text and Metre, 2 vol. Xont/. 1754 8vo. 

Grey (Geo.) Journals of Two Expeditions of Dis- 
covery in N. West and Western AustraHa, in 
1837-8-9, 2 vol. ... 1841 8vo. 

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port of the Image and Likeness of God in Man. 1837 8vo. 

*Griufield (Thomas). Lecture on Imagination and 

Poetry. ... Bristol, 1841 8vo. 

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Breakwaters. ... Lond. 1842 8vo. 

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by P. M. Beckwith. ... Lond. 1837 8vo. 
Washington; translated by Henry Reeve. 1840 Svo. 

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scribed in Familiar Letters. ... 1841 8vo. 


GutzlafF (Charles), Journal of Three Voyages along 

the Coast of Chma, 1831-33. ... Lond. 1834 8vo. 

China Opened; a display of the Topography, History, 

&c. of the Chinese Empire, 2 vol. 1838 8vo. 










HACKET (John). Select and Remai-kahle Epitaphs, 
2 vol. ... ... 

Hackett (Bp.) Memorial of Abp. Williams. 

Hakluyt. Supplement to his Voyages, &c. 

*Haldane (R.) Duty of paying Tribute enforced. 

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livered at the Royal College of Physicians. 1831 8vo. 

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6 vol. ... ... 1832-33 8vo. 

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^Explanatory Discourses on the Epistles for Sundays 

and Principal Festivals, 2 vol. ... 1839 8vo. 

^Occasional Sermons, chiefly Funeral. 1843 8vo. 

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2 vol. ... Lond. 1834 8vo. 

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Third Series, 3 vol. ... 1833 12mo. 

Schloss Hainfeld ; or a Winter in Lower Styria. Ed'm. 1836 8vo. 
Patch-work, 3 vol. ... Lond. 1841 8vo. 

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Tenant, and Tenant and Labourer. 1841 8vo. 

*Hallam (Hen.) Introduction to the Literature of 
Europe in the 15th, 16th, and 17th Centuries, 
4 vol. ... 1837-39 8vo. 


Hamilton (Walter). Description of Hindostan and the 

Adjacent Countries, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1820 4to. 

^Hamilton (Wm.) On the Cultivation of Wheat with- 
in the Tropics. ... Plymouth, 1840 8vo. 

Hampden (R. D.) Lectures Introductory to the Study 

of Moral Philosophy. ... Lo;«/. 1835 8vo. 

*Inaugural Lecture at Oxford, ... 1836 8vo. 

*Tracts relating to the Case of Dr. Hampden. 1836 8vo. 

Hand-book; or Guide through Holland, Belgium, 

Prussia, Northern Germany, &c. 1841 8vo. 

Hansard (T. C.) Typogi'aphia : a Sketch of the Origin 

and Progi-ess of the Art of Printing. 1825 8vo. 

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the Scripture Account, 2 vol. ... 1838 8vo. 

Hare (Aug. W.) Sermons to a Country Congi'egation, 

2 vol. ... ■ 1838 8vo. 

Harford (John Scandrett), Life of Bishop Burgess. 1840 8vo. 

Hartlibb (Sam.) Legacie : or an Enlargement of the 
Discourse of Husbandry used in Brabant and 
Flaunders. ... 1652 4to. 

Hartshome (C. H.) Book Rarities in the University 

of Cambridge. ... 1835 8vo. 

Harwood (Tho.) Alumni Etonenses. A Catalogue of 
Pi;ovosts and Fellows of Eton and King's College, 
Cambridge, from 1443 to 1797. Birmingham, 1797 4to. (Heinrich). Public and Private Life of the An- 
cient Greeks. ... LonJ. 1836 12mo. 

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cipal Objects and Uses of the Old Testament. Oxf. 1833 8vo. 

Hazlitt (Wm.) Literary Remains, 2 vol. Lond. 1836 Svo. 

Head ( Sir F. B . ) Life of Bruce, the African Traveller, 1 836 1 2mo. 
See Bubbles. c 


Head (Sir Geo.) Home Tour through the Manufac- 
turing Districts, 2 vol. — Lond. 1836-37 8vo. 
Forest Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North 

America. ... 1838 8vo. 

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the XXXIX Articles. ... Oxf. 1841 8vo. 

Heeren (A, H. L.) Historical Researches into the 
Politics, Intercourse, and Trade of the Principal 
Nations of Antiquity, 3 vol. ... 1833 8vo. 

Hemans (Mrs.) Works; with a Memoir of her Life, 

by her Sister, 7 vol. ... £o«(/. 1839-40 12mo. 

Henderson (E.) Divine Inspiration; or the Super- 
natural Influence exerted in the Communication 
of Divine Truth, &c. ... 1836 8vo. 

Henslow (J. S.) Principles of Descriptive and Physio- 
logical Botany, (Cab. Cyc.) ... 1835 12mo. 

Herbert (George). Poems, and Remains, 2 vol. 1835-36 12mo. 

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Grammaticae. ... Lips. 1801 8vo. 

Herodianus. Historiarum Libri Octo. curante T. G. 

Irmisch, 5 torn. ... 1789 8vo. 

Herschell (Sir J. W. F.) Treatise on Astronomy. 

(Cab. Cyc.) ' Lond. 1833 12mo. 

Hippisley (J.H.) Chapters en Early English Litera- 
ture. ... ... 1837 8vo. 

*History and Description of the Royal Museum of 

Natural History. ... Paris, 1823 8vo. 

fHoare (Sir R. C.) History of North Wilts, part 2. 1821 fol. 

Hoare (Clem.) On the Cultivation of the Grape Vine 

on Open Walls. ... Lond. 1835 8vo. 

Hodges (G. Lloyd). Narrative of the Expedition to 

Portugal in 1832, 2 vol. ... 1833 8vo. 


Hodgson (Stiulholuie). Truths I'rom the West Indies. 1838 8vo. 
*Hodges (Edw.) Essay on the Cultivation of Church 

Music. ... iV. York, 1841 8vo. 

Hogarth (Geo.) Musical History, BiogTaphy, and 

Criticism. ... Lond. 1835 12mo. 

Homer. Iliads and Odysses; translated by George 

Chapman, 2 vol. in 1. ... 1611-14 fol. 

Holland (Hen.) Medical Notes and Reflections. 1840 8vo. 

Hollings (J. F.) Life of Gustavus Adolphus, King of 

Sweden. (Fam. Lib.) ... 1838 12mo. 

Hook (W. F.) Church Dictionary. 1842 8vo. 

Hooker (Richard). Works; with Additions: an-anged 

by John Keble, 4 vol. ... Oxf. 1836 8vo. 

Hooker (W.J.) British Flora. ... Lowrf. 1835 8vo. 

Hope (Tho.) Historical Essay on Architecture, 2 vol. 1835 8vo. 
Analytical Index to Hope's Architecture, by Edward 

Cresy. ... 1836 8vo. 

*Horse Viaticse : the Author Mela Britannicus. 1836 12mo. 

Horatius Restitutus. The Books of Horace in Chrono- 
logical Order, according to the scheme of Bentley; 

by J. Tate. ... 1837 8vo. 

Q. Horatius Flaccus. Omnia Poemata, cum Scholiis 

Aug. Pohtiani, &c. ... Venet. 1559 fol. 

Home (T. H.) Introduction to the Critical Study and 

Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, 4 vol. Lond. 1839 8vo. 
Horneman ( Fr. ) Voyage dans I'Afrique Septentrionale ; 

augmente de Notes, &c. par L. Langles. Paris, 1803 8vo. 
Hoskins (G. A.) Travels in Ethiopia, above the second 

cataract of the Nile. ... Lond. 1835 4to. 

Howe (John). Works: with his Life by Edmund 

Calamv, 2 vol. ... 1724 fol. 


Howitt (Wm.) Rural Life of England, 2 vol. Lond. 18Z8 8vo. 
Visits to Remarkable Places and Scenes illustrative 

of English History and Poetry, 2 vol. 1 840-42 Svo, 

Hudson (J. C.) Plain Directions for making 

Wills. ... ... 1838 l2mo. 

Hughes ( T. S. ) H istory of E ngland from the accession 

of George III. (1760-1835.) 7 vol. 1836 Svo. 

Hunter (Jos.) Hallamshire. History of the Parish of 

Sheffield, in the County of York. 1819 fol. 

*Disquisition on the Scene, Origin, &c. of Shakes- 
peare's Tempest. ... 1839 Svo. 

Huntingdon. Life and Times of Selina Countess of 

Huntingdon, 2 vol. ... 1841 Svo. 

Hutchinson (Graham). Essays on Unexplained Phe- 
nomena. ... Glasgow, 1838 Svo. 

JACKSON (THOMAS). Works; edited by Barnabas 

Oley, 3 vol. ... Lond. 1678 fol. 

Jackson (J.) and Chatto (W. A.) Treatise on Wood 

Engraving, Historical and Practical. 1839 Svo. 

Jacob (J.) Annals of the British Norman Isles, con- 
stituting the Bailiwick of Guernsey, part 1. Paris, 1830 Svo. 

Jacquemont (Victor). Correspondance pendant son 

Voyage dans Flnde. (1828-32) 2 vol. 1833 Svo. 

Jahn (Johan.) Archaeologia Biblica, a Manual of Bib- 
lical Antiquities, translated by T. C. Upham. Oa/. 1816 Svo. 

K. James T. Workes : edited by Bp. Montague. Lont/. 1616 fol. 


James (G. P. R.) On the Educational Institutions of 

Germany. ... Lond. 1835 8vo. 
Life and Times of Louis XIV, 4 vol. 1839 8vo. 

James (Josepli). Poetry. ... Bristol, I84I 8vo. 

Jameson (Mrs.) Handbook to the Public Galleries of 

x\rt in and near London, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1842 8vo. 

Jarrold (Tbo.) Instinct and Reason investigated, with 
a view to ascertain the Principles of the Science 
of Education. ... 1836 8vo. 

Jebb and Knox, see Con'espondence. 

Jennings (David). Jewish Antiquities, 2 vol. 1766 8vo. 

Jesse (J. H.) Court of England during the Reign of 

the Stuarts, including the Protectorate, 4 vol. 1840-42 8vo. 
Memoirs of the Court of England from 1688 to 1760, 

3 vol. ... ... 1842 8vo. 

Jesuits' Perspective, translated by E. Chambers. 4to. 

Illustrations of Modern Sculpture ; with Descriptions 

by T. K. Hervey. ... 1834 4to. 

Index in Tragicos Grsecos ; Auc. C. D. Beckio, et 

B. W. Beatson, 3 torn. ... Ca«to6. 1830 8vo. 

Inglis ( Hen. D. ) Journey throughout Ireland, in 1 834, 

2 vol. ... ... Lond. 1834 8vo. 

Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, &c. 1835 8vo. 

Journey through Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 1835 8vo. 

Switzerland, the South of France, and the Pyre- 
nees. ... ... 1835 8vo. 

Spain, 2 vol. ... 1837 8vo. 

Jocelyn (Lord). Six Months with the Chinese Ex- 
pedition. ... 1841 12mo. 

fJodrell (R. P.) Philology of the English Language. 1820 4to. 

Johnson (J. N.) Life of Thomas Linacre,M.D. 1835 8vo. 


Johnsoniana ; or Supplement to Boswell : being Anec- 
dotes and Sayings of Dr. Johnson. Loud. 1836 8vo. 

Jortin (John). Miscellaneous Observations on Authors, 

Ancient and Modern, 2 vol. ... 1731-32 8vo. 

Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, 

vol. 2— 11. ... 1833-42 8vo. 

Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society, vol. 1, 2. 1839-42 8vo. 

Irenseus ( Sane. ) Contra Omnes Hsereses Libri V. cura 

J. E. Grabe. ... Oxon. \702 fol. 

Irving (Washington). Tour on the Prairies. Lond. 1835 8vo. 
Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey. ... 1835 8vo. 

Irving (J. T.) Indian Sketches, taken during an Ex- 
pedition to the Pawnee and other tiibes of American 
Indians, 2 vol. ... 1835 8vo. 

Isaacson (Henry). Life and Death of Lancelot 

Andrewes, Bp. of Winchester, ... 1829 8vo. 

Junot (Madame), see Memoirs. 

Jussieu ( A. L.) Genera Plautarum secmidum Ordines 

Naturales disposita. ... Paris, 1789 8vo. 


KANT (IMMANUEL). Metaphysical Works ; 

translated by J. Richardson. ... Lond. 1819-36 8vo. 

*Kaye (Bp.) Account of the Writings and Opinions 

of Clement of Alexandria. ... — 
Keating (JeofFry). General History of Ireland. — 
Keats (John). Poetical Works. ... — 
Keeling (William). Liturgise Britannicae. The Edi- 
tions of the Book of Common Prayer arranged to 
shew their respective Variations. ... 1842 8vo. 








Keith (Alex.) Demonstralioii of the Truth of the 

Christian Rehgion. ... Edin. 1838 12mo. 

*Kelsall (C.) Letter on Bells. ... Loud. 1836 12mo. 

*Kempthorue (J.) Reasons for reviving Convocations, 

or restoring Provincial Synods. ... 1835 8vo. 

Kendall (John ) . Elucidation of the Principles of Eng- 
lish Architecture. ... 1818 8vo. 

Ker (John). Essay on the Archaiology of Popular 

English Phrases and Nursery Rhymes. Southamp. 1835 8vo. 

Kidd (John). Adaptation of External Nature to the 
Physical Condition of Man, ( Bridgewater Trea- 
tise). ... Lond. 1833 8vo. 

Kirhy (William). Monographia Apum Angliae, 

2 vol. ... Ipswich, 1802 8vo. 

Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God, as manifested 
in the Creation of Animals, their Instincts, &c. 
(Biidgewater Treatise) 2 vol. ... Lond. 1835 8vo. 

Knapp (J. L.) Gramina Britannica; or Representa- 
tions of British Grasses. ... 1842 4to. 

Knight (H. G.) Architectural Tour in Normandy. 1836 8vo. 
Normans in Sicily: a Sequel to the Tour in Nor- 
mandy. ... 1838 8vo. 

Knighton (Lady). Memoirs of Sir Wm. Knighton, 

2 vol. ... 1838 8vo. 

Knox (Alexander). Remains, 4 vol. 1834-37 8vo. 

Krummacher (F. W.) Elijah the Tishhite, translated 

from the German. ... 1837 8vo. 

Kiigler (Fr.) Hand-Book of the History of Painting ; 

edited by C . L. Eastlake, part 1 . ... 1842 8vo. 


LABORDE (LEON DE). Journey through Arabia 
Petrtea to Mount Sinai, and the Excavated City 
ofPetra. ... Lond- 1836 8vo. 

La Bruyere. Les Caracteres, suivis des Caracteres de 

Theophraste, 2 torn. ... Paris, 1829 8vo. 

Lacepede (Comte de). Histoire Naturelle. Suite et 

Complement des ffiuvres de Buffon, 5 torn. 1819 8vo. 

Laing (Sam.) Journal of a Residence in Norway 

during 1834-5-6. ... Lond. 1836 8vo. 

Tour in Sweden in 1838. ... 1839 8vo. 

Notes on the Social and Political State of France, 

Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, &c. ... 1842 8vo. 

Laird and Oldfield. Narrative of an Expedition into 
the Interior of Africa, by the River Niger, 

2 vol. ... 1837 8vo. 

Lamb (Chas.) Elia ; First and Second Series, 2 vol. 1835 8vo. 
Rosamund Gray : Recollections of Christ's Hospi- 
tal, &c. ... 1835 8vo. 

Poetical Works. ... 1836 12mo. 

Letters; with a Sketch of his Life by T. N.Talfourd, 

2 vol. ... 1837 8vo. 

Lamb (Dean), see Collection. 

Landor (W. S.) Imaginary Conversations, Second 

Series, 3 vol. ... 1828-29 8vo. 

Gebir, Count Julian, and other Poems. 1831 8vo. 

Citation and Examination of W. Shakspeare, before 

Sir Thomas Lucy, Knt. ... 1834 8vo. 

Pericles and Aspasia, 2 vol. ... 1836 8vo. 

Letters of a Conservative: on the Enchsh Church. 1836 8vo. 


Laiulov (W. S.) Pentauieroii and Pentalogia. Land. 1837 8vo. 

Andrea of Hungary, and Giovanna of Naples. 

Fra Rupert. The last part of a Trilogy. 

Lang (J. D.) Historical and Statistical Account of 

New South Wales, 2 vol. . . . 

H Langhorne (Dan.) ChroniconRegum Angloriun. 

Lardner ('Nathaniel). Works, 10 vol. 

Lardner (Dionys.) Treatise on Heat, (Cab. Cyc.) 
Steam Engine familiarly explained and illustrated. 

Latham (R. G.) The English Language. 

















Lalhbury (Thomas). History of the Convocation of 

the Church of England. ... 1842 12mo. 

Latrohe (C. I.) Rambler in North America, 1832-33, 

2 vol. ... 1835 8vo. 

Rambler in Mexico. ... 1836 8vo. 

Latrobe (J. A.) Scripture Illustrations; the Geography 

and Topogi-aphy of the Bible. ... 1838 4to. 

Lauder (Sir T. D.) Highland Rambles, 2 vol. £</m. 1837 8vo. 
Legendary Tales of the Highlands : a Sequel to 

Highland Rambles, 3 vol. ... Lond. \M\ 8vo. 

Law (W^m.) Letters to Bishop Hoadley. Oxf. 1835 12mo. 

Lawrance (Hannah). Memoirs of the Queens of Eng- 
land, from the commencement of the Xllth Cen- 
tury, 2 vol. ... L(md. 1838-40 8vo. 

Le Bas (C. W^) Life of Wiclif, (Theological Li- 
brary.) ... 1832 12mo. 

Life of Bp. Jewel, (Theolog. Lib.) ... 1835 12mo. 

Le Cras (Ab. Jones). Laws, Customs, and Privileges 

of the Island of Jersey. ... 1839 12mo. 

Lee (Sam.) Controversial Tracts on Christianity and 

Mohammedanism, translated and explained. Camb. 1824 8vo. 


Lee (Sam.) Grammar of the Hebrew Language. Cam6. 1832 8vo. 
fLexicon; Hebrew, Chaldee, and English. 1840 8vo. 

Lee (Mrs. R.) Memoh's of Baron Cuvier. Lond. 1833 8vo. 

La Long (J.) Bibliotheque Historique de la France, 

2 torn. ... Paris, 1719 fol. 

fLempriere (J.) Classical Dictionary; edited by E. 

H. Barker. ... Lond. 1832 8vo. 

Leunep (J. D.) Etymologicum Linguae Grsecoe ; cura- 

vit Everardus Scheidius, 2 torn. Traj. ad Rhen. 1790 8vo. 
Prielectiones Academicfe, de Analogia Linguse GrseCcE, 

recensuit E. Scheidius. ... 1790 8vo. 

Leslie (P. D.) Philosophical Inquiry into the Cause 

of Animal Heat. ... Lond. 1778 8vo. 

*Letter to the Bishop of London on the State of the 

Christian Knowledge Society. ... 1834 8vo. 

Letters to a Dissenting Minister, by L. S. E. 1834 12mo. 

Letters and Essays in Prose and Verse. 1834 8vo. 

*Letters, Essays, &c. on the Municipal History and 

Trade of Bristol ; by a Burgess. Bristol, 1836 12mo. 

Letters from Ireland, by Charlotte Elizabeth. Lond. 1838 Svo, 

Lewis (Matt. G.) Journal of a West India Proprietor 

during a Residence in Jamaica. ... 1834 8vo. 

Liber Ecclesiasticus. Revenues of the Established 
Church; compiled from the Report of the Commis- 
sioners for inquiring thereinto. . . . 1 835 8vo. 

Liber Landavensis, Llyfr Teilo ; or the Ancient Regis- 
ter of the Cathedral Church of Llandaff; with a 
Translation and Notes by W.J. Rees. Landovery, 1840 8vo. 

Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church, 
anterior to the division of the East and West, 
vol. 1—11. .. Oxf. 1838-43 8vo. 


Lieber (Franc.) Reminiscences of George Berthold 

Niebuhr. ... Lond. 1835 8vo. 

Liebig (Justus). Organic Chemistry in its application 
to Agriculture and Physiology; edited by Lyon 

Playfair. ... 1840 8vo. 

Animal Chemistry, or Organic Chemistry in its 
applications to Physiology and Pathology. Edited 
by Wm. Gregory. ... 1842 8vo. 

Lights and Shades of Military Life ; edited by Sir C. 

Napier, 2 vol. ... 1840 8vo. 

Lincohi. History of the County of Lincoln, 2 vol. 1834 4to. 

Lindley (John) . Introduction to the Natural System 

of Botany, ... 1830 8vo. 

Synopsis of the British Flora ; arranged according to 

the Natural Orders. ... 1829 12mo. 

Lindsay (Lord). Letters on Egypt, Edom, and the 

Holy Land, 2 vol. ... 1839 8vo. 

*Lives of Five Roman Catholic Saints, canonized on 

Trinity Sunday, 1839. ... 1839 Svo. 

Lockhart (J. G.) Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter 

Scott, 7 vol. ... Edin. 1837-38 8vo. 

See Ancient. 

f Lodge (Edm.) Portraits of Illustrious Persons, part 

47, 48. .. Lond. 1834 Svo. 
Peerage of the British Empire. ... 1834 8vo. 

Lloyd (Sir Wm.) Journey from Caunpoor to the 
Himalaya Mountains : and Gerard's (Alex.) At- 
tempt to penetrate by Bekhur to Garoo, 2 vol. 1840 8vo. 

Londonderry (Marquis of). Recollections of a Tour in 

the North of Europe in 1836-37, 2 vol. 1838 Svo. 

Loudon (J. C.) Encyclopaedia of Plants. 1829 8vo. 


Loudon (J. C.) Encyclopaedia of Agriculture. Lond. 1835 8vo. 
Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum ; or the Trees 
and Shrubs of Great Britahi delineated and de- 
scribed, 4 vol. ... 1838 8vo. 

f Lowndes (W. T.) Bibliographer's Manual; an Ac- 
count of Books published in or relating to Great 
Britain, 4 vol. ... 1828-34 8vo. 

fBritisli Librarian, or Book-Collector's Guide, part 1 — 

11. ... 1839-42 8vo. 

*Lucas(Sam.) Sandwich Islands; a Prize Poem. Oar/". 1841 12mo. 

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nation of the Shores of S. America, and the Beagle's 

Circumnavigation of the Globe, 4 vol. 1839 8vo. 

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Time, 3 vol. ... 1839-41 fol. 

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1834. ... ... . 1833 8vo. 

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Lectures on the Prophetical Character of the Church 
relatively to Romanism and Popular Protestant- 
ism. ... ... 1837 8vo. 

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Familiar Introduction to the History of In- 
sects. ... ... 1841 8vo. 

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Heavens. ... ... Edin. 1837 8vo. 

Phenomena and Order of the Solar System. 1838 8vo. 


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&c. for ascertaining the Dates of Historical 

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Treatise on the Law of Adulterine Bastai-dy. 1836 8vo. 

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Machinist. ... ... 1834 8vo. 

Nicholson (Peter). Practical Treatise on Masonry and 

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S. Doleti, 3 toui. ... 1820 8vo. 

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Difference between the Two Churches. Dublin, 1835 8vo. 
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Lect.) ... ... Oxf. 183G 8vo. 


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with Memoranda for the History of Cornwall, 
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6 vol. ... ... Lond. 1840 8vo. 

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and New. ... ... Lond. 1841 12mo. 

*Milford Malvoism ; or Pews and Pewholders. 1842 12mo. 

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2 vol. ... ... 1838 8vo. 

* Apostolical Jurisdiction, &c. of the Episcopacy in 

the British Churches. ... 1840 8vo. 

*Enquiry concerning Church Extension. 1841 Svo. 


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of Christ, (Hulsean Lecture, 1838.) Land. 1839 8vo. 

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Parliaments and Councils of England, chronologically 

arranged from Wm. I. to 1688. 1839 8vo. 

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Discovery. ... 1825 4to. 

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Warren, vol. 3. ... Edin. 1837 12mo. 

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Memoir of his liife, 2 vol. ... 1837 8vo. 

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cluding their Correspondence, 2 vol. 1841 8vo. 

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pondence of Christian Fred. Swartz, 2 vol. 1834 8vo. 

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on the Bill for suppressing Disturbances in Ire- 
land. ... ... 1833 8vo. 

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Weseham. ... ... 1761 4to. 

Pelet (Baron). Napoleon in Council ; transl. by Basil 

Hall. ... ... 1837 8vo. 

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ples, et de Villes, 8 tom. ... Paris, 1762-07 4to. 

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coe. ... ... Ij(}ii(I. 1N33 12iii(». 


Pepys (Samuel). Life, Journals, and Correspondence, 

2 vol. ... ... Lond. 1841 

*Perceval (Hon. A. P.) Apology for the Doctrine of 

Apostolical Succession. 

^Collection of Papers connected with the Theological 

Movement of 1833. ... 

*Letter to Thomas Arnold, D. D. ... 

Petre ( Hon. H. W. ) Account of the Settlements of the 

New Zealand Company. ... 

Peter Plymley's Letters to his Brother Abraham. 

Pfizer (Augustus). Life of Luther, translated by 
T. S. Williams. ... 


1839 12mo. 









1840 8vo. 

Phelps (Wm.) History and Antiquities of Somerset- 
shire, vol. 1. ... 1836-39 4to. 

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of Painting. ... 1833 8vo. 

Phillips (John). Guide to Geology. 1834 12mo. 

Philological Museum, vol. 2. ... Camb. 1833 8vo. 

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 

1833-42. ... Lond. 1834-42 4to. 

f Index to Philosophical Transactions, vol. 71 — 120, 

(1781—1830). ... 1821-33 4to. 

Philosophical Magazine, vol. 43— 68. 1814-26 8vo. 

New Series, 31 vol. ... 1827-42 8vo. 

Physical Theory of Another Life. ... 1836 8vo. 

Pindar, in English Verse; by H. F. Gary. 1833 12mo. 

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of Illustrious Persons of Scotland. 1797 8vo. 

Modern Geography, 3 vol. — 1807 4to. 

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to Vienna. ... 1828 8vo. 


Platon. CEuvres ; tiaduites par Victor Cousin, torn. 

6—10. ... ... Paris, 1831-34 8vo. 

*Plea for the Church iu Ireland, or a Protest against 

Sacrilege. ... Lotid. 1834 8vo. 

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Sketch of Oriental Poetry and Music. 1833 12nio. 

Pococke (Edw.) Theological Works : edited by Leonard 

Twells, 2 vol. ... 1740 fol. 

Polack (J. S.) Narrative of Travels and Adventures 

in New Zealand, between 1831 and 1837, 

2 vol. ... 1839 8vo. 

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Hemsterhusii. ... .dmst. 1706 fol. 

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Poor Laws, see Extracts. 

Pope (Alex.) Supplement to his Works. Lond. 1807 8vo. 

f ^Population. Abstract of Answers and Returns to the 

Population Act of 1831, 3 vol. ... 1833 fol. 

*Porter (W. O.) Introductory Lecture at the Bristol 

Medical School. ... Bristol, 1837 Svo. 

Porter (G. R.) Progress of the Nation durhig the 

Present Century, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1836-38 12rao. 

*Memoir of the Trade between England and 

America. ... 1837 4to. 

Powell (Baden). Connexion of Natural and Divine 

Truth; or the Study of the Inductive Philosophy 

considered as subservient to Theology. 1838 Svo. 

Tradition Unveiled : the Pretensions and Tendency 

of Authoritative Teaching in the Church. 1839 Svo. 

Price (Sir Uvedale) on the Picturesque, with Notes, 

&c. bv Sir T. D. Lauder. ... 1842 Svo. 


Prichard (J, C.) Treatise on Insanity and other Dis- 
orders affecting the Mind. ... Land. 1835 8vo. 
Researches into the Physical History of Mankind, 

vol. 1—3. ... 1836-41 8vo. 

Pringle (Tho.) Narrative of a Residence in South 

Africa. ... 1835 8vo. 

Prior (James). Life of Oliver Goldsmith, 2 vol. 1837 8vo. 

Proceedings of the London Electrical Society, vol. 1. 1841-43 8vo. 

Prout (Wm.) Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Func- 
tion of Digestion, considered with reference to 
Natural Theology, (Bridgewater Treatise). 1834 8vo. 

f Prout (J. S.) Picturesque Antiquities of Bristol. Brist. 1834 fol. 
f Castles and Abbeys of Monmouthshire. 1838 fol. 

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Second Series. ... Lond. 1831-34 4to. 

Pugin (A. W. N.) Designs for Gothic Furniture in 

the style of the XVth Century. ... 1835 4to. 

Purchass (Sam.) His Pilgrimes and Pilgrimages, 

5 vol. ... 1617-26 fol. 

Pusey (E. B.) Letter to the Bishop of Oxford, on 
the Tendency to Romanism imputed to certain 
Doctrines. ... Oxf. 1839 8vo. 

*Letter to the Abp. of Canterbury, on the Present 

Crisis in the English Church. ... 1842 8vo. 


QUARTERLY REVIEW, vol. 49— 71. Lonrf. 1833-43 8vo. 

Quetelet (A.) Sur I'Homme et le Developpement de 
ses Facultes, ou Essai de Physique Sociale, 
2 torn. ... Paris, 1835 8vo. 


Quill (Edw.) Historical Atlas; in a series of Maps of 

the World as known at difterent periods. Lond. 1830 fol. 


RAFFAELLE, &c. see Works. 

Random Recollections of the House of Lords and House 

of Commons, from 1830 to 1836, 2 vol. Lond. 1836 8vo. 

Ranke (Leopold). History of the Popes of Rome 
during the XVI th and XVII*^ Centuries; trans- 
lated by Sarah Austin, 3 vol. ... 1841 8vo. 

Ranken (Alex.) History of France, from its Conquest 

by Clovis A. D. 486, 9 vol. ... 1801-22 8vo. 

Rankin (F. H.) White Man's Grave : a Visit to SieiTa 

Leone in 1834, 2 vol. ... 1836 8vo. 

Recreations of Christopher North, 3 vol. Edin. 1843 8vo. 

Recueil des Historiens des Gaules et de la France, tom . 

19.20. ... Pans, 1833-40 fol. 

Redding (Cyrus). History and Description of Modem 

Wines. ... Lond. 1833 8vo. 

Reed (Rebecca T.) NaiTative of Six Months in a 

Convent. ... 1835 12mo. 

Raid (Col. W.) Attempt to develope the Law of 
Storms ; and to point out a cause for the Variable 
Winds. ... 1838 8vo. 

Remusat (J. P. Abel). Recherchos sur les Langues 

Tartares. ... Paris, 1820 4to. 

Renouard (A. A.) Annales de I'lmprimerie des Aide, 
ou Histoire des TIL Manuce et de lours Editions, 
3 tom. ... 1803-12 8vu. 


Report of the Discussion at the R. C. College of Down- 
side in Feb. aiid March, 1834. ... Lond. 1836 8vo. 

*Reports from H. M. Commissioners appointed to 

consider the state of the Established Church. 1836 8vo. 

Report from His Majesty's Commissioners on the Ad- 
ministration of the Poor Laws. ... 1833 8vo. 

*Report (Third) of the Inspectors of Prisons. (Ex- 
tracts from) ... 1838 8vo. 

*Report (2. 3. 4.) of the Registrar-General of Births, 

Deaths, and Marriages. ... 1840-41 fol. 

* Reports (Parliamentary) on Municipal Coq^orations, 

Charities, &c. 15 voh ... 1824 &c. fob 

Report of the Meetings of the British Association 

for the Advancement of Science, vol. 1 — 10. 

Loud. 1832-42 8vo. 
f^Litbograpbed Signatures of Members of the British 

Association. ... Camb. 1833 4to. 

* Report on Animal Magnetism by a Committee of 

the Royal Academy of Sciences; translated by J. 

C. Colquhoun. ... Edin. 1833 8vo. 

*Report of Interments in the City and County of New 

York. ... New York, 1838 8vo. 

Report of the Commissioners for inquiiing concerning 

Charitable Institutions (in Bristol ;) edited by T. 

J. Manchee, 2 vol. ... Bristol, 1831 4to. 

*Report (Further) on the Accounts of the Corporation 

of Bristol, by Joshua Jones. ... 1840 8vo. 

*Report of Proceedings of the Bristol Architectural 

Society. .•• Lond. 1842 8vo. 

■*Reports of Proceedings of the Bristol Statistical 

Society. ■•• Bristol, 1837-41 8vo. 


Rerum Gallicarum Scriptoves. see Recueil. 

Residence on the Shores of the Baltic, 2 vol. Lond. 1841 8vo. 

Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Discourses; with Explanatory 

Notes and Plates by John Buraet. 1842 4to. 

Rezius (F. G.) De Prosodiae Graecse Accentus 

Inclinatione ; curante F. G. Wolfio. Lips. 1791 8vo. 

*Rhein\vhald. Protestant Exiles of Zillerthal ; trans- 
lated by J. B. Sanders. ... Lond. 1840 12mo. 

Rhodes (E.) Peak Scenery; or the Derbyshire 

Tourist. ... 1824 8vo. 

Rich (C. J.) Narrative of a Residence in Koordistan, 

&c. 2 vol. ... 1836 8vo. 

^Richards (S. C.) Voice from Exeter; The Union of 

Church and State. ... 1841 12ino. 

Richardson (Sam.) Novels, with a Life of the Author, 

3 vol. ... 1824 8vo. 

f Richardson (Charles). New Dictionary of the Eng- 

Hsh Language, 2 vol. ... 1837 4to. 

Richardson (John). Swainson (W.) Kirby (W.) Fauna 
Boreali-Americana. Zoology of the Northern 
Parts of British America, 4 vol. 1829-37 4to. 

Richea (Dodone, sen Ottone Aicher). Theatrum Fu- 
nebre, exhibens per varias scenas Epita2)hia Nova ; 
Antiqua ; Seria; Jocosa. ... Salisburgi, 1675 4to. 

*Richings (B.) NaiTative of the Martyrdom of R. 

Glover and Mrs. Lewis. ... Lond. 1833 12nio. 

Rickman (Tho.) Attempt to descriminate the Styles 

of Architecture in E.ngland. (3rd edit.) 1835 8vo. 

Ritson (J.) Select Collection of English Songs, 3 vol. 1783 8vo. 
Roberts (Wm.) Memoirs of the Life and Correspond- 
ence of Hannah More, 4 vol. ... 1834 8vo. 


Roberts (Emma). Scenes and Characteristics of Hin- 

dostan, 3 vol. ... Lond. 1835 8vo. 

Roby (John). Traditions of Lancashue, 4 vol. 1830-31 8vo. 

Robinson (H. L.) Memoirs of Sir Thomas Picton, 

2 vol. ... 1835 8vo. 

Robinson (Edw.) Biblical Researches in Palestine, 

Mount Sinai, and Arabia Petraea, 3 vol. 1841 8vo. 

^Rogers (John). Discom'se of the Visible and Invisible 

Church of Christ. ... 1738 8vo. 

Rogers (Sam.) Poems. ... 1834 8vo. 

Rogers (Hen.) Life and Character of John Howe. 1836 8vo. 

Roget (P. M.) Animal and Vegetable Physiology 

considered with reference to Natural Theology, 

(Bridgewater Treatise) 2 vol. ... 1834 8vo. 

Romilly (Sir Samuel). Memoirs, wi'itten by Himself. 

With a Selection from his Correspondence, 3 vol. 1840 8vo. 

Roscoe (Hen.) Life of William Roscoe, 2 vol. 1833 8vo. 

Rosenmuller (E. F. C.) Scholia in Vetus Testamen- 

tum, 13 vol. ... Lips. 1793-1813 8vo. 

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5 vol. ... jVormfe. 1801-8 8vo. 

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search of a N. W. Passage; and Residence in the 

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Angliae, edit. T. Hearne. ... Oxon. 1745 8vo. 

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Thomas Rowley; with MS. and other Additions. 

(Two Copies.) ... Lond. 1777 8vo. 

*Tracts (XIII) relating to the Poems attributed to 

Rowley, 2 vol. ... 8vo. 

Royal Astroiioiiiical Society: Monthly Notices, from 

1827 to 1833, 2 vol. ... Loud. 1833 8vo. 

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cellerie d'Angleterre, &c. ... Paris, 1830 8vo. 

Rush (Ric.) Narrative of a Residence at the Court of 

London. ... Loud. 1833 8vo. 

*Russell (J. F.) Judgment of the Anglican Church 

on the Sufficiency of Holy Scripture. 1841 8vo. 

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(Theol. Lib.) 2 vol. ... 1834 12mo. 

Connection of Sacred and Profane History, vol.3. 1837 8vo. 

Russia. History of Russia, 3 vol. (Cab. Cyc.) 1836-38 12mo. 

*Rutt (T. J.) Life and CoiTespondence of Joseph 

Priestley, 2 vol. ... 1831 8vo. 



The Bible, translated by Myles Coverdale, ( 1535) Lond. 1 835 4to. 

fHoly Bible, with Marginal References. Camb. 1836 8vo. 

*Holy Bible. ... 1666 4to. 

*Holy Bible. ... 4to. 

Job. The Book of the Patriarch Job, translated 

by Samuel Lee ; with an Introduction and 

Notes. ... Land. 1837 8vo. 

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John Eden. With a brief Memoir. Bristol, 1841 4to. 

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vol. 2. ... Lips. 1836 4 to. 

fEnglish Hexapla. Six English Translations of the 

New Testament ; with the Greek Text. Lond. 1841 4to. 


New Testament, tr. from the Greek, by Wm. Tyndale ; 

with a Memoh- of his Life by G. Offer. Lorid. 1836 8vo. 

Sacred and Historical Books of Ceylon, with Facts 
illustrative of the Doctrines, &c, of Buddhism; 
translated from the Singhalese ; edited by Edw. 
Upham, 3 vol. ... 

1833 8vo. 

St. John (J. Aug.) Egypt and Mohammed Ali ; or, 

Travels in the Valley of the Nile, 2 vol. 1834 8vo. 

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Salisbury; with an Account of Old Sarum. 1774 4to. 

*Saravia (Hadrian). Treatise on the different Degrees 

of the Christian Priesthood. ... Oa-/". 1840 12mo. 

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Curialium, et Vestigiis Philosophorum. Lwyc?. Ba/. 1639 12mo. 

Saxius (Christoph.) Onomasticon Literarium, sive No- 
menclator Historico-Criticus prsestantissimorum 
omnis ^tatis, Pojjuli, Artiumq. Formulae Scrip- 
torum, 8tom. ... Traj. ad Rhetn. 1775-1803 8vo. 

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Scenes from the Life of Edward Lascelles, 2 vol. 

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Language; revised and translated by J. E. 
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gister, or Phrenologist's Assistant. Bristol, 1827 8vo. 

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Sclioell (F.) Histoire Abregee tie la Litterature Grec- 
que, depuis son Origine jusq' a la Prise de Con- 
stantinople, 2 torn. ... Paris, 1813 8vo. 
Histoire Abregee de la Litterature Rouiaine, 4 torn. 1815 8vo. 

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tion of tbe New Testament. ... 1832 8vo. 

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Sculjiture. see Illustrations. 

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*Sermons (Single) ; by Bps. Allen, Blomfield, Cole- 
ridge, Denison, Doane, Monk : by G. N. Barrow, 
F. Baugh, R. Brudenell, W. A. Butler, G. M. 
Coleridge, W. Dodsworth, J. Eden, C, R. Elring- 
lon, J. H. Gray, H. Harvey, E. Hawkins, W. F. 
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Planches. ... ... 1832 fol. 

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tions: with Notes, &c. by .T. P. Collier, vol. 2—7. 1842 8vo. 


Shakspere. Pictorial Edition : by C. Knight, 7 vol. 1839-43 8vo. 

Sharp (R.) see Letters. 

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shire, 2 vol. in 1. ... Xowt/. 1798-1801 fol. 

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2 vol. ... ... 1829 12mo. 

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England to the Revolution, 1688. 1840 8vo. 

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Life, &c. by W. Gray. ... Oxf. 1829 8vo. 

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Constitution of Courts Martial. Lond. 1830-34 8vo. 

Sinclair (John). Dissertations Vindicating the Church 

of England. ... 1833 8vo. 

*Vindication of the Episcopal or Apostolical Succes- 
sion. ... 1839 12mo. 

Sismondi (J. C. L. de.) Histoire des Fran^ais, torn. 

16—28. ... Paris, 1833-41 8vo. 
Histoire de la Renaissance de la Liberie en Italic, 
de ses Progres, de sa Decadence et de sa Chute, 
2 torn. ... 1832 8vo. 

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Contemjjorary Artists, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1828 8vo. 

Smith (John Pye). On the Sacrifice and Priesthood 
of Jesus Christ; and on Atonement and Redemp- 
tion. ... ... 1828 8vo. 

Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, 3 vol. 1837 8vo. 

Relation between the Holy Scriptures and Geological 

Science. ... ... 1839 8vo. 


Smith (Sir J. E.) Iiilrodiictioii to the Study of Botany, 

edited by W.J.Hooker. ... Land. IS33 8vo. 

English Flora, vol. 5, by W. I. Hooker. 1836 Svo. 

*Smilh (Richard.) Address, delivered on opening the 

Bristol Medical School. ... Bristol, 1834 12mo. 

*Fratricide : the right tragical Hystorie of Sir John 

Goodere. ... 1839 12mo. 

Smyth (Wm.) Lectures on Modem History, from the 

Northern Irruption to the close of the American 

Revolution, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1840 8vo. 

Lectures on Modern History, Second Series : on the 

French Revolution, 3 vol. ... Camb. 1840 8vo. 

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Revenues, and General Character. Lond. 1835 12mo. 

Elizabethan Religious History. .... 1839 Svo. 

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Tracts; edited by Sir Walter Scott, vol. 6— 13. 1811-15 4to. 
Somerville (Mary). Connexion of the Physical 

Sciences. ... ... 1835 12mo. 

Songs of Scotland, Ancient and Modern ; with an 

Introduction and Notes by Allan Cunningham, 

4 vol. ... ... 1825 Svo. 

South (Robert). Sennons, 12 vol. 1737-41 Svo. 

Southey (Rob.) Specimens of the Later English Poets, 

3 vol. ... ... 1807 Svo. 

Lives of the British Admirals, 4 vol. (Cab. Cyc.) 1833-37 12mo. 

Poetical Works, collected by Himself, 10 vol. 1837-38 12mo. 

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earum Rationibus, Lib IV. 2 torn. Cantab. \1'21 fol. 

Spencer (Edm.) Travels in Circassia, Krim Tartary, 

&c. in 1836, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1837 Svo. 



* Spencer (Bp.) Journal of a Visit to Travancore and 

Tinnevelly. ... Lond. 1842 12mo. 

Spirit of Chambers's Journal, 5 vol. Edin. 1835-38 12mo. 

Stapleton (A. G.) Political Life of the R. H. Geo. 

Canning, from 1822 to 1827, 3 vol. Lond. 1831 8vo. 

Statutes at Large ; to the Present Time. 1833-42 4to. 

flndex (Chronological) to the Statutes, from Magna 

Charta to 1830, by R. Lowndes. 1831 8vo. 

f Index to the Statutes, Public and Private, passed 

from 1801 to 1839. ... 1840 fol. 

Stanhope (J. S.) Topography of the Plain of Olympia 

and the City of Elis. ... 1824 fol. 

State Papers. (Hen. VIII. 1513— 1546.) published 
under the Authority of His Majesty's Commission, 
5 vol. ... ... 1831-36 4to. 

Stephens (J. L.) Incidents of Travel in the Russian 
and Turkish Empires: in Egypt, Arabia Petreea, 

and the Holy Land. ... 1839-40 8vo. 

Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, 

and Yucatan, 2 vol. ... 1842 8vo. 

Sterling (John). Poems. ... 1839 12mo. 

Stillingfleet (Bp.) Origines Britannicse : or the Anti- 
quities of the British Churches. 1840 8vo. 

Stilling ( Heinrich ) . Life ; translated by Samuel Jack- 
son, 3 vol. ... 1835-36 12mo. 

Theory of Pneumatology ; concerning Presentiments, 

Visions, &c. ... 1834 12mo. 

*Stonard (John). Six Sermons on the Church and 

her Ministry. ... 1839 8vo. 

fStothard (C. A.) Monumental Effigies of Great 

Britain. ... ... 1817 fol. 


Stothard ( Anna E. ) Tuur through Normandy, Britanny, 

&c. in 1818. ... Lond. 1820 4to. 

Strong (Fred.) Greece as a Kingdom ; or a Statistical 

Description of that Comitry. ... 1842 8vo. 

Stuart (M.) Grammar of the New Testament Dia- 
lect. ... Andover, (U. S.) 1834 8vo. 

Sully (Due de). Memoires, 3 torn. ... Lond. 1747 4to. 

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Classification of Animals, (Cab. Cyc.) 1835 12mo. 

Swift (Jonathan). Works; edited by Sir Walter Scott, 

19 vol. ... ... Edin. 1824 8vo. 

*Symonds (.J. A.) On Age. On Death. (Cyc. of 

Anat. and PhN'siol.) ... Lond. 1825-36 8vo. 

■^Introductory Address delivered at the Bristol Medical 

School. ... ... Bristol, 1836 8vo. 

^Retrospective Address at the Meeting of the Medical 

and Surgical Association, in 1839. Worcester, 1839 8vo. 

*TALES AND TRACTS (Series of). Edited by 

W. F. Hook. ... Leeds, 1842 I2mo. 

Talfourd (T. N.) Ion, a Tragedy. Lond. 1836 8vo. 

Athenian Captive, a Tragedy. ... 1838 8vo. 

See Lamb (C.) 

fTanner (Bp.) Notitia Monastica; an Account of 
Abbeys, P]iories, ike. formerly in England and 
Wales; with Additions by .James Nasmyth. C'a/w6. 1787 fol. 

Tatham (Edw.) Chart and Scale of Truth by which 
to fmd the Cause of EiTor; (Bamp. Lect. 1789.) 
edited by E. W. Grinfield, 2 vol. Loud. 1840 8vo. 


*T;uiiitun (W. P.) Account o( Anthony Eflmonds's 

Charity, Henhury. ... Bristol, 1834 8vo. 

Taylor (Michael). Tables of Logarithms of all Num- 
bers, from 1 to 101000: with a Preface by N. 

Maskelyne. ... Lond. 1792 4to. 

Taylor ( W.) Historic Survey of German Poetry, with 

Translations, 3 vol, ... 1830 8vo. 

Taylor (Henry). Philip Van Artevelde ; a Dramatic 

Romance, 2 vol. ... 1834 12mo. 

The Statesman. ... ■ 1836 12mo. 

Edwin the Fair, an Historical Drama. 1842 12mo. 

Taylor (Isaac ) . Ancient Christianity, and the Doctrines 

of the Oxford Tracts, vol. 1. 2. 1839-42 8vo. 

*Temperance Society Record, 6 vol. Glasgow, 1830-35 8vo. 

*Temperance Herald. ... Lond. 1832-35 12mo. 

*Temperance Penny Magazine, 2 vol. 1836-37 8vo. 

*Teale '(W. H.) Lives of English Laymen: Lord 

Falkland; Isaac Walton ; Robert Nelson. 1842 12mo. 

Tennant (J. E.) Belgium, 2 vol. ... 1841 8vo. 

Tennemann. Manual of the History of Philosophy; 

translated by Arthur Johnson. ... Oxf. 1832 8vo. 

Tholuck (F. A. D.) Guido and Julius. Doctrine of 

Sin and the Propitiator exhibited; tr. by J. E. 

Ryland. ... ... Lond. 1836 12mo. 

* Thorn (David). Assurance of Faith ; or Calvinism 

identified with Universalism, 2 vol. 1833 &vo. 

^Thompson (Henry). Life of Hannah More. 1838 8vo. 

Thucydides. Edited by T. Arnold, vol. 3. Oxf. 1 835 8vo. 

Till (Wm.) Essay on the Roman Denarius and 

English Silver Penny, &c. ... Lond. 1837 12mo. 

Timur Moghul Emperor. Autobiographical Memoirs; 

translated by C. Stewart. ... 1830 4to. 


Tocqueville (Alex. de). Democracy in Auierica, trans- 
lated by H. Reeve, 2 vol. ... Loud. 1835 8vo. 

*Todd(J.) Studeiils' Guide: revised by T.Dale. 1836 8vo. 

Todd (J. H.) Discourses on tbe Propbecies relating 

to Antiobrist, (Donnellan Lect.) Dublin, 1840 8vo. 

*Tracts, Miscellaneous. ... Land. 1641, &c. 4to. 

Tracts for tbe Times : by Members of tbe University of 

Oxford, 5 vol ... O.i/. 1834-41 8vo. 

*Tracts on Cbristian Doctrine and Practice, 3 vol. Loud. 1842 12mo. 
Traits and Stories of tbe Irisb Peasantry, Second 

Series, 3 vol. ... Dublin, 1833 8vo. 

Transactions of tbe Royal Society of Edinburgb, 

vol. 9— 15. ... jErfm. 1821-42 4to. 

Transactions of tbe Cambridge Pbilosopbical Society, 

vol. 4—7. ... Camb. 1833-42 4to. 

Transactions of tbe American Pbilosopbical Society, 

New Sei-ies, vol. 1— 7. Philadelph. I8l8-il 4to. 

Transactions of tbe Historical and Literary Committee 

of tbe American Pbilosopbical Society, vol. 1. 1819 8vo. 

Transactions of tbe Horticultural Society, Second Series, 

vol. 1.2. ... Lond. ] 835-40 4 to. 

Transactions of tbe Geological Society of London, 

Second Series, vol. 2—6. ... 1826-42 4to. 

*Transactions of tbe Provincial Medical and Surgical 

Association, vol. 1. ... 1833 8vo. 

TroUope (Frances). Vienna and tbe Austrians, 2 vol. 1838 8vo. 

Belgium and Western Germany in 1833, 2 vol. 1834 8vo. 

Paris and tbe Parisians in 1835, 2 vol. 1836 8vo. 

Visit to Italy, 2 vol. ... 1842 8vo. 

I'ull (.letbro). Horse-Hoing Husbandry ; or an Essay 

on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation. 1732 fob 


Turner (Sharou). Sacred History of the World, 

vol. 2. 3. ... Lond. 1834-37 8vo. 

Turner (Edw.) Elements of Chemistry. 1835 8vo. 

Turton (Tho.) Natural Theology considered with 

reference to Lord Brougham's Discourse. Camb. 1836 8vo. 
Typographical Antiquities; or History of Printing in 
England, &c. hy J. Ames and W. Herbert; 
enlarged by T. F. Dihdin, 4 vol. Loncl. 1810-19 4to. 

Tytler (A. F.) Universal History, from the Creation 
of the World to the XVHIth Century, (Fam. Lib.) 

6 vol ... ... 1834 12mo. 

Tytler (P. F.) History of Scotland, vol. .5—8. Erfm. 1834-42 8vo. 

Life of King Henry Vin. ... 1837 12mo. 

England under the Reigns of Edward VI. and Mary, 

illusti-ated in a series of Original Letters,2 vol. Lond. 1839 8vo. 
LifeofSir Walter Raleigh, (Cab. Lib.) E^^/h. 1833 12mo. 

VALCKENAER (L. C.) Observationes Academicce : 
et J. D. Lennep, Prselectiones Academ. de Ana- 
logia Linguse Grsecse. recens. Ev. Scheidius, 
2 tom. ... Traj ad Rhen. 1790 8vo. 

Vallancey (Charles). Grammar of the Ibemo-Celtic, 
or Irish Language : with an Essay on the Celtic 
Language. ... Dublin, 1781 8vo. 

-t-*Valor Ecclesiasticus, temp. Hen. VIII, vol. 5. 6. Lond. 1 834 fol. 

* Varios Prodigios de Amor., en Once Novelas. recogidas 

par Isid. de Robles. ... Barcelona, 1760 4to. 


V'aughan (Rob.) Causes of the Corruptions of" Christi- 
anity. ... ... Lond. 1834 8vo. 

Age of Great Cities : or Modem Society viewed in 

its relation to Intelligence, Morals, and Religion. 1843 8vo. 

*Vaughan (W.) Tracts on Docks and Commerce. 1839 8vo. 

Venables (R. L.) Domestic Scenes in Russia. 1839 8vo. 

Venn (.Tohn). Life of Henry Venn ; with a Selection 

from his Letters. ... 1834 8vo. 

*Verg-iHus (Polydorus). Anglicse HistoricE, Lib. 

XXVL ... Basil. 1534 fol. 

f Vetusta Monumenta, vol. -5. and part of vol. 6. Lond. 1835-39 fol. 

Virgil's Aeneidos, translated into English Verse by 

Phaer and Twyne. ... 1613 4to. 

Von Raumer (Fred.) Italy and the Italians, 2 vol. 1840 8vo. 

England in 1835 : translated by S. Austin, 3 vol. 1836 8vo. 

England in 1841 : translated by H. E. Lloyd,, 

2 vol. ... ... 1842 8vo. 

*Urquhart (Dav.) Exposition of Transactions in Cen- 
tral Asia from 1834 to 1839. 1841 4to. 

Utterson (E. V.) Select Pieces of Early Popular 

Poetry, 2 vol. ... 1825 8vo. 

Uwin (Dav.) Treatise on Mental Disorders. 1833 8vo. 

Vyse (Colonel H.) Operations carried on at the Pyra- 
mids of Gizeh in 1837, 3 vol. 1840-42 8vo. 


WAAGEN (G. F.) Works of Art and Artists in 

England, 3 vol. ... Lond. IS^S 8vo. 
Peter Paul Rubens, his Life and (i cuius. 1840 8vu. 


Wace. His Chronicle of the Norman Conquest, 
from the Roman de Rose; translated by Edgar 
Taylor. ... ... Lond. 1837 8vo. 

Waddington (G.) History of the Church, from the 

Earliest Ages to the Reformation. 1833 8vo. 

Wainewright (Latham ) . Vindication of Paley's Theory 

of Morals. ... 1830 8vo. 

Wakefield (Gilbert). Memoirs of his Life, 2 vol. 1804 8vo. 

Walker (Tho.) The Original. ... 1836 8vo. 

Walker (G. A.) Gatherings from Grave Yards, par- 
ticularly those of London. . . . 1 839 8vo. 

Wall (Wm.) History of Infant Baptism ; edited by 

H. Cotton, 4 vol. ... 0.i/. 1836 8vo. 

Walpole (Horace), see Orford. 
Walsh ( R. ) Essay on Ancient Coins, &c. as illustrating 

the Progress of Christianity. ... Lond. 1828 12mo. 

Warburton (Bp.) Selection from his Unpublished 

Papers, by Fr. Kilvert. ... 1841 8vo, 

Ward (John). Lives of the Professors of Gresham 

College. ... 1740 fol. 

*Ward (W. P.) Collection of Documents relating to 

the Isle of Mann. ... 1837 12nio. 

Wardlaw (Ralph). Christian Ethics ; or Moral Phi- 
losophy on the Principles of Divine Revela- 
tion. ... ... 1833 Bvo. 

WaiTen (Sam.) Introduction to Law Studies. 1835 8vo. 

Passages from the Diary of a Late Physician, 

vol.3. ... ... Edin. 1837 l2mo. 

* Watson (Alex.) Letter to the Laity on recent Mis- 
representations of Church Principles. Lond. 1842 8vo. 
Webster (John). Works: now first collected; with 

Notes by Alex. Dyce, 4 vol. ... 1830 8vo. 


f Webster (Noah). Dictionary of the English Lan- 
guage, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1832 4to. 

Welch (Jos.) Scholars of Westminster elected to 
Oxford and Cambridge ; with a List of Deans of 
Westminster and Oxford. ... 1788 4to. 

Wellington (Duke of). Dispatches: edited by Col. 
Gurwood, 12 vol. with Supplement and In- 
dex. ... ... 1834-39 8vo. 

Wells (W. C.) Two Essays; upon Single Vision, and 

on Dew. ... ... 1818 8vo. 

*Wells (Edw.) Rich INIan's Duty in Building and 

Repairing Churches. ... Oxf. 1840 12mo. 

West of England Journal of Science and Literature; 

edited by G. T. Clark. ... Bristol, \SZ5 8vo. 

Whately (Abp.) Sermons on several Subjects. Lond. 1835 8vo. 
Charges and other Tracts. ... 1836 8vo. 

Wheaton (Hen.) Elements of International Law, 

2 vol. ... ... 1836 8vo. 

WTiewell (William). Astronomy and General Physics, 
considered with reference to Natural Theology, 

(Bridgewater Treatise). ... 1833 8vo. 

Four Sermons on the Foundation of Morals. Camb. 1837 8vo. 
History of the Inductive Sciences, 3 vol. Lond. 1837 8vo. 

Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, founded upon 

their History, 2 vol. ... 1840 8vo. 

Architectural Notes on German and French Churches, 
with Lassaulx' Notes on the Churches of the 
Rhine. ... ... Camb. 1842 8vo. 

Wilberforce (R. I. and S.) Life of William Wilber- 

force, 5 vol. ... Land. 1838 8vo. 


Wilberforce (Wm.) Correspondence; edited by his 

Sons, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1840 8vo. 

*Wilberforce (Archd. S.) Four Sermons preached 

before the Queen, ... 1842 12mo. 

*Wilberforce (H. W.) Parochial System, an Aj^peal 

to English Churchmen. ... 1838 12mo. 

*Wilkins (Bp.) Principles and Duties of Natural 

Religion. ... 1715 8vo. 

^Williams (John). On the Tradition concerning the 

Discovery of America, by Prince Madog. 1791 8vo. 

*Williams (Taliesin). Doom of Colyn Dolphyn, a 

Poem. ... 1837 8vo. 

^Williams (John). Dissertation on the Pelagian 

Heresy. ... Carmarthen, 1808 8vo. 

Williams (John ) . Narrative of Missionary Enterprizes 

in the South Sea Islands. ... Lond. 1838 8vo. 

*WiUiams (Isaac). Gospel Nai'rative of our Lord's 

Passion Harmonized. ... 1842 12mo. 

Wilkinson (Sir J. G.) Manners and Customs of the 

Ancient Egyptians, 6 vol. ... 1837-41 8vo. 

Willis (Browne). History of Mitred Parliamentary 

Abbies, and Conventual Cathedral Churches, 2 vol. 1718-19 8vo. 
f Willis (John). Viewsof Churches in Bristol. Bm/o/, 1835 4to. 
Willis (N. P.) PenciUings by the Way, 3 vol. Lond. 1836 8vo. 
Wilson (H. H.) Select Specimens of the Theatre of 

the Hindus, 2 vol. ... 1835 8vo. 

Wilson (James). Voyage i-ound the Coast of Scotland 

and the Isles, 2 vol. ... Edin. 1842 8vo. 

f Winkles (B.) French Cathedrals; from Drawings 

by R. Garland. (Amiens. Notre Dame. Chartres. 

Beauvais. Evreux. Rouen.) ... Lond. 1837 4to. 


Wix (Edw.) Six Montlisof a Newfoundland Mission- 
ary's Journal. ... Lond. 1836 8vo. 

Woodgate (H. A.) Authoritative Teaching of the 

Church, (Bainp. Lect. 1838). ... Oxf. 1839 8vo. 

Woods (Joseph). . Letters of an Architect, from France, 

Italy, and Greece, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1828 4to. 

Woodville (W.) Medical Botany; vol. 5. by W. J. 

Hooker and G. Spratt. ... 1832 4to. 

Woodward (Hen.) Essays; Thoughts and Reflections; 

and Sennons. ... 1836 8vo. 

Wordsworth (William). Yarrow Revisited, and other 

Poems. ... 1835 12mo. 

Poetical Works, 6 vol. ... 1836-37 12mo. 

Poems; (vol. 7.) including the Borderers, a Tragedy. 1842 12mo. 

Wordsworth (C.) Athens and Attica : Journal of a 

Residence there. ... 1836 8vo. 

Inscriptiones Pompeianae ; Specimens of Inscriptions 

discovered at Pompeii. ... 1838 8vo. 

f Works of RafFaelle, Domenichino, Poussin, and Al- 

bano ; with Lives of the Artists, 5 vol. 4to. 

Wotton (Sir Henry). Reliquiae Wottonianse : a Col- 
lection of Lives, Letters, &c. ... 1672 8vo. 

Wraxall (Sir N. W.) Posthumous Memoirs of his 

Own Time, 3 vol. ... 1836 8vo. 

fWright (M.) Greek and English Lexicon; in 
IV parts: Greek -Eng.; Difficult Inflexions; 
Eng.-Greek; and Proper Names. 1835 12mo. 

Wyse (Tho.) Education Reform ; or the Necessity of a 

National System of Education, vol. 1. 1836 8vo. 


YARRELL (Win.) History of British Fishes, 2 vol. 

and Supplement. ... Lond. 1836-39 8vo. 

History of British Birds, 3 vol. ... 1839-43 8vo. 

*Yates (James). Letter to the Vice-Chancellor on his 

Judgment in the Case of the Alt. C en. V. Shore. 1834 8vo. 

Yates (Wm.) Account of New Zealand. 1835 8vo. 

*Yelloly (John). Observations on Arrangements for 

the Relief of the Sick Poor. ... 1837 8vo. 

Young (John). Catalogue of the Pictures at Leigh 

Court, the Seat of Philip John Miles, Esq. 1822 fol. 

ZUMPT (C. G.) Grammar of the Latin Language ; 

translated by J. Kenrick. ... Lond. 1832 8vo. 



f *Chatterton. The Battle of Hastings : Extracts from Craisli's 
Heraldry: The Tournament : Fragment of a Poem (framed): A 
Letter to Bp. Newton: A Letter to George Catcott (August 12, 
1770.) In the Ha)ulirrilhi(] of Thomas Chatterton. 

f *Transcripts of Poems attributed to Rowley, by George Catcott and 

-{-♦Correspondence of George Catcott and Others concerning Rowley's 

-|-*Miscellaneous Papers relating to Thomas Chatterton. 

-|-*A Fragment relating to the Accounts of the Tuckers' Company. 
(1472, &c.) 

J. Cliilcott, PriiilcT, Bristol. 





Since March 25 fh, 1843. 


P H I N T K r> BY J. C H I L C T T, WINK S T U E E T. 


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Walpole. see Orford. 

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■^Winslow (B. D.) Sermons and Poetical Remains. 

Oxford, 1842 12mo. 

Wordsworth (C.) Theophilus Anglicanus; or In- 
struction for the Young Student concerning the 
Church. ... Lond. 1843 8vo. 


Presented by Christopher George, Esq. 

Charges, Seniions, and Tracts, 13 vol. Lond. 1843 8vo. 

Charges; by Abp. Whateley; Bps, Bethel], Daly, Denison, Kaye, 
Murray, O'Brien, Parry, (Barbados) Pepys, Spenser, (Madras) 
Thu'wall, Wilson, (Calcutta), by Archdns. Bather, Bonney, 
Clerke, Dealtry, Hale, Hare, Law, Manning, Sir H. Oakeley, 
Shirley, Thorp, R. J. Wilberforce, S. Wilberforce. 

Sermons; by Bps. Denison, Russell, (Glasgow), by Archdn. Knox, by 
T. Bowdler, C. Craven, W. Dodsworth, W. H. Mill, W. Palin, 
A. P. Perceval, E. B. Fusey, J. W. Whiteside, H. Woodward. 

Tracts; by Bps. Phillpotts, O'Brien, by Archdn. Robinson, by G. 
D'Oyley, W. Gillmor, H. Horsley, S. Lee, F. E. Paget, W. 
Palmer, E. Scobell, H. A. Woodgate, J. H. Woodward. 

Sermons and Tracts, 6 vol. ... Lond. 1843 12mo. 

Sermons by Bp. Phillpotts ; D. A. Beaufort, T. Bowdler, W. Dampier, 
W. Gresley, W. M. Heald, C. J. Heathcote, W. F. Hook, 
W. J. Kidd, A. Watson, Charles Wordsworth. 

Tracts by R. Eden, W. Gillmor, H. W. Wilberforce. 


Jebb's (J.) Divine Economy of the Cliurcli. 
Lifford's (Viscount) Ireland. 
Methodist Laws and Regulations. 

Sunday Service. 
Wilberforce (Archdn.) Church Courts, &.c. 
Winslow's (B.D.) Remains. 

Browne's (Sir T.) Religio Medici, &c. presented by The Editor. 

Greenfield's (B. ^Y.) Tyndale Family. 
Hall's (Rev. John) Fimeral Sermon. 
Keir on the Bristol Waters. 
Life of Bamfylde Moore Carew. 
Menzel's (\Yolf.) Europe in 1840. 
Novum Testamentum Greecum. 
Report on Births, Deaths, &c. 

The Compiler. 
The Author. 
Mrs. R. Smith. 
Dr. Howell. 
The Author, 
The Editor. 
The Registrar General. 






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Since March 2-Vh, 1844. 

B R I S T O L 




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Index to the first Ten Volumes. ... 1844 8vo. 

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*Primitive Church in its Episcopacy; with an Essay on 

Unity. ... 1844 8vo. 

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Report of the Xlllth Meeting of the British Association 

(at Cork). ... 1844 8vo. 

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with Selections from his CoiTespondence, 3 vol. 

Lond. 1844 8vo. 

VValpole. see Orford. 

Ward (W. G.) Ideal of a Christian Church con- 
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Waterton (Charles) Essays on Natural History, chiefly 

Ornithology, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1844 8vo. 

Wilson (H. H.) History of British India from 1805 

to 183e5. (Continuationof Mill) vol. l. 1845 8vo. 

fWoods (W. H.) Illustrations to the First Book of 

Spenser's Faery Queen. ... Bristol, 1844 fol. 


Presented by Christopher George, Esq. 
Charges, Sermons, and Tracts, 5 vol. 8vo. 2 vol. 12mo. Lond. 1844. 
Charges; by Abp.' Howley, Abp. Whately ; Bps. Monk, Sumner, 
Longley. by Archdus. R. H. Wilberforce, Sinclair, Hoare, 
Goddard, Bonney. 
Sermons; by Bp. Longley ; by W. J, Irons, T. J. Hussey, H. Melvile, 
W. F. Hook, E. B. Pusey, W. M. Heald, J. Fawcett, J. H. 
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Gresley on the Church, 
Jebb's (Bp.) Pastoral Instructions. 
Journals of Bishops' Visitations. 
Irons' Parochial Lectures. 
Parkinson's Church Clock. 
Primitive Church in its Episcopacy. 

Account of Society of Friends, presented by Mr. Richard Fry. 
Parliamentary Debates. ... The London Committee. 

Pitcaim's Perfect Peace. ... Mr. J. B. Enraght. 








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Since March 25th, 1845. 

1 n{ I S T « ) 1 , 

l; I N T K 1) I; V .1. (■ 11 I I, C (> T T, <• I. A K K S I It \: K T 


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Presented bj/ Christopliev George, Esq. 

Charges, Sermons, and Tracts, 7 vol. 8vo. 3 vol. 12mo. Lond. 
Charges; by Bps. Coplestone, Denison, Musgrave, Pepys, Phillpotts, 
Spencer (Jamaica), Sumner, Thirlwall : by Archdns. Hale, 
Law, Manning, Raikes, Wilberforce. 
Sermons ; by Bps. Copleston, Mant, Wilberforce : by J, H. L. 
Cameron, F. Close, W. F. Hook, T. Littledales, G. Moberly, 
J . C. Winter, J. H. Woodward. Ten Visitation and Consecration 
Sermons (Diocese of Exeter). 
Tracts ; by Bp. Mant ; W. Blmit, J . F. Colls, J. Fawcett, W. F. Hook, 
C, E. Kennaway, T. Lathbury, W. W. Malet, J. P. Norman, 
Richard Smith, H. G. Walsh, P. Wickham. Tracts on Ireland 
and Scotland; on Proceedings at Oxford, 1845; on Baptism. 
Bennett's Errors of Romanism. 
French's Minor Accessories. 
Lyne's Old Man's Wanderings. 
Perceval's Speech. 
Smith's Apostolical Christians. 
Spencer's (Bp.) Journal. 


Benson on the Rubrics, 

presented by Miss Miles. 

Budd's (Wm., M. D.) Report. 

Diary of Lady Willoughby. 

Glossary of Craven Dialect. 

Lucas's (S.) Prize Essay. 

Keary (Rev. Wm.) on Romanism, 2 vol. ... 

Tasso L'Aminta. 

Notes of Gregorys Lectures. 

Walker's (Rev. R.) Oxford Flora. 

Zouch (R.) The Dove, &c. 

Zouchii Elementa Jurisprudential.'' 

The Author. 

Mr. Joseph Reynolds. 

Mrs. Sidgwick. 

The Author. 

The Author. 

Dr. Howell. 

Rev. R. Walker, B.D. 









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Since March 25th, 1846. 




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dence of Viscount Sidmouth, .'3 vol. ... 1847 8vo. 

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George, Lord Lyllletou, I7:)4 — 1773, 2 vol, 184') 8v<., 


Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of 

London, 1845, part 2. 1846, 4 parts. 1846 4to. 

Proceedings at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeologi- 
cal Institute of Great Britain and Ireland in 1845. 1846 8vo. 

Quarterly Review, vol. 77. 78. ... 1846 8vo. 

Ranke (Leopold). History of the Reformation in 

Germany, translated by Sarah Austin, 3 vol. 1845-47 8vo. 

Ray Society's Publications. ... 1844-47 

Memorials of John Ray. 
Reports on Zoology and Botany. 
Reports and Papers on Botany. 

British Nudibranchiate Mollusca, by Alden and Hancock. 
Geography of Plants, by F. J. V. Mayen. 
Alternation of Generations, by J. J. Sterastruf. 

Report of the XY^^ Meeting of the British Associ- 
ation, (at Cambridge) ... 1846 8vo. 

*Report of the Registrar General on Births, Deaths, 

and Marriages, 1843-44. ... 1846 8vo. 

Routh (M.J.) Reliquiae Sacree : sive Auctorum fere 
jam Perditorum, 2^^K 3tiiq. Sseculi post Christum 
Natum quae supersunt, 4 torn. ... Oxon. 1846 8vo. 

Ryland (J. E.) Life and Correspondence of John 

Foster, 2 vol. ... ... 1846 8vo. 

* Schiller : Sketches and Specimens from his Minor 

Poems, by G. C. Swayne. ... Bristol, 1845 12mo. 


*Seniioiis (X.) by Various Divines. ... 1842-46 8vo. 

Siduioutli (Vise.) see Pellew. 

Sismondi (J. C. L.) Histoiie des Frangais, torn. 31. 

Table Generale Alphabetiqne. ... Paris, 1844 Svo. 

f Smith (C. J.) Historical and Literary Curiosities. 

Fac-siuiiles of Original Documents, &c. 1846 4to. 

Smith (George). Religion of Ancient Britain His- 
torically considered. ... 1846 8vo. 
Stanhope (Lady Hester). Travels, narrated by her 

Physician, 3 vol. ... ... 1846 Svo. 

Statutes at Large, 9. 10. Victoriae. (1846). 1846 4to. 

Steinbach (Lt. Col.) Punjaub, a Brief Account of 

the Country of the Sikhs. ... 1846 8vo. 

Steimnetz (Andrew). The Novitiate; or a Year 

among the English Jesuits, a Personal Narrative. 1846 Svo. 
Stephen (H. J.) Commentaries on the Laws of 

England, 4 vol. ... ... 1841-45 Svo. 

•|-Talbot (H. F.) Pencil of Nature, part 6. 1846 4to. 

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by the Normans. ... ... 1840 Svo. 

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Thornton (Edward). History of the British Empire 

in India, 6 vol. ... ... 1841-45 Svo. 

Todd (J. H.) Six Discourses on the Prophecies 

relating to Antichrist in the A])ocalypse. (Don- 

nullan Lecture). ... Diih/iii, 1846 Svo. 


Townsend (W. C.) Lives of XII Eminent Judges 

of the last and of the present Century, 2 vol. 1846 8vo. 

Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, vol. 

16. part 2. ... ... Edin. 1846 4to. 

Transactions of the Geological Society of London. 

Second Series, vol. 7. part 3. ... 1846 4to. 

Transactions of the British Archaeological Association 

at its Second Annual Congress. ... 1846 8vo. 

Tupper (M. F.) Proverbial Philosophy: a Book of 
Thoughts and Arguments originally treated, 
2 vol. ... ... , 1844-46 8vo. 

Unclaimed Dividend Books of the Bank of England. 
A List of Persons entitled to various sums of 
money. ... ... 1846 8vo. 

* Walker (Richard). Weston-super-Mare and its 

Associations, a Poem. ... Bristol, 1847 12mo. 

* Way (Albert). Remarks on Ancient Chess-men 1846 8vo. 
Wilson (H. H.) History of British India from 1805 

to 1835. (Continuation of Mill.) vol. 2. 1846 8vo. 

Wolff (Joseph) NaiTative of a Mission to Bokhara 

in the Years 1843-45. ... 1846 8vo. 

Wordsworth (Chr.) Diary in France, mainly on 

topics concerning Education and the Church. 1846 8vo. 
Wright (Tho.) Biographia Britannica Literaria; or 

Biography of Literary Characters of Great Britain 


and Ireland, vol. 1. 2. (Anglo-Saxon and Anglo- 
Norman Periods). ... ... 1842-46 8vo. 

Wright (Tho.) Essays on the Literature, Popular 
Superstitions, &c. of England in the Middle Ages, 
2 vol. ... ... 1846 8vo. 

Yeovvell (James). Chronicles of the Ancient British 

Church, anterior to the Saxon Era. ... 1847 4to. 

Zimraermann (C.) INIemoir on the Countries about the 
Caspian and Aral Seas, illustrative of the Russian 
Expedition against Khivah. ... 1840 8vo. 


^schylus, Prometheus Chained. 

Schiller's Minor Poems, 

Barham's (F.) Lecture on Literature. 

Cottle's (J.) Restoration of St. Mary's. \ 

Orders in Council. > 

Sermons, by various Divines. / 

Kington's (J. B.) Poems. 

Report on Births, &c. 

Walker's (Rev. R.) Weston-super-Mare 

Way (Alb.) on Chess-men. 

Presented by Rev. G. C. Svvayne. 
„ The Author. 

„ C. George, Esq. 

The Author. 
Registrar General. 
The Author. 
The Author. 





















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Since March 26fli, 1847. 


1' K 1 N T K IJ 11 V .1. ( 11 I I, (• () T '1', CI. AKi; S T K i: L^ T, 


ALISON (Archibald). Military Life of John, Duke 

of Marlborough ... Edin. 1847 8vo. 

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vol. 32. part 1. ... 1847 4to. 

Archaeological Journal, vol. 4. ... 1847 8vo. 

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monwealth ; and of the Reign of Augustus : with 
a Life of Trajan, 2 vol. ... 1845 8vu. 

Bancroft (Hon. George). History of the United 
States, from the Discovery of the American 
Continent, 3 vol. ... 1847 Svo. 

Becker (Professor). Gallus : or Roman Scenes of the 

Time of Augustus; translated by Fred. Metcalfe. 1844 Svo. 

Becker (Professor). Charicles : or Illustrations of the 
Private Life of the Ancient Greeks ; translated by 
Fred. Metcalfe. ... Lond. 1845 8vo. 

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lica. A Discourse upon the XXXIX Articles. 

Oxford 1836 8vo. 

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Apostles, confirmed from other Authors. (Boyle 
Lect. 1736-38.) ... 1840 8vo. 

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Almanack, 1823—1847. With a General Index, 
21 vol. ... Loud. 1823-47 12mo. 

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Wiltshire. ... 1837 8vo. 

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de Livres. 1. Dictionnaire Bibliographique : 2. 
Catalogue Raisonne : 5 torn, in 10. Paris 1842-44 8vo. 

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the Future ... Lond. 1847 8vo. 

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University of Cambridge: 1500 — 1572. edited 
by J. Lamb, D.D. ... Caw 6. 1838 8vo. 

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37. Relation of tlie Island of England, (circa A.D. 


38. Collegiate Church of Middlehaiu. (Documents). 

39. Camden Miscellany, vol. 1. 

40. Life of Lord Grey of Wilton. 

Campbell (Lord) Lives of the Lord Chancellors, and 
Keepers of the Great Seal of England, vol. 6. 7. 
(tinal) ... ... 1847 8vo, 

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a Selection from his Writings and CoiTespon- 
dence. ... 1847 8vo. 

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of the Mind in supposed Connection with Reli- 


1843 8vo. 

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(42. 43.) ... 1847 8vo. 

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by Bp. Wilberforce. ... Lo/irf. 1848 12mo. 

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Northern Provinces of China. 1847 8vo. 

Francis (John). History of the Bank of England, its 

Times and Traditions, 2 vol. 1847 8vo. 

Fry (Elizabeth). Memoir of her Life, with Extracts 

from her Journal and l^etters, 2 vol. 1847 8vo. 

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Raisonne et Figure de ses Tableaux, par Nic. 

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Lond. 1847 8vo. 
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of America. ... Lond. 1847 8vo. 

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1847 8vo. 

Halliwell (J, O.) Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial 
Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient 
Customs, 2 vol. ... 1847 8vo. 

Head (Sir Edm.) Hand-Book to the Spanish and 
French Schools of Painting. (Sequel to Kugler) 

1848 8vo. 

Herschel (Sir J. F. W.) Results of Astronomical 

Observations made during 1834 — 1838. at the 

Cape of Good Hope ... 1847 4to. 

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Hood's (Thomas) Own: or Laughter from Year to 

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Buildings in Towns, as a means of promoting 
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Jesse (J. H.) Literary and Historical Memorials of 

London, 2 vol. ... 1847 8vo. 

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phytes, 2 vol. ... 1847 8vo. 


Journal of a few Months' Residence in Portugal, and 

Glimpses of the South of Spain, 2 vol, Lond. 1847 8vo. 

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vol. 8. ... 1847 8vo. 

Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, 

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1842—1846, 2 vol. ... — - 1847 8vo. 

Kohl (J. G.) Russia. ... 1844 8vo. 

Kugler. see Head. 

*Lamb (J. Dean of Bristol). Historical Account of 

the XXXIX Articles. ... Camb. 1829 4to. 

*Liber Cartarum Prioratus Sancti Andree in Scotia e 
Registro Ipso in Archivis Baronum de Panmure 
hodie asservato. ... Edin. 1841 4to. 

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With the Baronetage. Lond. 1847 8vo. 

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1847 8vo. 

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20. ... Loud. 1847 8vo. 

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2 vol. ... 1S47 8vo. 

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Christi, Cambridge. With a Continuation by J. 
Lamb, D.D. ... Camft. 1831 4to. 

Maurice (F. D.) Religions of the World and their 
Relations to Christianity considered. (Boyle 
Lect. 1846.) ... Lond, 1847 8vo. 

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in the Marquesas Islands ; or a Peep at Polynesian 

Life. ... 1847 8vo. 

Omoo : a NaiTative of Adventures in the South Seas. 

(Sequel to Typee.) ... 1847 8vo. 

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the Interior of Tropical Australia, in search 
of a Route from Sydney to the Gulf of 
Cai-pentaria. ... 1848 8vo. 

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Speculative Philosophy of Europe in the Nine- 
teenth Century, 2 vol. ... 1847 8vo. 

fMusee Fran9ais. Recueil des jdus beaux Tableaux, 
Statues, et Bas-reliefs qui cxistaient au Louvre 
avant 1815. avec I'FiXplication des Sujets, &c. 
par Duchesne Aine, 4 torn. /'«;/.v fol. 


Northcote (James). Fables, Original and Selected, 

2 vol. ... Lond. 1829-33 8vo. 

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Works (Commencement of a Dictionary.) w 

1831 8vo. 

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of France in the Seventeenth Century, 3 vol. 

1847 8vo. 

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puhlies pour la premiere fois conformement 
aux MSS. Orig. par M. Pr. Faugere, 2 torn. 

Paris 1844 8vo. 

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, for 

1847, parti. ... ... Lond. 1847 4to. 

f Pocock (Rose Rachael). Sketches of Bristol in the 

Olden Time, part 1. ... Bristol 1847 fol. 

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Armenia, Ancient Babylonia, &c. &c. during 
1817—1820, 2 vol. ... Lond. 1821 4to. 

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with a Preliminary View of the Civilization of 
the Incas, 2 vol. ... 1847 8vo. 

Quarterly Review, vol. 79. 81. ... 1847 8vo. 



Ray Society's Publications. Loud. 1846-47 

Nudibrancliiate Mollusca, by Alder and Han- 
cock, part 2. 3. ... ... 4to. 

Organization of Trilobites, by H. Burnieister. 4to. 

Reports on Zoology for 1843. 1844. 8vo. 

Elements ol Physiophilosopby, by Lorenze Oken. 8vo. 

Report (Sixteenth) of the British Association. 

1847 8vo. 

f Roberts (David). Sketches of Egypt and Nubia; 
with Historical Descriptions, by Wm. Brockedon, 
part 1 — 10. ... 1846-48 fol. 

Ross (Sir J. C.) Voyage of Discovery and Research in 
the Southern and Antarctic Regions during 1839 — 
1843, 2 vol. ... 1847 8vo. 

Royal Descents : a Genealogical List of Persons en- 
titled to Quarter the Arms of the Royal Houses of 
England. ... 1845 4to. 

Simeon, see Carus. 

Simpson (Sir George). Narrative of a Journey round 

the World, during 1841-42, 2 vol. 1847 8vo. 

Soane (George). New Curiosities of Literature and 

Book of the Months, 2 vol. ... 1847 8vo. 

Sowerby (James). English Botany; or Coloured 
Figures of British Plants, with their Essential 
Characters, Synonyms, and Places of Growth, 
36 voL ... 1790-1814 8vo. 


Statutes of the United Kingdom, 10. 11. Vict. 

(1847.) ... Land. 1847 4to. 

Sterling (John). Essays and Tales; with a Memoir 

of his Life, by J. C. Have, 2 vol. 1847 8vo. 

*Symonds (J. A.) Knowledge; an Introductory 

Address, delivered at the Bristol Athenceum. 

Bristol 1846 12mo. 
Taylor (Henry). Eve of the Conquest, and Other 

Poems. ... Lond. 1847 12mo. 

Tennyson (Alfred). The Princess; a Medley. 1847 12mo. 

Theophilus (called also Rugevus). Essay upon 

Various Arts : translated, with Notes, by Rob. 

Hendrie. ... ... 1847 8vo. 

Thiers (M. A.) Consulate and Empire of France, 

vol. 7. ... ... 1847 8vo. 

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parts. ... Edin. 1847 4to. 

Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, vol. 21, 

part I. ... ... Dublin 1846 4to. 

Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 

vol. 8, part 3. ... Camh. 1847 4to. 

Trench (F.) Walk round Mont Blanc, etc. Lond. 1847 8vo. 

*Waddilove (W. J.D.) The Lamp in the Wilderness, 
with Fragmenta Vetusta. An Examination of 
Symbols as applicable to History and explicable 
by Scripture. ... Hexham 1847 8vo. 



Warbiirtoii (Acton). Hollo and His Race; or Foot- 
steps of the Nonnans, 2 vol. Lond. 1848 8vo. 

Warner (Ricluuxl). Topographical Remarks on 
the South - Western Parts of Hampshire, 2 
vol. ... ... 1793 8vo. 

Westwood (J. O.) Introduction to the Modem Clas- 
sification of Insects, 2 vol. 1839-40 8vo. 

Wordsworth (Clias.) Letters to M. Gondon on the 
Destructive Character of the Church of Rome in 
Religion and Policy, 2 vol. 1847-48 8vo. 


Account of the XXXIX Articles. 
History of C. C. Coll. Camb. 
Documeuts relating to Camb. Univ. 

Liber Cartarum Prior. Sanct. Andree. 

Porter's (Sir R. K.) Travels in' 

Georgia, &c. 
British Almanack and Companion, 

Symonds's (Dr. J. A.) Introductory | 

Address. ... ' 

Waddilove's ( W. J. D.) Lamp in the| 

Wilderness. ... ) 

Presented by the Very Rev. the 
Dean of Bristol. 

„ Onesiphorus Tyndall 
Bruce, Esq. 

Dr. W. O. Porter. 

The Author. 

Dr. James Rumsey. 





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— ■cC'<^^oo■^Tt(^^oO'^ 




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tiH i:^ |j^ 0^ 


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